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Hey guys. This is SEO Floyd. In this section of the course, we are going to talk about pricing and closing. This section is going to have several videos in it. Like most sections of the course, there's going to be some seed videos that were going to launch with and then we're going to be adding videos obviously as the course grows and throughout time. But in this section, what I'm going to have initially is going to be a couple of different methods that you can use to price out clients and so I believe I'm going to actually use three, maybe four different methods that I use. I'll start with the most common one.

Hopefully, after you've watched the videos, you will be able to successfully figure out how much to charge a client, that's kind of the goal of that part. There's also going to be kind of a closing section. That is going to be more of a mindset section. It's going to be more some things you can do to kind of sell your deal, how to close your deal. Again, like all the introduction videos in the course, this is brief. But again, like all the rest of the course, this part is not meant to be all encompassing. It's meant to teach you the main things that I think you can implement the most quickly that will give you fast results and of course long results.

But these are methods that are tried and true. There's lost of different ways, I'll tell you about pricing, if you ask 10 different SEOs how they price jobs, you very well may get 10 different answers. But what I'll tell you is I have talked with some people who are at some of the top agencies in the United States, some top guys that are kind of like me who do a lot of stuff themselves. This is one of the topics that we talk about pretty frequently. The methods that I'm going to show you are pretty much what people are doing.

Keep in mind, when you're talking about pricing especially, that if you're talking about an agency or a marketing company that also sells SEO or a web design firm that also sells SEO, you're going to ... you're due to get the whole gamut of prices. You're going to get agencies that want to charge exorbitant rates to local clients, with virtually no ROI. Then you're going to have web design companies offering their quote SEO package for $100 or whatever. The market is going to have lots of variance in it.

But the methods that I'm showing you and the techniques that I'll show you, the formulas are what people like you and me do. Again, as I mentioned in the other training, feel free to mark up your prices. Feel free to charge more than what I'm telling you I charge. I charge on the lower end honestly in a lot of niches because it's a retention factor for me. My ROI is so obscene for my clients that even if other SEOs or other marketing agencies come to them and try to take them away, they're not going anywhere.

Now, initially, that was really, really important to me as my business grew, as my reputation grew, that kind of stuff grew. Of course my prices are very high. I don't have any small accounts. I don't have any cheap accounts but I'm giving you a variance because as you're starting off, you're probably going to have some smaller clients. You're probably going to have some $500 a month accounts, $300 a month accounts. There's nothing wrong with that.

The method works. All the methods that I'm going to show you work. If you find a client that's outside of the box for one of these methods, then that would be something to bring up in the forum. It's not just me that's going to be in the back and helping you guys, it's a whole community. We've got people with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Anyway, welcome to the pricing/closing section of the course. I hope you get a lot of value out of it. I'll see you in the next video.