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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd and in this video we are going to begin to get some social signals for your projects. In the last video we talked about the difference between social signals for SEO purposes and in social media marketing, so if you didn't watched that please go back and watch that before you watch this. I want to make it crystal clear that we're talking about two different things when we talk about generating social signals for SEO versus legitimate social media marketing. So if you haven't watched that, go back and watch it.

All right, so this video ... there are dozens of ways, legitimate ways, to generate social signals for your accounts. I'm going to go over a few them with you. This by no means is going to be exhaustive but the ones I show you, just like everything else that I show you, these are things that I actually do for my real businesses.

The first thing I'd like to talk about today is actually a base line of legitimate social signal. In keeping with my theory of doing everything that real sites do, the first thing I would actually like you to do is, the business owner, have them get legitimate social shares. Have their employees do all the very social things. I have their family members do all the very social things. You're going to have an information sheet that I am going to provide you later in the course with some basic information about how to do each of those things, but in a nutshell you just need to make sure that they understand pretty much every employee of the business needs to go by and do some things.

They need to like the page, they need to make sure that they've liked the Facebook page. They need to do all the things on all the major social media accounts that we talked about. This is going to set down a baseline of real social signals, which is a good way to start with Google. Also these are going to be geo-located social signals so they're going to be desirable. These are going to be from real people with real accounts. That's the way that we're going to start and when I get to the strategy part later I will show you all this later as a blueprint. So that's step 1. Step 1 is to go ahead and get real social signals through legitimate means.

For step 2, there's a couple of things that I like to do. One of the sites that I like to use is called Add-me-fast-dot-com. What this is, this is kind of like a crowd sourced social media sharing site. I've already logged into my account. You can get an account for free. What you're going to do, you, me, and a bunch of other people, thousands or tens of thousands of people, all sign up for this service and then there's two ways to use this. What I'm going to do in a nutshell, and I'll show you this, I'm going to add my site to this network. As an example let's say you're adding a new client. You're going to go in and you're going to have a document that has all of your client's social accounts on it. This is part of the intake document that the client will fill out for you that we covered earlier. You should have all this in your spreadsheet or in that e-mail from the form so you should be able to just simply copy and paste this and have this information ready.

What you're going to do, step 1 is you're going to add your client's sites to this network and then step 2 is that you're going to get some social shares for it. Actually, I kind of said that backwards; let me backtrack. As you add the social accounts to this site you're going to set up campaigns for them, so I take back what I said just a second ago. You're going to add your client's sites to this network, you're going to set up campaigns for them, and then you have two choices.

You can either earn points for free by liking and following and sharing and tweet other people in this network; that's one way to do it and if you have more time than money that would be the best choice. The other way to do it is to buy points, and for most of you that's what you're going to want to do. Buying points on here is extremely cheap. You can buy 5,000 points for $10 or something like that. It's very very very cheap, so this is not going to be cost prohibitive for anyone.

Step 1: we've come to and we've created a free account. Of course it will make you verify your e-mail so you'll sing up for a free account, you'll verify your e-mail, then you will have a page that looks like this. The first that you're going to do is you're going to go to "add site/page." I'm not going to go through this for every type because it would be an exercise in futility and would be pointless, but I'm going to show you one and you should be able to glean how to do the rest.

This campaign here, when you drop this box, this is all the different signals that this site will allow. So you see Facebook likes, shares, follows. Facebook post likes and shares, Vine, there's some Google, some YouTube, some Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud. Most of these are good. I want to point out a couple that you absolutely want to avoid. Number 1, website hits. Do not do this. What this does is send a bot to your site and, I won't go into it but just trust me. This will waste your time and actually hurt your campaigns, so do not, I repeat, do not use website hits. YouTube views. I have not tested this platform with YouTube view so if you want to test it, I suggest you put up a video that you don't care about and send some views from this platform and see how they do. It may be great, it may kill your video. I don't know, I don't use this platform for YouTube. In general I would say that everything on here is safe to use with the exception of website hits and YouTube so I would probably avoid both of those.

For this example I'm going to use a plain old Facebook like. Now this is very important: countries. If you leave this checked, you're going to get the default you're going to get likes from everywhere. That's not natural unless you have an international business, so for most of you you're going to want to go down and, of course if you're in the United States like I am you're going to want to click the United States. When you click out of the box now you're only going to have the United States.

Step 2 is put in a title, and this is going to be just a friendly title for you to remember. This has nothing to do with your campaign, so this will just be probably the name of the website; the client is probably what is best in title. This is just easy for you to keep track of these later. The page URL. What's important about this is this likes you can only get to an actual Facebook page. Some of these other things you can get to different things but for this module, it's only for Facebook. I will use my handy dandy for a URL, so I'm going to copy and paste the URL out and I will just simply paste it in here. It has to be in this format. Now you have the Facebook URL.

Total clicks. We are definitely going to put that on. Here's the thing with social signals. This is where people lose it and they screw up a lot. Don't go to Fiverr and buy 1,000 Facebook likes. That's just stupid. Don't do that. As a mater of fact, stay away from Fiverr completely for this kind of stuff. There's a few safe campaigns that are reasonably good but the methods I'm going to show you are typically better. If you want to use Fiverr to sprinkle some social signals on your PBN sites or some of your buffers, that's fine but don't use Facebook crap on your money site.

Total clicks here. The thing with this is "less is more." "Less is more." I'm typically going to start off with something like, let's say 50 likes and now I'm also going to click the daily clicks on and I'll put 2. What this is doing is, this means that every day I'm going to get 2 clicks until I hit 50, so for 25 days. This is a much more natural drip-feed way to get these social shares. There's no magic formula for this so please don't ask me how many exact likes should I get per day, or per week, or month or year. There is no magic formula to this but I'll tell you if there were a magic formula it would be on the lower side of things. It would be on the lower side of things. There's nothing wrong with doing this: dripping out one Facebook like over 50 days, right? Or over 45 days, something like that. A steady flow of social signals looks much more natural and has much more impact.

Now the last box on here is cost per click, and this is how many, quote "points" it's going to cost you. The lowest that you can do is 2, the most you can do is 10. If you do the lower cost per click you will get more overall clicks but because they payout is lower you might not get all your clicks done. The people that don't buy points that go through and they decide how they want to earn points, if your click gets them 2 points and someone else gets them 5, they're going to click someone else's. So I hope that makes sense.

Typically what I do if I need these, if they really important to me, I'll just go ahead and max it out at 10 especially or a new client. I want to make sure that I get all these clicks when I order them. I'd set it to the max. After that, I put it right in the middle, you know 5 or 6 or something like that. I tell you that I get what I hit 99% of the time with this. Let me see I don't really want any Facebook ... well, you know what that's fine. So hit save changes. I already did one, that's why I just got that error. I guess my Facebook page is already getting likes or something. I don't know why.

Anyway, so what I want to do is this: let me show you what it looks like after. So let's say that you've gone through and you've added a bunch of your sites. Then you're going to go to "my sites" and these are going to be in here. So let me give you a couple of things on here. I'm going to hit "details" here and this is a Twitter tweet that I did. What I decided to tweet, there was the actual message, there was the total clicks were 18, there was daily clicks were 6. The limit, I set it to 100 and I set 5 so it went a little bit over that's fine. That'll happen sometimes.

If you choose like here, this is a good example; I'm glad it came up. I chose limit for daily clicks at 5 and I got 6 sometimes. That's going to happen ever so often, but you'll see how your progress is going here and you can go through all of these. You can pause a campaign by hitting it here and you can edit a campaign by clicking here. So there's the campaign that I created. If I want to edit it, I can edit it at any time. If I want to pause it, all I have to do is hit pause, and see how it makes it do this? I'm going to turn it back on because I like it.

So all of your sites are going to be in here and so again, this is one easy way to get social signals for your sites. This would be one method that I would highly suggest that you use. It's extremely cost effective. It just costs pennies for each social. This is the first site that I want to show you to begin getting your social signals. is a good place to start. I hope that everything that I went over is clear. I'm sure there's going to be some questions. I will tell you that if something's not working in here, if you'll give yourself 10 minutes and play with it, you can probably make it work. This website works. It's functional, so if you're trying to do something and it's erroring out it's because you're making an error. I'm not going to be providing technical support for because I don't own If you want to add me questions about general things related to this, that's fine but like I said, I don't own this so I'm not going to be supporting it.

So this is video 1 for the social signals. Next video we are going to talk about another social platform. All right, I'll see you in the next video.