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Hey, everyone. It's Jason Pederson here with Stephen Floyd's bulletproof SEO course. Thank you so much for participating and enjoying the advance features of his course. It's going to bring a lot of value to you. I hope what you are watching and the time you're spending watching these videos that you're getting the value that we intend to.

Market Samurai is what I want to show you today. This is one of those tools that it is a little pricey, I think it costs like $300 a year but at the same time it's one of those things that we use on a daily basis. It helps me do keyword research, it does competitor analysis, and a whole bunch of other stuff that we can get into. And we will in a future video, but this one I just want to kind of introduce it to you and it's going to be a continuation of my silo building and how to structure a website. And how I determine what content or what markets I need to go after. This is the baby that I'm going to be working with, so let's get to it.

When you open Market Samurai the very first thing you do is that you start a project. In this case, a lot of members of this course may be starting an SEO business so I was thinking, hey, you know what, maybe I could do an SEO related research. So, right here under the key word, you can pick one key word and it is required. I could do SEO, but I think I want to do search engine optimization. I can't believe I spelled that without messing up. It must be my M&M's.

So, with that being said, lets get into create. Now from here you have got a lot you can do. This is kind of the Market Samurai dashboard. What I want you to focus on for this video and if you're following along is only doing the keyword research. Window and keyword research realize that when you first set this up it needs to be associated with a Google analytics account. So, throw in your Google email password and get it set up and make sure it is working. The next setting I want you to focus on is right here the phrase length. This is important because a phrase length that has one word is a whole lot more competitive than a long tell keyword that maybe has three or four keywords. Those are so much easier to go after than something with one keyword. So, "SEO" versus "how to do local SEO in Pittsburgh", something like that would be a lot easier to go after.

So, the first thing I am going to do is I am going to eliminate all key phrases under three. I just don't even want to bother with them. And then from there I am going to click on generate keywords. So as it says right here this is pulling from the Google keyword planner and it does take a couple minutes so lets leave this working and see what happens.

All right about a minute later I have 615 keywords that I need to kind of filter down and get my keyword list. Now Market Samurai does a really great job of this. The way you do it, is you look for keywords that maybe you are not interested even dealing with. So for example right here, Australia, I've got too many friends in Australia that I don't want to tick off. So Bruce this is for you, I am going to click on Australia and say X. What that does is, it throws that keyword into the negative keywords box and then eliminates from out of the 615 all the key terms with that phrase in it. So as you can see 5 were removed and now we are down to 611.

Now keep on going lets go down deeper and deeper. What are some of the things that you may or may not want to tackle. Now, here's an interesting one, free search engine optimization. So, maybe in your mind you are thinking hell no I don't want anyone coming to my website looking for free SEO. But, what if you could educate people on why looking for free SEO is a bad idea. If there's a small enough market, maybe it is a great potential, don't X it out. Use it and figure out if it's even worth doing. Maybe the words like submission, I am not interested in being someones submission boy. So that already took out an additional 12 keywords.

What else could we do? Guides, you could write a guide but maybe for this example I just don't want to be writing peoples how to guides, DIY guides, stuff like that. HTML search engine optimization, not interested in ... but also if you notice Market Samurai does provide some GO targets that may be of value to you. So maybe in your case look at this list right here I see Indianapolis as being something that Market Samurai or Google found some value in. So maybe it could be a page that you could create in a market you could target. So whether you live there or not something to consider. Let's go down here we could target lawyers, law firms, learn SEO. Do you want to teach SEO, or do you just want to provide it? So maybe we don't want to teach it so let's click on the X and get rid of it. Now if there are terms that you just don't want, like maybe this link building SEO, the whole thing I don't want I am going to click on it and it is just going to remove it completely out of Market Samurai.

Let's keep on going through this, PPC. Are you interested in doing PPC? If not just come here, click that. And I think that is a good start we are down to 580. Usually, I am going to spend 30 minuets just doing this part and I want to get my list down to 250, 350. That kind of keywords because when I go to further filtering I really want to find those golden nuggets. And this is what I am going to show you next. I am going to assume that I have done everything and I am happy with everything that this list has provided. Now I am going to go into keyword analysis at the bottom here.

Now what I am looking for is I definitely care about total number of searchs. I also care about title competition. And average add word cost per click. Those are what I want to analyze and figure out if it's a market I even want to go after.

Next thing I want to do is the period. I like to think in monthly terms, it's just easier for me. First filter I am going to do is right now I only care about sites that get at least 1 maybe 2 searches per day. So, I'll throw in 60, average of 30 days a month, 2 searches a day, I get 60. And as soon as I leave that field it's going to take my ... See that took it about 120, 150 words off of my list that were not even worth going after, there just wasn't even enough traffic for that key term. So huge value in that. Don't waste your time. This just saved me from going after those. The next thing I want to do is click on analyze key words. This does take a couple minutes. It allows Google to pull in information from Majestic, from Google add words, from all sorts of resources. Lets let them go. Back in a bit.

All right so that's ran for a couple minutes and as you can see I am loaded with lots of data now. Let's have some fun. So very first thing I like to do is under this title competition. Actually if I hover over it, it will tell me exactly what it means. It should, there it is right up there. This is the ratio ...

It is a factor that I use. And what I would like to do is I think sites above 80% competition level are just too competitive. So the way you can filter that is you can click on this plus box and give a maximum amount of value that you are willing to go after. Obviously if you have the money, the resources don't let this limit you, but if you just want to find out what is achievable realistically then throw in ... Play around with this, find out what works for you. So now I am down to 422 words and I can go into it even further filtering based upon add words cost per click. Maybe I just don't care anything less than $1, $2 whatever. With that being in mind look at this, I can click on trends and I can find out the trending of a specific keyword. That throws into ...

Obviously something big is happening this month in SEO. So looking over at the past, holy cow, that is pretty amazing. I have actually been watching SEO and it looks like it has taken a big hit. That is very good for those of you that are creating a SEO website. Just so you know what is going on. I am going to re-size this so you can see. According to Google trends this months it's up quite a bit based upon over the last couple of years. So looking at trends is a good indication to find out if something is seasonal, if it's a dying fad ... It does help. I can go into further detail and filter these and get the list that I want. My goal is when I am done with Market Samurai that I have a list of maybe 200, 250 words at the max. And that once I have that the way I want it, I export it out and now I have a spread sheet to work with. So lets go over to that spread sheet