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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd, and I'd like to welcome you to the third video in the client prospecting section. This is client prospecting method number 3, which I have affectionately termed, "Get out there." Before we move further into the training, there's a couple of things that I want to share with you. There are lots of different ways to get clients without ever having to meet anyone face to face. There are other lead generation, paper lead, legion sites, rent a sites, all other kinds of business models where you can not ever meet someone face to face and get a sale from them. They can become your client. That's not what I'm teaching in this course. I just want to be clear with that. The client getting that I'm teaching to you, most of the time means that you've got to get up off your butt, get in your car, put on a nice looking outfit, got to someone's place of business, and do a pitch.

Again, I know that there's many of you watching this who would probably love to never meet a client. In fact, the thought of actually getting out and meeting people and trying to sell your services probably scares the crap out of you. If that's you, and you don't think you can get over it, then the client prospecting portion of the course, in my course, is probably not going to be super helpful to you. I will show you some methods, a couple that don't include that, but by and large, if you're going to have people give you money on a recurring basis for SEO work as clients, you're going to need to meet with them at least one time. I just wanted to throw that out there before we got started.

Again, the name of this method is Get Out There, which means that you're going to do a lot of things that I would call traditional marketing. I want to remind you, I've mentioned several times in public forums that my business comes from referrals, and that is true, but I've been doing this for more than ten years. The methods that I'm teaching you now are the techniques that I used to get me to where I'm at now, and the techniques that my students use to get clients now. As you'll find out through the course, the recurring theme is I'm teaching you what I actually do, what actually works, not theory and what I hope works.

Let me go over a couple of these with you again. Some of these, just like the other two videos, they're probably things that you've thought of before. You might have even done a little bit of investigation, but you probably never actually went and did them. I want to go ahead and cover them now. I highly suggest again, that you take action. Watching videos is not going to help you get clients. Getting up off your butt and taking some action is going to help you get clients. I'm going to do everything that I can to get you there. I'm going to give you all the best training and advice that I can to help you not only get the clients, but service them. At the tend of the day, you're the one that's going to have to do the work.

Method number one in this section is going to be the Chamber of Commerce. This is fairly straight forward. Again, most of you who are watching this are probably familiar with this. You're going to simply just go to Google and type in Chamber of Commerce. Then you're going to be presented with a list, typically of ones in the area. Now, one thing I want you to be aware of, again, just like the other sections is, think outside the box a little bit. In my area, there's probably, well it looks like ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ... There's probably 7 or 8 Chambers of Commerce within a reasonable distance from me. This is something that you would want to consider joining. With the Chamber of Commerce of course, a couple things.

Number one, there's going to be an investment. These are not free. To my knowledge, there aren't any Chambers of Commerce, real ones, that are free. Even tiny little city ones, you're going to have a fee. You need to look at your budget and you need to determine what's going to be best for you. You need to look here. One of the things I wanted to tell you about the Chambers of Commerce, though, is in addition to being able to get clients for yourself, you're also going to be able to have some nice authority links going back to your My City SEO page, which is one of the things that I teach to do for your clients. That's a secondary benefit. You're going to be listed in their membership directory.

For instance, I have Frisco, which you know, again, the city where I live in. Let me show you a couple things here real quick. Number one, you see here where it says, get quotes from members, cost saving options? The whole point of a Chamber of Commerce, really is so that people who are new to the area can find where to buy stuff. It only makes sense that you want people to be able to find you. For instance, I'm going to click on this, get quotes. You're going to be able to fill out what you want here, the top of services, and inevitably, let's look here and see. Sometimes what we do is typically put, maybe put it under marketing. Marketing consultants, probably, there may be an online portion to that.

Anyway, multiple reasons why you want to be in the Chambers of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, you get that nice authority link back to your site. You get listed in their business directory, so it's another outlet for people to find you. Being in the Chamber of Commerce gives you a little bit of credibility and trust, because you know, only a "real business" would invest money in joining something like this. There's lots of reasons to join this. I would highly suggest that you do it. If you could only join one, then only join one, but be active in it. I don't know a single person who's a member of a Chamber of Commerce, that's active, that doesn't get business from it. This is a very viable source of leads and business. If you're in a small area, you may be the only one.

Search engine marketing, online marketing is kind of new in a lot of ways. You may get lucky, and your local Chamber of Commerce may not even have one at all. Even if there's a couple, it doesn't really matter because you're going to be better, and you're going to be able to have better presentations and out rank them, and stuff like that. You're going to go to the site, you want to look it up. Let's look at the membership levels and benefits. As an example, as a business partner here, which is the lowest level, it's going to be $350, or $35 per month. For $35 per month, I can come to this meeting, I can come to all the events, I get myself in the directory, I get all this stuff. Really, honestly, this is kind of a no brainer.

I'll tell you some other things too. Typically what happens here is, if you've ever bought a home, you'll know that a lot of times, right when you move in, you'll get a nice packet from the local Chamber of Commerce. What will be in that packet will be a whole bunch of ads and coupons. In the Chamber of Commerce that I belong to, I belong to two actually, but both of them, what they do is they have a packet stuffing basically. Every month, you go in and you give them your fliers, or your coupon, whatever you want to add. Your magnet, whatever you got, whatever your promotional item is that you want to put in that'll fit in a bag, and that gets put out to all the new residents. Especially if you're in an affluent area, those residents could be home business owners, which is someone you can help. If they're not, everybody works somewhere.

I can't express to you enough how important it is, I think, to be a member of a Chamber of Commerce. Just on multiple, multiple levels, it's just such a good idea. I highly suggest you do it. If possible, I highly suggest that you join multiple ones. If it makes sense for you financially and area wise, and if you could only be in one, that's fine, but make sure you're active. Typically when you join, you'll get to go, at least the first time that you go, and you'll get a special time as a new member where you'll get to do a pitch of some link to all the members. Take advantage of that. Have a nice presentation ready, be ready. You can get three, four or five clients, and what you want is this. What's going to happen is, the longer you're a member of this and you do a good job, and the work kind of gets around, eventually, you're going to get to a point where you're going to be that guy at the chamber.

When someone comes in and says, "Hey, you know, I need some online marketing for my business. Anybody know anyone?" They're going to go, "Oh yeah, yeah. Steve. Steve, he's the guy. He's the Google guy," or whatever it is. That's what you want to be, guys. You want to be the Google guy, the internet guy, or whatever it is. I'll tell you what you'll find a lot of, and this is coming from my students mostly, not from me. What you'll find a lot of is, that a lot of these chambers don't have any real SEOs. A lot of them will have web designers that think that they do SEO, and marketing companies that think that they do SEO, but not real SEOs. People like you, with the knowledge that you have, you're going to be able to basically just kick their butts.

If you look in to, let's say that you look at this business directory here, let's say you pull this up. I'm going to do marketing. Let me just show you. LEt's say I was considering whether or not to join this one. I put it in, and I look. Let me see if there's any marketing. Marketing in print, sure marketing group, okay wait, here we go, online marketing. Let's see what we got. Frisco, again, is a pretty rich city. We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Okay, we've got 5. That's it. There's only 5 business in here, and a couple of these aren't real businesses, I can already tell you because I know them. Really, there's only three, no. There's only two actual businesses that are represented here. If you come in, this is a great thing. Guys, if you see zero or you see fifty, it doesn't matter. Again, you are going to stand out. You are going to be exceptional. You are going to be able to deliver, so you have that advantage.

That was method number one. I hope you guys are getting value out of this, and again, I hope you're taking notes. I hope you're not just blowing me off here. I hope you're really going to go out and take action on this. I would say go out and at least research the chambers and make a strategy to go visit and learn more about some. The second one I have on here is, some of you again, this is a US thing, although it may be all over the world, I don't know. Again, my course is targeted to the US. is an online place to arrange meet ups, basically. What you're going to do, you go on in here and you're going to do ... I'm not going to sign up for an account and all that, but when you get a free account, what you can do, I'm going to put in my zip code here, Frisco, Texas. I'm going to look for ... I'm going to type in networking.

Let me see what comes up with that. We have North Texas business networking, Frisco networking, master networking, blah, blah, blah. You see how many there are here, guys? There's a bunch of them. All of these, well a lot of these, not all of these. A lot of these are places where you are going to be able to meet people and get clients. These are all networking groups. There's 204 members in here. You see the small print? 59 members in here, 573 member in here, 302, and you see how some of it? I just did networking. I can put in here, I can put in, let me do business. By the way, guys, these are all within 5 miles of Frisco, okay? North Texas, again, the same one, Frisco Business Connections, 337. North Dallas Business Associates, there's just tons of these guys. You see these? These are tons of places that you can go.

You know what you can do too? You can go ahead and you could start a meet up group. You could just start one. Let's say you look through here, you're in a small city, you're in an outlying area, you don't have anything, then go ahead and just start your own. Call it small business marketing group, or something, for whatever your city is. Call it Frisco small business marketing group, or Frisco online business marketing group, or something like that. This is a great way to get started. I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but don't blow this off. These meet ups, there's tons and tons of them as you see. This is a great place man, this is a great, great place to go out, to do a little bit of networking, to get to know some other professionals.

One thing I didn't mention guys in the chamber that I want to go ahead and mention now, when you're in any of these groups, you know, like networking groups, you need to buy products and services from people in the group. I'm not telling you to go spend a million dollars or anything like that, but what I'm telling you is, people are aware of people who participate. They're all there for the same purpose. They're all there to sell something to you. If all you do is come and sell, sell, sell and never buy, buy, buy, you're going to have a hard time making friends and becoming that guy like we talked about. What I'll typically do when I start in one of these groups, I'll find someone to lower in stuff. As an example, I almost want to go out with my camera and show you this, but I won't. One thing that you'll find a lot of is people selling stuff like business cards.

As an example, if you went out to my garage right now, you would find probably 12 different boxes of business cards. These are all provided by different providers in different networking groups that I belong to. You can buy a box of business cards for about 30 bucks typically. For me, did I need another 200 business cards? No, I don't even use business cards. What I did was, it was a good faith effort to participate and to join. I can't stress that enough. You don't have to spend millions of dollars, but you want to be sure that you participate. People talk. Especially when you're new, you don't want to be that guy that pitches and never buys. Look around, and if there's something that's being sold there that's quality, something that you would buy anyway, even if it costs a little bit more, go ahead and get it in your group.

Don't be afraid to spend a little bit of money on yourself and on your marketing. I'm not telling you to spend a thousand dollars on business cards that should be thirty bucks. I'm telling you, if business cards should be thirty bucks, and they're charging forty bucks for it, go ahead and buy it. Go ahead and get the business cards. Spend the forty bucks. You want to be known as someone who participates. That's how you want to be seen. Meet ups, again, I hope that's all been clear to you. The last method in this section is going to be, and this may be something that some of you are familiar with. It may even be something that you've tried in the past, but you gave up on.

What this is, is it's Business Networking International, and the website is What this is, this is a professionally organized networking group that has a fee. Let me tell you how this works basically. Basically what happens is, all over the place, there are going to be these BNI groups that someone has organized. You would join the group. Typically you would get invited by someone in the group, but you could also just call the organizer. You go there, you join the group, you pay, and then think of it like an officially sponsored, paid networking group. Think of it like a meet up, but you have to pay to be there. Let me tell you why this is good. The main reason why this is good is because they only allow one business type per BNI chapter.

Let me show you here. I'm going to go here to find a chapter, and of course US, and this won't take too long. BNI USA, okay, and find a chapter. Where is the ... You know what I'll do? There should be a Dallas, Texas one. Okay, so Texas is a fairly big area, so for this one, I'm going to choose Texas here, and I'm going to hit find. Now, this is for the whole Texas region. Obviously some of these, Dallas is quite a big area. Some of these may not be close to me, some of these may be. Inevitably, some of these are going to be fairly close to me. You see how many there are? For instance, this one is really close to me. There's 27 members here. The great thing about this is, let me go to the members, let me just look. You see how it has the profession/specialty? They're only going to allow one, guys. That's what's awesome. They're only going to allow one.

If you do internet marketing/search engine marketing, whatever, you are it. There's not going to be anyone else in the group that they allow to sell that service. It's kind of like having a captive audience. As I look through here, I don't see one. It looks like this would be a great one for me to get on board with. For obvious reasons, we're going to do this for networking, all these people are potential clients of ours. Here's the thing. Here's the thing that gets people with BNI. This is really kind of the rub. BNI, it makes you attend meetings. Unlike pretty much everywhere else that I can think of, when you join a BNI chapter, you are required to be there a certain number of times. The standard time is, I believe, three time per month, is what the standard ... I'm not in BNI right now. Again, I'm referral right now, but I was in the past. I believe that it's three times per month.

They meet once a week, and I believe ... Let me look here. I don't see it here, but anyway, they're going to give you all the rules that you have to follow. The thing is, you have to go, so on one end it's a pain in the butt because you have to be there, or you can send someone in your place, of course, but on the other end, you know that everyone else is going to be there too. That's what's awesome. This is by its very definition, by its bylaws, it's an active group. This is a more intimate kind of a deal, guys. Because they're smaller, like this one had 27 in it for instance, you're going to really get to know these guys. You're definitely going to be the "internet guy" in here. I look in here, there's insurance agents, there's personal trainers, there's financial consultants, there's an architect, there's an orthodontist, financial planner, real estate, interior designer, SEPA, computer person, mortgage professionals, a chiropractor, HVAC, auto repair, these should all be your clients.

I hope you get what I'm telling you here. When you join one of these groups, really, there's 27 businesses in here. You should have 27 clients. I mean, realistically, really all of these people should be your client, or at least you should have a really, really good shot at getting them. Again, BNI, there is a fee for this. I believe it's a little over $300 a year, and I believe that that's set by the national now. Of course, you'll want to check this for yourself. You're looking at 20, 30 bucks a month guys. It's nothing, nothing, nothing. Don't forget, all these people too, these are people who can refer to you. I'm going to talk about that in a different section. It's not just that these people could be your clients, but even their clients could be your clients.

Anyway guys, that's it. That's going to be it for method number three. Again, in this video, we've talked about Chamber of Commerce, we've talked about, we've talked about I want to strongly encourage you to take action, take action, take action. Do not just sit and watch this video and be like, "Oh that was neat, but I've tried some of those things before and they won't work now." Stop it, okay? Do the work and you'll get the results, period. Hard work pays off, period. I want you to go out and do these. Matter of fact, you should do all three of these.

There's really, honestly guys, in this current environment, the climate that we're in, where we're at with online marketing, there's no excuse for you to not have a ton of clients. There just isn't, I'm sorry. If you don't have a ton of clients, then you're lazy or, I don't know. There's something wrong with you. I don't know what to say. Again, my final thing here is please act. Don't just watch the videos and then close them and roll on to the next video. Hopefully this is video three. Hopefully you already have clients from methods one and two. Hopefully you have multiple clients from methods one and two. Anyway, I want the best for you. I want you to be successful. I want you to go out there and kick butt, and take names. I want our group to be strong, so I hope that you're applying all this. That's it for this video, guys. I will see you in the next-