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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. I'd like to welcome you to the next video in the prospecting section. For those of you who've been doing this for a while this is going to be an oldie but a goodie. I don't want to leave any stone unturned in this venture that we're having together. This one is going to be more for the entry level guys, most likely. You guys that have been doing this for a while probably have already done this method. Again, I'd like to welcome you back to the next training in the prospecting section. As you see, my handy dandy slide here, the best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results. Boy, is that the truth.

As you may have very well guessed, that is the method that we are going to do today. We are going to pick some niches, ones that we know are profitable. We are going to Google some various terms to find them, and we are going to see whose on page two. Of course the people who are on page two are getting pretty much no love from Google. These are people who if they're toward the top they're probably, if it's a city of any size, they probably have done some SEO. They probably have paid for some optimization to be done. They very well may have been on page one at some point, especially if you're looking at positions eleven through thirteen. Those, typically will flip flop with positions eight through ten on page one if it's a ten result SERP.

Don't think that just because someone's on the second page that they've never seen the first page or they don't have any idea what the value is worth. That is going to be one of the reasons why we really, really want to look at this method. A lot of the people who are on page two, there's a couple of things that we know. Number one, we know that they're not getting any search results from Google, they're not getting any traffic. If they're on page two it's extremely rare for someone to go to page two, especially when they're looking to buy a product or service. The only way they're getting to page two typically is if page one just completely sucks. If they're on page two you can pretty much bet they're not getting any traffic. These are people, if they're on page two they're doing something right, typically, they at least have part of the equation down. Either they ranked in the past and maybe they got penalized, maybe they had a pad SEO, or maybe they just have done a lot of things right and it's got them on that second page, but they're just not doing enough to make that bump to page one.

This is an old method, I certainly didn't create this, but I don't want you to ignore it either. Especially if you only have a handful of clients or if you have a lot of low end clients. This can be the way that you make that jump to getting your first high end clients. For this I'm going to go ahead and again I'm just going to give you some examples of some things that you could look for. Like normal, I would suggest that you sit down and do some brainstorming for this. Pick out your top ten most profitable niches and go for some of the top terms for that. Let me give you a few as seeds.

I think everyone here knows that, for example, attorneys are very high dollar clients. I've mentioned in training before, I personally don't work with clients, but that's a personal thing for me, it has nothing to do with whether or not you should do it. Lots of people do lawyer SEO exclusively and some of them are multimillion dollar companies and they do very well. Just because I choose to do something, don't let it stop you. I'm going to start there. As an example, I'm going to type in ... DWI, driving while intoxicated is a big thing. I'm going to type in "DWI lawyer in Dallas." I'm going to localize this. A DWI is typically going to cost anywhere from $10-$15K for a lawyer in the Texas area once you're done with everything. It's a fairly high mark up. Again, I'm going to type in, "DWI lawyer Dallas." Before I rush to page two, I'm going to look around and I'm going to look at some of the ads.

I'm going to note some of these and I'm going to see which ones of these might be local, because a lot of them are not. For instance, you see here, I think he may actually be local here. Jim Ross, I think he's actually local. You want to look, do a once over and note maybe some of these that may actually be local attorneys. We're going to look through here. As we're scrolling through page one I want you to look at a few things. One thing I've noticed about this particular SERP is it looks like exact match domains are working very well here. I tell you the top ranked one is and we've got It looks like exact matches are working. A lot of times that can be a very good indication of something that's not as competitive. Not always, but a lot of times. Three of the sites on page one are exact match domains or partial match domains. Again, that's a good sign for us.

Now that we've taken note of page one and some of the ads, then we're going to go ahead and pop here to the magic page two. Here's our no mans land. The first thing that stands out here to me, which probably stands out to you too, and guys, I'm doing this live so I didn't pre-research this or anything. I have no idea what I'm going to find until I pull it up here with you. The first thing that stands out to me is that twelve and thirteen are videos. Look at this, rent this video. This is a guy that's trying to do video rental. Again, these are a good sign that this may be a niche that you'd be able to proliferate. Don't everybody go try to get Dallas, there's nothing wrong with Dallas but your city is probably good too, or any big city. Again, I'm going to look through. As I noticed here again, look, That's probably a national ... dwitexas. Look, we have one here that has two. Again, that's a very good sign when you see one company having two listings on a page it typically means that page isn't very challenging.

Again, dwitexas,, lots of exact matches. You've got a thumbtack which is a local directory. What you're going to look for on page two here, again, is you're not going to want to look for lead gen sites, you're not going to look for people who are already on page one, or you're not going to look for nationals, obviously. Let's look here. Let's see what have we got. We've got, here's one. We've got, here's two. And we've got Law office of Mark T. Lassiter right here. These are three good potential things to target. These are three good potential attorneys. For this method, again, what I'll do, the first thing I'll do is I'll look through here and see are any of these advertising?

I see Randall Isenberg, is that one of the ones we found on here? Yep, there he is. Randall Isenberg right here, he is also, he is the number two advertiser on Google AdWords. This pay-per-click, I'm not going to check it, but I'll bet you it's about $15-$20. It's probably a pretty expensive pay-per-click. This guy here is buying AdWords because he's not on page one. Per my earlier training if you remember, if you've gone through the course in order like I've asked you to, people who are already paying for advertising are some of your best prospects because you don't have to explain to them the value of online marketing, they're already paying for it. Randall Isenberg would be a terrific target here. Also I see Tim Powers. If I remember correctly, Tim was one of ours also. Tim, I think was on page one. That's where I saw him, he was on page one.

If I had to pick just this SERP to go after I would note Randal and Mimi and Mark here, I would note these. Randall is the one I would really be looking for, that's the one that I would really want to target on this based on the AdWords. We're calling this the page two method. Don't ignore page three. You get on page three and look, here's a couple of duplicates for those people on page two that we saw here. We've got Crain Lewis and jbabblaw. We've got several. Don't limit yourself just to page two, but again, using just this example here I would tell you that your best shot is going to be Mr. Isenberg, Randall Isenberg right here. This is what you're going to want to do to do this method. You're going to make a hit list of your top ten niches, maybe, that you want to look for.

Then you can go into whatever your favorite keyword tool is and look for some of the more high value ones. I put DWI Lawyer Dallas here. As an example, one tool that we can use is going to be SEMrush. Again, if you've watched my other training or the webinar, you know about the product that I highly suggest you use for this. For this example I'm going to go directly to SEMrush. We did DWI Lawyer Dallas. I'm going to just put that into SEMrush. I'm doing this because this is free. I suggest that you all get the SERP product that I mentioned on the last webinar. It's in the resources section on the Facebook group. As I told you guys in the beginning, a lot of this stuff I'm going to try to do for people on a zero budget. I'm going to use a free SEMrush account to show this data. As an example, DWI Lawyer Dallas.

First of all, you see here this is a $47.29 cost per click. Right away there's a lot of value there. As I look down I see some related keywords that are over $100 a click. This is something to keep in mind when you're looking at these. I'm going to click on, you see the phrase match report, if you have a full account you're going to see a ton more data, you're probably going to see I'll bet over a hundred of these kind of keywords. If you don't you can also go into the Google Keyword Planner and grab some of these. Alternately, if you don't you can also buy a fiverr gig to do an SEMrush account or you can even ask one of your buddies in the group and they'd probably run a report for you.

Using the free account we've got seven terms here ... I'm sorry, six terms here, that all have low volume ... Four, sorry, we have four that have some volume to them, but pretty good cost per click. DWI Lawyer Dallas, the volume's only 390 but it's a $110 cost per click. That would be very valuable if you were to get your client ranked for this term here. It's probably not super, super competitive, but the cost per click is really, really good. Like this one, Dallas DWI Lawyers, there's only 140 searches per month, but the guys that are bidding on this are will to pay $100 a click for it. There's a lot of value there. Again, along with our pricing video that I did earlier in the course, just for argument sake let's say you ranked your client number one for Dallas DWI Lawyers. They would get approximately half of this 140. 70 hits a month worth $100 a hit. 70x$100, the math's pretty easy to see the value there. Again, this is just one term.

This is what you're going to want to do. You've got a couple of different ways you can go about this. You could go ahead and pick one niche and try to grab a bunch of them for that all at once, do all the lawyer terms in your area, all the lawyer/attorney terms, then move onto the next one, or you could pick some of the bigger ones maybe and some of the niches that you know you want to choose. Again, I know I've mentioned this before but you want to look for doctors, lawyers, attorneys, people who are in the mortgage industry, people who are in the banking industry, people in development, real estate development, commercial services, things like that, people that have big budgets, that's the kind of stuff you're going to look for.

Again, I want to reiterate that this method is something that I did not create, it's something that's been around for a long time, but again, I know I've said this before but I want to reiterate it again. Just because something is known doesn't mean that it's being used. It doesn't mean that people are actually out there using this technique. The very fact that these people are on page two gives you a good idea that probably the SEO's in your area probably aren't pitching them or there could be some other reasons. Remember, when you're looking at competition you have to look at, number one, you know you can rank, and number two, you know you have some good techniques, some good people to help you with your proposal and your pitch and stuff like that.

You've got some huge advantages here, guys. Even though, again, this may have been something you've heard of before, something you've seen before, if your first instinct is to go, "Yeah, blah blah, I know this one." Don't overlook it. This can be one of those deals, if you get a single attorney, or a single plastic surgeon, something like that, those can be the kind of client that all by themselves can be the kind of money that a lot of you are wanting to make. A low value attorney is going to be worth about $3-$10 grand a month. Low value plastic surgeon is going to be worth $3-$10 grand a month. That's what a lot of you are searching for right now is that first steady income. A lot of people say, $100 a day. That's a common thing people want to try to get to. Simple math tells me that's $3K a month.

If you land a single attorney, a single doctor, a single mortgage broker, a single good accountant, all these people, you're going to have that $3,000 a month all in one swoop. Also, I might mention that the people on these lists that we're looking at, these niches, also are great people for referrals. Don't forget that as well. Again, I hope that you guys are actually taking action on these things that I'm teaching you. Someone can tell you something fifty times and if you don't act on it it's completely useless to you. You know the old saying, whose better off, the person who cannot read or the person who chooses not to read? The answer is neither, they're basically the same. Don't be that person. Go out and act, act, act, act, act. Take action and win and please let us know about it in the Facebook group. We love to hear about people winning. Again, that's going to be it for this video. I look forward to seeing you guys in the next training.