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Hey, guys. This is SEO Floyd, and in this very brief video I want to introduce you to the Prospecting section of the course. This section is going to be a place that a lot of you, once you login to the Client portion of the course, you're probably going to want to run right to this section, and start trying to get some clients, but I want to give you a word of caution, a word of advice: I highly recommend that you go through all of the training in the Client section before you begin any of the training in the Client section, with the exception of the individual methods in this particular part of the course.

I would like you to watch all of the training in the Client section, except for the Prospecting section, before you begin the Prospecting section; then, go ahead and start with Prospecting Method Number One, and then when you have completed that task begin Number Two. I mention this in the individuals themselves, but what happens a lot of times is instead of fully exploiting and utilizing a particular method when it comes to Prospecting, people will tend to kind of look at all of them and pick the one they like, or the one that's sexy, or the one they think they can knock off, and kind of start with that. Again, I've been doing this professionally for a little over ten years as an SEO, but I've been in business for close to 30 years, or actually right at about 30 years, and that includes a lot of high-level selling, and things like that, so if you'll please just start with video Method Number One in the Prospecting, and finish it completely, or at least get some traction on it before you begin moving onto Two, Three, and beyond.

Everyone of the methods for prospecting in here is something that I've used personally, something that my students use, and these are all really things that everyone uses in business when they're doing client prospecting; these aren't specific to SEO. I have tailored a couple of them to SEO to make it more fit what we're doing in this course, but all of the techniques in here are things that are applicable to pretty much any kind of selling.

Again, I wanted this to be short, and sweet, so that's it for this section. Good luck with your prospecting. If you follow the techniques that are outlined here you should have a steady flow of leads coming in. You should have absolutely a steady flow of leads coming in, from a number of different sources.

Thank you, again, for watching, and I hope you enjoy the next video.