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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd and in this short video I want to go over something that's going to be really handy for you guys and help you with your reviews. What I'm going to be talking about today is going to be the review handout generator, which is offered for free to anyone by Whitespark. If you do not know who Whitespark is then you probably are not watching the course in order, because I go over Whiitespark in quite some detail on the citation section. In case you haven't I'm talking about and on this site they're going to have a feature that's called review handout generator.

I'm going to show you how to set that up real quickly today. We're going to click on the icon and then we're going to go through and we're going to fill out and I'm going to stick with my handy dandy example that I've been using for a lot of this course. I'm going to just put this in here fairly quickly, hopefully. All right. Business phone number is going to be up here, you'd think I'd have this memorized by now as many times as I have used this site as an example. I should probably send them a check or something. All right. Again, obviously we want to make sure we put all the correct information.

Then we would want to do a logo here, actually let's just do a logo. I'm just going to grab something, I'm just going to grab an image. Just for this example, I'm going to grab this one and this is again you're going to use the actual logo, guys for your client. I'm going to click on generate, all right. I'm going to go over to my download file here and I'm going to bring this up, I'm going to show you. All right. Here, please write a Google review for Elevated Roofing LLC. It takes less than 3 minutes and then there's a nice little flow chart that takes you through all the steps on how to do this.

Again this is a very nice easy way to get some reviews, you can use these for a lot of things obviously. You could send this out as an email attachment to clients after you've done work for them and you know that they're happy obviously or you could hand these out at the desk. You could actually have them stand at the kiosk and use this to do their review while they're standing there. All right. Again, like I said it's going to be a short video for this. This is just one more way to help you get those reviews. Obviously, again this is free, as you saw there were multiple versions of this that I could have chosen on here, you have these other versions too. All right. Anyway, this was short and sweet, I hope you guys got some value out of it. I will see you in the next training.