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All right. Video three of the building testimonial portfolio. I just want to quickly close with this in mind. Do you understand the power of what we're doing here? If you have a page boom on your website that says Testimonials, and right on that, you have a good dozen testimonials that are legit from people that you know, people that you've worked with, how is that going to impact your business? How is that going to impact your confidence as you go and talk to people that you've never met before? How is it going to impact the way your website presents itself to people that are out there researching search engine marketing firms in your area or just stumbled upon your website?

Maybe you've impressed them with your website and all of a sudden, they come across these testimonials, and it's like, wow, okay, Doug, Dustin and Candy and ... It's impressive. Doing this ... Do it absolutely on your website and let it be a beacon for who you are and be proud of it.

With that said, what I want to do in the last [theme 00:01:09] is once we have the pages made, it's time to turn those into menu items. This may be pretty simple for a lot of people, but for those that don't know how to do it, let's quickly add these pages as a menu item. I'm going to go up to Appearance, and this is in WordPress. I'm going to go to Menu. I haven't even defined a menu, so I'm going to call this one Main Nav. [Main user 00:01:38]. Main name. Main Nav.

I'm just going to quickly add both of these pages to the main navigation. Maybe I'll just do a ... I have them on there and then all I have to do is apply ... Let me save that. Save it real quick. This, you know, I just have to do is tell where the main navigation is going to go. Main navigation, I'm not going to worry about any of these, naming the folder, and hit save. With that being done, I can hit refresh on my website, and right at the top, Testimonials. That should be a big focus of your website. Maybe the first page or second, first link or second link they see on there. Then provide them a way to read this stuff.

Be proud of it. You guys definitely earned it. You guys are an awesome group and I love working with you. Let's keep up the good work. I'll see you on the next video.