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Hey guys this is SEO Floyd. In this lesson I'm going to talk about another level of syndication that you can use not only for your money sites, your clients sites, but also for your PBN sites if you choose to. In an earlier lesson we talked about what I would consider Level One syndication which was utilizing the Jetpack plug-in to simulate WordPress blog posts directly to your top social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr. We talked about that in a previous lesson. If you haven't watched that, you might want to go back and watch that one.

To recap, whenever you do a post in WordPress, you can choose to have that post automatically submitted out to those four social networking sites. Thus, giving you fresh content on your website, number one. Number two, some social signals.

In this lesson today we're going to talk about what I would consider a Level Two content syndication. For that, we are going to use a plug-in called Social Networks Auto-Poster. This is a WordPress plug-in that you can purchase. The URL is here on the screen. I will also put it in the resources section on the Facebook group or in the Forum, wherever you're at where you view this.

This one, there's a couple of different versions that you can buy. There's a cheaper version which allows you to syndicate to, I believe, about seven sites. There is a more advanced version which adds some more. You can choose whichever one is best for you. I would go ahead and just get the one with the extra accounts in it. Something to note, if you are using this, you do not want to use it with the Jetpack plug-in, the publicize feature in Jetpack. At least if you do, you probably want to make sure you don't use the same accounts.

As you notice in this screen this does Facebook, it does Google+. Of course, so does the Jetpack. I have not tested whether or not you can use both of these at the same time. I would not use the publicize feature on blogs that I was going to use this Social Network Auto-Poster. Although, that might make a nice test for sometime in the future if you could put one Facebook account into Jetpack and another Facebook account into the Social Network Auto-Poster. Obviously they would need to be different accounts so you don't have the same posts going to the same Facebook account twice. Maybe to get some more syndication and more social signals. Anyway, we can look at that in the future.

This is going to work very similarly to Jetpack. You're going to come here. You're going to buy this plug-in, whichever version you would like. Of course, then you are going to install it just like any other plug-in. I've installed this on probably hundreds of different blogs. I've never had a problem with it. Generally, if you have problems with installing a plug-in, it has to do with the hosting having a limit on there. I'm not going to cover how to add the plug-in. I assume you guys already know how to add a plug-in.

I'll go ahead and show you on my test site. Again, this is Lindeman Marketing, I've used it in several different things. Several different training videos. Once the plug-in is installed, when you mouse over settings there's going to be a button that says SNAP Social Networks Auto-Poster. You're going open this up. The first time that you do it you're going to authorize it with the code that you get when you pay for it. What you're going to do is you're going to set up all of your accounts.

This is very simple to do. This works very similarly to the publicize feature in Jetpack. These are already set up so I can't show you live. I promise, if you want to add Tumblr for instance, all you need to do is make sure you're logged into the Tumblr account that you want to use. You're going to go through a little wizard. It will say "Add New Account." You'll go through a little wizard and it will authorize it and all that good stuff.

If you've ever done any kind of authorizing like Facebook authorizations or Twitter, this works the same way. It's very simple to do. It's almost impossible to mess this up. This only thing that you could do that would probably mess it up would be if you were logged into a different Facebook account and you went to add Facebook. It's going to want to use the one you're logged into obviously. Make sure that you're logged into the correct account when you do this.

Again, there are different versions that have a different number of accounts. Basically, once you have set this up, you've gone through and you've set up all of these. Once you go and make a new post, I'll show you this one.

We have our new post here. This one's already been syndicated but I'll show you what it looks like. Down here below you have got all of these settings. These are set up in the settings screen. You can normally use all the default settings for this. You normally don't have to change anything. Set it up in the other area then come here. This will be on every post

As you see you can choose whether or not to post to this particular one. If you don't want to post to Blogger you simply take the check-mark out the box. Here you'll see Auto-post URL will be used. That means in the post it's going to send a link back to your site. It's going to be the post URL. If you have permalinks set up the way most of us do, each new post will have its own page. That will be slash the name of the post. For example, for this one it would slash Ideas That Will Make Your Network Marketing Successful. That's going to the link back. It's going to link back to this post. If you want to change that, you can do that as well. You'll decide on each one how to post.

All you have to do for this is do your regular post. If you want it to go out to all your different sites and all the default settings are good, you're going to need to do is hit Post. Once you hit Post it's going to take a few minutes. What will happen is you will get a report back in this screen. You'll see where the live links are. You can collect these obviously if you want to build links to your links. Some of these are going to be on the homepage for a while and then they're going to go away.

You see this one here. You see this StumbleUpon then there's the link back to your site. It's pretty simple. What's nice about this is you can check these fairly quickly. If you want can come in and check out a few of these. Sometimes they'll fail for different reasons. If you have an account that fails over and over again typically you're going to want to do some troubleshooting. You're maybe going to want to reset a DAP account. In general, if you use this method you're going to simply go purchase the plug-in. I'm not affiliated with this company in any way so I have no reason to suggest this it to you than it's great and I use it.

You're going to go here. You're going to purchase the plug-in. You're going to download the plug-in. You're going to go back to your site. You're going to install the plug-in. After you install the plug-in you're going to go to settings then Social Network Auto-Poster. You're going to set up each of these accounts.

That is pretty much it for my Level Two syndication. If you use Level One your posts are going to go out to four or five social networks on autopilot. If you use SNAP, they're going to go out anywhere from fifteen to twenty if you get the bigger account.

For those of you who are familiar with services Hootsuite and OnlyWire, this is a one-off cost. If you were going to do OnlyWire you'd have to pay a monthly subscription forever to do this. This is a very easy way to do this for a one-off. Down the road I am going to show you some completely free ways to do this. I think most of you probably would choose a solution like this because of its ease of use. The time it takes to set this up and configure and put it into motion immediately is probably more valuable than the other method I'll show you which is free but takes hours to set up.

To recap, this is the video for our Level Two content syndication. In our Level Three content syndication video I'm going to show you how to expand this out even further by joining these networks to other networks and chains. That will be on the next training for Content Syndication Level Three. I hope that you're finding value in this. I'll see you guys in the next video.