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Hey, guys. This is Stephen and I just want to do a really short introduction to this video. Those of you that may be new to the group may not be aware of what I'm talking about in this section, so I wanted to do a brief introduction so you would understand the three videos that follow. One of my mentors, one of the people that helps me get better at what I do, is a gentleman named Kotton Grammer. Most of you in this group probably know who he is. One of the things, one of the techniques that he has taught me that works really well has to do with getting that initial credibility so you can close your first deals. He has lots of different techniques that are just completely awesome.

One of the ones that he has shared, that we are capitalizing on in this group, is a way of using LinkedIn recommendations in order to establish that trust with your new clients. This is something you can do until you have some sites to show or some more testimonials. Things like that, okay? A basic overview is his method is, if you go to, K-O-T-T-O-N, you will find that he has a page that has a bunch of LinkedIn recommendations embedded on them, like testimonies. When he is pitching a new client and they say, Well, do you have any references? How do I know you know what you're doing?" He simply says, "Hey, tell you what, why don't you go check out my LinkedIn profile, and then let me know what you think?"

Then they go to his LinkedIn profile and, of course, they see tons, and tons, and tons of recommendations from business owners and other people talking about how his SEO is awesome, and he's the best thing since sliced bread. That's awesome but, again, what Kotton's done is he's gone a step above, and he's made it very simple for them to see those recommendations right there on his WordPress site. Again, in summary, what we're doing, it's kind of a two-step process. Step one is, you are going to go to the files sections of the Facebook group in this course, and you're going to find a thread that says LinkedIn. What you're going to do there is, you are going to trade recommendations with other members of this group, okay?

Other members of this group are going to write up a recommendation for you. Now I'm not suggesting that you make up crazy lies or anything like that. If you'd like to be legit, then jump on a Skype with him for ten minutes or something. Talk a little bit, and then they could say, in all honesty, that whatever your name, Jo Smith, "is very knowledgeable about SEO, and I would feel comfortable using him for online marketing." Or whatever you want to say. Anyway, step one is to go to the file section of our Facebook group, look for the LinkedIn thread, all right? Then you're going to reach out to the people on that thread and some of them will write recommendations for you. Okay?

That's step one. You will get the recommendations from other members of our group, so you don't have to go outside, you don't have to ask any friends. You don't have to try to get that first client before you get some proof. You can get it right here in our community. That's step one. Now step two is what the next three videos are going to be about. My main coach, you should know him, his name is Jason Pederson. He's very active in the group and he's done several other videos for me. What he's done is, he's going to show you a method of putting these on your websites.

He is going to show you one method of how to get those LinkedIn recommendations and how to make them live on your website like on Kotton Grammer's site. He put a lot of time and energy into this, and so guys, after you watch it and you do it, do me a favor and drop him a thank you in the Facebook group, so he'll know that you appreciated it. Now before anybody starts asking, we're not provide technical support on your WordPress, on the plugin's used, on your LinkedIn account, on any of it. We're showing the technique, we're showing you the methods that we're using to do this, but you should know by now, if you've been doing this for any time at all, everybody's WordPress team theme works differently, different plugins work differently with different themes, and different hosting accounts. There's all kinds of variables, so take the training as is.

99% of you, probably, if you follow Jason's step-by-step program, it will work for you, but if doesn't, I don't mind if you ask in the group, "Hey, can anybody help with this?" But please understand that I'm not supporting this. I don't support WordPress, I don't support the plugins, I don't support LinkedIn or any of that stuff. We're going to show you a method that's very easy, and the one that we're doing, and that should work for most of you. If it's not, feel free to ask questions in the group, but please don't think that we owe you technical support for this. The same thing goes for the Gravity forms that I've given you, for the Onboarding document and the Discovery form. Those are things that I've given you that I've tested. I use, I know that they work, and 50 plus people are also using them, but if you're having issues with them, you need to figure out those issues. They're offered basically as a courtesy.

Again, I hope that you guys see the value in this. This could really give you a head start in client getting. Again, please drop Jason a thank you after you've watched this, to let him know that you appreciate the hard work that he's doing. For the record, Jason's not being paid to help me with this. He's just a really good guy that I've been working with for a long time. Partially, it's him kind of paying me back for some training I've given him over the last year or so, and also because he's just a great guy and he loves to help people. All right, guys? Without further ado, please continue on to video number one. Thanks.