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All right, welcome back. This is Jason with Steven Floyd's [inaudible 00:00:04] thank you for joining us. I am doing continuation of what we just did with Market Samurai. Looking at my screen what we have here is the CSV export of the keywords I got from Market Samurai. My thing what I'd like to do now is find the correlation between high value adwords in column G, I also look at monthly searches and the competition of them.

Just so we're all clear on what we're looking at, SEO traffic that's a big one too. Basically what this column means is if you're number one at the top of Google for this search term you can expect you should be getting about 25,410 visits per month, just for being the number one for this guy. Yeah, this something important.

First thing I'm going to do is throw on some conditional formatting. Just because I'm such a visual guy I'd like to see how it all works. With that being said, click on conditional formatting, color scales. I'm going to arrange it from red being the hot ones that I care about, the high value ones right here, green are the low ones that you probably going to have to consider if you even want to bother with, but as far as pure dollar value the darker, the more red tone they are, those are terms that I probably want to start considering.

What I do is I can look at it and I say, okay it has a competition level of 20, which to me is amazing. I definitely want that. Out of 100, a 20% competition level is actually something I should be targeting so I'm going to mark this one as ... Let's just do purple. We [love 00:01:54] the purple. Here's one that says that it has a competition of zero so probably would be pretty easy to rank for but Google puts a high value [over it 00:02:02], almost $50 for every click. Again, highlight that one. Go down here, search and optimization [Perth 00:02:12], so we got some Australia information. That's not a bad one if you're were in the area. That exact term would be something actually worth going after.

I'm going to do one more thing, I'm going to filter this, sort it by highest. Close. Okay, now we're talking. Just looking at some of these dark ones, local SCO services, I could get possibly 1500 searches a month, very low competition level, absolutely, I definitely want to do this. [inaudible 00:02:52] let's do the whole bunch of them, all of these. Search engine optimization companies, small business SEO in UK, I'm not interested in it so I will just delete that. Here's two more that I do find some value in, and let's keep on going, $28, $22. Local SEO companies, search engine marketing, you get what I'm seeing ...

What I'm looking for is a low competition but has enough traffic to keep me excited but knowing that Google places a high value on it that indicates to me that I need to watching that. I need to do something about it. There's an opportunity there. That's what I want you guys to focus on and these are going to be the key words. Moving on to the next video I'm going to show you, using Photoshop, how to map out asylum. Looking forward to seeing you, talk to you in a minute. Bye.