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Hey guys, this is Steve Floyd and in this section we're going to continue to talk about foundational links and we've already talked about getting your four main links with Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter. Now, this is going to be step two. For this demonstration, I'm using a site called Now, there's other sites like these. I'll probably put a list of them in the resource section. For purposes of this demonstration, I'm going to go ahead and use this one.

Again, continuing with our rationale of doing things the way real businesses do them, we are going to go out and we're going to use this site to find out first of all where our brand name is available across a whole bunch of social networks. We're going to go to and for this, I'm just going to type in the name of the business. Then I'm going to hit check it. What's going to happen is it's going to go out and it's going to ping a bunch of places and it's going to bring back a list of availability of non-availability. As you see here, it's going to show you some things like blogger for instance is available. What that means is that I can register that brand name on blogger. It's also available on Pinterest and SQUIDOO and Tumblr and a bunch of these.

We want to do this for a variety of reasons. The first reason that we want to do this is because this established our brand and insures our brand. If this is your site, or your clients' site, you don't want them a competitor or some other person to go out and register your brand on one of this places. For instance, Tumblr, a lot of these use sub-domains for the brand name. For instance, if your business was Innovate Marketing here, that means that is available. That's the first reason you want your brand, you want to own your own brand. That's why we're doing this step.

From an SEO perspective, from a link building perspective, these are foundational links because again it looks very natural to Google for you to go out and to have these brand links. Now, to be clear, I'm not talking about going out and registering keyword domains or keyword sub-domains. We're not going to Tumblr and typing in best Dallas There's a time and a place for that but that's not what we're talking about here, we're talking about legitimate brand links. Google's never going to be mad at you for establishing your brand name on a Web 2.0 property. You're not trying to trick them, you're telling them who you are.

Again as an example, now I know I have a list of sites that I can go register this on. Now, let me point out that the purpose of this site is they want you to go and pay them a bunch of money to register this for you. You can do that if you want to, it's about a 100 bucks I think to 85 dollars to do 25 of them, 250 dollars to do a 100 of them, it's 350 dollars to do 150. They have different things and that's why this site exists. I highly suggest you don't do that. What I highly suggest you do is you use a Fiverr gig. There is a Fiverr gig that will go out and register these accounts for you. We're here, we found out which ones are available, so this kind of step number one.

The next step is we're going to order the Fiverr gig. I'm not going to put that in this video but I am going to give you that gig. The next part of this is kind of explaining how to use that gig the best way. The purpose of this gig on Fiverr is to set up your social networks in a social sharing platform called OnlyWire. OnlyWire is a content distribution service. If you have an account with OnlyWire, you can log into OnlyWire and you can make a post and then you hit distribute and then it's going to go out to all your social media accounts. Let's say that you hooked up, there's around 40 right now on OnlyWire. You go to, you make your post and you'd hit distribute and then it'd go out to all your 40 places all at once. So that's why this gig exists because it's a pain the ass for people to go to all 40 of these places and set up an account.

We are going to take advantage of that and we're going to use it for our purposes. You're going to order this gig and when you order this gig you're going to have some simple instructions that you're going to add to make it unique. After you order the gig just like any Fiverr gig, you're going to get the little window that says give me this information. The first thing that you're going to give in that window is you're going to tell them what username you would like. Using this example here of Innovate Marketing, I'm going to tell them that I want Innovate Marketing. What's going to happen is on some of these social media accounts, some of these other places, that's going to be too long possibly, your brand name maybe too long. You need to give them a secondary, so maybe it's just innovate US or something, I don't know. Whatever makes sense for you or whatever makes sense for the client.

You need to give them your number one username and then you need to give them a back up. You're going to type in that window the username that I would like for this account is this unless that's not available or doesn't work in which case I'd like this. You tell them specifically what you want. Now, what they're going to do next is, they're going to go out on Google and they're going to get a Gmail account and they're going to go register all these accounts for you like you've asked for. When it's all done, they're going to send you a nice handy dandy spreadsheet that gives you all the usernames and passwords, all the log ins for this properties. You need to give them the username primary, you need to give them a secondary username. Then the other piece of information you need to give them that's very important is that you do not want them to set up our four primary social media accounts.

Again, to remind those are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. The simple version of that again to recoup what you're going to type into the window is primary username, secondary username and please do not set up on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Now, that's a five dollar gig, for five dollars they're going to go out and register all these accounts for you and give you the log in information. That's good but it's not good enough for us. What we're going to do is, we're going to order two more gigs, this is going to cost you a whooping fifteen bucks per client to set up what what I'm talking about here. You're paying the extra ten dollars excuse me, for this critical extra steps.

For the extra of ten dollars, they're going to upload your logo for you to these social media sites and they're going to upload your basic description information. Then they're going to put your basic contact information and a link back to your site. Very important, that link needs to be a bare link. The link is just going to be Don't try to be fancy and put anchor text in there or any of that stuff. Don't try to go to enter pages. Again, this is foundational links, these are branding links. Just a bare link to your site. That's what we're going to do, that kind of covers this step for this foundational linking. We're going to go, we're going to have them register all these accounts.

When we get this back, it's probably a good idea to go in at some point and change these passwords. Although, I can tell I've been using this specific person or it's actually a company on Fiverr for probably two years now and I've never had an issue so far. I don't think they have time to or any reason to want to mess with one of your accounts. If you are the paranoid type, feel free to go in and change that. That's going to cover this step of the course and I will see you on the next step.