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Hey guys! This is SEO Floyd and in this video, we are going to be covering the overall strategy for the course. If you are at this video and you have not watched all the other videos then you should hit pause and then stop and go back and watch all the other videos. This video is meant to be watched after you have watched all of the other training, all of the other training completely. Otherwise, if you try to apply this information, it won't work or you'll do it incorrectly. I'm going to assume that you have watched all of the other training and so it's not going to be a surprise to many of you who've been applying the course already that the strategy section is really not going to take that long because what I promised to teach you is what I actually do to rank my clients. As I told you in the introduction video, 90% of the clients that I rank will rank with just following the basic instructions that I outlined in this course.

If you go through all of the training and apply everything that I've taught you then your clients, 90% of the time will end up on page 1. For those clients who do not end up on page 1, that is what this video is for. Let me show you, I have a basic graphic on the screen obviously and I'm not great with my mapping software so I've just went ahead and laid mine out and let me now explain to you what you're looking at. What we're looking at here in the middle you'll see the red circle with the dollar sign, that's going to be our money site. The orange circles and other shapes around it represent our tier-1 properties. Tier-1 properties are going to be anything that links directly to our money site. Tier-1 means that if you see them on this diagram then I'm telling you it's okay to link it directly to your money site. These links for the most part, let me look here, pretty much all of them are in the initial training.

If you have followed my training up to this point, you should already have a tier-1 that looks really close to what we're looking at here. Let me point out a few things. First of all, I want to point out that all the properties that are in tier-1 are going to be very high quality. They're going to be on sites that have huge domain authority. They're also 99% of the time going to be on sites that you control completely and that's very important. I'm not teaching you any kind of black hat strategies to rank from tier-1 so I will tell you that generally, I don't build links that I don't control. There are few exceptions to that rule. Again, let's go to the tier-1. You should be able to read the screen, in the beginning sections you should have setup your tier-1 social accounts so you're going to see Facebook and Twitter and Google+. These should have been setup, your YouTube channel. Again, you're going to setup Google My Business which is here, Bing Business which is here, Apple Maps which is here.

You're going to setup your initial, what I call the Web2.0, I put the number 40 here because these are the URLs, the Web2.0s that you setup in the KnowEm video so when we went to KnowEm and we registered, we used the fiver gig when we registered. All those and we put those bare links to them, that's what this is referring to here. In the authority section, you would have gone out and you would have gotten things like Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau over here, Industry Links right here. Of course in the citations section, we talked quite a bit about citations. Again, all of these things are covered in the initial training. All of these things are safe to point at your money site. A few things that I did not put in the initial training yet, there are going to be a job board sites that represents here. Places where you can put an ad for a job board for you business. Again, this is a trust factor because it's something that real businesses do.

You will want to find ones that have really good domain authority, not job boards that have been spam to death but job boards that are good, high domain authority and post some job offers on here. Again, this is something that real businesses do so you're going to want to do that. In the initial training I didn't put Craigslist so Craigslist here represents really any of the sites kind of like Craigslist. This could be Craigslist, this could be Backpage, this could be one of dozens. What we're shooting for here is high domain authority sites and on sites like Craigslist, you're going to post things like ads for your actual business to try to get new clients or you can post job wanted, you can be creative with this. The point is that again this is something that real businesses do and this is going to give you some decent back links.

The last thing that's on the tier-1 ... Image links, I am going to be adding that to the rich media citations portion so by the time you watch this video they should already be added but this is going to be things like Flickr and other places where you can get image links. This is obviously a good tier-1 for you. The last couple are going to be infographics, these are going to be high quality infographics. We are going to be submitting them to high quality infographics sites. That's going to be good back links. As long as these are high quality and you're going to do these like you're going to do the press releases. It's okay to do an infographic and have some links in there but what I want you to do is I want you to follow the same rules that we did in the press release section. Basically, your infographic is going to have NoFollow links that are branded or naked URLs. I don't want you making infographics that have money anchor text in it or that have DoFollow links.

If it's extremely high authority site and the infographic is really good and it's really getting shared then a single DoFollow link is going to be fine. A single DoFollow link is going to be fine but beyond that we want to stay away from that. That brings us to the last thing which is going to be profiles. This is something that we did not cover although it's kind of covered in the authority link section. What I'm talking about here is, I'm talking about finding places that your author account or your persona account can get profile talk links. I'm not talking about throwing a name into a tool like Xrumer and blowing up a thousand or billion forums. I'm talking about if you're a doctor then you should have a profile link on various doctor sites, various forums that talk about doctors and medical conditions and things like that. That's what I'm talking about there. Ones that make sents and on high domain authority sites are ones you're going to want to have and those are okay to point directly to your money site.

Those are going to be, the anchor text on those are going to be the name of the person that owns the website or runs the website. This is going to be the same author account. In my example, several of mine I used Robert Boner. Let's say it's Dr. John Smith then you're going to go out and you're going to find some very high quality, high domain authority sites that are absolutely related and you can get a nice, clean profile link for Dr. John Smith in there. The anchor text is always going to be their name, it can be follow or NoFollow, it doesn't matter because anchor text is their name and its typically going to point to either the homepage or to the AboutUs/contact page. It's going to be to the pages that specifically talk about John Smith.

Honestly, that's it for tier-1. I know that probably some of you specially if you're coming from other courses, you're probably scratching your head thinking that can't be it but yep, that's going to be it. There's all kinds of sneaky strategies to do different things and try to cheat Google but honestly, if you'll do just these things, you're going to rank 90% of your clients with the basics and then the stuff I'm about to show you should bump you the rest of the way. The last thing that I haven't covered yet in here and I want to be really clear about this is this right here which is Web2.0 HQ and that means high quality. I want to be really, really specific about this, I am not talking about building Web2.0s with the tool like BuildMyRank or RankRiser or FCS Networker, I'm talking about hand built, high quality web2.0s.

I'm talking about sites with very high domain authority like WordPress, like Blogger, those types of pages. These are fine to use as tier-1 properties as long as they are high quality and high quality means that they have a unique, original, well-written article or [2 or 30 00:10:12], they have some rich media in there, there's some videos, there's some images. Basically like if you were to go to this page, you would like it like there's some type of value to this page. A good way to set this up as tier-1s is they can either be topical like general. Let's say that our money site is a plastic surgeon then some good typical, high quality Web2.0s could be, you could have a very high quality Web2.0 Tumblr blog about nose jobs. All it talks about is nose jobs. That Tumblr blog that's very high quality that talks about nose jobs, rhinoplasty would point to the homepage of the website, your money site and it would point to the rhinoplasty page or the nose job page. That is an example of how to do that.

I want to be crystal clear here, I do not mean automated tool Web2.0s on tier-1. I don't do it. I don't teach it. It's dangerous. You'll see that I have some links built out here to the side, some blues. These blues are going to be some of my tier-2 links. Let me explain this real quickly to you. Outside on my tier-2 are typically going to be my PBN links. I know that a lot of people teach PBN as tier-1 and let me be clear, if you have a very high quality PBN, I'm talking about one that would pass a manual review that has really good stats and is getting real traffic going to it, has social signals, it's basically a real site then you can absolutely move this baby into tier-1. Super high quality basically a bulletproofed PBN, one that meets all the requirements of my PBN setup, you absolutely can use it as tier-1.

Many of you already have PBNs that have been setup really crappily, I hate to you whatever language but they haven't been setup very well and/or you don't want to take the time and energy to turn them into good sites or maybe they don't have the best of metrics. Maybe you bought some domains when you were starting off and you didn't really know what you're doing. That's what I'm talking about tier-2s. These tier-2s here, these can be used anywhere on this tier-2. They can be used anywhere on this to bump up any of these tier-1s. Throw them in wherever you would like. Web2.0 RW and that stands for RankWiz but it could also be at FCS Networker, these are going to be auto-generated Web2.0s. This is going to be your bulk RankWiz and FCS and that kind of stuff. These are also fairly safe to use as tier-2 but again I'm going to have 1 requirement and that is that you have unique content on them. That's going to kill it for a lot of the ones you already have probably.

This is not auto-generated or crappy spun content. It's going to be unique content. If you're using RankWiz, you can upload articles to it. You can get some good articles written fairly cheaply on like iWriter. Let's say for this, you can use a super good spin on this but only a very few times. Let's say that you start off with a very high quality article of like a thousand words, you can do a very good spin like Spin Rewriter client's highest setting and pull maybe 5 articles on that spin. You want to visually inspect it and visually edit it to make sure that all of it looks right and sounds right. This want to be very similar to the Web2.0s we're doing in tier-1 we want to have nice images and things like that. This is just a power up kind of a deal.

Out to the end here, you see a blog comment. Now I should've mentioned this a minute ago so I apologize. I should have mentioned this when I was talking about profiling. When we're doing the profile links here, let's say that we have a profile link on DoctorsInTheUSA.com and it's for a Dr. Smith and this hits right here then a really good way to power up this profile links is to get some high quality blog comments. Here's the thing, these high quality blog comments here can actually be money anchors going to this doctor or they can be generic thing, do whatever you want but it actually can safely use money anchors here going to this if you choose to. You can buy services that sell high quality blog comments or you can use something like Dropmylink.com which will allow you to find some good places for that. Specifically, the only place I'm really wanting you to use blog comments is going to be right here on this section. Sorry, I kind of digressed off my chart here. Let me get back to you the next thing.

On here you see GSA money and you see GSA Generic/Brand. If you're not familiar with what that is, it's a Google search engine ranker, GSA is a piece of software that we use, a lot of us use. It's a very good tool to use but it's normally used improperly. We do have a section in the training that goes over how to use this. I'll tell you that I do use this very little but it is very helpful for specific things. There's 2 ways that you can use this, that you can use GSA links. One way is, first of all I don't ever use GSA to the money site directly ever, I never use it directly. You can if you're really good with it but that's not what I'm teaching in this course. If you're an advance GSA user then you can just ignore what I'm saying now, you probably know how to do this but the most people listening to this are not going to be at that level.

You're going to use GSA to power up your tier-1s and your tier-2s, most of the time you're going to go to you're tier-2s. The reason why is because if you go GSA, if you put GSA on tier-3 meaning that it goes through a tier-2 like these Web2.0s or your PBN or blog comments then that means it's 1, 2, 3 basically hops away from your money site which is what you want. You don't want anything really spam-y within 2 links, even within 3 is going to be a little risky but again this is advanced strategy here. If you do this GSA incorrectly to one of these properties then you're going to have to turn if off. If we're doing GSA, we're going to want to do it to sites that if we need to turn off, it's not going to be that big of a deal.

Meaning that, we could do it to our Web2.0s. We can do it to our high quality Web2.0s. We can do it to specific Craigslist ads obviously. We can do it to profile links. We can do it to infographics. We can do it to specific videos. We can do it to all these places that we control and we can turn off and on at will. If you want to use it directly to the other sites, you can but I want you to understand that you run a risk. If you send GSA directly to your Google My Business page, you could kill that page. You could kill your Facebook page. You could kill your Twitter page. It's not likely but it's possible so again I want you to be aware, I'm telling you most of the time you're going to run it through like a Web2.0.

Here's the rule that you want to follow with this. The GSA money, this is GSA if you're using money links. Let's say that you're using GSA directly to your Facebook page which has an anchor text link that's DoFollow going directly to your money page. For this argument's sake, this Facebook link is a DoFollow to your money page, if this is a DoFollow link to the money page then I'm only going to send a GSA non-money links and/or NoFollow links to this page because this is a DoFollow link. Let's say we have an image here and this image has a NoFollow link that's going directly to the money site that's non-anchor text, a non-anchor text NoFollow link then we're very comfortable using GSA with money anchor text to it. This could be best doctor in Dallas or wherever going directly to this.

Basically, the rule of thumb is this, if the link that GSA is pointing to is follow and it is money then you're going to not want to GSA that link. If you have a page, if you have a tier-1 property and it has a DoFollow link going directly to your money site, you're going to not want to use GSA on it. Let's say that you have a NoFollow link on a high authority site, your Google My Business that just has a naked URL, if this is a naked URL and it's a NoFollow ... I'm sorry, let's use YouTube, YouTube is all NoFollow links so we have a NoFollow branded or generic anchor text link going directly to money site, you can absolutely kill this with GSA. You can hit this with money anchors, with Follow or NoFollow, generic brand or whatever you want to do.

Think of it like this, the NoFollow actually acts as a buffer for you so whenever one of this is NoFollow then it means that you're going to be able to use GSA on it but if it's a NoFollow anchor, you're going to want to consider that. If it's an anchor text, even if it's NoFollow, you're going to want to consider that. You can use GSA again as a tier-2 if you want so it would be like GSA directly to Facebook and Facebook directly to money but I suggest that you make it a tier-3 that it goes to another buffer.

Another way to do this that works really well, let's say that we take a Web2.0 that's high quality. Let's say we have Wix or a Webs or Weebly or whatever, we have one of these sites that allows us to build out our own site on theirs, on a sub-domain. What you can do is this, let's say you have a Wix page and you have the homepage in your Wix page and then you build out services page on that, it's an inner page not the homepage on your Web2.0, your Wix. What you can do is you can put an anchor text link on the inner page then put a follow link on the homepage of the Wix then blast the homepage of the Wix with GSA.

What that's going to do is, the GSA is going to go to the homepage which the homepage then is going to feed link juice into the inner page and the inner page is then going to go to one of your inner pages on your site. That's kind of filtering it through. The domain authority of the site like Wix on the homepage is going to, some of that juice is going to help filter it through to the inner page which then that inner page is going to go to the money site. I didn't plan on this being an exhaustive discussion on GSA and we may go into it more later but that's it for the strategy section. Not to beat the dead horse but if you only do the orange links here, if that's all that you've done, you are going to rank the vast majority of your clients.

I'm just telling you, I've done this for 10 years, I've been doing this for 10 years and it works. In one of the next videos, I'm going to go over the steps of how I do everything in what order and there's going to be a point where you're going to do a certain amount of things and then you're going to wait. After a period of time, then you're going to evaluate your rankings then if you're not where you need to be, that's where you're going to want to start looking at some of this tier-2 and tier-3 options. That's it for this strategy video and I will see you in the next training.