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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. In this section, we are going to do a very brief tutorial over Bing Webmaster Tools. We have already, if you're doing this in order, then you've already been through Google's Webmaster Tools and Google's Google My Business Setup. There is two comparable products for Bing for ranking. One is Bing Places for Business and the other one is Bing Webmaster Tools. I covered Bing Places for Business and its set up in a separate training, this will focus on Bing Webmaster Tools.

The good news is that if you're familiar at all with Google Webmaster Tools, then mastering Bing Webmaster Tools is not going to be hard for you. There have a lot in similar. They do a lot of the same things. They do them in a little bit different places. But again, this is not going to be exhaustive. I could do a whole course probably just on Bing Webmaster Tools but I want you to hit the basics because I frequently get asked how do you rank in Bing, like what's the secret.

I'll be honest with you, every site that I've ever ranked in Bing, the only Bing specific things that I did was to get them in Bing Places for Business and Bing Webmaster Tools. That's it. That's my big secret. To rank in Bing is to get the sites in both of those tools. Of course, all the things I do to rank in Google I'm sure have something to do with why I've also ranked fairly well in Bing and you should as well. Again, this is going to be brief but I want to hit the highlights for you.

You're going to start off at or you can simply just Google Bing Webmaster Tools. You're going to come to the log in screen. You're going to sign in. You need a Microsoft to count for this. Hotmail account, an Outlook account, et cetera. Once you click sign in, you're going to be logged in. There is going to be an option to add a site. Once you add a site, then you are going to have a dashboard that looks similar to this. Now, for the sake of brevity, I did not go over verifying the site but it's nearly identical to the process we did in Google Webmaster Tools.

I'm not going to show you that step by step but let me briefly tell you how it works. If I were to click on the add a site, it would tell me to put in the URL and I will put in this URL for the site. Then it would give me three options to verify, just like it does in Google Webmaster Tools. The option that I choose is the [made 02:45] a tag. I copied the code that it gives me and I come back over here and I will use a plugin called Bing Webmaster Tools. All you have to do is go to the plugins and search for Bing Webmaster Tools. There's only one plugin.

Then you're going to simply paste in the code, the verify code that they give you in the Bing Webmaster Tools. Then you're going to click save changes. Paste in the code that they give you, click save changes and then back on this, there's going to be a verify button at the bottom. Click verify and then you will have this screen that you see here. Again, to try to keep this brief, I didn't want to go to doing each one of those little steps for you. If you have a question about it or a problem about it, just shoot it to the groups.

All right. Let me show you a few things. Again, there's lots of things like Google but several things are different too. Let me show you some things that you're going to want to do. Just start off with a button over here that's configure my site. You're young to go through and you're going to do some basic things like you're going to submit your site map. You simply type in the URL of your site map and hit submit. If you followed my other training and you're using the plugin that I suggest, then it's going to be your site/sitemap.xml. If not, then you should be able to find that fairly easily. You're simply going to type it in and hit submit.

Just like when you do it in Google Webmaster Tools, it's going to say pending then at some point it will actually take it. Then, the next thing that I want you to go over, just a few things I want you to look at, let me show you, one thing you definitely do here is Geo Targeting. This is very important that you do that. For Geo Targeting, again, this is very much like you do in Google Webmaster Tools, for this, you're going to pick sub-domain because this is a www, it puts it in here for me. Then I'm going to choose United States. Obviously, you're going to choose whatever is appropriate for you. Then we're going to hit submit.

All right. That's an error. I'm not sure why I did that. Hold on, let me do it without the ... let me do it with just this. Let's try that again. All right. Have that at domain. I'm sorry, my bad guys, it wants the whole domain. Again, my apologies. You need to put the entire choose domain and then put it in. But if you do have a sub-domain, then you can also submit that as well. Typically, you're going to have one language for a site. But anyway, again, choose domain, enter in your URL, it will already be targeted here from this and choose submit. Now, this is geographically set for the United States.

A couple of other things I want to show you. Under diagnostics and tools, there's a lot of cool stuff in here. Again, I'm not going to go through all this but kind of what this does is kind of like there's some research/analytics data in Webmaster Tools that's the same with Bing Webmaster Tools. For instance, some things they have in here, keyword research. You can type in words. Think of this like a keyword planner in Google Ad Words. This is kind of cool. Link explorer, submit a URL to discover the pages that link to the URL. Again, awesome.

Fetch as Bing bot. Fetch as Bing bot is going to be like fetch as Google bot except this is really more for validation. Let me put this in here. I'm going to hit fetch. All right. Let's give it a second here. What you're going to see here how is you're basically going to see all the code. What you're looking for errors. This looks good. No errors. It looks good. The main thing here is that the status is 200. Everything looks good. You definitely want to do this part.

Next part I want you to go over real quick is the markup validator. We talked about in a different place on the training. You're going to want to do that. Now, I have not done any Schema on this site. I don't have anything to test. But just like you would use the Google structured data testing tool, you're going to do the same thing with this markup validator tool. You're going to put your sites in here. Again, I showed you how to do the Schema for a local business in the Webmaster Tools section of the training. Just kind of refer to that for here. But you want to make sure that Bing likes it too.

Now, there's several other different kinds of interesting things you can do here. Again, I'm not going to go through everything. One of the interesting this is the SEO Analyzer which I think a lot of you are ... I've heard some talk about this in the groups. Let me just show you there real quick. All right. I'm going to put in the URL. Then it's going to give me some information here. All right, again, you get the preview and then you get some stuff in here. Think of this like the ... I can't think of the exact comparable parts to Webmaster Tools but this have basically the same stuff, this just shows it to you here instead of in the other place.

There's different things. Again, this part is not going to be exhaustive but you're going to want to go through. You can look at some of the different things. It's going to give you some suggestions. All right. Let's see. The last thing I want to show you ... if you want to move a site, this is how you would do it in Bing Webmaster Tools. Again, this is pretty self explanatory but if you wanted to do that. Honestly, that's pretty much it guys for this.

Again, I could go through and we could go through a whole bunch of all these little things individually but most of these things basically if there's a setting in here that's similar to the one at Webmaster Tools, you're basically going to want to just copy them. The key to this really, honestly, is just the stuff that I just showed you. If you do just the things that I just showed you for the majority of your sites then you should be good. If you have it set up in Bing Webmaster Tools and verified and then you also have it set up in Bing Places for Business then you should be really good to go as far as ranking in Bing.

All right. Again, I know that wasn't super exhaustive guys but I hope that helped. I will see you in the next training.