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Hey guys, this is Floyd and in this video we're going to talk about Bing Places which is Bing's comparable product to Google My Business. A lot of courses will neglect this and it's really stupid because you can actually get a bit of business from this. Remember that anyone who buys a Windows PC, laptop or desktop or Surface tablet, it comes with Bing as the default search provider and the more older the demographic, the more likely they are just to go with what they're given as an option.

Think about people who are an older demographic especially. Many of them are not going to go in and re-choose Google as their search provider so it's really good to be in here. What I'm going to do, I'm going to go through this with you. The setup, it’s very similar to Google My Business.

We're going to start off at and I'm going to click on the little Getting Start button. I'm going to go ahead and click on the United States. I'm going to stick with the example that I used before. Again, similar to the other, Google My Business, it’s going to ask for some information so I'm going to do the phone number here. Let's see what comes up when we pull this in. All right and let's search. All right.

Just like I the other example, this business is already here. If this is your business or your client's business and you haven't claimed this listing because it may exist even if you haven't created it. Then you can go ahead and select this. If you do, then you're going to have to log into a Microsoft account and you're going to verify and do some things, it’s a match with Google My Business.

I'm going to go ahead but for this, I'm going to assume that it's new. I'm going to create a new business. Again, with this, you're going to have to have a Microsoft account. There's really no way around this, or if there is I'm not aware of it. I'm going to go ahead and log in here. All right.

First thing that you're going to do is set up a user profile and obviously this would be whoever you're using. We'll say Stephen Floyd. And we already have, we already gave it a phone number from before. We'll say, we'll do by emails and we'll say done. All right.

So business name. I'm going to change this just a little bit , obviously, because this already actually exists. But again, just like when we did the Google My Business and everything else, we want to make absolutely sure that our NAP, name address and phone number, are identical. All right. Same thing here. All right. Copy this out of here. All right. The city is Fresco and the state is Texas and it's going to fix all that for me. Zip code. All right, primary phone number.

Again, it's pulling this up because it knows that this me, right? I'm going to change some stuff here. We'll say All right, we're going to put in our website address. Again, I'm making up stuff here, okay, because this listing already exists.

Again, make sure that your webpage is in here correctly, make sure you're using either www version or the non-www version. Make sure that name, address and phone number are all exactly the same. These are not accurate right now because this is an already set up listing. Remember, if you're doing this for real, you'd be putting in the real information.

Your category. Again, you'll click the little arrow here and when I type in roofing contractor, okay? All right. I can do a couple more in here. Let's see, roofing and siding repair. What you're going to want to do, you're going to want to see who is already ranking in Bing for this and then kind of copy their categories, okay.

Primary business category. Again, since I've chosen multiple, I'm going to choose roofing contractor but if you're primarily a repair then you would choose that, okay? Again, service hours. You definitely want to show business hours. You definitely want to do that. It definitely is a ranking factor. I guess it just assumes that businesses that have hours are real. For brevity, I'm not going to do this but you would go through it and do all these.

Photos of the business. Again, what are we going to do? We're going to do the exact same thing that we did on Google My Business. We are going to get some images and we are going to geo-tag them. If you haven't watched the Google My Business training yet, go back and watch it. I'm not going to repeat all of that in this video but you're going to have images that have been named with related keywords and they have been geo-tagged to your location and you're going to upload these. Just as an example, I'll use the same one we used in the other one then I'm going to hit upload.

This will take a minute because these are hi-res images. Again, that was something I mentioned in the other video but you want to make sure that you use hi-res images. Don't put some crappy little jpegs in there. Hi-res images actually do better for you. As you'll see, this allows 10 as of right now and then right here the one that you check is going to be the primary image. I want to choose this one and upload it also. Take just a second to upload, but remember this is going to be the primary image for the business on the listing so you want to make sure that it's something that looks good.

If you can have something that is emotional or something that kind of tells a story or something, then you definitely want to do that. It could even be a picture with a call to action on it. Be creative with that, don't be lazy. But again, hi-res images and you're going to choose one of the images here and this is hi-res so it's going to take a minute.

Fill this out completely, it allows 10 right now. Make sure you have 10 of these and just make sure that the one you choose is the primary one. You're going click right here and see how it's got the little green box, that's the primary image. You want to make sure it's something good. Again, this could be the front of the business, a nice picture of the front of the business or it could be a nice mini-ad like call to action. All right.

Now, describe your business. Again, very very important. Just like the Google My Business, what you're going to want to do here is you're going to want to fill this out with a good 300-500 words. You're not going to keyword stuff but what you want to do is put in related keywords. By the point you're doing this, you should already have your nice long list of keywords that you're going to be targeting, all of your long-tails. You want to work in say half a dozen or a dozen of them into here.

If your keyword is "roofing" then you want to work in roofing, roofer, roofing business, roofing contractor, roofs, nails, hammers, shingles. Again, the in-topic plugin is really good for telling you what related things you should be putting in here. Do not leave this out. Do not be lazy. The length of your business description in Google My Business and in Bing is a ranking factor. It's definitely a ranking factor. Don't put one sentence in here, you're screwing yourself. You're going to put in a lot of words in here.

Tagline. Tagline can be a short, like a call to action. That's going to be like your short description. It can be like "Visit Elevator Roofing, your best choice for a local roofer in Fresco, Texas." Something like that. Something short, again, throw some keywords in there.

Parking options, again, fill this out the way the reality ... make sure you fill these out whatever the truth is. Same thing, fill these out. Your established, every important, same thing, you want to fill this out.

Additional contact information. If you want to do this, like if someone else is going to be managing the business, you can do that. Most of you are not going to be wanting to do that. I'm going to go ahead, I'm going to hit the ... Sorry, I forgot to put the map on here. All right.

I have to move this to the right address. Let me look here. I have to get this exactly right. All right, that's pretty close. All right. Let me scroll down here. I'm going to hit save. That should do it. We're unable to [inaudible 00:10:32] pin to the entrance of your business ... I'm not sure why it's doing that. All right, okay it's going to go all the way down there to business view. All right. We're going to go until we get to the actual business. Again, just for sake of time here, we're going to click it. All right, it's not going to let me do this.

I guess they've made some changes recently. That's fine. You could leave these blank. No worries, I'm going to choose close for all this just for brevity but when you do this, you're going to do it the way whatever the real answer is, okay? All right. Let's try it again. All right.

After you do this, it's going to ask you to submit here. Don't do this but when you submit this here, it's going to go through and again, just like with Google My Business, there's a couple of ways that you can do this. You can do it by email, and if you do email you're going to have to have a domain email address. If this business is, this example is, if you want to do that, you're going to need a domain email address,

This is the easiest way to do it. Of course, you can always do the post office box, the postal card, excuse me. Again, very similar to Google My Business. Then you're going to hit verify now, again, you're going to go through it but I chose verification not right now so we could see where we are at.

As we go through here, again, we can come back here and edit these things if we need to but this will not go live until we actually verify it, okay? That's basically it, guys. As far as the basic setup, that's all you really have to do for this. Again, make sure that you keep your login information so you can come back in here, especially if you set it up for a user, someone else, make sure.

Once all this is done, then you can come back in and you can add some more features, okay? This is enough to get started but the key to this, again, the key to all this, sis basically fill it out completely. You want to geo-tag and keyword-tag your images. You want to make sure that your description is completely filled out and you want to choose categories that are the categories of people who are winning are in right now, okay?