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All right, welcome back. Here we are, video 3 of FCS Network for Bulletproof SEO. Here we are, we're at the FCS Networker dash panel. This is after I've created an account, I have downloaded the account creator, I've created all of the accounts, and now I'm ready to go. Before I do, I want to get FCS Networkers website, my account, set up the way I want it to. The very first things I'm going to be doing, number one is I changed the default pagination to 100. It just makes life easier. I deactivate the free link indexer. This is a personal preference. Basically every time you create an account, if this is active, it's going to ping it an index it for you. That's nice, it's going to speed up the process, but it's not very natural.

In my mind, I just deactivate it, and as I create more links, and tier my accounts, they're naturally going to get indexed. It may not be tomorrow or a month, but eventually it will, and that juice is going to come down to my website. I deactivate it because it is a more natural flow, but you do not have to. In fact, what's that called? [ 00:01:13], they have some awesome indexing services in there that you can export your links from FCS Networker into, and just let it go wild. Anyway, I turn it off. Next thing is I do is I actually automatically delete dead accounts after 5 attempts, then I come down here and I update it. Then after that, I set up my spinner service. Remember we talked about you're going to need a spinner, so this is where you either select the free one that comes with FCS Networker, or whatever one you want.

I have it set to Spin Re-writer, and it's going to ask you for your account details. Actually, I'll show you where that is, then your proxies. When you include your proxies, this is what you're going to say if you actually want to use them, how you want to use them, so when you enable this it's going to allow you to import the proxies, get them all set up, test them, and rock and roll. Just make sure you get that taken care of too. Then the API, so this part is the next important step. Based upon what you need and what you feel like your services need, this is where you come in. Article Builder, are you set up, put in your username and password, Content Machine, your API key, death by captcha. I didn't even see that one, so I'm going to do that one before we go, and that should be it.

All right, so now with the APIs, they're all set up, all of the accounts are connected, they're all talking together. Let's get going, let's get these things rolling. The very first thing you're going to do is go to your account setting right here. You have your blog and social accounts, which were both created in your account creator, and you're just going to go verify then make sure that they're there. The way you do that, you click on blog accounts. Find the network that you created them in. Remember we set up this Salt Lake City business one? Let's see if they actually work and how they look. You'll find out if it's worth theming your accounts or not. Here we have username SLC guru, and this one doesn't allow sub domains, but let's see.

Some of these other ones, Salt Lake City - Geek. I guess it's, I don't know, maybe what, a 30% where they actually create the account that's themed? All the usernames as you see down here, they're all themed. I've got a total of 38 blog accounts with that, and the same thing with social accounts. Let's check to see what the social accounts were that were created. I want to go to network, Salt Lake, and we have 17. We're running about 50 accounts that were created in a matter of minutes. The next thing we're going to do, let's start creating some [inaudible 00:04:00]. The next step is what we're going to do, is come and click on create projects. Based upon what you need, you're going to probably start with a blog project, so create blog project.

We are going to give it a name. Salt Lake City Businesses, I always forget that. Now, how you want to submit it, what kind of style. You have 3 different options here, you can post the amount per project, so for every project you may want to post 3 times, or how many do you want to create per day, or per week. For this example, I'm going to do a post amount per project, and I'm going to explain why a little bit later. You can choose evenly or randomly. Now the difference is, evenly we can post 1 project to all 38 of those accounts that we created, and so each one's going to have 1 account. Now if we set it to random, some of those accounts may have 2 or 3, whereas others will have 0 accounts. It's all random, more natural. I think for what we're trying to do evenly will work just fine. The scheduler, how many days do you want this to drip? What I'm going to do is, I'm going to set it to drip for 1 week, or 1 business week.

Start it today at this time, and what accounts do we want to use? We click on this and find the Salt Lake City account that we created, or whatever account you created, obviously. Man, I'm getting hungry, guys. I've got 38 accounts here, I'm going to set this to all at the bottom. Once that's loaded, I can now with 1 click select all 38 accounts and hit choose. Right now it's got 38 accounts that are selected. Activate guaranteed posting from here. There's a little information if it fails, it's going to retry from the same account. Now, how you want to create your articles. You've got tons and tons of options, and this is what I really like about FCS Networker, is number 1, you've got saved articles. These are articles that you've pre-loaded into right here. Article contents. You pre-load them, get them all set up, ready to rock and roll, you spin it.

Auto gen sites, this is where you basically pick the keyword, it goes out there, [inaudible 00:06:26] finds it. RSS feeds, if you have very specific sources for your articles, that's what you would use. Same thing with [One Spun 00:06:36], it's just a different source. Then upload articles, this is what you would get if you were to use something like iWriter or something like that. You get their articles, and you can upload it right to the FCS Networker. I use the Content Machine, but here you also have Article Builder and Content Syndication. I'm a personal really big fan of content machine, and we've done a video on that. Basically what we do is we load the campaign ID, so I'm going to load Content Machine up. Grab 1 of my account Ids that I've already set up for this. Actually I haven't, so I'm just going to grab 1, 1 of the Ids. I'm going to show you how to do that.

From Content Machine, here are some of my Ids. I'm just going to grab, I don't know, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to actually run it. I'm going to copy this campaign ID, go back over here, and paste it. Now, Content Machine typically when I run it, I tell it to build anywhere from 3 to 500 articles, so it's automatically going to pull all of the information that I built with Content Machine into it. From here, this part is all done. Now, next to the linking. This is unique to Bulletproof SEO. This is something that Steven and I both agree on wholeheartedly is that when you start creating posts, using whatever, either it's [inaudible 00:08:06], or FCS Networker, do not post any links or any outbound links on the first 3 to 5 articles that you post. A lot of these web 2.0's will delete your account if you start creating links immediately.

To save the hassle, first couple articles, they are just pure information. Maybe some images, maybe a video, but that's it. There's no outbound links, so I'm going to click on none. As far as images, it's your call. Do you want an image? Do you want video? Do you want both? Let's do both for this one. I'm going to go to my own images, no. Keywords, let's just do business ... Wow, I'm just throwing up a blank. [inaudible 00:09:00] I think I spelled that right, entrepreneur. What's a good keyword for business? Why can't I think? I've got the camera on me, so I'm not thinking straight. Anyway, I'm going to leave that there. You get the idea. The more keywords that you put in here, the more variety of images you're going to have with your posts, so definitely throw in as many as you can.

How many images do you want? You can go from definitely 1 image, or anywhere between 1 and 5 images. You can simply say, "Some articles I don't want any, some I want some." Add to the random how you want it aligned, pretty self explanatory. Now the videos is the same thing. I'm just going to copy this, this, and random, let's just put it at the bottom of all of them. Obviously I can do random, it really doesn't matter. You understand the point, and again I'm going to do 0 to 1, so sometimes there's going to be a video, and sometimes there's not. Save project. Oh, I forgot to do the other stuff. Forgive me. The other stuff I didn't do because I don't use them. Blurbs are predefined maybe snippets of content that you create in your articles and content, right here. You can actually create dozens of them and automatically insert those 1 or 2 of them into your content to add variety.

The blurbs, they're spun, they've got the spin syntax, and so every one will be unique, but this is a great way to create variety and diversity within your content. Translation, if you do need it, it's here. I've never used it, but I know in our group people have talked about the need for translation services, so right there. Then Master Spin, I do not use it because my Content Machine is already spun. That's where we go from there. Now let's go to ... We can go to link sets. After you've been creating posts for a couple days, and you've got 3 or 4 good, quality posts on there without links, now you can come in here and start creating links to your PBNs, your citations. Now, do not use FCS Network to create links to your money site. Don't do it, too dangerous. Not worth the risk and it's not quality right away. This is all about the data stacking we talked about, and creating links that will eventually build in Page Authority and send that to you.

In this case, we're going to do a test sample. Now your URLs, these are going to be everything ... A good idea for this would be the 40 web 2.0s that Steven had you create. This would be a great place to throw those in. If you've created articles on those or whatever, this would be a great place to plug those in using anchor text. Your many anchor texts are going to be keywords that you want to rank for, and LSIs. That's your main ... Before I do that, these are going to be your tier 2s, tier 3s, tier 4s, and et cetera. In my opinion, I could be totally wrong, but in my opinion, not a lot of brand anchor text. Not a lot of it, because your site is still step 2, 3, 4 away, so it maybe wouldn't be very natural if 60% of your anchor text were brand links, and this was still 4 or 5 steps away from your website.

Keep it maybe fairly generic, maybe throw in a brand every once in a while. Naked URLs, I believe there's a place ... No there's not. Secondary, I really like secondary to be used for generic. Right here, search online for generic keyword list. If you do that, you can find lists that are hundreds of thousands of words long, great source if you just don't want to be typing, "Click here, visit me," Or, "Here." Someone's already taken the time to do those. Just Google it, find it, and throw them on there. Now, what we need to do is set what's the ratio between anchors, and whatever. This is all preference. How you want to set it. I don't think there's a golden nugget or a secret sauce to this. Figure out what works best, obviously variety's going to be the best for you. If you were to set this up to something like, I don't know, 67%, 33 the other way, or completely opposite, or something like 52% and 48. Something like that.

Anyway, you click add links. I'm surprised it let me, and that's good to go. Now when I'm in my projects and it's completed the initial round of blogs without links, I can go back in there or I can create another project with links to keep on posting. That would actually be ... You would have 1 project running that would be not creating links, and another project that is creating links on the same accounts, so that would actually be a pretty good idea. You have 2 projects running on the same accounts, 1 creating links, 1 not creating links. A cool idea, something in thinking about, but there's a lot you can do here, and I just wanted to introduce you to that. Let's see our projects to see what's going on. Here is the Salt Lake one that I created. As of right now, it's created 1 submission. It's been running for 1 out of the 5 days.

This icon right here allows you to go in and change or edit the settings. Sometimes it's kind of hard to find, but you can actually come in here and go edit project right there. If you want to actually come and see what the links its created and what they look like, click on the project and give it a sec. Come one. Waiting, waiting. Bueler. Bueler. There we go, okay. Here we go. Here is a list of all the accounts that are pending. They're going to be sent out over the next 5 days, and here is the 1 that we can check on right now, so I'm going to click on that. All right, so here it is We have this awesome awesome post, clinical jobs amongst the least successful works in the US> Really? 2 videos, an image. I think it looks good. This is to show you what to do.

I hope you get an idea of how to use FCS Networker, just let this thing run. There's so much more potential. Steven is actually going to be putting on a strategy video. The point of the 2 videos that I've created is introduction. Get you started so that when Steven takes you to the next level, you guys will be ready to rock and roll. You understand the fundamentals, and now you're ready to take it to the next level with some strategy behind it. It's going to be awesome, look forward to that video, and guys hit me up if you ever have any questions. I'm usually sitting in this chair all day long right here in this office, so contact me, Steven, the other people that are here to help. Talk to you soon. Bye.