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Hey guys, this SEO Floyd. In this video I'm going to talk about the discovery form. What is a discovery form, why do we use it, and what does it have to do with our course? A discovery form is simply a pre-qualifying document that allows you to collect information about potential clients in order to do more research and to be able to give them a quote.

When I say a discovery form, what I'm talking about is basically a form that's on your website. In my demo site I use here a lot, the Lindemann, this is a discovery form that's embedded on here. It goes through and it asks questions, tell us about your business, a bunch of different things. They're going to go through and answer these questions. Once they're done, you will have all the information that you need to provide them an accurate quote.

The discover form is something ... Again, you're using it as a pre-qualifying mechanism to make sure that people who want to engage your services are people that A, you can help and B, that you want to work with, i.e. there's money in it for you. The discovery form that I'm using is straight up one hundred percent ripped off from Kotton is aware of that and I am not the first nor the last person to borrow his fantastic discovery form. Whenever you download this and use it, feel free to give Kotton Grammer a nice thank you in Facebook or if you see him in person. He put a lot of time and energy into researching what types of questions would be good and now you and I are getting the benefit of that.

I did something very, very, very much less efficient than this before I knew Kotton. This one of the things that Kotton has taught me since I met him back in November and it has significantly upped my game. This not one of these things that's a kind of probably should do. This is one of those things that if you're going to do client SEO you need to do. Once you have all this information, then you can make an accurate quote for them. You want to do that as opposed to ... You don't want to spend hours chatting and emailing and talking with people before you know if they're even a potential client, so this is very important.

Again, coming from Kotton Grammer ... We're only going to spend a little bit of time with the client before they fill out this form, so this is potentially a weeding out process as well. If you have someone that wants to hire you to work for them to provide online consulting for their marketing and they're not willing to fill out this form, then chances are they were never going to be your client anyway. Or if they, chances are that they're going to be a pain in your butt.

What I have done for you is I have taken Kotton Grammer's fantastic discovery form and I have had it turned into a form that you can use with Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is a plugin that you can download for Word Press and you can import some XML files that I've created and it will set up this form for you exactly like Kotton's. There's video training in the course that shows you exactly how to do this.

Just so you know, guys, this is a courtesy that I'm offering. This is not something that you paid for. I don't own Gravity Forms and if you want to use this legitimately you're supposed to have your own licensed copy, just so you know, so I can't provide technical support for this. If it doesn't work on your site and you do it the way that we've showed, feel free to ask a question in Facebook Group, but if it's not working it's probably something to do with a conflicting plugin on your site or a conflicting theme or hosting issue. The short answer is that we can't troubleshoot all those things for you. It works for most people most of the time.

Again, in summary, part of your onboarding process is going to be sending people to this page on your website. You'll see that there's a bunch of different questions in here. I'm not going to go over the questions here, but you'll see as you go through these in more detail how this leads you to some very good information about the client, like have they ever used SEO before. That's something that's very important for you to know. What's the average lifetime value of a customer, things like that. All these things and all the questions on here are very intentional. There's no wasted space on here.

The way that this works again basically is you will follow the instructions in the video training and upload this to your website. Someone would go to your website and then they would fill this out and then the form would be submitted to you. Then you will take that information and you will have all the information that you need to do proper research to give them a proper quote.

Guys, I hope that you appreciate this. I have been through dozens of other courses and training over the last ten years and no one does this that I'm aware of. No one else provides this to you. You have to go out and kind of try to figure it out on your own. This is one of those ways that I'm hoping that my years of experience is something that's going to add some value to your business right away. This will take you ten minutes to get it going on your site, literally ten minutes.

As always, this is SEO Floyd and I thank you for your time. I thank you for being a member and I look forward to seeing you next time.