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Hey, guys. This is SEO Floyd. This is the second video in this prospecting section. This is Client Prospecting Method Number Two. Before you start with client prospecting number two, I hope that you actually did method number one completely. I hope that you actually went through, and made your list, and reached out to friends and family. If you have not done that, it’s really a good idea to go ahead and hit pause on this video, and go back, and finish it. I’ll give you a second to do that.

If you’re still listening, it means that you have already done method number one. Great. Hopefully, you’ve already got your first client. The second method, I’d like to call “You Scratch my Back and I’ll Scratch Yours.” In the first method, we reached out to family and friends. In this method, we are going to stay with people we know but with a little bit different twist. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. This method is going to be, again, where we are going to make a list but this time, it’s going to be a list of all of the businesses, consultants, basically everyone that you are a customer of. This time, you’re going to make a list of everyone that you, and your spouse, people that you know, all the people that they are a customer of.

For example, if you live in the United States, there’s some people that if you’re a business person, you probably have these relationships. For example, you probably have a CPA. If you’re making money, more than likely you have a CPA to help handle your taxes at the end of the year. By the way, if you’re an independent contractor/consultant, be sure you’re stashing away a lot of money for taxes. That one person you don’t want to owe is the tax man but again, getting back to your example, what we’re going to do in this is similar to method one, we’re going to do brainstorming. Again, I hope that you don’t blow this off. You need to get into a quiet place where you can think and where you’ve got a couple of hours. If you have a home office, get out of the house, or do it at a time when everyone else is gone. Go to a library, go somewhere quiet where you can spend time and really brainstorm and think.

Again, client method number two is going be, you need to answer the question, who am I a client of? Who are you a client of? The rationale behind that is because two things. Number one, you already have a relationship with them. You’re doing your sell, it should be more of a warm sell, it should be a little bit more personal, little less cold but number two, if you are a client of theirs, then they have to let you pitch them.

That’s really the key to method number two. The key to method number two is really, it’s an irresistible offer. If I am your accountant and you come to me and say, “Hey, I am a marketing professional, and I’d love a few minutes to talk with you about how I can help get you more leads, get you more clients.” If I am your CPA, I have to let you do that. I could maybe try to brush you off and say, “I’ve already got someone who handles that,” or yada-yada-yada but I run the risk of losing you. Most business people aren’t going to want to do that. They’re just not. Again, you almost have an automatic chance to pitch them. That doesn’t mean you’re going to close them but you absolutely should have a chance to pitch them. This is like the irrefusable offer deal. They have to let you.

As we’re doing the “Who am I a client of,” a couple of things I am going to throw out just to get your brain storming. I mentioned CPA. How about your doctor? Everybody has a doctor. While we’re talking about doctors, are there any specialist that you go to? Maybe eye doctors, maybe, I don’t know, foot doctor, whatever all the various things are. I’m talking about really for your family. If you’re a single person, you may have a little bit fewer things on this list but if you’re someone who has a family and you got some kids, then you definitely should have a pretty good list from this because especially if you’ve got kids, just doctor alone, you’ve got your doctor for the grownups, you’ve got your doctor, the pediatrician for the kids. Again, you may have an eye doctor. If anyone has special conditions, then you may have other specialists but doctors obviously need online marketing too, and obviously they have enough money to pay you. It’s a good place to start.

Dentist. I can tell you from personal experience, dentists are fantastic clients to have. Number one, I am not sure where you live but where I live, there’s practically a doctor on every other corner. I live in a fairly affluent suburb in North Dallas or north of Dallas in Texas, and I can tell you, there are probably six dentist office within maybe three or four square miles of me, and that’s no exaggeration. All of them, of course, need online marketing.

One thing that you can do with this, a way to expand this method would be, one thing that dentists like to do, at least in the US, they like to advertise in the little circulars and things like that where they will give you a quote free first visit or a really cheap, like a $20 first visit or whatever, and of course, that gives them the opportunity to get their feet in the door with you but the reason that I am mentioning that is because you can still do that. I’ll bet you that there is easily, if I wanted to spend an hour or so looking through, I could easily find 20 to 30 dentists within a reasonable distance from me, and I’ll bet a good percentage of those again have that free coupon deal or cheap coupon deal. They don’t know if you’ve got a regular dentist and it doesn’t really matter. Go see 5, or 6, or 10, or 20, or 30, or 40, or 50, or 100 dentists. Go pay the $20, get the stupid x-rays done, or whatever. You’re paying $20 to have a chance to close a deal. Again, dentists.

Let’s see, hairdressers. If you have somebody cut your hair. Now, maybe it’s one of these little local franchise deals, and they don’t need online marketers, they do it in-house. That’s fine. There’s plenty of Sally the Hairdresser. Again, think outside the box a little bit, guys. Let’s say that you’re a cheapskate, maybe you go to quick cuts, or whatever, you did the $10 haircut. Again, you can do the same thing you did with the dentists. All of these little local hairdresser people almost always are going to have things in Groupon, and things in the circular ads, and the newspaper, and little coupons and specials. Again, you could do the same thing. You could go ahead and pick two or three, and go get your haircut. Obviously, you won’t do it all the same time but maybe your spouse could do one but anyway, take the opportunity to meet multiple ones.

Again, I just wanted to give you a basic idea of some of the things but again, if you brainstorm and actually put some time and effort into this, you should come up with some professionals. Some ones that you want to really be looking for, some ones that are very lucrative, high-end. The ones I already mentioned but also insurance agents are very good to work with. Mortgage brokers are really good to work with. Real estate agents are really good to work with. All of these are typically businesses that are single owner businesses or sole proprietorships, things like that. These are all people that you can market to.

Again, you could utilize your family and friends on this. Let’s say you are a renter and you live in an apartment or something, you probably know some people that bought their house so they know some real estate agents. Get them to do a warm introduction for you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Again, I hope that you guys don’t blow this off. These first two methods alone, if you do them properly, I did this personally and I’ll tell you guys, I do SEO for just about everyone that I buy services from. I am not even exaggerating. I do a SEO for everyone that I buy from. My dentist, I do SEO. I go to a gym, I do their SEO. My kids take various lessons, piano lessons, and gymnastics, and things, and I do their SEO. Man, don’t avoid this. Don’t ignore this. This is a really good way to get some clients and get things started.

Again, in summary, the best way to do this is just sit down, again, when you’ve got a place that you’ve got some quiet time, some time to think, and just brainstorm, guys. Think of all the people that you buy services from. Again, I could sit here. If I were to do my brainstorming live, I could sit here for more than an hour probably and do this when I think of everyone that I pay on a regular basis. My auto repair people, another example. Again, my insurance agent, real estate, mortgage, all these people, all of these various people. My handyman, I have a handyman, because I am not real handy, that does auto work for me. Stuff like honeydews, as we call them here in Texas. I am not a real handy guy. I can build some stuff and whatever but my handyman does a lot of stuff for me, and guess who does his SEO.

Anyway, again, like method number one, I don’t want you to think of this as like blow off clients. These clients just from this list could be the ones that get you the money that you want to make. It doesn’t take a whole lot of professionals to make a decent living. Really, just it doesn’t. Anyway, that’s it for this video, method number two. Again, You Scratch my Back and I’ll Scratch Yours. When you’re doing this, guys, of course, I am going to tell you in the intro video, you need to be prepared before you do these pitches to these people but you need to go in there expecting to get the sale. You really should. If you’re using my methods, you will rank them. There’s no question that you’re going to rank them. The only question really is if they believe you, if they’re convinced that your work for them will get them clients and get them leads. Anyway, that’s all for this video, and I will see you next time.