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Hey guys. This is SEO Floyd and I'd like to welcome you to video number 4 in the client-prospecting section of our course. Again, as I've said in the previous videos, if you have not done methods 1, 2, and 3, please stop this video and go back and do them all. This information is meant to build upon itself, so if you have not done any of the methods or all of the methods in videos 1, 2, and 3, you should not be here now. If you haven't done what's in 1, 2, and 3, I'll go ahead and pause for a minute for you to go ahead and hit pause now.

Okay, you're still here, so I'm assuming that means that you've already done 1, 2, and 3. Congratulations. You should have a client or 2 or more by now, so this is video number 4 again and I call this method the Perfect Prospect. Let me explain to why I call this method the Perfect Prospect. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome initially when you are trying to sell SEO to clients is getting the buy-in. One of the most difficult things to do is to convince a businessperson or persons, especially the one who writes the checks, that there's going to a good return on investment for investing in online marketing. This is especially true the older the person who makes the decision, so if you have someone who's in their 20s, 30s, who controls the checkbook at the business, you're much more likely to close the deal on online marketing than if the person who holds the checkbook is they're older, 50 plus. They probably actually still write checks.

The hardest things to get around typically is getting the buy-in from the person who writes the checks and the way to get around that, the ideal perfect prospect is someone who is already spending money on online marketing. We are going to use a couple of tools to do this. I'm not going to beat this method to death, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you a couple of sites and this is definitely a teach-you-how-to-fish method instead of a giving-you-a-fish method. I'm going to teach you the rationale behind it and then you should be able to apply this method probably on hundreds of sites. I'm going to give you a few that I like to use that are more conducive to finding people who are advertising. Really, you can find people who are advertising anywhere on the internet obviously pretty much.

All right, so the first site I'm going to use today is called S-P-Y-F-U dot com. SpyFu is a great site that gives you lots of cool information. One of the things that SpyFu will allow you to do. It will allow you to ... Let's see. It says enter your competitor's website to get started, so I'll go ahead and do that. Let's see. I'm going to go ahead and type in All right, so now that I'm in the back area, there's lots of information that's going to show in here, but I did that basically just so I could get on this back end, so you can do it by domains and this is a good way to see what the competition's doing, but let me show you ... I doubt you're going to be after, so let me show you more typically what I'm going to use this for.

Up in this main section here, it says, "Enter domain name, URL, or keyword." What I'm going to do is I'm going to type in, so again, I live in a suburb of Dallas called Frisco and so I'm going to type in Frisco ... Let's do dentist. I'm going to type in "Frisco dentist" and I'm going to hit search and what it's going to do is it's going to out and it's going to look for people who are advertising on that term. Let's go over here. Let's see. I'm going to go over here to Most Successful Advertisers. That's going to show. Hold on one second. I'm sorry. I'm going to go to Ad History. I apologize. SpyFu changed their dashboard recently and so it's a little bit harder for me to get around, so I apologize.

All right, so now that I'm here, what is going to show is it's going to show the people who are already bidding on this, so these are people who are already spending money. For instance, you see the monthly budget here. Let's see. That's not a local one I don't think. I think that's a national that's advertising locally, but Friscodossettdental is spending $3,946 a month on SEO ads on pay per click. That's where this money is going. is spending $1,891 a month and so these are people ..., 7,562. Now obviously you're going to want to have an account with this. You can also order gigs on Fiverr to get ads like this, but I'm not logged in right now. I don't know how to obscure my screen, I'm not going to log into because I think I'd have to show you password and stuff.

Anyway, so this is some examples. Let me do this. Let me do "Dallas attorney" because that's going to give us a little bit more data, so when I put in "Dallas attorneys," so again, so is spending almost $14,000 a month in AdWords. Londonlawdfw, 8,000; Cedarhillattorney, 7,000, and then as you go through here, as you see the limits, you see some of things are spending hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. These are going to be nationals obviously that are advertising in Dallas, but the point of it is this. The point of it is that you've got Crain Lewis here and Crain Lewis is spending $13,000 a month, $14,000 a month in AdWords, so you get past the first hurdle. The first hurdle is getting him to buy in on investing in online marketing, so obviously someone at Crain Lewis here is already spending money, writing a check every month out for online marketing through AdWords, so this is a good place to start.

SpyFu is one and so what you can do, you can go in, matter of fact, I think you can get a 30-day if you don't want to do the Fiverr deal or pay for monthly. I think you can get a 30-day deal, like trial for free. If you're doing that, then just do it. Running every query in your city and see what comes up. Make yourself a little hit list, so again, this is SpyFu.

Another one that I like to use is called iSpionage and I'll just type that in here. Garbage in, [garbon out, gout 00:07:57]. I-S-P. I still can't type. It's a P. Houston, let's do it. All right, so, so again, this is a competitor of SpyFu, so we're going to do the same kind of a thing, so here's let's do Dallas ... This will be fun. I do a lot of work in this niche, so I typed in "Dallas plastic surgery," and so I'm sure some of my clients ... Yep, there they are and don't ... I argue a lot with per-per-click guys because the ROI on an SEO, organic SEO, is just so much higher, but when you get to a certain point where you've maxed out organic, then you definitely want to start doing pay per click [inaudible 00:08:49] if it makes sense.

Anyway, all right so, in here we show Google and here you see different people and their monthly budgets on this, so for instance, here's one: American Lipo Centers, 5 grand. Let's see. Lam Facial Plastics, 10 grand. Anyway, so there's a bunch of things in here that you can look at, so the same kind of a deal. You want to look, so this guy here, Lam. I think that's Dr. Lam. He's spending between $8,000 and $10,000 a month, so again, someone at is okay with spending money on online marketing, so this would be a good place to look for clients. All you're going to want to do is just come through here again, kind of the same way. You could do whatever you want.

Let's do Dallas. Let's do real estate, or maybe I should have done "homes for sale," but anyway, let's look at this and see what comes up here. Hopefully it's not going to time out on us. Okay, good. All right, so again you've got some big players. obviously is not a local Dallas business, right? Not that you have to stick to local, but again, that's what this is for, so let's see. Meritagehomes, I think they're local. That's 88K. That's huge. Dallasfortworthhouses; that's 2 grand. Okay, so not a whole lot of MLS, so not a whole lot here. Oh yeah, now we're going to have to pay, so anyway, I think you get the point of this.

You're going to go to Spyfu and iSpionage because it's going to give you the ability to look at a bunch of them really quickly. All right, so let's go to the next word, so AdWords. An obvious thing here for AdWords is going to be ... Let's just go back to our good buddy Google and let's type in ... Here, let me try that again. Let me do "new homes for sale in Plano Texas." All right, so again, everyone in here is an SEO, whether you're new or whether you're experienced, but just in case, the ads all ... These are ads and all of these are ads, so everything on the top bar and the right-hand bar. These are all pay-per-click ads. This is Google AdWords product, so that means that all of the nice folks here have paid money to be in this ad and so you can look these up individually to see what they're spending.

Again, this is kind of the reverse of using iSpionage or SpyFu. You can go here and you know that these guys ... Typically the guys on the top are spending more. Now people who do a lot of pay per click, well, they really don't know what they're talking about, are going to tell you there's a quality score and the top ads aren't necessarily the ones that are spending the most, but most of the time they are. Most of the time, the people at the top are the ones who are spending a lot of money, so you can take a few of these and just throw them into SpyFu or iSpionage. Again, these people are all paying for ads, so again, these people all are companies who are already paying for online marketing.

Let's see. The next thing up is Bing, so we're going to go and go over to We've got Bing and again, there's lots of things that we could look for here, but let's stick what we've been doing. You know, help me do this. Let me do "New homes" ... New home. Let's see, new home builders in Texas. That sounds good. Let's find some some new home builders in Texas. Much like the results in Google, you're going to have ads at the top and some ads on the side. You see the ads related to, so again, all these people up here, these are people who are paying for advertising. People who are paying for advertising, so getting the buy-in on them is not going to be anywhere near as hard, especially when you show them the ROI, which I'm going to cover that in another part of the course. I'm going to talk about how to price out these jobs, but as this is just the client-getting portion, or client-prospecting portion, that's why I'm showing you these.

Again, all of these places here are potential companies that you can target. All right, so I think the last one is Yahoo. Sorry, I lost my thing. Yeah, Yahoo. All right, so let's do Yahoo, so a couple of things on Yahoo. We've got basic Yahoo here and so we are going to go into the ... I guess it's Yellow Pages, so here. Let's Okay, sorry,, so it automatically found my address here. Let's go ahead and close that sucker out. I want to find ... Let's stick with what we've been doing. Let's do "home builders." No, yeah, home builders. Let's do "home builders." The town that I'm actually geographically in is tiny. It's tiny, guys, but anyway that's fine.

This brought up some results here and so again, you were looking here, you see the sponsored links. All these people are paying money. Featured. All of these people are paying money and when you look at some of these, you're going to see enhanced listings and these enhanced listings are people who are also paying money. You're going to want to go through there also, so again, you've got your basic ads, so again, these people are paying money. These people are paying money, so again, you can make yourself a little hit list with this stuff. There are lots of sites like this that you can do this on, so the key again ... Sorry to beat you up with it, but the key again is to this method is that you're finding people who are already spending money on online marketing and that's something that you want to do.

That's going to wrap it up for this section of the training, or for this video, and so I hope you are able to go out and get some good leads from this. Find some people who are already paying for some traffic and I hope you are able to convert them over to your traffic. All right, this is SEO Floyd and I'll see you in the next video.