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Hey guys, this is Stephen and I'm going to do a much more in-depth training at some point on hosting for PBN's but at this point I'd like to go ahead and get out a quick video for you guys because there's lots of D-indexing going on it looks like with a lot of the SEO hosts so I wanted to just go ahead and show you guys really the easy way to do it and what I do with my sites. If you've been with me for very long you know that I don't endorse or use SEO hosting except for testing. I actually am always testing. I have about 50-60 sites right now, spread out over a couple of SEO hosts. I'm always testing, believe me I'd love for it to work, I would love for it to be easy for me to get sites all hosted with one place and have one log in and all that good stuff. As soon as someone figures out how to do it safely where it actually works then I will be onboard, trust me. Until then let me show you guys what I do and honestly if you do it this way it is a little bit more time to manage but as far as the price it's actually cheaper than SEO hosting and it's much easier than probably what you're doing now.

One I've done here is created this spreadsheet and this fake/dummy data just to teach this lesson. The basic concept, what we're going to do is, we are going to find hosts that allow us to have reseller accounts or to host multiple or unlimited domains. Finding them is extremely easy, I just do a simple Google search for that, I'm not going to teach you how to use Google but these accounts, if you do the reseller account, they're going to cost a little bit more but I've found that they're typically easier to work with because they are built for this. The reseller accounts are built to have multiple sites on one host. If you use the unlimited domains then you're going to end up having sub-domains and it's going to be a little bit more hard to manage so I suggest you use reseller account.

Here is the method. What we have done here, if you'll look at column 1, this is going to be host 1. This one is just for an example, it is a host 9 reseller account which costs around $200 a year I believe and I believe you can have unlimited domains on that but I'm not sure. For this example I have put 10 PBN's on this one host 9 reseller account. In this column where it says "URL", these are PBN's and again these are made up names so don't try to research them or anything. In this column I have the PBN, in this column I have the registrar so I know who is the registrar on this, the money site, so again the site we're going to send links to and in this example I've added the anchor text and the date. You may want to manage that on a separate spreadsheet but just for example purposes I went ahead and added it here. You could just continue to spread this on out and keep track of your anchors here as well. In this example, to use this on my PBN site,, there is a link with the anchor text "dry" pointed to the money site That was the date that the link was posted.

What you see here, again, you have 10 PBN's, all pointing to different money sites on the same hosting so this is the key, right? These PBN's are not pointing to the same money site, they're not even over-crossing once so none of these PBN's on this one hosting account point to the same money site. All these PBN's point to a different money site. If Google were to see this they would see that this PBN on this hosting account with this IP points to this money site one time. That's what they're going to see and that's perfectly fine, there's no footprint with that. We're going to move on to host 2. Host 2 again, just for example purposes is going to be blue host. Now I have a separate reseller account that I've purchased on blue host. Again, I have 10 PBN's, these are 10 different PBN's, notice though the money sites are the same. In this example let's just say these 10 sites are my 10 money sites so I'm going to link out to the same money sites but it's from different PBN's on a different host. What you're looking at is this., let's say this is one of my money sites, it has one link from, which is hosted on host 9 and now it has another link from which is hosted on blue host.

Now this money site,, has two different PBN links going to it but they're on completely different hosts. I hope that that's clear enough, what I'm showing you right now. If it's not please kind of backtrack and watch again. What you're going to do and again this is exactly what I do, is this list is just going to go down. I have host 3, host 4, host 5, host 6, host 7, host 9, it's very easy if you follow this rule of thumb and there's nothing magic about having 10 PBN's on one, nothing magic, you could have 5, you could have 10, you could have 20. It doesn't matter how many you have on one hosting account as long as they're not linking to the same money site. That's the key I want you to remember. On this host 1 I could have 50 different PBN's and it wouldn't matter at all as long as they're all pointing to a different money site over here. Hope that makes sense?

What would happen is this: Let's say that I had 10 different hosts and there were 10 PBN's on each, that would be 100 PBN's and if I use the same 10 money sites every time, then each one of these would have 100 links. Each one of these would have 100 links going to them but they would all be from 10 different hosts. Does that make sense? I might have confused you there, let me backtrack again. One link per host so if I had 10 different hosts I would have 10 links going to it, not 100, I'm sorry. I said that backwards, please ignore that, so again if I were to have 10 different hosts set up and each one pointed one time to my money site than that would be 10 PBN's per money site. When you look at this versus SEO hosting and things like that, honestly these reseller accounts don't cost, or multi-hosting account don't cost a whole lot more, if anything a lot of times they cost less than SEO hosting. I hope that this all made sense to you.

In this example let's say that this money site needed 40 PBN's to it, then if you're going to use my method that means you're going to have 40 different reseller accounts if you want 40 links going to this one site. That's quite a lot, it's a lot to manage. There's a couple of other things that you can do to mix into this so one of the things that I've taught you guys to do is 1. Use premium hosts. We talked about this, like godaddy, hostgator, things like that. 2. Mix in some cheaper hosts, some $1 type hosts. 3. Use cloudflare for hosting and I don't currently have training for this in the course but I will soon. If you're not sure about what that means you can ask in the group and we can go into it in more detail before I do the training. You can also use web 2.0's as hosts and again I haven't specifically added that to the training yet but it's coming. There's lots of different options here for you to mix and match. I hope this has made sense to you.

I understand that this is a lot of trouble and it's a lot to mess with but I'll tell you the more high quality PBN's that you're buying, the less you're going to need to send. Most of the sites that I'm using PBN's on, I get away with anywhere from 5 to 10 links for my local, if I even need PBN links, 5 to 10 of the ones that I have usually are enough to do the job. If you're looking at something where you're like "Well, I need 100 links, 100 PBN's to power up this site," then you probably are not getting good quality PBN's and you might want to look at your process for that. If it takes that many or if you're just in a niche that that's competitive, that is that competitive, then just realize that you're going to be spending a lot more money and energy, obviously make sure that there's an ROI.

I didn't plan on this being a super in-depth training but I hope that this has made sense. For you guys who are in the local course, again you shouldn't need much more than 5 or 10 PBN's. I would tell you if you had 20-25 accounts like this you should be able to pretty much anything you want. That is it for today and I will see you guys in the group.