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Hey there, my Bulletproof SEO Monthly members. I am going to still have our webinar on Monday where I was going to release this new training to you. But my good friend Colin Clinkert, who owns has actually released this tool a couple of days early, and so I need to just go ahead and get this out now. He was going to wait and not release it until next week, but he decided to release it early. This is what I was going to show you guys, that, again, I'm hoping is going to blow your minds when you see the value here.

Again, to reiterate, we are still going to have our webinar Monday, and that will be to go over this, and to do Q&A. We can talk about things like pricing and positioning and how to use this as a foot in the door technique. But basically guys, this is what I was going to show you. You guys know that I'm heavily promoting the, and my affiliate link for that is in the Facebook group in the resources section. If you're going to use this tool, I'd appreciate it if you'd use mine. Yes, I do get a small fee for that. But it also helps me keep track of the people that I'm referring. It shows Colin that my members are actively using his services, and so that way when we request features and things like that, he's more likely to get those done for us. Again, I do appreciate the couple of bucks I get from it, but it's really just so Colin knows that we're really active, and we're really involved with this, so when we want things changed, or we want things updated or whatever, it just makes it much more likely to happen.

But let me show you what's happened. I introduced you previously to Mobilgeddon. If you haven't watched last time's webinar, go ahead and do that before you do this. But what Colin has done is he has added mobile search to his as a prospecting tool. He did a great job of explaining this tool, so I'm not going to do that. But in a nutshell, what you're now able to do is you're now able to put in key phrases and locations, and it will put up a list of sites. It tells you whether or not they're mobile. It also even gives you, as you'll see here, it gives you their contact information. Then it even creates a report that you can use to sell them with.

Before I showed you guys kind of why this is important, how you can use this as a selling tool, but I didn't really give you any direct guidance on how to find clients, and then maybe how to close them. This is going to be a good percentage of that, is this right here. Again, guys, Colin did a fantastic job explaining what his tool does, and he made a landing page specifically for that. I am going to go ahead and just share this URL with you guys so you can go look at it.

But, again, if you're a monthly member and you have not jumped in on the SERPED membership yet through my link, please do that. Please go to the Facebook group, buy it through my link. Because I'll tell you, the future training that's coming out, a lot of it is using these tools that are in SERPED. You guys know I don't push products. I just don't. But this is something that it is such a good investment. If you're not on board, jump in and get on board. Again, I'm not going to try to sell you on SERPED, but if you're not doing this, please jump in and do it. There's a money-back guarantee, like 30 days, I think, so there's no risk. But anyway, jump in and get this thing.

Again, we are still having our webinar on Monday, but as a heads-up, the URL, guys, is right here. Let me make that a little bit easier for y'all to see. Let me do a new slide here, and I'll put that on for y'all to see. Then let's make this sucker big here. So that is the URL for this. It's Okay? I hope you guys can see that. Go check that out. If you're not signed up for SERPED, go the Facebook group. Grab my link. Sign up and be ready on Monday, because on our webinar, again, we're going to go over a lot more things about this that you're really going to want to know. Okay.

Again, this is SEO Floyd, and I really appreciate you guys jumping in on the monthly membership. I will talk to you guys.