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Hey everyone, it's Jason again from Bulletproof SEO. Today, I've got another video. This is actually a video of 2, a continuation of Stephen's earlier video on FCS Networker. Let me actually, Networking to Netowrker. One of the things that I'm going to be teaching you today is, what do you need to get set up, what do you need, what are your options? Let's get right into it. First thing you're going to want to consider doing is looking at a VPS or dedicated server. One of the things you've got to consider, as FCS Networker creates accounts for you and starts posting on them, you're talking anywhere from a few accounts to hundreds and hundreds of accounts. If they all are coming from the same IP address, the same computer, obviously there could be some issues here.

Logging into a dedicated machine, number one it's going to take care of, it doesn't take up any resources on your computer. It's an external hard drive somewhere else that you don't have to worry about. Obviously, let's look at getting a dedicated machine. We've talked about it in multiple videos. One of the ones that we recommend is the solid SEO VPS. The next thing you're going to want to talk about, I've already mentioned why, is the proxies. Proxies are insanely important, just because you don't want your IP address tied to every single post that gets made. You want to distance yourself, not create that footprint that we've talked about. Check out You're probably going to want anywhere from 30 to 50 high quality proxies.

The next thing is Spin Rewriter. There are multiple options for Spin rewriting, or spinning content online, even through FCS Networker. This is not the only one that you have to look at, but this is my favorite as far as the quality goes. It's the best out of what's available, so that's another option. Everything that I say is optional, because you don't have to get it. There are other solutions out there. In fact, I believe FCS Networker has a free version that you're welcome to use if you're on a tight budget. The next one is Article Builder. Article Builder basically goes out there, scans the internet, grabs articles related to your topic or as close as it can, brings it back in, spins it and tries to produce a fairly new one. The content is not my favorite. I don't always use it, but this is something you should look at.

Here is what I recommend. Number one, Kontent Machine. Kontent Machine is awesome for procuring content, because you tell it exactly the niche that you're after, and it will build content, images, videos, based upon that. Whereas Article Builder has predefined categories that you have to stick with. If your client or your own site does not fit into that niche, then Article Builder may not work for you. When I came into that situation, when I had a client that had a very, very unique niche, one that I didn't even know was out there, I went to Article Builder to see what it had. There was nothing even close to the topic. That's when I went to Kontent Machine, and they gave me the ability to tell it, "This is my topic, this is what I need." It took care of everything else. Yes, I highly recommend Kontent Machine. Looks like they're already out with a Kontent Machine 4, so check it out. Get it downloaded as an option for FCS Networker.

The next step is, let's go right into FCS Networker, the account creator specifically. I believe Stephen's video previously showed you how to get it from your email. You download the file and you install it on your computer or VPS. I'm going to switch over to the VPS, and we're going to go from there. All right, so here we are. We're in my VPS. As you see, right on my screen, there's the icon that I get from the email that I got from FCS when I bought the program. This is not something you can find on their website. At least easily, I was not able to, but I had to read the email. They provided me the link. Then I sent that over to my dedicated server, downloaded it, installed it, and basically, when I run it, let's kind of go through the motions of how to get started. I opened it twice. Okay, let me just re-position this so you can get the maximum viewing area.

Okay, so here we are. This is the homepage of FCS Networker. This is what it looks like when you first get it. Let's dive right in to it. The very first thing you're going to want to do is come to the settings area, and under settings, let's set up your proxies. This is when you take the proxies your purchased from whatever source you're buying it from, and make sure that you get them in a format that is IP colon, port colon, username colon, password colon. Simply paste them in there, and I would test these proxies probably every week, every two weeks. It depends on the quality and the source you're getting them from. Get them in there, simply paste them, and save. Then close it. The next thing we're going to want to do is, as the accounts are being created, they're trying to prevent spammers, like FCS Networker, from creating accounts and doing automation. We've got to install some kind of capture breaker.

If you go to Tools at the top here, right here under Capture Service Accounts. Okay, I have death by Captia. From down here, you can see that there are three other additional capture breakers. I'm not familiar with any of these. I've used death by Captia only for the last couple of years, and I have no problems with it. I like it, it works for me, so yes, I do recommend it. It's super cheap. I think it's like ... What is it? Like a little over a dollar for a thousand captias. You really can buy a lot with a little bit of money. Anyway, you add your account information. Simply hit okay. It's going to show you what your balance is. Now one thing that I've been told, I haven't got there yet, when FCS Networker runs out of credits, and you no longer have anything to break credits, it doesn't tell you. What you're going to look for, is all of a sudden there's going to be pop ups on the screen that says, "Hey, you need to solve this."

When you start seeing that, this time we go back to death by Captia, or other captia source, and add a balance. I'm going to click out of that. With those two settings, I am ready to rock and roll. From here, first thing I'm going to do is, you've got how many accounts you want to create. When you do one run, what that means is that it's going to create an account for every single one of these blog networks, and/or social accounts that you have selected. If I come here and just click All, one run is going to try to get me, I think there's like 40 or 50 different accounts here. It's going to provide me about 40 accounts. If I do multiple runs, it's basically that times whatever many runs I want to do. Now if it was 40, I'm going to have 200 accounts. That's just an example. For this, I'm going to create one run. Get pre-created email, you get 5 per day. I actually don't even use that setting. What I do is I check the auto create email. Then I use my proxies, so all 4 of these are now set.

As far as threads go, that kind of depends on your machine and your machine's power. I am totally happy doing 4. I don't want to push it too far or too fast, because I'd like to have quality accounts. See what happens, as FCS Networker creates accounts, it doesn't have 100% success rate. What I'm going to do, come down here and set between 3 and 4, I'm pretty happy with. I come up to the quick setup user right here. When I click on that, we just give it a name. What I'm going to do now, I'm going to theme this test theme as local. Since I'm in Utah, I'm just going to do Salt Lake Business. That is going to be the name of my project so that when I go over to FCS Networker, the website, and start working on my projects, the accounts that I create with this run are going to be associated with this project name so I can quickly find them.

Would you like to automatically upload your accounts to the networker? Absolutely. Shall we auto generate account information? Yes. What that means is this information over here to the right is all going to be auto generated, so hit yes. Generating user data, and we're good to go. Okay, so what are the things I do differently? I could actually start this right now, and we're ready to go, but the theory that I'm using behind my mind is that when I create this social accounts, if I can actually theme them with names that are exact match names, that probably, or most likely will have my SEO score, if you could say that. What I do, under this right here, the user name, blog spin, whatever, I'm going to take this out, and I'm going to insert my own. I'm going to turn over to my notepad, I'm sorry. Here's the example of one I created earlier. Basically what it's taking is these first three internet SEO related terms, then randomly combines them with one of these. It makes a tag name.

What I'm going to do now is create a local one. You start off with creating the curly brackets, and I'm just going to do Salt Lake. I'm just going to leave it there. How I separate a term is by using the bar. Now I'm going to do SLC, for Salt Lake City. I'm going to do SLC County, SLC Businesses, SLC ... Let's go with marketing, and that's going to be a good start. What I'm going to do is create another spinning syntax. I'm just going to do a dash, and type the word expert-, actually you know what? I'm just going to come over here and take these. I'll throw them in here. Okay, so the idea, it's going to take this first set of syntax to catenate with the second set of syntax. Then, what it's going to do is you can catenate it with two digits right there. I'm going to paste that in there.

Please understand, you don't have to do this. This is an extra step. If you just want to get going, you just simply hit start when you're finished with the wizard, and you're good to go. If you are going to use a custom title like this, make sure you turn off the auto generate each account. I'm going to turn that off, and it's going to keep what I have here and use that as the building blocks for that syntax. From there, I am done. I'm going to have all of these checked. Now, eventually, the more you use this, you're going to come to the conclusion that some of them are just not quality enough for you to even bother. Maybe the success rate is not even worth bothering, or you know they have nothing to do with the niche's that you're after. If you look at some of these, I have to find them, but there are some sports ones that I remember seeing here, or travel. There was a travel one.

Anyway, you just go through. I know that I'm not going to be doing any kind of sports related, so I would actually come through here. I don't remember what it was called. Travel [inaudible 00:13:21], I can just turn that off. I don't want anything to do with travel for the Salt Lake City, but in this case, I'm going to keep it. Let's just keep on going. From there, I am done. I am going to hit start, right here on the upper left hand corner. I'm going to hit start. I'm going to let this run. Up here in the right hand corner, it's going to give me an update as to what's going on at any point. One thing you may not notice is actually, down here on the lower part of the screen, let me kind of change things around. It's showing you exactly what it's doing. Let me try to stretch this out. You're going to have a screen for how many threads you've created. You can actually click on the screen and you can see what FCS Networker is doing.

Right here, it's in the process of creating some GMS accounts. Pretty cool. If you get stuck, you can come see and watch it. Right now guys, I'm going to pause the video and let this thing run. I'll be back in a couple of minutes, and I'll sow you what to do going next, so stay tuned. All right, one last thing before we move over to FCS Networker is check on my screen. The project run has created all the account that I've asked it to, but as you see, these green and red squares here, that indicates if the account creator was able to create that account. If you see a green one, you know that account was successful. If you see a red one, it was a failure. For whatever reason, it wasn't able to create it, but at least you can get an idea of, if I scroll down, how many were created. Here's my social accounts that it created, but that gives you an idea. What to expect when you're done creating the accounts, very easy. Just red means bad, green means good. Now we move over to the and start building the campaign.