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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd, and this is a supplemental video to the reviews training that we've done. For this demonstration I'm going to use a site called Bright, B-R-I-G-H-T Local, Now is very similar to, which is the site that I used when I taught you how to do citations. Bright Local is a comparable site, but I've been using both of them for quite a while, and my testing has just shown consistently over, and over, and over again that White Spark is better for citations. That's just my opinion, someone else's may vary, but I think that Bright Local more has a list of citations that it uses, a rather limited list, whereas White Spark is a lot more about analyzing the competition and dynamically building lists. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Nothing really bad to say.

I do want to make a couple of comments here real quick though about this, because some of my students have asked about Bright Local. Bright Local is fine. There's nothing wrong with using this tool, but you need to remember that this is just a tool. The reason why I don't really teach a whole lot of Bright Local is because a lot of their tools frankly aren't that good. If you'll use some of the stuff like the SEO checkup, for instance, or the Google Plus Local Wizard, it's just going to give you a bunch of information that frankly is a bunch of stuff you don't need to be focusing on. If you're new to this, and you log in to bright Local, and you run a site through one of these tools, it may look very impressive and you get to spit out this long list of data, but trust me, the stuff that you need to know and that you need to do is what I'm including in this training, okay?

The reason why I guess in summary I don't teach a whole lot of Bright Local is because it's more of a distraction, in my opinion. There's other tools like internet business promoter, SEO Power Suite. There's several tools like that that will spit out these 8,000 page reports for your site. Again if you're new, that may look kind of cool. You may think, "Wow, look at all this great information." What I've found by sifting through all this information is that 99% of it is information you don't need, or you already have. Anyway, that's my short take on that, that's why I don't cover this a whole bunch. There are a few things though I like about Bright Local, and that's why I keep my subscription to it, and that's why I'm going to show you some training from it.

Again, overall you're not going to be seeing a bunch of Bright Local training from me, but I am going to show you a few things. The first thing I want to show you today has to do with reviews. One of the things that Bright Local allows you to do is it allows you to make these review badges for your client, which is really cool. We talked about there's lots of different ways that you can get reviews, there's lots of different strategies, but one of the best ones that I've found, or one of the easiest ones that I've found, is simply presenting this on your website. What Bright Local allows you to do is you're going to go in, and you are going to set up a review badge for your client. The really cool thing about this is, is that they will allow you to white label the review badge. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Let me show you the steps for this.

If you want to use the white label, meaning that it's going to have your company's information on here, then what you're going to need to do once you log in, you're going to need to go to Review Biz on the menu. Once you're in Review Biz, you're going to need to scroll down and click on the white label badges section. Then right here where it says create white label profile. This is step one if you want to white label it, meaning that the review code that's going to go on your client's site actually can have a back link to your site, which I don't have to explain to you hopefully by this point in the process why you want that. I've already created one just for a demonstration in here, so let me show you. This is the screen you would get if you clicked on the review badge, and by the way, this is what it looks like.

There's different formats, and I'll show you this in the next part. What you're going to do here, this is your white label profile. In this screen we're making the profile for your marketing company, your SEO business. Profile name, I just used default, but if you have different business names that you operate under, then you can set up one for each one. In here, you just put a name, it doesn't matter what this is. Button header is just what they're going to see right here. This one I actually like. Please leave a positive review about this business on your favorite search engine, directory, or social media website. Thanks. I like that. I leave that on mine, but again you can put different information in here if you want to incentivize them, or different calls to action, and you would simply type it in here. Now, badge footer. This is where you're going to get your back link in here.

You're going to just type in this box, it's [inaudible 00:05:31], what you see is what you get. For instance, on this one I chose search marketing by, and I linked this to my homepage. This hyperlink now goes to my SEO site that I'm using for my example. Then in here, back link URL, that's going to be again the URL that you're going to put to your site, anchor text, and the anchor text. You're going to click save profile. That is how to set up step one. Step one is you are going to come to, you're going to go to Review Biz, and you're going to click on white label badges, and create white label profile. Okay guys, now that we have created our white label profile, the next thing we're going to do is we are going to build our badge. We are going to make sure we have Review Biz badges highlighted, and create new badge. Now this is actually a two step process.

Step one is that you need to add a new client, if you haven't done that already. We're going to go through add a new client, and for this I'm going to use one of my demo sites. All right. Business category, pressure cleaning power washing. Accident investigation. Accommodation, wow. These are some interesting categories. This is a marketing company, so hopefully they have marketing since they have these obscure things. Okay, good. Marketing consultancy? Yeah, we'll do marketing consultancy, that sounds good. They are in the United States, and their telephone number is going to be ... Hold on a second. 402-694-1621. Postal code is 68818. Now I have added the client, so onto the next step. Give your badge a name. I always name this the name of the client. It just makes it easier to remember. Business name, country, enter the address. Obviously you see it's already populated some of the information that you put in there, so let's do that. 258 Snowbird Lane.

That's going to be at Aurora, Nevada. Sounds like a nice place. Marketing, all right. Now we get to the bottom here, you see where it says select white label profile. Right now you see the default for this is Bright Local branded. Default, okay. Remember I named my white label profile default, so maybe you want to name it the name of your company so you'll remember the first few. If you don't do this step, then when you get to the final code, it's not going to go to you, it's going to go to Bright Local. That'd be awesome, I'm sure they could use some more back links, but this is for you. Next step, now we get to choose our badge. The thing about this that's kind of cool, they have some different kinds. You see these three are all expanding, so really you're going to want to choose this based upon the available real estate that you have.

These are best on the homepage, or on a landing page like City. Remember, you can go through and make these for City Pages as well. This could be [Lindemann 00:09:49] Marketing-Dallas, Lindemann Marketing-Plano, different cities. You get twenty a month with your standard program at Bright Local, and of course you can buy more if you need to. Anyway, these are expanding as you see, which are cool, or you can have the static badges. Again, that's just going to depend on your site and what it uses. Now if you use the expanding ones, remember that depending on what your site code is set up to be, this could expand out and obscure other things while it's doing it, so you may or may not want that. You're going to play with this and find your personal preference. For this demo I'm going to use this small expandable one. I just chose the small expandable. Now here's the fun part. Now what this is going to do is, this is going to go out, and this is going to look for Lindemann Marketing across all of the social media channels.

The problem is, this isn't one of my real sites. This is actually just a demo site I used for PBN setup. It's probably not going to find any, although it may be scraped by some directory. What you'll find is this. You'll find if this is a really business obviously, if it has any of these, then it's going to find the whole URL and everything. Just for demo purposes, let's say that it had a Google Plus local. These check marks determine which badges you want in here, into the menu. The more the better, typically. Now, one thing I want you to be aware of, again, to make this crystal clear, this didn't find any because Lindemann Marketing is not a real business, and it hasn't even been set up as one. If this is your client, you're going to find some of these. I pretty much guarantee it. You may want to wait, if you just have none in here. Also, you see the create listing button here. You can click on that and go through a little wizard if you want, but you can also just wait and do this after you've done your citation run.

This can be something that you do two or three weeks in, after all your citations are done. Again, to be clear, you're going to have these, or you wait until after your citations are done so you for sure have these. Let me show something really cool here that I really love. You can add custom directories to this badge, so this is really cool, depending on what your niche is. Again, this is a marketing company, so if there's a marketing directory that I really like, I can go in here and just name it, and then just give it the URL, which is awesome. Let's say that you have an attorney, then you can put American Bar Association and then their link on the, or .com, or whatever it is. This is really cool. This obviously, we talked about the power of your industry links, your industry directory. If you're a doctor, you know you want to be American Medical Association.

If you're a lawyer, you want to be American Bar Association, et cetera, et cetera. These are really good for that. You want to show those. It's a trust factor as well as you'd like to get some comments on those, right? It'd be awesome. I would max these out if it were me. Show social buttons, and again this is awesome. Again, this just gives them one more chance for them to have interaction on you. If you want them you check them, if you don't, you don't. Now we'll go to the next step. Now, I'm going to leave this up on the screen for a second so you can see it. Here are five simple steps. Copy the code, it went down, I'm sorry. It was a popup that had a timer on it. Basically what you're going to do is this. You're basically just going to take this code, you're going to copy it, and then you are going to go over and if you're using WordPress, then this can be a text widget or similar.

Let's go on over to the website, and let's set it up. Again, up to this point, we've gotten you to the code, and now we are going to go, and we're going to set it up. All right guys, so now I have logged into the back of the Lindemann Marketing site. Again, if your site is not in WordPress, then this process is going to be very similar in if you're using a content management system. If you're using HTML, then you're going to just paste it into regular HTML. If you're using WordPress, you're going to go to appearance, and then widgets. Once you have your widgets, of course you're going to have all the widgets that you've got set up. Here is a text widget, and so that's what you're going to want to use for this. What I can do here, if I want to add to what my site's already got, I can grab this text widget here, and I can just drag it up and drop it. My title is going to be review badge. Again, it doesn't matter what you call it.

Make sure you have cap locks set correctly. Remember, this is internal reading, it doesn't really matter what this is called. I am going to paste that code right in there. Now I'm going to save it, and I am going to ... I think that's it. All right, so let's go ahead. There is no save in the widget area, so we should be good. Let's jump on over to Lindemann, and see what we got here. Here is our little handy dandy review badge. Now of course it looks like crap, because it didn't have anything to add. There were no parts. What I want to show you, if you look up here, I don't know if you can see down in the bottom left hand corner of my screen that there's a link here. If I click on this, the master link for this goes to my website, Innovate Marketing. Then here I have this follow link as well. There's two links in here total. Again, if it found the social media sites, this would look a lot bigger and a lot more.

Hopefully that shows you how easy this is to do. Again, you could put this on your site. I would suggest you put it on your homepage. You also could put it on contact pages, you could make it a site wide widget. It could be however it fits into the overall setup for your site. Again, this works really well, I'll tell you. This also gives you an easy way when you want to have customers leave reviews for you, like at the location. Let's say that I just did a Lindemann Marketing here, did a great marketing campaign for a client. If I wanted to ask them to leave me a nice review on one of my social media accounts, it would be real easy to say, "Well if you would please, just please go to the website here, and you'll look for this badge." Or, you could put it in your email. You could paste a link to this badge in email, and you could ask your customers for reviews via email, which I think we talked about a service that does that in the last review video, or the first one.

One of them I know I talked with you about there's a couple of different services that you can purchase that will help your company get reviews, mainly via email marketing. Anyway, that's it for this section, guys. I hope that helps, but I highly suggest that you do this. Not only is this great for reviews obviously, but this also is good for trust for you. Obviously seeing these icons on your client's page subconsciously gives them ... They associate the business with these powerful businesses. This is good on multiple multiple levels. That's it for this. Oh by the way, Bright Local gives I think a thirty day free trial to anybody that wants to get one, so if you want to just do a couple of these, log in, get your free trial. Other than that, I think it's $30 a month is what I have for my plan, which I think I have the cheapest bought plan, because again, I don't use it that much.

You can go through and look for some more citations and stuff also if you want, but anyway, what I ranted on in the beginning about Bright Local, I stand by. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this training, and I hope you're able to implement it right away. Have a great day. See you in the next training.