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Bulletproof SEOer's, I hope you're excited to be here because I have a video that can literally change your business forever. It's going to change your conversion rate, your confidence as you go into talking to clients. Let's just get started.

The idea behind this video is it started with a thread that someone posted on Facebook less than a week ago. Today is the 27th of March. The guys says, "Hey, guess what? I almost got a brand new client. I'm super excited. I know I can land it. He'll be my first client, but guess what's he's asking for. He wants reviews. He wants testimonials, and I don't have any. How do I handle this?" There was a lot of debate, but if you guys paid attention to that thread, there was one comment in particular that really stuck out and that was Kotton Grammar. If you guys know the legend of who he is in the industry, you would have focused on what he said, and this is what that video is about is what he said, what's he's actually implemented in his own website and his own business. It's a proven success method, and I urge you to follow what I'm going to be teaching today and utilize it in any of your businesses, whether it's SEO web design, fingernail painting, or whatever you do. It will work across the board.

The idea. Let's get started with ... If you've seen throughout the months that we've been on this bulletproof SEO, Steven Floyd has actually been kind of teasing us with the idea of how important this is. Right here, if you see on my page, January 27th, Stephen said "Linked it guys, let's start sharing reviews, endorse each other. Everyone basically came in here, posted their reviews ... Not their reviews, they shared their profile. The idea here is you get with the people that you know that you've talked with that have helped you or that you've helped and you recommend them on LinkedIn with a solid very professional review, and you also endorse their skills.

What do you do about the ones you don't know? Maybe, you want to review from another guy that you know is pretty knowledgeable. Take some time, give him a call, ask him some questions, get to know him, and then once you know him, there's nothing wrong with leaving him a review on LinkedIn because you know who he is, you know what kind of work he does. Make that a focus. If you want to build a lot of reviews on LinkedIn, get out there, talk to people, make yourself known in the Facebook group, engage in conversations, and let's talk and get to know people. Then, when you're done, go find then on LinkedIn and leave them a review, connect with them and establish that relationship.

Just right here, let's show you an example. I'm going to go to my LinkedIn profile, which is right here. I'm actually going to show you what it looks like from the public's display. I don't know if it will let me. It looks a little different, but here's my profile, ugly old man with a beard. If I come down here you're going to see that there's 9 recommendations for The Boss. There's also another 9 recommendations for another company that I own. These are recommendations that you guys have provided me, because I've worked with you, I've helped you out, and man, I love it. I'm so grateful for your guys' help.

With that in mind, let me show you what I do with those. There's this cool little tool over here called Snagit. Snagit is a screen capturing solution. There's a lot on the market. You don't have to use Snagit. Figure out the one that you want to use and just stick with it. The reason why I like Snagit, #1, I've been using it for years, and #2, it' has this feature that does a scrolling window, so I don't have to scroll or put pictures together in order to make it like a long window. If I click on this red button over here, it's going to go into screen capture mode and see this icon down at the bottom, capture vertical scrolling area. I'm going to click on that and scroll to the top. Good job, you're a dummy. I'm going to do this over. Now, it's scrolling down. Nevermind, that was pretty cool.

Now, it's been scrolled down and captured the whole page. We're waiting for it to process, and here we go. It's a little bit of a mess. Wow, it's not even usable. There's some back here. What happens, on websites that have a scrolling bar like this one right here, as it scrolls it's going to cover the scrolling area. What we have to do, I use Photoshop. You can GIMP, you can use any online editor for this, and watch what I do. I'm going to close this out. I'm going to come back up here to my reviews and make sure I can see more of them. Start at the top with Lincoln, my man, and I'm going to take a screenshot. I'm not going to get all of John's because I can't see the bottom of it. I'm just going to copy the first 2, and I'm going to say I want it to be ... I can do 2 things here. I can capture the image or I can capture a video. In this care, I only want the image, and there it is. Now, I'm going to rotate back and see how many I can get into this. I've got a smaller screen to do this video. It looks like for the smaller screen, I'm kind of ... Actually, what if I get rid of the Moz bar? There we go, I can actually get 3 with that, 1, 2, and 3. Grab it.

Let's go and grab the rest. We got Bruce and Heidi, Steven. All right guys, let's get you right ... Can't get them all ... Maybe, I can if I make my window a little bit bigger. Here we go, 1, 2, and 3. Now, we're down to Steven's. Let's see if there's another one. Now, there's Chris from Germany. Let's skip his. That is that. What I'm going to do is go over to Photoshop. Let's close this. There's that. Everyone saw that when I posted that. Let's get a new one. I'm going to grab my images from Snagit, copy them, put them into Photoshop. Let me see if I can resize this to fit. I just want to make sure you guys can see everything in Photoshop didn't exactly fit everything. I think we're pretty close. You can see pretty much everything I need.

What I'm going to do is not break these up into multiple or individual images. I'm going to Lincoln's, I'm going to copy that area, open a new document, and paste it in. One of the things I did, you don't have to do this, is I cropped the image just to make it a little bit bigger so I can throw on a shadow. I grab the bottom of the corner, crop it so it's slightly bigger. Do you see how I'm doing that? Turn off the crop. What I'm going to do is on my layer with the image is I'm going to apply a drop shadow. You see that, it's a little drop shadow. Like I said, this is not something you have to do. It was just something I did because I know how to do it in Photoshop, but definitely, if you don't know how to do it don't waste your time doing it. I don't think it makes a difference in a sell versus a not a sell. I'm going to click okay

Then, from here, if you know Photoshop, you can do file, save for web. Don't do save as but do save for web. It optimizes it and throws out all the extra pixels and extra information that the web doesn't need. Keep it at high, I think I'm okay with. Not a PNG but a JPEG, and I'm going to hit save. Then, I'm going to go ... This one is for Lincoln testimonial, and I'm going to save it. The process is I'm going to do that for all the images. Just to make sure you understand how I did it, I'm going to do it one more time and then the rest you're just going to assume that I did it. I'm going to go back over to here, and Mr. Matthew, I'm going to grab yours. Thank you so much for leaving this for me. With the Mark It}}}}}}}}}}}}, ... What is this tool called? ... the marquee tool, [inaudible 00:09:22] marquee tool. I'm just selecting it, copying it, open up a new document, it automatically fills in the perfect width and height and pasting it.

Using the crop tool, I'm going to drag out the left corner just a little bit and get rid of that white. Then, I'm going to add a drop shadow on layer 1. Let's save this. Here's my save for web. I'm going to hit save, save it on my desktop, Matthew testimonial, and that's it. I'm going to go through that process for each one of my testimonials and make sure that I have them all, make sure they look good. They're high-quality, at least high enough quality that they're not blurry. The last thing you want to do is make a bad impression because your images look like crap. With that being said, let's go back over to our website, not that one.

I've got a couple testimonials. I'm going to go back to ... Stay on the page. I've got this composed ... Basically, let me just start this over. This was from a failure attempt at making this video. I'm going to go back to my website. I'm going to show you one of the tools that I use that makes this really easy. If you look at my website, I've actually copied the layout that Kotton Grammar has. Here's a quick little introduction paragraph. I've got links that takes them directly to my Google Plus page. I've got links that take them to my LinkedIn page. If they don't ... If what they're seeing here is not enough proof for them that I know what I'm doing, go check me out on LinkedIn, see what else there is.

What happens here? I'm going to refresh this. I've got a cool effect here that's a fade in. As I scroll down, you'll see the images fade in, fade in, fade in, from the left, from the right, from the left to the right. You see what I mean. It's kind of a cool effect, and I'm going to show you how to do that, and the, in the next video, I'm going to show you how to keep it simple. If this is too much for you and you don't want to get involved with that, that's fine with me.

One of the tools that I use to do this is called the Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress. This comes free with a lot of your professional paid templates from the Theme Forest right here. By the way, this is a great website for all your resources for web design. Theme Forest is my favorite place to buy templates. I probably use it maybe 60% to 70% of the time for the templates I buy. I also use Audio Jungle. Great sound clips for when I'm doing White Board or video animations or I need a sound clip in the background of a video. Audio Jungle is where I can get them. Then, Cub Canyon, if there's a professional plugin, a high-quality plugin, that may not be in the WordPress library, it's going to be here.

With that in mind, you can outright buy the Visual Composer page builder plugin for $33 here or some of the templates you buy it come with it. This website that we're testing this on, it has it because the theme that I bought for it, it's called this Jupiter theme, it came with it. Take that in mind, your theme may not have this ability, but if you bought the Visual Composer you're going to be able to follow along pretty seamlessly. Let's go back over to here.

To get started, I've got the Jupiter theme installed. I've also installed any additional plugins that are required, which included the Visual Composer, and now, we're going to go create a new page. I'm going to ... There we go. Testimonials. This is a standard page, you've seen it before. It looks just like everything you've even done with WordPress. You've got the Wiziwig. You can go into HTML mode, but this is the one that really can make a website stand out. It can make it look from an amateur website to a very professional website. Let me show you what it does. Basically, it's got these predefined templates. It pre-builds it for you and then you can just fill it in, which works awesome. In fact, that might be a good way to go. In this case, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to show you how to build it from scratch, but know this, if you didn't want to build it from scratch, you could take this description page, I think would work awesome. That's not what we're going to do.

We're going to click this add button. Basically when I click that add button, this is everything that I can add to my website, not my website but to the web page. It's got tons of elements, tons of features and functionality, but the one that I'm most interested in are the images that I created within Photoshop. I'm going to click on single image, and there it is. It created a row for me. Here is a popup that says "Tell me everything I need to know about this image," how you want it displayed, give it to me. I'm going to go add the image. I'm going to upload it, link it. Then, there was one more from Matthew that I did. Let's go and upload one more, Matthew testimonial. I'm going to do this for 2 testimonials. I highly recommend doing 6 to 12. Like I said, if you don't have that many, get to know people on our Facebook group, what an awesome community. Get to know them and support each other.

With this one, I'm going to take Lincoln's testimonial first. I'm going to set it as the image. I'm not even going to give it Widget title, but the image size, I'm going to leave it blank because I want to leave the original image size that I cropped it, which means ... There's usually ... There's sometimes a crop button, but I'm going to disable that if there is one. Image size, I'm going to leave it at default, and the animation, I'm going to say left to right and align the image to the left. Those are the only 2 settings that I'm going to do for this. Number 1, I'm going to add the image, change the alignment from left to right. Every image we're going to change that. Then, I'm going to do a fancy animation from left to right or right to left. Then, I'm going to hit save. There it is, it's right there.

At this point, I've got the first image in. All I have to do is click on this little icon right here and it's going to clone it. Now, I've got a duplicate, but I want it to look a little bit different. I'm going to click this edit button. I'm going to delete the image because I don't want duplicates on there. I'm going to go back in here and add the one from Matthew. Matthew is right here. I'm going to click save image. This time, I'm going to align it to the right. I'm going to do the animation from the right to the left, and hit save. That's a good start. The next thing I can do is I'm going to add a text field. If you see how my testimonial page at the top. I've got a title and I've got a text area. Let's do that.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to add another area, and I'm going to search. You see what I'm doing right here? I'm actually typing in the search box title. I'm going to do a fancy title. It's going to pull up all the information, and I'm going to do "BOOM". I should do this big because it's a BOOM, BOOM SEO Testimonials. What size do you want it? I think [H2 00:18:09] is fine, no pattern. Text color, let's make it a little bit lighter, maybe like that. Font weight, I want to make it bold. Font style, normal. Spacing, margins, I'll have to put ... When it comes to margins, I usually play with that after I've built the layout and I need to tweak it. Right now, I'm going to leave it alone. Font family, I ... This is a personal opinion. When I'm working with a website or on a website, I do not like a website that is full of different fonts. Keep it simple. Use the font that sticks with the website. There you go, I just messed it up. Let me go change that back. Whoops. Select font, we're going to leave it. We're going to align it to the left. No animation on that and hit save.

What that did, it's now at the bottom. Obviously, we want to move that up. This icon, see this little icon, I can click that and drag it up and let go. There's that. The next thing I need is a little text box explaining a little bit about the testimonials. I'm going to do a search for text [inaudible 00:19:27], text block, highlight text. There are probably fairly the same. I'm going to try what the text block is. Here is where I can put my fancy, fancy elegant writing. Paste that in, and I'm not going to do anything with it, just hit save. Again, I'm going to move it up, drag it, drop it. You guys see how this is done. I can move things around. I can build things. I can add columns. wAtch this, I can do a page selection, see it at the bottom. Now, I can separate it so that it's evenly spaced so I can now put an element on the left side, an element on the right side, or I can divide this up into here's the body, here's the advertisement or a widget bar. I can even divide it up into 3 or 5. This is what I love about the page builder, it is so flexible with my website that I have to use it. That's how my brain works now, because I've been using it for so long. I'm going to get rid of that.

With that in mind, the next thing you're going to want to do, depending on your template, I like the full width layout on these. I don't want distracting sidebars, navigation, menus, advertisements, or whatever on the side, so a full layout, no side bars. Nothing here needs to be taken care of. Styling, I can actually change all this stuff. Then, if you have the SEO plugin, this is where you're going to want to add your custom titles, [inaudible 00:21:16] description, and stuff like that, but I don't have that. This is just a sample site. From here, I'm going to hit publish and give this a second, and let's view this page to see what it looks like. I'm doing this live. I haven't tested this out, so bear with me. These images, not quite there. I think I'm going to have to manually put in ... I've got to make some kind of change.

These images, let's figure out why they're cropping it to the thumbnail. Image size, there it is right there. I actually needed to put it at full. By default, it looks like it goes to thumbnail, large full. I missed that step. I've got to do it to this one too, full, save, update. The kids are home. I apologize for the noise that you might hear. Did I update that? I'm going to do it again. With that in mind, let's go view the page and see how it looks. Not bad, look at that Lincoln. Matt, yours didn't ... I put the full in the wrong area. Let's quickly change that. Sorry about that. That bus threw me off. That should be it. Let's go back over to the site, refresh it. Perfect. You see how I did that. It's beautiful. It works well.

In the next video, I'm going to show you how to do this without all the fancy plugins. You can do it without purchasing any additional equipment for your WordPress website. Let's head over to that, Talk to you in a bit.