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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd and I'd like to welcome you to the next training Onpage factors. We've just come out of webmaster tools and we're going to go into the backend of WordPress. Now, this again is not going to be an exhaustive course on WordPress but let me show you some things that I like to do on all of my money sites.

First of all, there are several plugins that I like to use. One of them is going to be the Google, let me go ahead and go to my plugins first. I access my plugins and then go into installed. One of the ones that I like to use on my site in all in one SEO pack. This just allows me to set a lot of the options that I like for my sites. There's also Yoast plugin and there's several other ones that are good. I use this one frankly because I've been using it probably since it came out. I know how to do it, it's easy for me. I'm going to show you some settings in there in just a moment. Have an SEO plugin. The good things about this SEO plugins, as long as you use one of the major ones like all in one SEO or Yoast, you don't have to worry about a footprint with that because so many sites on the Internet use those, so don't worry about that.

Another thing that I like to use on my sites is going to be Google XML sitemap for videos. Basically, what this is going to do is it's just like a regular sitemap submitter but it's for videos. This can be a helpful way to get your pages indexed if you're having trouble otherwise, especially if this is not a site that you have in webmaster tools that you can just automatically fetch. There's a trick for doing this and I'll discuss that later in training.

Also, the Google XML sitemaps, I like to use this one by Arne Brachhold and it's just a real simple way to get your information to Google. Of course, it's very important to have a sitemap. You really need to have that XML sitemap. That is a ranking factor so make sure that you have that.

There's a couple more that I like to have on here. I'm not going to show all of them on this training, but one of the ones that I definitely want to show on here is going to Jetpack by WordPress. I'm going to go ahead and go over to Jetpack here. Jetpack is a free plugin to WordPress and it's got a ton of features. It's got all kinds of stuff. Again, all the things that it can do are passed out of the scope for this training but I highly suggest that you look through here, and see all the things that it can do. I'm going to teach you later some very specific techniques to use this for. I use this on a hundred percent of my sites. Again, no footprint because it's so prevalent, this is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. One of the things that you can do with it that's nice if you don't want to put Google or any links on your site, when you click over here on sites stats, then what this does for is this is almost like a Google analytics light. What this does is is it shows you your traffic, your visitors, it shows you, this is a weekly view. You can click into any of these and it will give you the daily information. What's cool about this is, is that it's going to give you the refers, it's going to give you the search engine terms, clicks.

Again, like I told you before, this site is not a popular site, it's not one that I really use. Let's say this was, for instance search engine terms, I'm going to click on summaries in here and then I'm going to click on all time. What you're going to see through here, is just going to show you different keywords that people have typed into Google that I've gotten to your page. If this were a real site that I was promoting, then there'll be a lot of things in here. This is a really good way to get information about how people are getting to your site. Just good information to have.

If this is a client site again, if you don't want to use Google analytics, this is a great way. You see all this, let's say I know I'm getting hits for SEO marketing Dallas, Texas, then I know I should maybe throw this into my keyword tool and see what kind of traffic this gets and also maybe throw it into my rank tracking tool. This maybe something I want to start targeting, maybe something that I'm already ranking for and just don't know it. Something more just to show more value to my client. Again, I'm not going to go into this into great detail, there's lots of good information on Jetpack and what it does. This is free, you do have to register and account, WordPress account to get all this information but it takes ten seconds. That's all for Jetpack.

The next one I want to show you, I use all in one SEO. Again, you're free to use which plugin you'd like. I want to show you just a couple of settings on here that I like to use, that make things just a little bit easier for me. A lot of these are set by default. Things that are set by default I'm not going to show you how to change. A couple of things I do want to show you. One of the things I definitely want to show you is here. Under title settings, now you see here it says page title format, post title format, okay the default in this tool is this percent blog title, percent right which basically means that for every post on this, it's going to take the post title and then it's going to give the blog title, that's what the URL or the title is going to be for that. If the post were, SEO tricks, then the URL for that is going to be my site forward slash, the title is going to be SEO tricks and then Inov8 marketing, because that's my blog title. Now, there's time and a place to do this. On my post, I don't mind that but I do on my pages.

I've gone into here and you can simply highlight and delete and it doesn't hurt anything. My pages, I don't like that because I've already got it in the URL so it's redundant. On my post, you may or may not want that. That's just a couple of things that I like to change but as you look through here, there's lot of things. Again, this actually has a section for Google webmaster tools verification, this is another way that you can do that easily. I showed you the other way because some people may or may not use this plugin, so that way works either way.

If you do use this plugin, here's another place you can put in your verification code. Also you see for Bing and also for Pinterest, so it just makes it easy. Finally, your Google Plus, even though authorship has gone, don't forget about Google Plus, don't write that off. I'm going to talk about that in later training but you definitely want to keep a hold of that.

Last thing I;'m going to show you here in this part is something that people mess up a lot. I see people asking this question all the time, why should I use post or why should I use pages or I know I've got these pages and they're competing against each other on this post or out ranking my pages and all these other stuff. What you want to do with this plugin, the [series 00:08:05] says use no index for categories, man, you need you need to check that button. Otherwise, what's going to happen is whenever you make these posts, there's going to be a category page that has an identical page name to it. That's going to cause duplicate titles and it's going to cause duplication that can be confusing to Google so it can help you not rank and also can cause conflicts where the page you're trying to rank is actually competing with the category page. Easy way to do this, just check that box.

Now, there's other reasons you would want to choose some of these others and so I suggest you kind of go through and see which ones you want to do. For me, these are the basic settings that I use for this. One last thing, as you see here too, that you can connect this with Google analytics, that's another good thing to do if this is a money site. You have all these, you have webmaster tools and analytics altogether.

To summarize, the basic plugins that I'm going to use on all of my sites, I'm going to use an SEO plugin, all in one SEO or Yoast. I'm gong to use Jetpack. I'm going to use the XML sitemap and the XML sitemaps for video. Those are the basic ones. Now, depending on what I'm using it for, there could be other ones and other reasons, but as far as this one goes, those are the basic plugins and the basic settings.