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Okay, welcome back. Video 2 for building a portfolio of testimonies. The last video, we showed you how to do a beautiful set up using some custom plugins. Not custom, but more advanced plugins. This one, I want to kind of give you a show how to do it, just using the built in WYSIWYG within Photoshop. I do want to also talk to you about another option. Before, it's been a big deal about LinkedIn, getting profiles from LinkedIn. The reason why LinkedIn profiles are so great is because they're, maybe not impossible, but they're very difficult to fake. They do hold a lot of value. Guess where else we can go to get those? Right here, so the Boss. You can get them at the Boss. Google Plus, your business page, these are pretty powerful.

Just going down, these can be screen captured. You can find ... The same process goes with these. Capture their screenshot, put it on to your portfolio, and let people know that these are real clients that I've worked with. I've also been impressed with the outcome, I guess is the word. The outcome, when you respond to any and all of your referrals, it's a big deal. It shows that you're engaging them. I definitely recommend that you do that, at least on your Google Plus profile. What I'd like to do now is, how do you actually go about leaving a testimony for someone else so that you know the process that goes when they leave one for you?

Number one, when they leave one for you, it's really easy. They'll typically come to to you and say, "Hey, can you recommend me?" You simply hit, "Yes. I will recommend you, because I know you are a stud. Matthew, I'm going to write a recommendation for you. I owe you one." You come in here, and you write a recommendation. If he had not requested it, basically what I would do ... Let's actually do Stephen Floyd. You guys may have heard of him. He's kind of a strange guy. I'm just teasing, Stephen, but this is the way you do it. Right where this blue box is ... Sorry, I'm going to try and stay in the camera. I tend to get antsy in these videos. Right here, we're going to go to recommend. Click on this.

Now there's a couple of ways to leave a recommendation. Number one, I highly recommend is right here. In this post that Stephen left is a link from on how to write a lead to recommendation. Okay, so as you guys are preparing to write a testimonial recommendation on LinkedIn, or whatever the source would be, here's some tips for you. Number one, get to know the person so that you can leave specific recommendations. There's nothing worse than getting a recommendation that is blatantly, "Hey, I don't know you." It's generic. It can be applied to a window washer, to a car salesman, and to someone in the SEO industry. Don't waste your time with those. They don't help. In fact, they make you look like a cars salesman.

Get to know the person, and when you write the recommendation, try to find times when you've worked with the person. Think of times when that person has made an influence in your life, or at least with your career. Here I am with Stephen Floyd. I'm about to write a recommendation. I've got about five lines. It is specific to his time in teaching me. What you do is you write it in. You can write a personal thank you message to him. What was your relationship to him? There's a lot we can do here. Some of the ones that are most common for our group could be, you area student together, because a lot of us are students under the bulletproof SEO. Be honest.

For this one, you were Stephen's mentor, you are Stephen's ... I'm trying to find ... You reported directly, you managed directly, you worked with Stephen in the same group, that's what I'm going to apply for me. This is where you pick which company, excuse me, did you guys work together on. The Boss with me, innovative marketing. That's the one I want. I'm just going to hit send. They're going to get an email at this point, saying, "Hey, Jason Peterson just recommended you." You have the chance, at that point, as the receiver, to review the recommendation, ask for any changes, just delete it, or accept it. You can also, when they get it, or when you get it, you can also ask for recommendation back, or write them a recommendation.

That's the process for recommendation. Now, let's take and go back and create a testimonial page, like we did before, but without using any of the fantasy plugins. Here we are on the I'm going to go Add New to create a new page. You see it right here? I'm creating pages. Okay, we're going to call this one Testimonials Sample, or let's even do it Simple Sample. Okay, from here, this is where I would throw in my big block of text. I can center it, maybe put a title. I don't like the centering. That didn't even look good. I'm going to come up here, add a title, Boom SEO Real Client Testimonials. Okay, I'm going to change this to a heading too, and then center it.

Now, maybe it might look good if I did a ... What's this? A horizontal line? Then below this, maybe another horizontal line. From here, we can simply add the images. I go to Add Media. Oh, actually I got them already here. We'll start with LinkedIn's testimonial. What we can do, I forgot to do it. I'm going to line this one to the left, full size. This is definitely, you want to turn off. You don't want it linking to the media. Just turn off link to, there's not reason why your images should be linking to anything for this type of a page. I'm going to hit update, then go down. Actually, let's go over here. I'm going to go, Add Media, and add the second one. This is Matt's testimonial. Alignment is going to be to the right, no link, and I want it to be full sized. That's it, I'm done.

I'm going to ... Let's just publish it. Let's view this page and see how well it looks. Okay, I think it looks good. It's not as fancy with all the movement, but some might say that's even better. I think this is absolutely acceptable. Look, it is responsive, so that's a nice way to do it. That is how we would do it without using the fancy plugins. If you have any questions about this method and how it works, feel free to ask in reform, and share your thoughts. Definitely get out there, let people know who you are, and spend time getting to know people so that when you write them reviews, they know who you are, and they know how to respond to you. With that being said, this is Bulletproof SEO, looking forward to the next video with you.