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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. Before you watch this video, I need to make sure that you're aware that we have updated the training, as of today, December 2nd, 2014, we will no longer be sending SocialAdr links directly to our money site. The training that you're going to go through next is still valid and still applicable but we want to use it to our tier properties, not to our money site. Sorry about the kind of unprofessional nature of this update but I want to make sure you guys knew. Again, enjoy the training and thanks for listening.

Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. In the last section, we talked about and how to set that up and how to get some social signals with that and do it fairly cheaply on a budget. In this section, we're going to cover another service that is similar but not exactly the same. These are two good services that you can use in unison. The second one that I'm going to show you is called Now this is a real good site that I've used for, oh boy, probably since it first came on board. I'm actually friends with the owner, Ben, really good guy and he keeps on top of this. It's always updated. It pretty much always works.

Again there are some similar services to SocialAdr but so far this one's the best in my opinion. I've been using it for a long time. Just like the other site, and just pretty much all the sites that you guys should be used to, you're going to the home page and just sign up for an account. You're going to choose a username and password. You're going to verify the email that they send you and then you're going to have access.

Once you have done that, just like the other one, there's two ways you can do this. You can go in create social accounts and use them to bookmark and share other people's stuff, in which case it's free. Or you can purchase credits. Again, most of the people on this course are pretty sure it's going to be more cost effective for you to purchase credits. That's what I'm going to show you.

When you sign up, you're going to go through a couple of things offering you some like automated programs and stuff. Those are great, if you want to do those, go ahead and do it. I think its the most inexpensive account is 20 bucks a month. That basically is kind of like an autopilot. You set your accounts up and it just kind of does it for you. Those are good options but I'm going to show you the kind of buy as you go option.

I have gone ahead. I have created my account. I verified it and I've logged in. The first thing I need to do is get some credits. I'm going to choose instant credits. For this demonstration, I'm going to get the cheap ones. You see the different prices here. You're going to go to Paypal, of course. Why of course, I have a Paypal account, silly, silly. All right. I'm going to log in with my Paypal account. Of course, once we're done, we're going to be able to go back.

These credits are either instant or they're fairly quick. If they're not there like the second, then give it some time. It says up here actually that it can take a couple of hours. I've never had to take that long but it could. Just hold tight if it does. Don't get your pants in a [inaudible 04:18]. Let's just play like we have these credits already. What I normally do is this. We're going to go to bookmarks and then we're going to go to add a bookmark.

To add our bookmark, we are going to type in the address in the URL, obviously that's going to be the URL that we're promoting. I'm going to go to the keyword section and I've already got a nice, handy dandy list of keywords that I've gotten through my favorite place, the Google keyword planner, of course, or wherever, however you've gotten your keywords. Simply paste this in. Let's see there that there's a city identifier that I don't want. All right. Here's my keywords. I'm going to put in my description. Now, it's very important here that you use Spintax.

You can either do this by hand or you can sign up for a spinner service like Spin Re-Writer which I highly suggest that you do. If you don't have an account with Spin Re-Writer, you need to get one because we're going to use it in a couple of places in this course. It's a couple of hundred dollars to get it. It's very good, a good investment so go ahead and get that. If you don't want to do it, if you don't want to buy it then what you can do, a simple Spintax looks like this. It's the whatever that symbol is called, I guess that's sort of a bracket.

Then I'm going to put hello/welcome/today. Whatever words that I want to co-spin. Then when I close it with that, that means that when it goes through, it's going to pick one of those three words to use in that position. Again, I'm not going to go through what Spintax is in this course. That's something you could Google or ask in the group. But what it does is it allows you to have many, many different versions of this because these social bookmarks are going to go out to hundreds of places. You don't want the exact, same social bookmark to go out.

What I've done, I've got a really long one here that I've already made with Spin Re-Writer. I'm just going to paste it in there. I can click on the spin preview. The husband who actually sold a roofing script for a million dollars. That looks like of funny. Again, this is not something that a client's ever going to see. That's fine. If there's things in here that look funny, then you could take them out. All right. You could take out words like husband and whatever. Anyway, point being that you get a nice spin in your description.

We're going to choose our category. For this one, this is a roofer. Let's see. Actually, for this one, I'm going to choose home and garden. That typically hits the best for roofers. I've quite a few roofing clients. Step one, you're going to put in your URL. Step two, you're going to paste your keywords. Step three, you're going to put in a spun description. Step four, you're going to choose your category then you're going to choose save. Now, once you've chosen save, this is what your submission dashboard is going to look like.

Now, a couple of things to notice, notice the submission rate. Of course, this is how frequently that it's going to come across. It even defines them for you right here. You can do once per week. You can do once every two days, two to three times per days or fast which is eight times per day. But as you see here in red, it cost 50% more to do this. You know me, I'm going to do drip or slow. Slow is what I'm going to choose most of the time. All right. Again, that means that once every two days, one of these bookmarks is going to go out.

Now, this is for sustain stuff. All right. If this is the first bookmarking campaign and you're launching the client, you can use normal but especially if you're combining this with Add Me Fast, then I like the slow. Slow and steady wins the race, guys. Then submission limit, again, you can set this to however many you would like it to go. Set it to if you only want 50 bookmarks to go out, put 50. Now, when you hit this go button, it's going to start. My credits don't show yet though so I don't think it's going to start that bookmark.

Until I get the credit going, it's not going to start. But once it starts, it's going to go. Then it will show you once you go over to your campaigns, to your history, it's going to show you all your bookmarks. You're going to be able to see where they were shared at. Again, I don't mean for this to be an exhaustive overview of SocialAdr and what it does and how it works. Ben has created lots of good videos for his product on how-to's. This is just one of the ways I'm showing you to use this. There's actually a couple of different ways you can use SocialAdr but this is the way I'm showing you here.

That is the process. Now, with these two videos, you have two different ways to get social signals. The last video that I'm going to do on social signals which will be next, I'm going to go over a little bit of the strategy. All right. Thank you again for listening and I'll see you in the next video.