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All right guys, again I’d like to welcome you to our Bulletproof webinar. This is the eighth of September, 2015. We’re going to cover a few things during this webinar today. But one of the things that we’re definitely going to do is we’re going to welcome new members and go over a couple of just housekeeping things real quick. Guys, give me a one if you can hear me clearly. Give me a one if you can hear me clearly. Give me a two if you can’t hear me very well. Give me a three if literally you can’t hear me at all. Give me a three please if I’m talking right now and you seriously can’t hear me at all.

It looks like a bunch of ones and nobody fell for my bad joke for the 8000th time. A couple of things really quick. Again, I’d like you guys to know that we do have a lot of new members in the group and we definitely want to make everybody feel welcome. I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for welcoming everyone to the group. When I introduce a new member and you guys, there’s consistently a group of you guys that are always good about jumping on and welcoming people. Guys, I’d like to thank you for doing that. It’s very important that we do that.

Our community is small and we like to keep it that way. We want to be personal. Remember, every member here makes us stronger. Every member makes us stronger. Again, those of you who are joining me in welcoming new members, I appreciate you, and those of you who are not this is an invitation to please do that.

We’re going to do a couple of housekeeping things really quickly. These are things that those of you that have been with me for a while you already know. But since we have a good number, I think we have close to 100 new members actually in the last month. I’m going to go over these really quickly. Guys, these are just things to make things easier and more functional. Please don’t think that this me yelling at anybody or anything like that. If you’ve done one of these things, no worries, but I just want to reiterate a couple of things really quick.

Then we’re going to get into some Q&A. If you guys want to start filling up the question box with your questions, please do. Then we are definitely going to have some new training tonight. Those of you who are the monthly/advanced members your webinar is going to be next week. I’m going to send out that Go To Webinar meeting probably tomorrow. There’s definitely going to be some new training you guys are going to love. I’m looking forward to that next week. It’s been just about a month since we did our last one.

Let me look. Looks like we got … Wow, we got a really good attendance. Again, let me cover these things really quickly. Guys, hear my heart with this. I’m telling you these things just so that it’ll make things easier for all of us, not because I’m trying to be grumpy or a jerk or anything. I’m going to go through these quickly. I’m not going to belabor the point.

Number one, support is handled through our ticket system. When you signed up you would’ve come through JVZoo. JVZoo just like any product in JVZoo has information about how to get help or support. Ours is no different. If you forget this it’s actually also in the file section on the Facebook group. Support is through this URL right here. This is for things like I’m having trouble logging in, I’m having trouble with billing, things like that. If you have anything like that please put it through here and we will try to get to you quickly. Normally we respond fairly fast.

Second thing, all course questions are handled through the Facebook group, not the help desk this year, or by email. If you email me a question from the course I’m going to ignore you. I get probably 200 or 300 emails per day and I don’t have time to go through them and answer individual questions. Also the reason why we like to answer questions in the Facebook group is because if you have the question chances are extremely high that someone else does, so if you post it there we can all learn. Please, please, please do that. Please do not put it in a help desk ticket with a question like what’s the best place to get citations and please don’t send me an email asking questions like that.

Let’s see. Next thing real quick. I do not work on weekends or holidays. I don’t and I’m not going to change that and neither does my support staff. There’s nothing about what we do that’s an emergency. If I was like a cardiologist or something I’d probably keep a pager, but I’m not. Your inability to access the course for a few hours or a day is not life threatening, I promise. If you send me an email, or excuse me, if you put in a help desk ticket on a Friday it’s going to get answered on Monday more than likely, and if you ask a question in the Facebook group and you want me to answer and you’ve tagged me, again, expect it to be answered like on Monday.

I want you guys to also not work. I know that some of you are and God bless you for it. When I was starting out I also worked a lot of hours and I worked seven days a week. But I’m blessed to not be able to have to do that anymore. I again am not going to work on weekends.

That brings me back to the next little thing. Please do not tag me in every single post that you make. You know who you are. Everyone on this webinar knows who I’m talking about. There’s a couple of people that want to tag me on every single post. I get a notification for every post that goes to both of the groups, so I get to see it, you don’t have to tag me. If you are just machine gun tagging me with questions it’s usually one of two things. Either number one you haven’t gone through the material yet. Or number two, you're asking me things that I don’t cover on the course. Both of those things are probably not going to get answered by me.

Just like anyone else, if you just continuously tag me it’s like the kid who cried wolf. What you're actually doing is achieving the opposite. You're making it less likely that I’m going to answer a question. Again, I’m not mad at anybody or anything. Just please don’t … Seriously, please don’t tag me like 50 times in a day. It hasn’t happened maybe 50 times but 10 or 12 has happened. Anyway, please don’t do that. Please do not PM me for support, private message. Again, tickets here.

We’re almost done guys, I promise, almost done with the housekeeping. When you're asking when you are posting please try and post to the appropriate group, meaning that the information that’s in the advanced/monthly group is meant for that group and only for that group. If you ask something that’s from the advanced training in the basic group I’m for sure not going to answer it and I’m probably going to get irritated with you. So please, please. I know it’s kind of hard sometimes to keep track, but please try to keep track of that, because all you're doing is confusing people in the basic group.

Because if you mention something that’s in the advanced group and they haven’t heard of it then there’s a good chance that some people will go try to find it in the basic training and it’s not there and they’re going to be frustrated. It’s not just a good thing. So please, please try not to do that.

Almost done. Please do not post questions or comments about outside training. This is a pretty big one guys. The next one says this includes OMG. If you don’t know what an OMG is it is a SEO training program. There are a lot of members from that program in this program. In general if you have questions about OMG training you should ask it in OMG groups. Don’t ask me about OMG training. I’m not going to answer. It’s not even appropriate.

Then as far as questions or comments about outside training what I’m talking about mainly is posts where people are going, people will see an article on Search Engine Land or On Search Engine Journal and they’ll basically post it and say, “This looks cool,” or something like that, I don’t know, or, “What do you think about this,” or something like that. I really don’t have time to comment on every article that’s done by every SEO magazine/journal. 90% of it is worthless anyway because these people are all Google partners, meaning that the “training” that they provide is going to be targeted toward … They’re going to say things that make Google happy. They’re not going to say anything that is going to make Google unhappy in public.

Trust me. I go to these. I belong to all the groups. I read all the posts. But if I’m not including that training in my training it’s either because I don’t think it’s valuable or because it may be something in the future. Just in general, please don’t post questions and stuff. That also goes for review questions. In general please don’t ask questions, don’t post questions like what do you think about this software or what do you think about this service, things like that. Because what happens is those typically turn into like bash you thread and people being mad at each other threads. I’m just telling you this from experience.

In general try to keep the comments and the questions focused on my training in this group. Not saying that there’s not other training that’s not excellent and stuff like that. But again, if there’s training from other courses that I feel is applicable to our course I will bring it inside. I promise. I think that’s it. Man that was quick. That was 10 minutes. I think I did pretty good on that.

Again, I hope nobody took that the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to yell at anybody or I’m not mad at anybody. Just if you guys can keep these things in mind here it will make things go a whole lot smoother, because when you all send me emails or when you basically when you do any of these things it takes away time and energy from me and my staff to do the things that you want us to do. I guess is the easy way to say that, and or that will cause frustration for you and or us.

Anyway. Now let’s move on. For you guys who are staying up and you guys that are in Australia and you guys that are in Canada. Canada, you're probably not too bad on time but I know we have people from all over the world. I’m going to do a very short teaching tonight on the snack pack update. Yes, I have some actionable data. I have some actionable information to give you. It’s not going to be standard BS like what you're going to find in most places. I’ve done an analysis based on a couple of 100 which I know it’s not a huge amount of data but I think it’s really, really applicable. That’s what the training is going to be.

I’m going to see how long we do Q&A for and I’m going to do the training immediately after that. It’s going to be for all the groups because I consider this part of the basic course. Since the seven pack is no longer I will go in and edit the content from the basic course. Then the stuff that’s necessary to move you in the snack pack I don’t consider something that’s outside of the basic course either, so that’s why I’m presenting it on this training.

Now let’s go to Q&A. Again, guys, as I’ve said before for you guys who are not new to my training, if I don’t answer your question it’s probably because it’s very obscure or it’s very hard to answer succinctly. In those cases a lot of times I may ask you to post it in the Facebook group or I may ask you to go to our resource or I may even get with you one-on-one. It just depends on what it is. If you ask a question and I don’t answer it, please don’t feel like it’s anything personal. As far as I’m concerned everyone in this group is even and everyone’s question is equally valid and whatever. It’s just some of them really just can’t be answered well in this format.

That being said I am going to jump into I’m just going to start with the very first one. Let’s just see what we got. The first question comes from Larry. Hey Larry. You were not the only one earlier by the way. Larry has a question about the sound in a couple of the videos in the video SEO section. He said that the sound is missing in some of those. Guys give me a one if anyone else has experienced that. Give me a one if anyone else in the group has experienced that. I’m going to wait and we’ll see what everyone says.

Typically when you're having trouble with individual issues, individual things in the course 99% of the time it’s you or your browser or whatever you're using. Because there’s about 400 people that use this course, and when something just flat doesn’t work pretty much I’m going to hear about it pretty fast. But I want to make sure because you can be right, it could be someone else. I got a one. I got a single one on that. I haven’t looked to see how many people viewed those videos yet but I’m going to guess that it’s a you issue on this one Larry. Do me a favor, put in a help desk ticket. Tell me the video and tell me at what point it stops and I will go look at it and see if that’s something that we need to take care of.

Again, I appreciate you guys letting me know. Very well could be that there’s something going on with one of the videos and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I will check that out, but there’s over 100 people on here and only one person said one so could be at this point is not likely it’s an issue with the content.

Remember, too guys, the same thing goes for people who send me emails or help desk tickets saying that this video doesn’t play on this or that. They’re hosted by Vimeo which is basically compatible with pretty much everything. If it’s not compatible with what you're doing it’s a what you're doing this. It’s not the service. I have presented the videos to you the best way that I can. Vimeo is the top three anyway for video hosting solutions. I tested everything with a couple of different devices before I chose it. My guess … Well not my guess. I could tell you if you're having trouble viewing on a particular device it’s probably the device so switch to a different device. If not, again, put it in help desk, let me know.

Let’s see, the next question is by John. It says, “How do we join the monthly/advanced members group?” That’s a great question John. There is a post in the main group that I made probably about a week ago. If someone’s on Facebook right now I’m okay with you tagging John Larsen, J-O-H-N L-A-R-S-E-N in that post. I’m not going to jump on Facebook now because if I do it’s going to blow my sound. John, if you're still having trouble finding that after this just let me know.

I did tell you guys and I feel pretty strongly about this. The way that I would prefer you to do things, and this is going to sound counterintuitive to those of you who do marketing and I understand that, but you need to understand where I’m coming from when I say this. I would prefer you guys complete the basic course and apply some of the principles before you even ask about the monthly membership to be honest with you. There’s a real paradigm shift that’s going to occur for the vast majority of you guys, especially if you’ve had training elsewhere.

When I show you what I do and how it works a lot of you coming from other training are going to … your brain is not going to process that. You're going to say, “Well, surely this can’t be it. Surely there has to be more. I have to sure this technique or that technique or this strategy because I read it here or heard it here, or this guy said it was cool.” I understand that because I’ve been doing this for a long, long, long time.

The reason why again I’d prefer you to wait to get that membership is because I want you to understand that if you apply the basic training that it’s going to do what I told you it’s going to do. I want you to understand that the vast majority of the time all that other stuff is not going to be necessary. That would be my preference and that’s how I think you get the best.

Just so you know the advanced monthly training it builds on the basic course. It does not replace it. What I want you to think about is like this. I want you to think about if you are an athlete, if you are an Olympic athlete. The basic course is going to be like working out hard and eating right. That’s what the basic course is going to be. The advanced course is going to be more like steroids or EPAs or not necessarily things that are illegal but they’re going to be the things that get you that last 2%, 3%, 4%. They’re not what gets you the first 97. If you used steroids and you don’t exercise, you don’t eat right, you're just going to get fat. You're not going to become some kind of beast person in a good way.

Anyway. Thanks for asking that John. Of course if you guys need it and want it I of course love to have you guys in the monthly course, I’d love to have you all there. But I only want you there when you're ready and I only want you there when I think it’s going to be beneficial. If you look through the basic group you're going to see probably 30 or 40 people who are ranking just fine and doing everything they need to do just using the basic training. That’s what I want for you, because that’s the results that I’m getting personally. That’s what I sold you on when you bought this. If you read my sales page, if you know me, if you’ve heard me speak, I tell you that the vast majority of the time only using these basic techniques I’m able to do what I need to do.

Also, these entry level techniques or the basic techniques are also Google safe and they are proved by time. I have clients now … I was thinking about this last night because someone asked me. My oldest client now that’s on page one other than some absurdly simple things I did a long time ago is 6.5 years now. I’m almost positive, unless I did my math wrong. My oldest client that’s still on page one that’s still a monthly client, not one offs, I started with him at the very beginning of 2009. He got on page one pretty quickly and he’s still there. These things I’ve showed you with only slight modifications, they worked, they have been working, there’s no reason that I see they’re going to stop working.

Let’s move on to the next. Next question is from John. “What’s your timeline when you first get a client? What do you do first, second,” et cetera. Well that’s a pretty complex answer John and I do plan on sharing that. I’ve got something in the works that’s going to make that a little bit easier and that’s why I haven’t shared it yet. But let me tell you basically. Don’t write this down, don’t take notes on this. This is just a real high level overview. I’m going to start with let’s say that I just got the check in my hand and it’s cleared. I have the money in my hand. The first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to send my client to my intake form and I am going to start putting them into my CRM system. That’s kind of the first steps.

Once I have them, have all the information back from the intake form and I have all the information to launch the campaign. I’m kind of a prick about getting that done. I want them to do it quickly. They want quick results and so I need that back quickly. I have the check. I send them to the intake form. I’m going to go ahead and put them in my CRM system. I’m going to go ahead and put them into all of my tools, all of my rank tracking tools, et cetera. I’m going to go ahead and order one of my VAs to get started with the onsite optimization.

Once I get the intake document which is usually three to five days then I’m going to order citations and all my setup stuff. A lot of stuff happens in the first week or so. In the first week basically I’m going to do their on page. I’m going to set them up on all my tools. I’m going to get citations started and then include Goggle my business, Bing business, Apple Maps, all these places. That’s kind of the first 7 to 10 days. I’m also going to go ahead and rank a few videos for them for video proof and I’m going to go ahead and start looking for link outreach opportunities.

That’s the first couple of weeks. Usually once I get the videos ranking and I have a couple of long tales ranked, which again I’ve talked about this at length in the course, I’m going to send a report pretty fast, usually about 10 to 12 days in saying, “Here’s a status report. You’ve been submitted to these directories and these are live, these are pending approval. Your number one for Dallas plastic surgeon on YouTube, go check out your video. They think that’s really cool by the way. Here are the beginnings of our rankings.” I’m going to show them half a dozen or more keywords that they’re already ranking for. These are long tales. That typically they were already ranking for, or brand or things like that. But that’s just going to give them some information.

Then I’m going to continue and then about a month in I’m going to send them the SERP report. By the way guys if you don’t have SERP look in the resources file in the Facebook group. I heavily, heavily, heavily suggest you guys get this. It’s a multipurpose tool that has a monthly fee attached to it. It’s a software as a service, and again you’ll see this covered in the training. But if you're on this and you don’t know what SERP is, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go into the resources section in the Facebook group and go check that out. I think everyone here should have that. Yes I’m an affiliate for it, but yes, I would also promote it even if wasn’t an affiliate for it. I actually promoted it quite a bit before they even had that program.

That’s kind of it John. Again, I know that was kind of fast and kind of high level. But that’s pretty much it. Typically depending on how competitive the keyword is between four to six weeks I’m going to have some decent proof going on. I have a couple of long tales that look like decent keywords. I’m going to have those ranked and be able to show them some stuff on a report. That’s pretty much it.

Let’s move on to the next. Larry asks, “What is the theory/purpose behind GSA?” Well Larry GSA is a tool, a software tool that has actually several different purposes. This in the monthly training, not the basic training. The GSA typically is used to build back links and that’s the most common use for it. But GSA also has some other plugins and some other features that you can use. I again I go over this training specifically in the monthly membership. But the simple answer to your question is that GSA if used properly can allow you to build up a massive amount of backlinks to some of your higher tiers, in a word to add power to them. It is a link building tool primarily. However, there also are some other uses for it. I hope that was good enough.

Let’s go on to the next. Jay has the next question. It says, “In the citations’ training video you mentioned that there is free access to Whitespark and that the log in info is in the members area of the Facebook group. I looked through the file,” yada, yada, yada. Jay, I have been meaning to delete that since like forever. My apologies to you and to anyone else that read that. I actually do provide that, but it is a monthly/advanced membership benefit. Is not a benefit for the basic group. I apologize.

When I first made that video it actually was made for the basically the beta class for this course and it was available for them, it was a very small number of them. But there’s just too many people in the group overall for me to offer that as a benefit. Basically what would happen is even if bought the most expensive package you guys would kill it every day. I apologize for that misunderstanding, mea culpa. I will try to remember to go back and edit that out. But any of you guys who are members of the monthly membership please feel free to send a private message to my admin. He goes by James Bulletproof SEO and he will get you the log in information.

Whitespark does work on a credit based system. I’m not sure if what I’m doing is technically a violation of their terms of service, but just so you know, this is not like a group buy. I’m not taking a service that is not metered and offering a way to get it for free. I’m paying for a certain number of queries through Whitespark per day. That’s basically what I’m sharing with you, is my credits per se. If you have that please ask James. I highly suggest that you do because frankly if you're doing local and you're not using Whitespark or BrightLocal I don’t really know what you're doing, but you're not following my training, so please get in on that.

Let’s go to the next and let’s see. Adrian has the next question. It says, “Just wondering if you might mention what basic group versus advanced group is for those who are basic and don’t know what you're discussing.” Okay, great. I think maybe I covered that a little bit in the beginning. Guys, these questions were asked 20 minutes ago. It’s not that someone wasn’t listening or Adrian wasn’t listening. It’s that she asked it a long time ago and I’m just getting to it now.

Really the basic, really honestly the difference between the basic group and the advanced group is going to be that the advanced group is going to be for people who need to rank in competitive niches. This would be like if you want a DUI attorney New York or Los Angeles, the basic course is not going to work. Actually it could work but the money that you would spend on links and things like that to make the basic course work would be cost prohibitive for most people. That’s usually what white hats do. The big agencies who these people are paying 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 grand a month to who do all these “white hat” stuff, that’s what they’re doing, they’re buying just bulk. These backlinks that they’re buying they’re paying $2,000 or $3,000 a pop to have links from Forbes and Discover and Huffington Post and things like that.

The advanced membership is for people who need to rank in competitive local niches or people who need to rank multiple locations because the basic course is really geared more toward ranking a single location site or of course for people who want to rank nationally. If you want to have a national ranking or a multi-location or a tough local then the advance is for you.

I will tell you something that I discovered by doing this, and this was not intentional, but I’ve had feedback from more than probably close to a dozen members now that also do affiliate marketing, affiliate SEO. What they’ve told me is that the on paid stuff especially for their affiliate stuff is actually very good. So they’ve applied my training which is meant for local clients to some of their affiliate sites and it’s working really well for them and legion sites and things like that. That’s not what I designed the course for but I just wanted you to know if you are trying some of that out apparently there is some really good translation of what I teach into the affiliate ranking as well.

I think that covers that. Let’s go to the next one. The next question is by Chris. This is a long one so let me read this. It says, “Hi, Stephen. I have a new client that really likes to post his products to forums. The naked URL link to his website is the only anchor so far and it is in the forum signature. He has wanting to post more with different anchors. How do forum links affect the whole link profile? Should I direct him in a certain way? So far his new site only has forum links from one referring domain but has a lot of links. Thanks for your help.”

Chris, you know that’s actually a really good question. I don’t cover forum links specifically in the basic course. I don’t think I have addressed them specific really in the advanced course either. This actually can be a fantastic method for getting traffic. As far as how do these anchors affect you, I would tell him to stick with those generic or naked anchors, so domain or naked anchors. Don’t start posting anchor text rich links from forums. It’s not a good idea. It’s probably not going to help.

Think of it this way, when you're working with your client on this make sure that he understands that the purpose of these links is not a link like link juice like what normally you get links for, but this is actually for traffic. Having direct referral traffic from relative forums is fantastic for your website. I know that I’ve covered that in a past webinar. I’m positive. I can think of the person that I was answering the question for it. There’s nothing wrong with signature links at all. Don’t stuff them with anchor text. Make sure that the forums are niche relative preferably but they can be location as well.

As far as just his overall link profile, you don’t want any site to have the vast majority of their links from one particular link source. If he’s doing this that’s fine per the guidelines I mentioned. But he needs to be getting some other links as well. You need to diversify that backlink profile. You don’t want 60 billion of these.

I will tell you also as far as the links themselves as far as link juice you mentioned here that there’s only one referring domain. Remember that every link coming from a single referring IP or referring domain is going to have diminishing return as far as the SEO value. When he links from this forum one time that’s going to get a certain amount of credit from Google if it’s a follow. It’s probably not. It’s probably a no follow link more than likely. But even if it is, if he does it 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, think of it like every link after the second or third one pretty much just ignore it as far as link juice.

Again, forget about link juice with forum links but definitely think referral traffic, referral traffic, referral traffic. That’s a very old method and it’s still a great one and I definitely am going to put in the course at some point with a lot more detail. I know that some of you individually have talked about this at length, but the referral traffic from niche directories and forums is actually really fantastic for your ranking as a whole.

Let’s move on. The next question is from Matthew. It says, “Is there a WordPress site template that you recommend for any business, or is there a resource that recommends templates for a given business?” Excellent question Mat. What I recommend and what I use is … Let me … Hold on one second. Now that I’m sitting here of course live I’m forgetting what it’s called. Anybody help me out with this. I’ve given the answer about 20 times in the group. It’s escaping me.

Oh, I got it. Premopress. This is what I use. Guys, these are awesome. I got to tell you, I love these things. What these are Premopress they have their themes and they have them organized by types. Here’s a business or here’s a medical, here’s a directory, here’s a fitness club, here’s a restaurant. There’s a bunch of them in here. But the thing I really like about these is with each one of these if you upload the dummy data to it then basically what you’re going to get is it’s going to look like what it looks like on the demo.

Let me show you the demo. Hold on. This is the demo for their medic one. Those of you who are new to WordPress if you were to see this as the example for this theme and you went and bought it and then expected it to look this you’d be sadly mistaken, you’d be really upset, because it wouldn’t look anything like this. It would look like a regular WordPress site. That’s what happens 99% of the time. When you buy a theme what they show you is what it can look like after it’s styled.

What I like about these Premopress themes are that it will allow you to upload dummy data, and when you do it’s going to look basically exactly like this. Then all you have to do is go in the back and there’s basically a control panel and it’ll show you how to change this stuff out, so like right here is a logo. You can go on in the control panel and switch logo, put your customers there. It’s very easy to configure.

Another thing I like about this is it’s build on body press which is a backup solution, which means that if I were to log into a new WordPress site I could upload this theme and expand it and be looking at this exactly in less than two minutes. It takes one of my outsourcers about 45 minutes to take one of these and customize it for most of my clients. You can sell these for $500, $600, $700, $800 a pop, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now one quick note. Do not buy them here. Don’t buy them at Premopress. Buy them on the Warrior Forum. If you guys don’t know what that is, don’t do anything else on the Warrior Forum because it’s kind of ridiculous now. For those of you who don’t know Warrior Forum is the internet marketing forum that used to not suck and it pretty much sucks now. But if you come here and I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to log again, I don’t even know I have a membership here anymore, but if you look for Premopress in here you're going to find where they sold them here at a significant discount to what they offer directly from this page.

That’s what I highly, highly, highly suggest that you get. They’re awesome and they work and they have all the stuff built in that I teach you guys to use. It’s an easy quick way. Now of course anything can be made to look like whatever if you know what you’re doing, but these like I said it’s got all the basic stuff, there’s a Google map already in here, a contact forum. Just it has all the basic stuff.

Let me go back to … Let’s go back to the next one. Guys, how am I doing? If you're getting something out of this please give me a one. If you're getting something out of this please give me a one. If you're not give me a two. If you’ve already logged off because you're like this is wasting my time, don’t give me anything because you're not here so you're not hearing me. Good. Let’s get back into it. We’re doing good on time. I think we’re going to blow through these. Now again guys, with any of these questions if I don’t get through it or whatever, drop it in the group.

Let’s here. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Just a second. Just a second. Next question is Marvin. Give me a second. Sorry guys, I’m having trouble here. It says, “You’ve talked about many tools throughout the video. As a beginner I still want to know which tools are must haves to get started.” Marvin, again excellent question. There’s a couple of things that what I’m teaching here is client SEO. There’s ways to not spend money if you have a lot of time and patience to do most of the things that I tell you to buy the tools for. An example that came up today actually if you are just really broke and don’t have any money you can buy a tool like ScrapeBox for $50 one time and do a lot of the things that we pay for these other tools to do. But if you do you're still paying, you're just paying with your time.

Here’s what I would consider basically the basic to be able to do this proficiently. You’ve got to be able to get citations, the right citations. You really need that Whitespark membership. If you don’t have a lot of clients you could borrow a shared membership with somebody when you're starting out, or you could go onto Fiverr and pay somebody to rent a report for you like when you get a new client to do that. You need Whitespark, but if you can’t afford it right now you can buy a report or you can share/borrow.

You’ve got to have some keyword tools and some research tools. That’s why I push SERP so heavily. I know that that the entry level one is I think is $50 a month or $60 a month, I can’t remember. It pretty much has every … Let me say this. If you get the SERP subscription and you're just starting out, that one piece of software should be everything that you need to start.

Again, without going into an hour long discussion if you want to take the guesswork out of it get SERP. You can get the cheaper one to start. That’s going to have all of the tools that you need to get started, including it has a citation finder. Technically you could use that in place of Whitespark. It’s got the keyword tools. It’s got the domain research tools. It’s got a client. It’s got prospecting tools. It’s got client reports. It’s got pretty much everything you need, really need to get started.

For now that’s my answer. My answer is the tool that you must have really is SERP if you want one. And if you're not going to do that, then you're going to have to just go I guess just with the stuff that I have in the resources. I hope that was good. I know that wasn’t super specific and maybe not what you wanted to hear, but if you're having trouble affording the SERP membership, then you’re going to have to figure out a way to get some more revenue I guess, because if you're going to do this as a business you're going to have to be able to invest at least a couple of hundred bucks a month in this to start. I’m not beating down on anybody. I’m just telling you just realistically you're going to have to be able to invest some money in your business.

Let’s see. Let’s see next question, Matthew again. “Does Google value videos embedded in the site over videos that pop up after clicking on a link?” Does Google value embedded videos over videos that pop up after clicking on a link? I’m not sure how to answer that Mat. What you're looking for really with those is, and I can’t do this right now because I really don’t have to the time, but if you go to Google and type in “see what Google bot sees” or “view page as Google bot” then you're going to find a couple of pages that you can go to. They’re going to show you exactly what a particular site looks like to Google bot.

As long as Google bot can read the link in that it doesn’t really matter what technology it’s being presented in is the short answer. Of course there’s lot of different ways to present videos and images and things like that. The short answer is that if Google bot can see it, it’s good. If Google bot can’t see it then you're not getting credit for it. I hope that answers it.

Let’s go to the next. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s see. Let’s see. A couple more people are asking about the link to the advanced group. When I’m done I will go in and I will push that to the top in the local group unless someone wants to do it for me. If you want just type bump in the box however many times until it goes to the top, I appreciate it.

Again, I appreciate you guys asking about the monthly membership. Obviously I’d love to have everyone in it, but like I stated earlier, I really want you to be in if you need it. I don’t want you to get it and not use it, and I don’t want you to pay for something that you don’t need. There’s plenty of stuff you can use your money on I’m sure besides send it to me.

Let’s see. The next one it says, “Dear Stephen, I’m watching the module with Discovery form. How do you get the LBI form to be on your website without showing it to everybody?” That’s a good question. The answer is I don’t … I’m sure that there’s probably some sneaky way to do it, but I’m not sure why you care. Having that Discovery form on there it’s a standard form. The one that I have I stole from Kotton Grammer. I say stole because he’s my friend and he knows that I did it. I didn’t actually steal it.

Another I guess what you could do is you could just email a potential client the form and have them fill it out, if you want them to not see it. That’s how I think … Again, I’m sure there’s creative ways to do that, but I don’t really think that’s pertinent to the group as a whole so that’s all I’m going to go on that.

Let me see here. Let’s see. Next one is Andrew. It says, “Do you work with HTML sites or only WordPress platforms? Always running into old websites.” Andrew as far as clients go I do not work with clients who are not on the WordPress platform or who are not willing to switch. That’s a personal preference. It’s not that you can’t do all the others. You absolutely can. You can rank an HTML site one million percent. I’m not going to be the guy that does it for you.

I have a few thing that are a deal breakers for me and that’s one of them. If my client … I’ll tell you when you really, this is really going to piss you off, is when the client is using a proprietary CMS. There’s lots of companies that have created their own content management systems and they're very proud of them and they’re a freaking nightmare. Your VAs are going to want to punch you. Everything is hard. Nothing works like it’s supposed to. For client sites that is a deal breaker. It’s WordPress or nothing for me.

Now as far as PBNs go yeah I love HTML sites. HTML is fantastic. But I use that for PBNs, not for client sites. Again, that’s a personal preference. If you have just some kind of really, really good lead and you really don’t want to lose it or whatever, then you may want to take a client that has an HTML site, Joomla, Drupal, or something like that. It’s just personal preference. But again, me it’s a deal breaker. Only going to do WordPress right now.

The main reason for me is that all my VAs are trained on WordPress and I own thousands of dollars’ worth of WordPress plugins, many of them that I use for my clients. I’ve already made that investment. I already know what I’m doing. If I’m going to do a one off, let’s say you want me to rank a Joomla site, I’ll do it but it’s going to be really expensive, it’s going to be painfully expensive. So far no one has really [inaudible 00:45:34] on that with me. So far I just tell them this is what we do and that’s kind of that. If you have trouble with that and you just have to I’m sure there are some people in the group that can help with that.

Next question is Sean. It says, let’s see a prospecting question, “When you find a potential client using the SEMrush/AdWords/[buy through 00:46:00] technique what is the most effective way that you have found to reach out to them?” Then he lists a whole bunch of different methods. I think I’ve made it fairly clear to you guys that the method that I use the most personally and the method that I suggest that you use the most personally is in person. That’s how I like to do things. I like to do things up close and personal as much as possible.

Any way that and then really there’s going to be variances based on what type of business it is. Is there a gatekeeper? If there’s a gatekeeper, how hard are they to get around, things like that, how competitive is the business? How likely is it that they’re getting killed with cold calls and things like that? I can tell you the vast majority of the time I am going to find a way to get in front of them in person.

Let’s say I find someone and I don’t want to try to make appointment over the phone or whatever. I’m going to find out some things like are they in the chamber of commerce, are they in any industry groups and things like that? If so then I may just show up to one of those meetings and meet them that way. Or I may try to get a warm introduction from one of their past clients, things like that. The answer is really for me I like up close and personal best because that’s going to give me my highest shot at getting someone. All the methods that you mentioned though would work or they could work potentially.

Again, that was a generic answer. You’re really going to have to find your method. Each of you is going to have to find your own method. You're going to figure out too that certain niches are way more conducive to getting leads to things like Lumpy Mail and cold calls and things like that.

Go the next one. Daniel asked, “Can you use the citation tool in SERP as an alternative to Whitespark and BrightLocal?” Yes, but you absolutely can use it but it’s not going to be as thorough. This is a situation of good, better, best. Good better best. In this case best is really going to be Whitespark most of the time and that’s why I teach it. BrightLocal has its positives and negatives but I prefer Whitespark.

If your choice is Fiverr or SERP, use SERP. If your choice is ScrapeBox or SERP use SERP. If your choice is some other crazy method then use SERP, but just realize that SERP’s database of citations is nowhere near as powerful as Whitespark’s. Technically it’s an alternative but it’s not a particularly good one as far as an entry level. Now in in noncompetitive niches you probably would be just fine. Because SERP is mainly going to have the high value generic citations. If you're in a really like small town or really noncompetitive niche, then you probably could get away with that.

Let’s go to the next one. Let’s see, let’s see. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Going through. Next one is from Stephen. He’s already expecting Google to start cracking down on PBNs by verifying their physical address. If they do not reply or respond then Google will disqualify, yada, yada, yada. Again, PBNs are something we do in the monthly/advanced training. No, Google is not going to start verifying addresses of PBNs. 99% of your PBNs aren’t even going to have an address so don’t worry about that.

Things that you need to be worried about as far as Google is concerned with your PBNs, I pretty much cover in the advanced training. If I don’t cover it or don’t address it, the answer is it probably doesn’t matter. I know that may sound egotistical but not only do I have hundreds of PBNs myself and I know some of the people that have PBNs. I mean I can’t name them but some of the top people that you would know if I said their name, I help them manage theirs and keep them safe. I’m telling you, the stuff that you need to worry about I’ve already told you about. All the other stuff you're basically just … mental masturbation is basically what you're doing. Don’t worry about that stuff.

Let’s go on to the next. Let’s see. Next question is Angelo. It says, “I have tried and tried.” Okay, it says, “When you referred to the SNAP plugin which is social network auto poster, do I control what it posts, will I get penalized for duplicate content?” Great question Angelo. The social network auto poster is simply going to be a way to syndicate the content from your blog post. You're not going to get penalized for this. It is duplicate content but it really doesn’t matter that’s duplicate content. What you’re doing with this is basically you’re just sharing what you're posting in different places online.

These sites are not places that you're going to post original content. These are places where you share content. That’s what social network auto poster does. That’s what social sites are all about, they’re about sharing content. They’re not about posting original content.

What you're doing with the SNAP plugin is simply a little bit more powerful than Jetpack. It’s very similar to Only Wire. You are simply getting your posts with a link back out to a couple more high authority sites. My hope with that is that you may actually get some actionable interactions with those posts on some of the sites, maybe even a visit from some of those posts. Remember, that we also can tier off of those posts. If we do a blog post and it goes out to the social network auto poster and it goes out to let’s say 20 sites, then wherever there’s a live link that’s permanent on those 20 sites we can build links to that. That’s what that’s used for. I think that I answered that. I hope so.

Let’s go back. Thanks everybody with all the positive comments. There’s quite a few here and I appreciate it. A lot of you were saying thanks for the great training and yada, yada, yada. I’m not trying to be dismissive of it. I really appreciate it.

Darryl asked about SERP. Darryl, if you would use the link that is in the resources file in the Facebook group it works. If you just go to … Again, let me be real clear about this. I am an affiliate for SERP, meaning that when you sign up for SERP Colin sends me a tiny little check each month. I am financially invested in referring you to it. I am extremely happy and proud to do that though because I think it’s fantastic. But if you just go to the regular SERP it’s going to say closed. That’s never closed for me. It’s always open.

You’ll go to the resources section in Facebook group under the files menu. You’ll download that file and in there there’s a link and it’s like That one always works. You guys really I can’t tell you, I know I’ve talked just so much but I love this software. It’s the best software ever. Love it.

Let’s see. Next question. Stephen again. “Does Google have a way of looking at the past historical who is info,” the reason … stuff registered. Hold on a second. Yeah, the short answer is yes, Stephen, the short answer to your question is yes. The who is information that’s public, yes, Google can see that. Let’s go on. I think we’re doing pretty good. Let’s see we’re almost at an hour so we’re doing pretty good here. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Sorry guys, I’m going through just a bunch of them.

The next one Bruce. “In view of ICANN’s recent toughing up of accountability and transparency factor what’s the safest way to add multiple register domains to a single account with Namecheap or GoDaddy.” I’m going to try Bruce with the one you mentioned in the group. I’m going to try to do this live or I’m going to try to do this now and I may fail. Some of the things here are hard to explain if you really want to get nitpicky on things. Sometimes, and man I hate to do this, but I am going to explain, but this is one of those cases where sometimes you're just going to have to trust me, because explaining the amount of time and energy it would take is exhaustive. Let me answer just and Bruce is a great question by the way, no aspersions on your question at all. I just want to give that caveat first.

One thing that I think is causing some confusion as far as ICANN and registration of domains and things like that is the fact that is the verification process. The common knowledge is that if Stephen Floyd wants to register a domain that according to ICANN Stephen Floyd has to register the domain, has to get his real contact information, has to pay for it, has to purchase it, et cetera. That’s the common knowledge. But in reality that’s not what actually happens.

What actually happens is that ICANN, and I don’t know what they say about this and frankly I don’t really care, I’m going to tell you what happens in actuality. What happens in actuality is that there needs be verification of some real person to register a domain sometimes, but it does not have to be the person whose name is on the account. I’m going to go to let’s I go to GoDaddy and I’m going to register a domain. The first thing it’s going to do is it’s going to ask me to tell who I am. I’m going to fill out my name, address, phone number, email address, all that stuff. Then I’m going to hit next. Then I’m going to choose on my options and I’m going to add it to cart.

Now if we are going to pay with any method other than PayPal then we’re going to be screwed at this point. If I’m not using PayPal then all the information I just put has to be real and verifiable. But I’m not going to use that, a credit card, I’m going to use PayPal. Now I’m going to check out with PayPal through my PayPal account which does not have my name on it. It’s my business name. What’s going to happen next is once that’s done and I’ve paid then they’re going to send a verification email to the email address that I registered with them. I’m going to verify that by clicking on that email. That’s it typically, you're done. Nobody is going to ask any questions. Nobody is going to screw with you.

Now what if they do? What if they do? What’s going to happen and again I used to have an example of this in my other course, but I don’t think I could find it quickly if I tried to, but I actually did this live in my actual PBN course. What you're going to get is you're going to get an email from GoDaddy saying that something like a further proof is required, you recently registered this domain and we think something it’s fishy, and yada, yada, yada, you got to do ABCDEFG.

If that happens, and again let me be crystal clear about this, you have to verify the person who purchased it. If I said that the person purchasing it was John Smith and I’ve bought it, Stephen Floyd, I can send them a copy of my drivers’ license Stephen Floyd and they will approve it and move on. Let me say that again to be crystal clear. The verification is who purchased it. It’s not who did I put it’s registered to.

I don’t know how to be any more clear than that, but that’s the basic answer. I’ve done this hundreds plural of times, so not once or twice and recently I’ve done this, so I’m 1000% sure it works. I’ll tell you that once you have a premier account with any of these, GoDaddy, Namecheap, any of those, then you're going to stop getting those because they’re going to know who you are and then … Or if you do and occasionally you may, all you have to do is say I’m Stephen Floyd ad here’s my GoDaddy master account number, and boom, wait five minutes and you’ll get an email back, “Thank you Mr. Floyd, your verification is successful.”

If you're getting a different result from what I’m telling you now then a couple of things. You may be doing this outside of the United States, in which there may be different rules, I don’t know. I do all of my work in the United States. I know that a couple of things as far as this are different in other countries. Again, if you do what I teach you and it doesn’t work you're probably not in the United States or you're doing something really dumb and you are when you buy the domain and you put in the information you're saying you're in Dallas Texas and really you're in a VPM or something from Cambodia. You just got verified checked, not because of a site name but because your IP address is in freaking Cambodia and you put that you live in Dallas, Texas.

Remember, if they ask for a verification there’s lots of things besides the name and address that can screw you up. For me to go over all the things you could do to screw up would take another hour. I’m not going to do that because it’s not the best use of our time. But I hope that that answered it. I really, really do.

Again, you're going to do like I train, you're going to use the information from the site name generation, you e going to buy it with PayPal, and then if there is an issue with verification you will simply verify you. What you can say is you can say that my company purchased this on behalf of this person or whatever if it gets to like a phone call or whatever.

By the way, that’s extremely common for that to happen. I’m not going to ask for a one from everybody but if I ask for one for everybody who is familiar with the fact that lot of web design companies will register domains on behalf of their clients, and that’s super common practice, I would probably get filled up with ones. I can tell you that it is. There’s a lot of people in businesses that register domains on behalf of third parties and it’s completely fine. They just have to know who that person is. Again, it’s the person that pays is the person they have to verify does not have to match the person whose info you put. I hope that that made sense. For those of you who don’t do PBNs then I hope that I was succinct.

Let’s go forward. Let’s go forward. Let’s go forward. Norm asked, “What are the tools you provide to a new client in terms of reporting or monitoring?” I send them … Every month they get two things from me. They get an invoice from FreshBooks that tells them to pay me and they get the SERP client report, which again is in SERP. It’s a basic report that covers basically their ranking positions and things like that. I don’t use everything in the SERP thing. Just look at it and you’ll see which ones you can probably leave it out.

Let’s see. Let’s see. Bob asked. Bob said, “I had the impression that you were dealing with a number of national firms. How do you do the in person approach with accounts that are on your local area?” Well that’s a good question Bob. Well, I have, me personally I actually do have some national clients. But the national clients that I have actually I got in Dallas. For those of you who don’t know the north Texas area is home to the second most corporate offices for global businesses in the world. Of all the places in the world there are more global companies that have their home office in Dallas than anywhere else in the world, except I think it’s like Singapore or something. I can’t remember. It’s somewhere in Asia is number one.

I do all my stuff in person. As far as prospecting methods go again I’m not saying there’s a good way or a bad way. Everybody has to develop their own style. Before you start looking at prospecting and lead gen on national companies you should have a really solid portfolio of local and medium size businesses. I have a chain in Dallas that it’s a national chain and I have 14 of their locations here in north Texas. That one account alone would get most people … Well probably almost everyone here to a monthly income that they’d be very happy with. That’s what the exception of some of the people that you all know here who are high rollers or whatever. For most of you guys, there’s plenty of people in the local market to take care of.

As far as national stuff if I were really trying to do national stuff then I would probably be going to conventions is what I would be doing. I would be going to industry conventions is where I would be getting nationals. I would probably also be focusing on specific niches if I was going to try to do nationals. Again, I hope I answered that for you at least a little bit.

Let’s see Stephen, another question. “Where have you found your VA?” Lots more questions about that. I get my VAs 100% from Upwork. Used to be whatever it’s There’s lots of different places but Upwork the reason I like it is because they have everything from the really, really cheap like $1 an hour people all the way up to $100 an hour people. I like them. That’s who I use exclusively for finding my VAs.

As far as other methods for that I mentioned this in the advanced/training most states will allow you to have what you call it interns if you meet certain requirements in your office. I would look into that. All of you, if you have a physical address, you have an actual office, not a home office, you have an actual office I would call some of the local junior colleges or local state universities and find out about interns because interns can be free educated labor. Again, let’s see. Again, there’s more training on that in the monthly membership.

Let’s see. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Angelo, “In regards to meeting potential clients if you're active on LinkedIn it will tell you if you have an existing contact that knows your potential client.” He was helping. Thanks Angelo. Sorry, wasn’t a question, you were helping with another answer.

Let’s see, Steve says, “I’ve been told Google is buying links from Fiverr and penalizing links.” Sounds interesting to me. If you're buying links of Fiverr I don’t know what you're doing. I don’t suggest that. I don’t support that. I really don’t know what to say about that. I don’t know why you’d by links on Fiverr. I don’t know why anybody would do that. Fiverr is fantastic for lots of other things. I probably spend $10,000 a year, $15,000 a year on Fiverr, $0 on buying links. I’d use it for lots of other little stuff but wouldn’t buy any links on there.

Let’s see. Bruce, a follow up question. “When you say that you must use PayPal to fund the domain or to register account, can you use a personal PayPal account as opposed to business?” Yeah, absolutely. I don’t think that would be a problem Bruce. Again, and I’ve submitted, I did this live in the other course. I wish I had it handy. I would show you. I just, I have a file that has my driver license on it, has my pretty little picture. If they ask for it I tell them and that’s worked 100% of the time. Not once ever has a domain registrar come back and said, “Well, you said that your name was John Smith and you’re Stephen Floyd,” not once, it’s never happened. But if it did I would say, “Yes, John Smith is my client and I’m registering it on his behalf. He doesn’t even know what a domain is.” Anyway, I don’t think that there’s going to be a problem with that. Again, valid questions for sure.

Matthew asked, “Who do you recommend registering domains with?” Well, it depends on if you're talking about private blog network sites then of course you want diversity. It depends on how many you have. If you're going to have a handful of them, 10, 20, 30 of them, you could probably get away with all of them being on a large provider like GoDaddy because GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world, I think right now still. Bigrock I think is catching up, the Indian one, but anyway, you’d be fine with that.

But once you start getting 75 plus, 60 plus, you definitely are going to have to start looking at using different ones. What I do if you go to Google and just type in top domain registrars 2015 or something like that you're going to get a list and it’s going to show you like who the big ones are. What I’m going to do is I’m just going to spread mine out over those. I believe that right now I have about six. I have six or seven that I use. I use GoDaddy a lot. I use Namecheap a lot, I use Dynadot a lot, I use a lot. Shoot, I can’t think of another one on the top of my head. But all these are top levels. All of these are top level domains registrars so you can hide in the middle.

Let me go here. We’re past an hour now. I am going to go ahead and move onto a little bit of training. Again guys if I missed your question please put it in the group. Again, no one but me can see it, but everybody that’s saying thank you and all that I appreciate it. I read it and thank you for that. I do appreciate positive feedback. Don’t think that I don’t. Just for brevity I’m going to try to move on a little bit.

What we’re going to talk about today is we’re going to talk what everybody is affectionally calling the snack pack update. Oh you know what Josh, I just noticed one more question. Josh, thank you for reminding me. Josh just typed in here right before I just barely saw it. He mentioned Network Solutions. I’m really glad that he did. Do not use Network Solutions. Let me repeat myself, do not use Network Solutions. Yes, they are one of the top registrars. I’m not going to go into it. This is just one of those just please trust Steve and move on things. Do not use them. There are several issues with them. You're going to hate yourself. Again, please do not, do not, do not use Network Solutions. Thanks again Josh for mentioning that.

We are going to move on then really quickly. Guys give me a one if you know what I mean when I say the snack pack update. Give me a one if you know what I mean. Give me a two if you don’t know what I mean. Guys, I’m the only one that can see these so please be honest. If it’s a two please put it in there because your response is going to tell me how am I’m going to answer. I want to be as thorough as possible. Let me go over this. There’s enough that I’m not sure. What I want to … I’m going to show you this really … For those of you who do just bear with me for a couple of minutes.

I want to show you something really, really quick. I’m going to delocalize my results here. For those of you who are not familiar with what I’m talking about, about a month ago Google did a major local update to the maps results here. Prior to this update what you would see here in these maps results if there was one it could be either two listings or three listings or five listings or seven listings. What they would look like is A, B, C, D, E, F, G if there were seven.

Some things changed though about a month ago and now all of the map results look like this one as far as this section. They are now exactly three and that’s why we call it the three pack now or the snack pack. It was termed by one of the guys. Some are also calling it the local pack. Anyway.

What I’m going to talk about today is a couple of things that you need to know and optimize for this. A couple of things really quick. Again, no more seven pack. Now we’re three pack. Again, a couple of things I just want to go over really fast. Number one, you’ll notice that the address is abbreviated. This used to be a full address but it’s not anymore. You’ll notice that the phone number is missing. There used to be a phone number. It’s not there anymore. There are a couple of things. Not only has it changed what it’s showing, the number it’s showing. But it’s also changed some of the things about how it’s showing.

As you guys know if there is a map result here, especially if you're doing a mobile search being in this is some really, really good real estate, being in here is something that you want to be. If you are into Dallas roofing you definitely want to be one of these three guys here for sure. One of the things …

Let me go over a couple of things really fast. Again, the data that I’m going to give you right now is stuff from my own research and a couple of my friends who do a lot of local. We have looked at our results. We’ve looked at our movement and our snack pack. There’s actually a piece of software that you can use that basically like it takes a snapshot of your local rankings every day so you can view it overtime. I don’t think that would be a good investment for most you, but for me it is because I do so much testing. I actually have like before and after shots of how everything changed. When I look across all my clients and a bunch of my friends sites I can actually see the changes, so I can quantify it fairly well.

The first thing that I want to go over, the first most important thing … Excuse me guys, one second. I’ll take a drink real quick. The first thing that I want you to know is that for my clients and my students/friends who are using my methods we won in this the vast majority of the time. Meaning that we are still in the three pack if we were in the seven pack. We certainly if we were in the top three in the seven we are pretty much 100% in the snack pack somewhere.

That’s not bragging but that brings me to point number one which is the most important thing to do is everything I’ve taught you so far about maximizing yourself for the local results. That means all the things in all of these videos, the foundational stuff, making sure that all those things are done. Like if you had a checklist of all the things I teach you to do that you’ve done all those things. What I’m telling you is if you have done all of those things and you were in the seven pack the highest probability is that you're in the three pack. That’s the highest probability. I know some of you fell out because you sent me messages but that’s the first thing that I want to make sure that you understand.

The other stuff I’m going to show you is not a replacement. You’ve got to do all the stuff that I showed you before. Now assume that you’ve done that. I want to show you a … Let me do this. I think this is the one I was working off of. Hold on one second. I think this is the one that I was … No, this is not the one. I’m trying to figure out. Sorry guys, I had an example that I was going to show you. Darn it. Give me one second. Because there are definitely anomalies and there’s definitely different results in different places. This doesn’t show exactly but let me show you anyway.

The second thing or thing that I want to point out to you on this … Again, I apologize. I should’ve had a couple of examples handy and I thought I did, but apparently I didn’t. My apologies. This example I’m going to give you doesn’t match up exactly with what I’m about to tell you. But don’t fret about that. Maybe I can find those them and post them a little bit later.

Let me show you. The second I want to make sure that you're doing now if you're not, the second part has to do with reviews. With reviews there’s going to be two things that you're going to look at. You’re going to look at the rating or the stars and it’s on a five point system, highest being 5.0, and then the number of reviews. All things being even the one with the highest score and the largest number of reviews typically is going to be number one or typically if you look across them they’re going to be consistent that way.

Now again, as I’m looking at this one it’s absolutely not, so again, my bad guys, I should’ve got you a better example. This is kind of an exception SERP that I’m showing you here. But I’ll tell you that what you’re going to find if you were to pull up 10 or 20 of these local, especially for things like roofing, plumbing, locksmiths, that kind of stuff, what you're going to shoot for is this. If you're not in the three pack the first thing that you want to do after you verify that you’ve done all the stuff that we teach is you want to get in the middle of whatever this top three score is. You want to shoot for the middle or the top. Really in this SERP here it looks like you're trying to get a 4.9 with 41 reviews. That’s a lot. It’s not going to be that many in most. I can pretty much promise you that this is not going to be average.

Number one is all the things that I taught you. Number two is going to be reviews. Something that I shared. Guys give me a one if you were on the Google hangout that I did not too long ago in another group. Give me a one. I don’t think that many of you … Let me look, one, two, three, four, okay just four. Guys, right now everybody if you can hear me clearly and you're paying attention give me a three, give me a three because I’m about to tell you something extremely important that no one else has told you. Give me a three. If you're multitasking, if you're chatting, if you're on the phone put it down for a minute, because I’m going to tell you something right now that I don’t think anyone else has told you.

Here we go. You guys know that I’m a Google partner. You guys know that I am a Google … Actually I’m in lots of Google programs. I don’t even tell you guys all the Google programs I’m in, but I’m in a special maps program, I’m in a couple of special promotion groups. But one of the things I can tell you about Google is that before it pushes out a major change or update it likes to test it in specific markets. Let me tell you something that’s being tested right now that I would bet money that it’s going to go global. Let me tell you what it is.

Right now in certain markets only in the restaurant niche Google is giving users the ability to filter results by star rating. Let me explain that. It means that Google is going to pop up a little notification saying only show locations with four or five stars. When you click that little button that’s it, it’s over. That means that from that moment on that user is only going to see results that have four and five stars. Give me a four if you get what I’m saying. Give me a five if you understand how this could massively, permanently, completely annihilate you if you're not doing what you need to be doing.

I think you guys are getting this. Only Google knows if that’s going to happen or not, but I can tell you it sounds like something Google would do. I’m just telling you the way that Google thinks. I would bet money that it’s coming soon. What does that mean for your clients that don’t have four stars or five stars? It means you're screwed. It means they're going to disappear for maps, they’re going to disappear from mobile, which means their CTR and all that are going to disappear. They’re screwed basically.

There’s another little thing I’m going to share with you since we’re on the topic. You guys may have not noticed this but Google is basically hiding the review feature for businesses that don’t have reviews. Give me a two if you know what I’m talking about. Give me a three if you don’t. Give me a three if you don’t. Before when you go here and you click on this little sucker here, you see this write a review button? You see that? Guess what? Let me see if I can find one real quick. There are some that are grandfathered in.

What I’m telling you is this, that if you have businesses that don’t have a single review these buttons are disappearing. They’re disappearing. How do you leave that magical first review? The way that you do that is you're going to have to find their Google Plus page. Give me a one if you think that the average person that wants to leave a review is going to go to the trouble of finding their damn Google Plus page. Yeah, okay. They’re not, not at all.

Again, what am I telling you to do? I’m telling you that if you have clients right now and they don’t have any reviews you better get them a review like right now, like you know what, get off this webinar, it’s like log out and go get them a review. It’s that important. Again, I’m telling you, telling you it’s coming. I can almost promise you at some point in the future I’m going to tell you that it’s here.

Now for those of you that haven’t gone through this part of the training yet in order to get these little stars here you have to have five reviews on your Google my business. That’s the magic number. You have to have five to get the stars. Give me a one if you understand that not having these stars is an epic fail for your clients. Give me a one if you understand that not having these stars is an epic fail. The only excuse for not having five stars for one of your clients is, “Hey, Steve, I freaking signed them like an hour ago. I’m working on it buddy.” That’s the only excuse for that. If you’ve had a client for more than a week or two they don’t have these stars you’re messing up my friends. Get those stars.

Again, I go over this in the training, but the easy way to get five stars is have the employees and the relatives do it. I don’t care if you think it’s ethical or unethical. You have to understand that if they don’t have these stars they’re not even in the fight. Your client is literally not even in the battle as far as local is concerned because people have star blindness. I can tell you. You guys know for sure what I’m about to say is this, if you were searching for a roofing contractor in Dallas and you came upon this nice thing here, guys give me a one if you would click on JNT roofing and commercial contractor. Give me a one. Give me a two if you would click on anything else. Give me a two if you would even scroll down past these first three results.

I’m telling you that statistically what 90 something percent of you guys are going to do, your brain is going to immediately go to the stars, beep, beep, beep, beep, and it’s going to see this, 4.9, boom 41, bam click here. Lon and Burt you're not even going to see them. American Pride, they’re completely screwed, they have no chance at all, no chance at all. This guy is winning the SERP. He’s number two. Guarantee you, he’s absolutely killing everyone else. Again, if you need to use employees, use relatives, trade with somebody in our group, do whatever the hell you need to do but get those reviews. Get them, get them, get them, get them.

The next thing that we’re going to do. Let me show you, and again this is come about, the next thing I’m going to tell you comes back from my data analysis. While it’s not exhaustive I can almost promise you that you can extrapolate this. Please pay attention to this part really carefully. We’ve done all the basic stuff. We’ve got the reviews. What do we do next? The next thing that we really want guys is back to links, it’s back to domain authority. When this first came out there were a couple of high profile people maybe a day or two after right away that did some pretty high level analysis as far as numbers wise and the first thing that came out of their brain was high domain authority links.

Now I don’t like to talk about things 30 seconds after they happen, but I can tell you the people that said that in this case were absolutely right. What are we talking about? Again, for those of you who are new or need a refresher what we’re looking for as far as links is we’re looking for links that have two types of authority. One or the other is great. If they’re going to have both that’s even better. The two types that we have as far as relevance are going to be location and niche. Dallas roofing, we want links that are from Dallas and areas around Dallas or roofing, and roofing as a niche and things that are related to roofing. Again, you’ve already got a good start with all of your citations and things like that.

Another good thing that you can do I showed this I think in the monthly training, I’m going ahead and show it here now. There’s a service called It is a subscription service but you can buy credits. I think it’s $1 or $2 per credit. It’s extremely cheap. Everyone here can afford it. What it does is it’s going to allow you to build a bunch of different types of links. What I want to show you I’m going to go to view prospects. Now I want to show something here. Guys, I’m going to try to make it where you can see my screen. Give me a one if you can read like. Actually in the box type this. If you can read this, these two words right here, type them into the box so I know that you can read them. If you can’t give me a one, if you can’t read it give me a one, because I think pretty much everyone can.

What you're looking at here is this is all of the different types of links that this service can find for you. Now I also showed you drop my link, and of course Whitespark and some of the other citation services also find these types of links for you. But one thing it’s different about Citations Labs is Citation Labs has its own list. It’s constantly, it has its own database that it’s pulling these things from.

For specifically local, for specifically high domain authority links, I want to show you some of the things that are going to be particularly fantastic for you. We have guest posting, guest posting on legitimate blogs. This it may be relevant for area if you find a Dallas blog, so you find a blogger, a real blog in Dallas and you can do a guest post on it and get a link. Fantastic. It’s awesome. Or in niche. There’s probably not a cool roofing blog, but if there is and you can do a post on it, then great.

Links pages. Find the resources on links pages. I link to your site. I’m going to show you this one here. I’m going to show you this. I’m going to show you an example of this. Then we’re going to go back. I have command center here. This site here is ranked number one for I think fresco roofing or one of those terms. I just choose this as an example because I knew that it would work. Let me show you something about its back links. Now this is a local business. But what I want to show you is this.

Here you see domain rank 50 and this page here Then you see this other nine.html. Then down here you see on this one partnernine.php. Interesting. Flooring links page nine, partner nine, other nine, sure a lot of nines. I wonder how this page got on so … I wonder how this business just happened to earn links legitimately on all these sites that happen to say the number nine. Weird. Just crazy. I mean who’d thunk it. Well, no, they didn’t. What these are are resource links. I’m going to open this up to show you.

We have this wonderful site here, Look what we got here. Holy molly casserole. Boy, look at that, county and town and country roofing DFW, town and country roofing specializes in a variety of roofing systems for commercial and residential properties. Look at that. This is a resources page. They are many, many like it on the internet.

Now you see how this is on other nine. What that tells me is that’s at page nine. Let’s see what’s on page eight. I’m betting that it’s a whole another page of “bright” resources. Well look, there’s some at San Antonio. Knee pain. Hip hop lessons. Wow. Accident recovery. Nine. Well shoot, there’s a nine. I’ll bet you there’s got to be a seven. Wow look there’s a seven. Guys give me a one if you see what’s going on here. Give me a one if you see what’s going on here.

What you’ve got basically is a little network made out of resources pages. Now this one is an organized link network. I know the person that owns this link network. Every time a new client comes in through certain SEOs which it’d be really easy to see if you went here who that SEO is, they get added to this little link network. Normally this is dumb and you run the change of getting caught. But so far they haven’t gotten caught. This has been up for about eight years now.

Anyway. Why am I showing you this? The reason I’m showing you this is if you choose links pages here what you're going to find is hopefully, I know you're going to because I use this tool, you're going to find resources pages like this that are actually sort of legitimate. This is clearly a little scammerific network going on. This guy charges I think $500 a year actually to have a link on here. Every time a new business comes on they just add it.

But if you use this tool you can find legitimate resource pages. Those legitimate resource pages are going to be local businesses, so any business that’s in Dallas that could conceivably do business with a roofer could have a link back to your site. That’s legitimate. Give me a two if you get that. Give me a two if you are a local let’s say painter. Here, that’s a good one. Give me a two if you're a local painter in Dallas and you have a page that says, “Here’s some businesses that are local that we recommend and here is a good roofer.” That’s completely legit. Give me a three if you don’t get what I’m saying. I see a lot of twos. Give me a three if you're not getting that. Pretty much all twos.

That’s completely legit. If a Google reviewer where to look at that and call the painter and say, “Hey, what are you doing trading links here Mr. Man, with this link farm man,” he’d say, “What’s a link farm?” “Well, you have this link here to this town and country roofing.” “Well yeah, they do good roofs. They did my roof.” What’s Google going to say? Nothing, nothing wrong with that. That’s what you’re going to use this tool for. You're going to use this tool to help find other local businesses or even niche businesses.

Again, for our roofing guy what if there is the American Roofers Network or something, not an actual industry link, not a legitimate one but just … Or maybe a forum or something. Anyway, the point is you can go through here and find some of these resource pages that are not spammy, I promise you, they’re there, because I use them myself, and find some really good solid links.

Now a couple more real quick. I can do three hours on this page. I promise you, but I’m not going to do that today. I want to show you a couple that I want to make sure that you don’t miss. Donation links. Donation links are absolutely fantastic for local especially. When you go here you're going to type in a couple of keywords and it’s going to go fine. Usually mostly local charities that have sponsor pages. Let’s your local food bank has a 5k run to raise money. You donate $50 and they give you a link and it goes on their page and it never goes away. That page is never removed and a lot of charity sites are really high authority sites. Now you have a very, very good location relevant link for $20 or $25 or $50.

I’ll tell you too a lot of you guys can do what’s called an inkind donation. Give me a one if you … Actually give me a two if you don’t know what an inkind donation is. Give me a two if you don’t know. I’m assuming most of you don’t know. That’s fine. I’ll go and explain. What an inkind donation means it means that you're going to give them something of value but it’s not going to be money. Typically what it’s going to be is like trading a service. You could say like a website. Let’s say you're going to build them a website and it’s a $500 value. You're in effect “donating” $500 because you're building them a website. Then you can buy your way onto those donation pages without actually spending money. Does that make sense?

There’s a bunch of stuff on here guys and I don’t want to go into a million different techniques, but one more that I want to tell you just really quickly that works really good is going to be scholarship links. Any of you who’ve read this somewhere else, please don’t mention it and get me started, because I mentioned this technique a long time ago and someone borrowed it from me and then took credit for it and just pisses me off. That person actually is kind of famous in our industry. Again, don’t mention it. It irritates me every time I see it posted.

What you can do you can go to any local college or community college and find out about sponsoring a scholarship. Sometimes these can be for a semester or can be for a whole year. For as little as literally $100 you can have a link on a super high authority edu domain. Again, I’m not going to go into the specifics of this, but if I have to explain to you that paying $100 for 12 months of a link on a really powerful edu then probably you should go back to the basic training. Give me a one guys if you're getting what I’m saying. Give me a one if you're getting what I’m saying.

These are easily found. There’s lots of different search strings where you can find these. And if you want to ask in the group I can give you some. All of the major colleges have these. Again, I don’t have an example, I wasn’t prepared, but if you go to any of the major colleges there’s going to be a public link that shows all the scholarships. It’s going to say, $100 scholarship to any freshman in marketing offered by blank company. Boom, follow link with anchor text.

I got to tell you man, one of those kind of links, you can take 10 or 20 PBNs and just shove them right somewhere in the dark as far as a comparison. That money is just boom, boom, boom, and there’s no cap on that. You can be a very, very … Your business could be really into education. I’ll tell you really where this is going to kill it for you. If you can get niche education links, holy crap, if you have a chiropractic that’s a client and he can get links from chiropractors schools.

Now he should already have one form his or hers that they went to, a legitimate one, most of the time they should be able to. But if the school that they went to for chiropractic, they could get these from typically multiple ones. Do a $100, $200, $300 scholarship, do five or 10 of these, you can spend a couple of grand a year it’s going to save you $1 million in freaking PBNs and a headache. Also, do me a favor, in the chat box type the percent chance, so 0%, 200% that you think Google is going to penalize that edu link going to your site. Give me your ideas of the percentage.

Yeah pretty much. Some people are putting negative or 0%. You guys are probably right. The chances of that happening are absolutely 0. They say never say never. I’m going to say never. Two things about that link. Number one, it’s safe. Number two it’s powerful as it’s crazy powerful. I go over this in the authority link section guys. I don’t even know if I mentioned this technique. I think I did, but one or two links like this can absolutely just annihilate the competition sometimes.

The only bad part about these is that there’s no way to hide them, you can’t mask them or anything. This is one of those kind of deals where if you have a good SEO that you're fighting against they can buy the same links as you do. But I’ll tell you for most of you guys, especially in the medium competition niches, man you have no idea. I can tell you that all the SEOs that I know, all, even the really top ones, nobody does this. Like nobody does this because it’s like legit and it’s a little bit of work. It’s like a little bit of a pain in the ass. They’d rather go I don’t know five or six million GSA links or build some kind of weird link wheel with web 2.0. blogs or buy 300 freaking PBNs. This kind of stuff though is just really, really powerful. This is the kind of stuff that it’s just going to bust you up.

Now let me be clear. If you have location pages these links are pointing to that location page. Do not go get one of these $200 link a year links and point at the home page if you're trying to rank an inner city page. Again, remember we’re talking about the snack pack here. Now of course these links are fantastic for anything, but if we’re talking about the snack pack we want these links going pointing to those landing pages as inner pages if possible.

I think I’ve covered everything else here. I think I’ve covered everything else here. That’s enough for this one I think. We have about 15 minutes left. Then let me get to … Let me think, I think I had one more point. Oh, okay, I don’t want to forget this. I’ll tell you one of the things definitely that I saw for sure, I already know I’m showing this part of a screen again. Mobile. This is one of those things in SEO a lot of times people mess up. They think that correlation equals causation.

A lot of times in SEO, and I’ll tell you when this really comes out, when somebody is trying to sell you something. When someone is trying to sell you something they say, “I did this and I wasn’t ranking …” Wait, I’m sorry. “I wasn’t ranking. Then I did this, and now I’m ranking. Therefore what I did caused that change.” Give me a one if you get what I’m saying. Give me one if you get what I’m saying.

That what I did caused the change. Correlation equals causation. It’s one of the most mythical things in freaking SEO freaking selling courses. It irritates the crap out of me. Because frequently correlation does not equal causation. Let me give you the classic example of spurious correlation. Give me a two if you think that I could prove to you statistically that there’s a correlation between the number of firemen and the size of the fire. Give me a two if you think I could prove that statistically. I mean I can prove it 100%. Give me a two. Give me a three if you think I can’t.

Let me explain correlation and causation really, really quickly here. I know I’m digressing but I think this is important. Wherever there is a large fire more firemen are going to be present. That just makes sense. They’re going to send more firemen to a larger fire. But does that mean that more firemen cause larger fires? Because correlation equals causation. I can prove to you that if there’s 20 firemen there that’s a bigger fire that if there were five. Therefore clearly firemen cause fires. Everybody gets that now. Give me a one if you get what I’m saying. Give me a one if you get what I’m saying.

I want you to remember that example I just gave you when you see the next SEO freaking shiny object for sale because they almost always try to fool you with correlation equals causation. “My site wasn’t ranking. Then I did this and now I’m ranking, therefore that’s what caused it,” and 99% of the time it’s complete BS, it’s complete bullshit, had nothing to do with what they did. They’re just trying to sell you something.

Again, sorry for digressing, but the reason why I wanted to explain that is because mobile, being mobile friendly, all of the data that I have points to this actually being a valid correlation to ranking in the snack pack. Meaning that the vast majority of sites that we found in the snack pack were mobile friendly and I don’t think that is a random occurrence.

Again, I know that you guys know that your sites have got to be mobile friendly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, especially if you're new, go to the webinars. I explain how to test your sites, see if it’s mobile friendly, and if it’s not I tell you exactly how to get it mobile friendly. I even teach you how to use it as a prospecting method and how to make a bunch of money with it. If your sites are not mobile friendly, if you're not sure just get it done. You’ve got to get it done.

That is going to be it for snack pack. Again, if something new comes up I promise you that I will make sure that you guys know it. Now one last thing I want to go over on the topic of like because several people that asked about like what are some other blogs I can follow, or I read this here or I read this there. I’m going to say this and I hope that it doesn’t come out the wrong way. I hope that you guys understand when I say this. I think you guys, at least the guys that have been with me three or four, five, six months now, a year, you know me well enough to know that I’m not being big headed, but I hope everybody else get with me.

Every day part of what I do for a living is I read through all of the relevant data that has to do with local SEO. There’s several different places that I go, there’s several groups I belong to, there’s private groups that you can’t get into, there’s secret groups. No, you can’t get into them. We all at a very high level talk about what’s going on and what you need to know. That’s what you're paying me for here. Especially if you're paying for the monthly group, that’s what you are paying me for.

Instead of going and reading 10 SEO blogs every day and then going and buying three or four monthly subscriptions to several other courses and then trying to figure out what parts you think are real, if you just do my monthly membership I promise you that everything that I train you in there is stuff that is legitimate, it’s stuff that works, it’s stuff that safe. I am filtering all of that knowledge from all those places through my almost 12 years of experience and giving it to you.

The monthly membership the promotional price is $59 a month. The regular is 97. What you're getting for that, I pay about … Let me see, right now, I pay almost $900 a month for membership personally for information, $900, almost $900 a month. Out of all of that there is just a tiny bit of actionable content that’s good, it’s actionable, it’s trust, it’s reliable. That’s what I’m giving back to you for the $60 a month.

You could do it the other way if you wanted to. You absolutely could. You could learn SEO for 10 years or 12 years like I have and eat it and drink it and sleep it, also make friends with some of the best SEOs in the world alive today and talk to them on a daily basis. You can do all those things.

Or you again you could just kind of trust me and just do my little $60 month deal. Again, I’ll tell you why do I pay that $900 a month. It’s worth it. I’d pay three times that. I’d pay four times that. Because what happens is each one of those things I may get one nugget every two or three months but it’s absolutely worth it for me, at my level of experience it’s absolutely worth it to get one little thing here and there, and again, especially now so I can share it with you guys. It’s something that I can share with you guys.

I think that’s … Yeah, we’re almost at two hours. Now I put this in the post, but I want to make sure that all you guys know I will have this replay up probably within not even an hour. Sometimes it’s a little bit longer because it takes me longer just to physically get it in the back end, because I’m not very good with the optimized press. You guys know that if you’ve looked at the back end. It’s ugly. It sucks. It’s not organized well. I apologize. I promise you I’m working on that. I promise, I promise, I promise. Bear with me.

I’m doing lots of things that you're going to see in the next month or two to make the information easier to find. It’s going to be much better organized and things like that. I promise, just bear with me. But I promise you that these replays will be up as soon as I have them. As soon as I hit end webinar it automatically starts processing it. I normally have it done in about 20 minutes. It takes me about another 30 minutes to upload it and then to put the link in the members area. I promise it’s not going to be two weeks before you get your deal.

Joanne, your question is going to be the last one. Joanne asked about mp3. Yes, that’s coming soon. It’s one of the things that I’m going to start doing on every video moving forward is I’m going to rip out the audio and put it into an mp3 so you guys can do what I do. I mentioned this. I don’t know if it was in my group or one of the other groups that I coach in, but my car is like an academy on wheels. When I’m in my car I don’t listen to radio. I listen to learning. I’m always listening to training. I’ve always got my mp3s or whatever kind of stuff.

I’m going to start ripping. In fact it’s already started. I’ve already got the process started on ripping all the audio from all of the videos and all of the webinars. At some point hopefully in the very near future I’m going to make that available to you guys. Again, I suggest that you go through it. Listen, it’s not me honestly, but guys I go through training, I go through it just over and over and over and over again. I got to tell you, training that I really like and I really enjoy.

I’ll tell you a good example. For those of you who are familiar with OMG machines, anything that Greg Morrison does, Greg is I’m proud to say is actually a good friend of mine, but anything that he does I listen to it at least like twice. I just do. I hope that as you're beginning I hope that you can treat some of my content the same way, not because I’m as good as Greg Morrison or anything like that, but I can tell you that enough members have posted that it’s been beneficial to them that I believe it’ll be beneficial for you. There’s just something about hearing something more than once to where to sometimes it just may be the state of mind you're in, it may be all kinds of different things. I highly suggest you start just going through it multiple times.

Anyway. Guys again we’re almost at two hours. Anyone who’s question didn’t get answered please ask it in the Facebook group. Again, I hope you guys understood my heart here in the beginning with these housekeeping things. I’m not better than any of you guys. My time is not more valuable than any of yours. It’s just the only way that I can manage this group and do my actual job, run my actual business, and go to school, and have a family and all that is if we can keep to these rules. Please help me keep my sanity and help me do these things. The more sane I am the better my training will be too. There’s something in it for you guys.

Again, as always I thank you each and every one for being members. You guys are a blessing to me. You're a blessing to my family. I appreciate you all. I do my best to provide the best value that I can from the training. Yes, a couple of you asked. I promise you I have some completely new training coming soon that I am going to charge for a lot of money like probably $1000 or more for a couple of courses. None of you that are here are going to be paying that. You may pay something but it’s not going to be anything … It’s going to be some fraction of what it’s going to be available for in public I promise. Or I actually think maybe some of you guys I may just have help me beta test or something. I really don’t want to charge you for it. That’s my goal.

Guys, I’m going to call it. I appreciate you. If you came in late I will try to have this up tonight. Again, I hope you all have a blessed evening and I’ll see you guys in the groups.