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Hey, guys. This is SEO Floyd. Welcome back. I'd like to thank you again for joining me for this session. This is going to be a really important video and this is going to be, again, about foundational links. This is probably the most important part of this section. What we’re going to talk about next is going to be establishing trust and authority with legitimate links.

For this example, I am going to go back to my handy dandy roofing site here that I used in previous videos, and I can show you some of the things that they’re doing right. Again, for the 8000th time, continuing with our theme of getting links that real businesses get, we are going to continue. We’ve already established our social profile and established our brand. Next thing we’re going to do is, again, what real businesses do. There’s a lot of power to this, and let me explain why.

The first link that I want to talk about is going to be right here. It’s going to be the Better Business Bureau. Now, let me explain the rationale behind this. I am going to start with the Better Business Bureau not because the Better Business Bureau is such a great company and it provides great value to people who are members but let me explain why this is important as a foundational link. The one thing that Google hates more than anything else is spammers. Absolutely hate spammers and that’s really the purpose for its algorithm. It’s to prevent people who shouldn’t be appearing in the CERPs from appearing in the CERPs.

What you want to do, again, is make your website look as real as possible and do what real websites do. That brings us to the Better Business Bureau. Let me explain what having a Better Business Bureau link can do for your client or for your site. To have a link from the Better Business Bureau is going to be hundreds of dollars or more based upon how many employees you have, unless that’s changed recently. I am a member of the Better Business Bureau and so are all of my clients.

The reason is because Google probably knows one thing. It knows that if you have a Better Business Bureau link that you paid hundreds of dollars or more to get it. Who is not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a link? A spammer, a scammer, a lead gen site. Basically, all the folks that they’re trying to keep out of their search engine results are the same people who are not going to invest that money in their site. That’s the simple reason why we love this backlink. This backlink is fantabulous.

This one and the next one combined, I’ve been able to rank clients solely with those, and I am talking about clients, not people who had never ranked but people maybe who’d ranked at one time and it slipped, or people who are maybe on the second page that should have been on the first. Again, I am not claiming to know Google’s algorithm, I don’t work for Google, but I can tell you from years and years of experience that having a Better Business Bureau link is a great thing for your site.

Are you going to be able to afford this for every site? No. Is your client going to be able to afford this for their site? They should be able to. Again, I am not teaching you how to rank fake sites for fake businesses. I am teaching you how to rank real websites for real customers. If it’s a real business, it should be able to invest a couple of bucks in Better Business Bureau. If they can’t, will this kill you? No, this will not sink you all by itself but I definitely would want to have a discussion with my client if they felt like this is something they didn’t need to do and want to have a discussion with them about their business. That’s number one, Better Business Bureau. Get it, use it, like it. When you have a paid account with them, then you get a link back to your site from theirs. Again, we’re going to use a bare link on this. Good stuff there.

Moving along, the second in this list that we want to get is going to be Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce is awesome stuff. Again, what are we doing? We are doing what real businesses do. When you look on this website, I’m pretty sure that they have it. In fact, I am positive that they have it. Maybe I can’t find it easily on their site but I know for a fact, if you checked the backlinks of this company, they absolutely are a member of probably a half a dozen Chamber of Commerces. It’s not because they just love giving money, believe me. It’s because it’s valuable.

That’s going to be the second thing. You want to get that Chamber of Commerce, and the cost of that is going to be based on your city. A little bit of Chamber of Commerce may ring you 50 bucks a year. A big one, maybe hundreds of dollars but let’s say for argument’s sake that you never ever plan on participating, it’s still worth it to get that link because again, who’s going to pay a $100 or more to join? Real business are. That’s who is in Chamber of Commerce, real businesses. Again, who’s not going to be? Spammers, and scammers, lead gens, et cetera. They’re just not going to invest that money in their business.

Again, my like the Better Business Bureau, these Chamber of Commerce links, man, they are powerful. Again, it’s going to be a bare link to your site. Is it possible that you have a Chamber of Commerce in you’re a tiny, tiny, tiny city that doesn’t even have a website? Probably but I know cities as small as 12,000 people that their Chamber of Commerce does this. You need to be in it. Again, it’s just gaining more legitimacy to you and trust.

Those are first two. Whenever possible, get both of those, guys. Whenever you can do it, get them. If you can’t get both, at least get one. These are just super powerful, and I’ll tell you, a lot of people talk about negative SEO and I’ll tell you, one of the sure fire ways to avoid negative SEO, and that’s by having a bulletproof link profile. You may have seen sites that got hit with Scrapebox Blast, or XRumer Blast, or this, or that, and it hurt their rankings, those sites had weak profiles, period. If you had a site and it got its ass kicked by some negative SEO, then it was weak.

You show me a site that’s got Better Business Bureau, that’s got Chamber of Commerce, that’s got a couple more here I’m going to show you, man, you can shoot a billion XRumer links to it, and Google is just going to laugh them off. I can’t tell you how important this is, how foundational these links are, and how important they are to your overall strategy. Enough of the soapbox, let me get to a power link number three.

Power link number three is going to be industry associations or professional organizations. This is going to vary by niche but if they are in business and they’re selling something, the chances are that that either requires a license, or insurance, or a certification, or an education, or something similar. That’s what you need to exploit. I am going to give you a couple of examples here, but if you brainstorm with your client, you’re going to find this. I guarantee you, you’re just going to find this.

I’m on a roofing site here. Let me use this as an example. You see on here, they’re member of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association. Again, they got a nice power link coming from that to this page. Number one, this is a trust factor and this is going to help your conversions. Again, traffic without conversions is useless. This is a great conversion element but for our purposes, having a link from the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association to a North Texas roofer is freaking gold because you’re talking about a niche relevant links. You got niche relevant and you got location relevant. This has both. It’s relevant to roofing and it’s relevant to North Texas as an area that this business operates in. This is a double power link. This is massive for them.

On this other side here, we see that they have a link from one of the biggest distributors, if not the biggest distributor, in the United States of shingles, a roofing product. Again, this is not a location link but this is a heavy, heavy, heavy niche link. Again, in this case, they paid some money to join this, and so they got this really cool link coming to them from this. Then, this one is an industry link and they may or may not have paid to be a member of this. I don’t think that they are. There’s a roofer. These are some of niche and area. That’s what you want. The most powerful thing you can get in this thing we’re talking about is something that niche-specific and location-specific.

Again, let’s switch gears a little bit. Let’s go to a professional. Let’s use a doctor. No, let’s use a lawyer. We can do either one but let’s say a lawyer first. If you’re doing a law site for a lawyer, there’s a couple of things that you know are off the bat. You know he went to school somewhere. You can’t practice in law without graduated from a school. You need to find out, is there an alumni association for this college? Pretty much all of them have them and pretty much all of them will give you a nice fat link to your website. Again, a bare link from an edu domain, and I don’t think I need to explain to anyone here how powerful a legitimate edu domain link is. Find out, where did you go to school, man? There’s one.

Also, of course, if he went to law school, then his law school has probably got an association for alumni. Again, most of them do, most of them have a program, they have a list, they have a directory. Again, drop a couple hundred of dollars and bam, you’re in it. Again, you’re talking about niche and probably location because most of those directories are split up by location. If you go to whatever, Harvard Law School, and search their alumni directory, it’s going to be broken down by location. Again, super powerful.

Again, we’ll stick to Mr. Lawyer here. If he’s a lawyer, he has to be part of the State Bar to practice in his state. They’re another one, State Bar Association. Niche and location. He has to be part of that to practice. In most places, again, there is another free link to get. They’ve all got directories of members. Boom, another free link, another bare link.

For that matter, the American Bar Association. Again, niche but not location but super powerful because that’s what looks natural. If you’re a lawyer, having links from law-related websites like the American Bar Association and your city state bar, these are real, these are natural, and these are things that scammers can’t get. Another reason why they’re so powerful. You can’t buy a listing in the directory for the State Bar unless you’re a damn lawyer. Some doubt the legion, a lawyer legion sect cannot do that. Again, Google knows this. It’s not stupid. Having links like this, they’re super, super, super powerful.

That is going to be the end of this section. What I would do is just brainstorm with your client, where are all the places that he, or she, or they can legitimately get links, and be think industry associations, be thinking education, be thinking city, state, all that kind of stuff. Do they have a license? If they have a license for whatever, then chances are the state has a directory of everybody that’s licensed. Lots of time. Those directories have profiles that you can customize. Again, boom, another link.

You can pay a lot of money for buying links and renting links. I’ll tell you, if you’re a lawyer, having a link to your website from the American Bar Association, from your local bar, from your law school, those are going to beat the crap out of some PR blank, whatever the hell you’re buying link. You just can’t beat that. It’s just too powerful.

That’s going to end this portion of our guide. I hope that you’ve enjoyed some things so far and I hope that you’ve learned some things. I know a lot of this is stuff that you’re going to have to do additional thinking on but this is something that you can brainstorm. It’s something you can brainstorm with your client, with your fellow SEOs. Also, during competitor research, you’re going to find this stuff. When you start doing competition and competitive research in these niches, you’re going to start seeing these things. You’re going to start noticing a trend. What you’re going to notice is the sites in the ranking have these links that I’m telling you about right now.

That’s it for this section. I will see you next time. Thanks for listening.