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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. This is going to be the last video in the social signal section. We are going to talk more about social signals in the strategy section. But one thing that I want to talk about in this section and the next, I think I'm going to recover it again as part of the total strategy is I want to make sure that you understand that the social signals really need to go everywhere. Most of you are going to be doing tiered link building and if you're not, then you should be doing tiered link building. For those of you who are new, tiered link building simply means that you will have one set of sites that point direct to your money site. Then you'll have other sites that point to the sites that point at your money site but not directly to your money site.

Again, when we get to the strategy portion, we'll talk about this a little bit. But what I wanted to talk about and I just found this graph. I didn't make it. It's pretty basic but a basic tiered link building would be if this is your target site or your money site, you would have some tier ones here and these would be really high quality properties. Tier ones are properties that normally you'd be fine if your client saw them. These are going to be really high quality properties with original content, rich media, pictures, videos, things like that.

For tier ones, we've talked about different tier ones already in this course in the link building portion so I'm not going to go over that again but just as an example, let's say that one of these tier ones here was a blog, let's say it was a Weebly. Let's say that one of these tier ones was a Weebly page that you made. Then may this tier two down here, maybe these are Web 2.0 blogs that you've made with [Rain Quiz 02:05] or FCS Networker. You're pointing them right here.

Let's just say these four right here are supporting this. Let's say this is a Weebly blog and these four are some [Rain Quiz 02:18], Web 2.0 blogs. They're pointing to this and they're powering it up and then it's pointing to your money site. The point of all that is to say we want social signals everywhere. We don't want social signals just for our money site but we do. We do want social signals for our money site. We do want social signals for our tiered properties though as well. Don't forget the inner pages. Do not send every social signal only to the home page. You're going to want to send it to internal pages as well. Why? Because that looks natural.

When you're thinking about the types of keywords to use for this or the anchors to use for this, you want to see kind of what the property is doing for you. If you're sending social signals. Let's say it's a social bookmark and you're sending it to this page on your site about roofing and it has to do with let's say it's talking about shingles. Then you're keywords can be long tail versions of the word shingle. You could send that to those inner pages.

Again, we're going to talk about strategy. We're going to talk about what to do, where and why. But in this very short section, I just want to impress upon you the importance of sending social signals to all of your properties. Do not neglect your tiers. Send them to all of your properties. In this section, we've talked about using Add Me Fast. We've talked about Social Ladder. If you utilize these two platforms, then you have everything that you need to get all of the most important social signals to your site. You have the means to get all of the good ones that you want regardless of your niche.

Don't go crazy with those. Like I mentioned in both of the other videos, slow and steady wins the race. Now, you have the brand new site or brand new Facebook page for instance, you can get a little bit more. If you want to get 30 or 40 Facebook likes in the first couple of days while you're building the account, that's perfectly fine. That happens a lot naturally with the new account. Typically, there's a spike in growth and then it slows down. That's okay. Remember, everything we're doing, we're attempting to look normal and attempting to do what natural, real websites do.

Again, I hope I have not belabored the point. Send social signals everywhere. Once you do this, it's best to do it forever. Drip these things out. Now, again, when we get to the advance section or the strategy section, once of the good things about social signals is that if you need to step up your link building, then if you step up your social, that's going to help you avoid issues. If a website get a lot of back links all at once, that's something that Google can notice but if it gets a lot of back links all at once and a lot of social signals all at once, there's a much less chance that Google is going to see that in a bad way.

Think about it like let's say that you're a business, say you're a charity and you had a famous person come speak, say you're a homeless shelter and Jay Z comes and speaks at your homeless shelter. You're going to get a ton of back links because news agencies are going to report that. But you're also going to get a ton of social shares. People are going to say, "Jay Z is at the homeless shelter." That's natural. What wouldn't be natural is if you just got a ton of those back links, you have all these news agencies talking about it but there's nothing on social, no, no, no, no, no. It doesn't make sense. Red flag.

Again, social can be used in combination with links. If you need to increase your velocity for the links. That's it for this short section. That's all we're going to talk about as far as social signals in this section alone but again we are going to cover more in the strategy section in the advanced. I hope you guys are getting a lot from this and I'll see you in the next video.