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Hey guys, this is SEO Floyd. In this video, I'm going to give you an introduction to one of the tools that I use to run my business. It is called FCS Networker. FCS Networker is something that I mentioned in one of the strategy videos, but I don't think I have mentioned it in any other part of the course or given any training on it. I'm going to go ahead and start that today, because it's a very useful tool that's going to help you a lot, especially in your tough niches.

Briefly, FCS Networker is actually a multipurpose tool. It is a software as a service, meaning that it's a web-based portal that you pay monthly for. There is an option to do a lifetime purchase. It can be a one-off, or it can be a monthly purchase, depending on what your budget is right now. Let me explain a couple of the uses. The most common use for FCS Networker is to build out web 2.0 accounts. Those are going to be on sites that you guys know, like Tumblr, Blogger, webs, things like that. Those are places where we can build out web 2.0s and we can put our links on them. It also does social profiles, and it also can be used to post to your sites. If you have a blog network set up and it's in a content management system like WordPress, then you can use FCS Networker to post to your PBN.

There's multiple different ways to use this tool. In the next few training videos, I'm going to show you just a couple of the things that I do and how I use them. That's it as far as an overview. Now I want to get into what you're going to need to use this service. There's a couple of things that you're going to need.

The first thing that you're going to need, of course, is going to be an account with FCS Networker. Again, you can choose the monthly or you can choose the lifetime membership. In the Facebook group, in the resources section, there is a link to my affiliate link for FCS Networker. If you guys want to use that, then I get a little bit of money from your purchase, which is awesome for me. It doesn't hurt you, it doesn't give you any kind of discount or anything like that, but it doesn't cost extra or anything. If you feel like doing that to bump a couple extra dollars my way, then that would be awesome. If not, you can just go directly to and choose your account. Again, you can choose a monthly account or you can choose a lifetime account.

That's number 1, you will need your FCS account. Number 2 is you're going to need some good proxies. I use for pretty much everything I use proxies for. Again, in the resources section on the Facebook group, I have my affiliate link for my proxies. If you're going to get them anyway and you would be so kind as to use my affiliate link, again, I will get a few bucks whenever you guys sign up. I would appreciate that. Again, if you're not wanting to send a few bucks my way, we're cool, and you can just simply go to b-u-y-p-r-o-x-i-e-s dot organization. Let me show you what the one that I get.

Just like anything else, the better choices are going to cost more. Any of these, really, would work for you. I would tell you that for most of you, what is going to be a good first choice is probably going to be this thirty http proxies. It's $25 a month, and these are semi-dedicated, meaning that you share these with 2 other people. For most of you, if you're doing just the normal stuff like I'm going to teach you here, this is going to be enough for you. You can use these proxies with all of your various tools. These 30 typically are pretty hardcore, so you're not going to have any trouble running out with those. You're going to need more if you're using a tool that has lots of threads, like, say you're going to use GSA. If you're going to use GSA then you probably would want to go for something more like the 50 proxies.

This is self-explanatory how you do this. If you'd like to shoot a couple of bucks my way, that would be awesome, please use my link. If not, or either way, I suggest this 30 is a good place for you to start. You're just going to go through Buy Proxies and you can set up a recurring payment to them. All right? You have 2 things, now. You have your account with FCS and you have your proxies. There are lots of services that you can integrate with FCS Networker. Depending on how you're using these, you may or may not want to purchase those.

Let me go ahead and show you. I'm logged into one of my accounts. I have multiple accounts, but I'm using this one basically just for the demonstration. Once you're logged in, you're going to see lots of different things. A couple things that you're going to want to do if you're going to be posting content to these is you're going to want to get a good account with a spinner. There are some free ones. I personally use Again, I have an affiliate link for that in the resources section. If you'd like to throw me some bucks, please use it. If not, it's just I can't show this or it would show my account, but when you click on here, it gives you multiple options and you just add in the account that you want.

There's also some APIs. I can't show you mine because this is actually a real account. It's not my main one, but it's real, it's live. Here's where you're going to do some APIs. For instance, you can integrate FCS Networker with GSA Search Engine Ranker, or Content Machine, which provides content for your articles. Also There's several APIs in here, but that's fairly straightforward. If you have a spinner, you're going to want to put it in here, and if you have any of these APIs, you're going to want to put them in here. When you first start up, this is what your dashboard's going to look like. Except over here, you see this account has 189 blogs and 72 social accounts. Yours are going to be empty.

The first thing that we need to do is we need to go ahead and get some accounts. There's 2 ways that you can do this. You can purchase accounts, and that's going to be right here in the FCS store. When you click on this link, it's going to give you the option to buy some accounts. They're fairly cheap, so that's definitely a good way to do it if you've got more money than time. That's always a good option. Most of you, or at least to begin, most of you are probably going to want to use the account creator. You're simply going to click on account creator. When you do, it's going to take you to the link right here. You will then download the account creator.

The account creator is a simple set up file for Windows. You're going to download it and you're going to install it. One little hint I'd like to tell you. A lot of times, this program doesn't like to run unless it's installed on the root of the drive, meaning that if you try to install it into certain paths like installing it from the download folder, then that's going to be a problem. A lot of times, you'll want to go ahead and take this file and move it right into the root. What it's going to do once you've extracted it is it's going to create a folder and it's going to look like this. After this is created, then you're going to want to go ahead and start building some accounts. Before you do this, you have got to make sure that you have some good proxies. If you do this from your own personal computer without any proxies on, you're going to kill your IP address, so don't do that. You can also, of course, install this on a VPS if you have one. No matter what the choice is for installation, you've got to use proxies with this. If you try to use this without proxies, then it's not going to work so well for you.

One other thing that I forgot to mention is you're going to want to have an account to solve captchas for you. Captchas, of course, as I'm sure you all know, is when the little window pops up and it wants to prove that you're a real person. That's very common for these 2.0 accounts when you set them up. The one that I use is Death by Captcha. That is going to be... Let me pull it up here real quick. I think that's [dot eu 09:18] is what that is. All right, yeah. It's You will just sign up for an account and you're going to have points in here. You could start off low. The captchas are fairly cheap. Again, this is going to make it when FCS and other tools, you'll use Death by Captcha in multiple tools, but when FCS tries to create an account on a web 2.0 and it presents it with a captcha, then this will fix that for you.

That's something that you can do. I'm going to go ahead and we're going to wrap up for this video. That's the introduction and the tools needed. In the next video, we're going to go ahead and create those accounts. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next-