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Hey, guys. This is Stephen, and today's training is coming to you via request. I see lots of people asking this same one question in the group, and so I decided to go ahead and put together a training on it. Hopefully, this will be something that can really help you guys out.

As you can read on the screen, hopefully, what we're going to be talking about today is going to be low keyword volume training. What do I mean by that? Well, if you have gone through the pricing section in the client portion of the course, you know that I offer a few different ways for you to price out clients. The main way that I do it is by using the AdWords value of the keywords, and then estimating traffic on that. That's the most popular method that I use when I'm quoting clients.

A problem with that is when you have ... this normally occurs in a small city or in a really obscure niche ... but you go and you throw the keyword in, like I show you, and you just get hardly anything at all. You just get very, very small volumes of keywords. So you're coming back saying, "How on earth do I price this? How on earth do I charge for this? All right? Again, there are other methods that you can use to price besides the AdWords or pay-per-click value, but when you're using that method and you're having trouble, there are a few things that you can do to hopefully get it back to where there's numbers where you can offer a great ROI to your client and still make it worth your time to get some money in your pocket.

That's what we're going to cover today. Now, for this example, I am going to use my local city, which is Frisco, Texas. Frisco is a small suburb that is northwest of Dallas, and I am going to start off with what I train you guys. For this example, I'm going to use Frisco plumber, so Frisco is the city and plumber is going to be the keyword. Like I would show you in the course, you could come over to SEMRush or you can go into the SERPT. I hope you guys are all using SERPT. I don't want to make this video another commercial for it, but I can't recommend it enough. If you're not using SERPT, I don't kow what you're doing. It's the most powerful tool that I use. Saves me tons of money and tons of time so I don't have to switch back and forth. Anyway, but I'm going to show you the way that I originally showed you first.

Let's say we do Frisco plumber. We come through and we see that that keyword right here only has 50 searches per month with a cost-per-click of $44.51. If you use my method that I teach, based on the ADWords method, then you would basically be able to say, if you're number one for this keyword, that you would probably get close to 20 hits a month, and those hits are each worth $44. That makes the monthly traffic value only about $800. That's for being number one.

Obviously, $800 a month is what the value would be to the client, so again, if you follow my model, I usually charge about a third of that, so that means this would be a $250 a month client. For obvious reason, that's not good.

Let me show you now in SEMRush, as I scroll down here, you'll see on here the phrase match keywords. This is going to help us a little bit. There's seven here in SEMRush, and so I can add these, so there's plumber, Frisco TX, plumber Frisco, Frisco plumbers. If I throw in all of these, that's definitely going to add some value to it. That's definitely something that is going to add a little bit to my numbers, so that's good.

Now I want to move over though, and if you don't .. so again, I suggest you guys get SERPT. The link is in the file section, and I do get an affiliate pay for that, just so you guys know. When you sign up for SERPT with my link, I do get paid a small fee for you doing that, so I want you to kow that up front. I'm not trying to hide it, but anyway ...

If you don't have SERPT, then what you can do is you can come over here to the keyword planner, and you can type in Frisco plumbe,r and you can go through and you can find some more keywords in here. If you don't have SERPT, you can start off with the free SEMRush and the free keyword planner. If you do have SERPT ... and again, I hope most of you guys do ... I come over here to Ultimate Research, under keyword research, then Ultimate Research and I type in Frisco plumber and then I hit search for keywords. I've already done this search, so I'm going to pull it up. What I have here, as you see, I do have my seed keyword Frisco plumber, and in this list there's 761 potential keywords and you can filter the results here. If you know that you're just going to target the city of Frisco only, then you can put Frisco in here and hit filter and it's only going to show exactly Frisco.

This is exportable to CSV, in ordered text file, and all of the information that you have here is going to be from the keyword tool and SEMRush together, and then you have additional information here. Check for keyword related domains, that would be if you were wanting to an exact match domain. Get long tail keywords, that's something we're going to talk about. Search broad, and then there's a revenue calculator. There's just so much that SERPT does. It seems like every week there's something new. We've started with Frisco plumber, we threw it in real quick and did an eyeball and said, well, there's not any obvious trophy keywords for this, so I'm going to have to do more research.

The first thing I've done, if I don't have SERPT, is I pulled it up in the keyword planner and I've started to analyze some of those keywords. This technique here alone should probably find you enough keywords to justify your value. Let's just say that it doesn't, or let's just say that you're a really good SEO and you just really want to do a thorough job, which I hope all of you are. Then we're going to move onto the next thing.

The next thing that we can do, I went over here to and I typed in Frisco. What it did was it now will give me a list of all the Zip codes in Frisco. Now what I can do is I can target these Zip codes with my keyword. I can put plumber 75024. Instead of putting Frisco plumber, I can put 75024 plumber. Every keyword that you found here that you decided is good, you can add to your profile with the Zip code replacing the city.

I hope that you don't dismiss this or overlook it, because I'll tell you that a ton of people search by the Aip code. Also, the way that Google returns local searches, this is basically the same thing. It's saying Frisco in a lot of ways in Google, it's not exactly the same but it's very similar. If you type in 75034 plumber, you're going to get some of the same results as if you typed in Frisco plumber or Frisco TX plumber, but not exactly. Guys, this is low hanging fruit. This right here is low hanging fruit.

Summary, method number one, if we find a keyword with low volume, we are going to throw it into SERPT or we're going to throw it into our keyword planner and we're going to look for all the various versions of it, all the long tail versions. I'm not going to teach long tail keywords in this course, because you guys should already know what that is. Now we have, hopefully, a lot of good long tail keywords and we have a lot of some Zip code modifiers as well.

You should already have a decent base now to look at, but let's say that it's still not enough. If it's still not enough, then we are going to go to the next method. We are going to add urgency terms or we are going to add buying or related terms, and let me explain. Urgency terms here, as an example, would be emergency plumber. You see this right here, emergency plumber, emergency plumber in Frisco, 24 hour plumber, 24/7 plumber. Those are urgency terms. Pretty much anything that you can think of that would add urgency to this, get a plumber now, but anyway I'm not going to get into that but that's the next thing. Some of them will be in here. Some of them will be in here, but some of them won't.

That's the urgency and some of the other ones that will be in here too will be the buyer keywords. Buyer keywords will be things like, get plumbing in Frisco, buy plumbing in Frisco, find a plumber in Frisco. That's another set, but in this section also is really one of the most powerful things that you can do that really just nobody hardly teaches. I'm not saying I'm the only one that knows this or the only one that's ever taught it, but it's something that's actually really powerful that you just don't find very often. That's going to be terms that are not going to be in here, but they are related like.

Let me just give you some verbal examples here, but you're going to want to brainstorm on this and make your own list. If I were doing this for a plumber, a keyword I might want to target is leaky faucets or broken pipes or fix leaky faucet, fix broken pipes. I hope you're getting the point of this. I don't want to go into this and spend hours giving you examples, but I hope that what I'm telling you now makes sense. Think of things that someone who's looking for a plumber would type in. I'll tell you, these types of searches are going to be massive on mobile. Sometimes you may not find hardly any volume at all for Frisco or plumbers, but you may find some really good volumes especially on mobile searches for things like fix broken pipes, repair broken pipes, repair busted pipes. Again, I hope you guys are paying attention to this, because this one little tidbit alone can be the difference between you really getting a good ROI for some of your clients and not. That is going to be that.

The last part of this ... I want to thank one of the members of our group for bringing it up, it's Mohammad Allen in our Facebook group, because he asked a question and it made me really remember this and it was the impetus basically for this whole training today. Please drop him a thank you in the group if you've gotten some value from this training today, so again, thank you again Mohammad Allen.

What Mohammad asked about was brand jacking or trust jacking. What that is is basically when you are going to target a competitor's brand for your brand. This is perfectly legal and moral and ethical. Obviously, if you used people's trademark names or copyrighted materials, you have to cite it as such. Guys, I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not now or ever giving legal advice.

Again, if you're using SERPT, the information's in here. Let me show you on SEMRush, if you look over here you see related keywords. Legacy Plumbing, Crown Plumbing, All Around Plumbing, these are brands you could target. Look, Legacy Plumbing gets 480 hits a month, Crown Plumbing gets 390, so again, if you can target these competitors, then you can have another slice of the pie, just another slice of the pie. The way that you would do that, you could actually do AdWords for this or you could just add content to specific pages targeting those words to be able to rank from them.

I'll show you a really good cool example of it. Let me show it to you real quick. Let me see here. Hold on one sec real quick. We'll go back to Google. Let's see. One of the ones, and I've showed this in the group before, it's awesome. Look when I type in Angie's List. Angie's List, you all should be familiar with. It is a subscription service used to find local contractors, but I want to look right here at this ad. Don't pay for her list.

Her list will cost you but our five star service is always free, and look, it's This is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. This is the perfect example of brand jacking or link jacking. here is going to have an ad every time someone looks for Angie's List and probably all of Angie's List's related keywords. They're using Adwords to do this and I'll bet you the pay-per-click on this is super cheap, but you can do the same thing by adding targeted content to your site. I'm going to go on theirs. This one is probably a very good example of what you should do. Again, I have nothing to do with or Angie's List. If you look here, you can see how they've done it with their landing page. Look here, it's got a nice little comparison, HomeAdvisor's not affiliated with or sponsored by Angie's List. Make sure you have all your stuff in order.

I'm not going to pay for a list of contractors, HomeAdvisor's free. This page right here, is the perfect example of a landing page that you could build for your clients to target their brand. Again, as long as you do things legally and all that stuff, then you're going to be fine. The worst thing that would happen, honestly, and again I'm not a lawyer, so don't take this as legal advice, but if you a competitor got angry about this, the worst thing probably that would happen is they would file a DMCA takedown request or something similar and you could simply remove the page, so it's not a big deal.

In general, as long as what you're stating is factual information and you're citing their source and their brand and their trademark and copyrights and all that, then you're fine. Again, I want to point out this is a very, very common tactic. is a global company that would not be using this tactic if it were not legit. They wouldn't be risking a lawsuit from Angie's List.

That is going to cover this training for today. To recap, we've got related keywords, we've got Zip codes that we can add, we've got buying keywords, we've got urgency keywords, we've got things that people would type in like leaky faucets or broken pipes that are related to our searches, but not close enough to be included in LSI things, then finally, we have brand jacking. Again, you can do AdWords for this, really for any of these terms. Most of these, what I'm talking about, you can do by simply adding the content to your client's site. It will be enough to do this, working it into the content, working in some of these phrases. The lower competition phrases you should be able to rank for these fairly easily by just adding them to your content. If it's not working, you can also send some targeted links to help with that. You can use some of your PBNs or some of your web 2.0s or some of the other things that we teach to power that up.

Guys, that is going to finish this section of the training. I hope you guys are all getting a lot of value here. I want to thank each and every one of you again for being a member. Also, I want to let you know that I've got lots of great things in the works for this group. Lots of great things are going to be coming soon. Again, thank you for being a member and I will see you in the next training.