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All right, everybody. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to our mobile monthly webinar. Guys, if you can hear me clearly, give me a three please. Give me a three if you can hear me clearly. Give me a four if you can't hear me at all. Ha, ha, it was a trick. If you can't hear me at all, then you shouldn't be able to put a four.

All right guys, welcome back. Thank you for indulging me in my little pre-show audio, little bit of motivation mixed in with little bit of music. Like many people, before I get in front of an audience, whether it's in person or whether its over a webinar setting like this, I have a little ritual that I like to do that kind of gets me going, gets me in the mood, gets me excited, gets me fired up, gets me ready to teach, gets me ready to share. That stuff just kind of gets me going. I love that song by Sting.

Anyway, all right guys so, looks like we are right on time. Looks like we got pretty good amount of people here, so I'm going to go ahead and go. Before anybody asks, yes, this is going to be recorded. I'm not promising that all of these are going to be recorded though, there's some things that I'm just probably not going to record, guys, so if you miss it, you miss the lab, you just missed it. Sorry about that.

All right, listen, first thing I need to know, guys, give me a three if you did not, I repeat, give me a three if you ... I'm sorry, let me show my screen real quick. All right guys, give me a four if you can see my screen. That's first. Give me a four if you can see my screen. Okay, good. Now guys, give me a three if you have not gone to this page. Give me a three if you have not gone to this page like I sent in that email, and kind of checked it out. All right, so a couple of people. Give me a five if you have already gone and checked this out. Give me a five if you've already gone and checked this out. All right, so most of you have.

Okay, so listen, tonight's going to be a little bit different. What I'm going to do, if you watched this page, then you already know some of what I'm going to cover. What I intended to do was answer questions over this. The main questions that I keep getting about this have to do with pricing and positioning and things like that. Guys, if you're on this webinar and you weren't on the last one where I talked about what's going on with the mobile update on April 21st, or if you haven't read this page, you're going to be a little bit confused. Hopefully, you can still learn something, but this is really for the people that have already kind of acted on what we've talked about before. Hopefully, you guys are in a good position.

Guys, give me a four if you've already sold at least one of these. Give me a four if you've already sold at least one mobile website package. Good. Matter of fact, give me ... those of you that ... Oh wow, good, okay, good. A lot more than I thought. Excellent.

Okay, now, do me another favor guys, those of you that have sold at least one, give me the number that you've sold. Go ahead and put in there and give me the number that you've sold so we can see there. I've sold a bunch of these, but I'm doing them the way I do them. Okay good. All right, good. Everything from one to looks like nine, so that's awesome. Okay, good. The good thing about this guys is this is evergreen. We're using the urgency of the update on April 21st to put a little bit of scarcity on this for everybody, but the mobile update's not going anywhere, so forever, people are going to need to have sites that look good, sites that look good on mobile. What you can do for them is really easy. Let me go through a couple things really first, and then my intention is to have at least half of this or more as a Q&A. Half or more of this is a Q&A.

The first thing I want to show you guys is ... so again, give me a two if you've already played with this. Give me a two if you've already gone in and played with this. All right, let me see how many people. Pretty good. Give me a three if you haven't. Looks like about 50/50. All right, looks like about 50/50. Okay. All right, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Looks like about 50/50. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to run through this.

Listen, yes, I'm heavily promoting this surf tool, and I'm not trying to hide that. I love this tool. I think everyone of you should have it. Yes, if you buy it through my affiliate link, I do get a small commission, but even if there were no commission, I promise you, I would still want you to use this tool because the only way that you can really get a tool that's this powerful for this price is if you do a whole bunch of group buys. Basically, you're basically stealing when you do that, most of the time. This is a way to do it and to do it safely and to do it ethically and all that good stuff, so that's why I keep pushing it.

The creator of this tool, Collin, makes updates all the time. Like I said in that last video, every time someone signs up with my affiliate link, that's like one more vote for our group for him to listen, for him to do things. I can tell you that when this thing started about two months ago, it didn't have half of the features it has right now. That's not even an exaggeration. You guys that jumped on this as part of OMG, give me a three if you know what you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about, right? Guys, if you were part of OMG, this launched to OMG first. That's another very great SEO group that I belong to. Their group and our group are the only ones that can purchase this, but they'll tell you, any of those that got it, it wasn't even ... there was like four tabs when this thing launched. Now there's like twice as much, probably, and not only that, but even the individual pieces are just, they just keep getting better, and better, and better, and better.

Again, not to make this a sales pitch for SERP, but since I've got you guys on here, I do want to show you a couple things you may not know about, just real fast. Link indexer pro, basically, all this does is it allows you to go in and use an API from any link indexer service that you want to throw in your links and get your links indexed. Just makes things simple, right, all under one roof.

Google index checker, people are asking me about this all the time. This is the easiest fricking way to do an index check. You got a bunch of ... say you're monitoring PBNs or what ever, just throw a bunch of them in here, or say you're considering buying a bunch, and you're not sure if they're indexed. Drop them in this thing, hit run, and it'll tell you right away what they are. Let me show you this one. Let me show you this report real quick. There's just a bunch of them, right, obviously the one's in red are not found and the one's in green are. If they aren't, see how send not found link to link indexer, so real handy way to do that.

Grammar checker. You guys know that I use Grammar Link, right? I teach that in the course to check, because there is a grammar filter for Google. Here you go. It's integrated. So guys, give me a four if you already know this stuff. Give me a four if you already have kind of seen this stuff. Give me a five if you haven't looked around at this stuff yet. Okay, good. So again, it looks like most of you have kind of done it.

Last quick question here, give me a six if you have looked at content restore and you understand what it does. Give me a six if you've looked at it and you understand what it does. Okay, one, two, three, four. Okay, a few of you. So wow, maybe 10% of you. Okay. So let me show you this really quick, and I'm not going to go through it, but I'm going to show you what it is so you'll understand how you can use it. Okay. Now, our web archive is having some issues right now, over the last few days, so it may not be functional right now, but it's not Collin's fault, it's web archive. Basically, what you're going to do is you are going to put a URL in here for a PBN site. Let's say you bought an expired domain, you put it in here and you fetch Go. It downloads all the pages for you, and then you can upload those pages back up just like they were the old site. People talk all the time about restoring PBNs and people charge to do that and all that kind of stuff. This is just a real quick, easy way to do it.

Again, bunches of tools in here. All kinds of stuff. Again, I can't stress enough how great this tool is.

What we're talking about tonight is Mobile Prospector. All right, so about half of you said that you've already played with this, so I'm not going to go into this into detail. Honestly, Collin's videos on this are good. He does a good job. Some people don't that sell software as a service, but he does. So you know, for those of you that haven't played with it yet, you can search in here. You can type in a phrase. For instance, I typed in Dallas Dentist, and I did hit Schedule Report, and sometimes, this takes a while to run. Especially right now, because this is hot. You've got 3000 people in OMG using this tool, plus you guys. Sometimes, you may have to run the tool and then run it back.

As you see here, when you do it, and this will take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to pull this up, depending on when you use it and other variables, but be patient. All these you see, all these have passed. All of these have mobile versions. I'm going to go to page 2. Here's my targets. Everybody that's on here, all the red ones, all of these did not pass the mobile-friendly test. As you see here, some of them, what he does is he scrapes the Who Is to see if he can find their contact information and stuff. This gives you a whole bunch of information.

Here's Mint Dentistry. I'm going to click View Info on Mint Dentistry, and here's what it's going to do. Here's a preview of what it looks like, and then I'm going to go ahead and hit the generate preview button now. Let me see, I think I'm already ... Hold on, this shouldn't take too long, but again, guys, give Collin some grace right now, because this tool is brand new, and you know, you've got everybody and their dog is using it. Everybody's hitting it hard. He's always doing a good job with the servers and with the bandwidth and all that, but if you come in here and it takes two or three minutes to get something, don't freak out and start calling Collin names or anything.

All right, so hold on, let me try it again. Of course, because I'm live, I had this up earlier and it ran just fine. Let me try another one. Basically, what's it's going to do is you know when it's done, it's just going to show you. It's going to pull the preview straight out of view to mobile and show you.

Let's go away from this here real quick, and let's go back here. I'm in my Duda pro, you know, my partner dashboard. I actually have two accounts with them, but this is the one I'm going to show you guys. One of the things that I wanted to make sure that you have seen is that when you go into these ... so for instance, this is one that I did ... when you go in here and you go to preview, this is going to show you just the one site, what it looks like. When you go all the way to the publish page, then right here, this is a branded URL. So like you see here, it says SEO Floyd. That would be your business name, whatever you signed up with.

This is what you will send to your prospective client. You see how I've got my logo here? So it's branded for me, and it shows them exactly what it looks like. It's not just an image, see how it's movable, it's live. So they can see what's going on here. Then this, as you see, this is very simple and very clean. Again, like we talked about on all the other webinars, this is something that I made in Dudamobile in like ... it takes me about a minute to make one of these, because when you go through the editor, it takes about 10 seconds, but then what you'll have is you'll have some stuff at the bottom, and you just right-click and delete. Right-click and delete. Right-click and delete. So about 10 seconds to make the page that I end up using, and then a bunch of stuff at the bottom.

What I want to show you while we're in here, too, I want to show you a lot of the content. A lot of the things. Because that's one of the things a lot of people were asking about was pricing, and I'm going to go over that in a minute. I want to show you a couple things to make sure you understand. You've got all kinds of things you can do in here. I mentioned it before, this is going to be gold for you. The coupon is going to be gold for you, because as far as conversions go, there's really nothing better. I know this from personal experience, not just industry research. I've been using mobile sites for about two years now, I think, with all my clients. All my clients have mobile sites. These coupons, I've done a lot of testing, and they work.

The nice thing is it doesn't even have to be a "real coupon", right? One of the businesses that I have is they do auto repair, and it's a chain. Every month, they do a new coupon. The coupon is basically what it costs anyway. They just adjust the price or whatever. This doesn't have to be a money-losing thing for your client, but this would be a reason why someone would want to pay you monthly. Give me a three if you understand that part. Give me a three if you understand that part.

All right, so you understand that the customer having the ability to change this coupon every month is valuable to them. We talked about this in our citation section, and one of the citation videos where I told you that the best thing that you can do for your citations after you create them is to go back roughly once a month and change out this coupon, because that's what's going to hit the conversions for you. That's really how people get lots of business from Yelp and Merchant Circle and the external, third-party citation sources, because they've got these nice coupons.

A lot of this is going to depend on who the target audience is. Which one of these services they're going to want to do. Make sure that you go through, and make sure that you are ... you understand what all these various options are. Because there's some really powerful things in here depending on what kind of a business they are and what kind of services they offer and things like that. You definitely want to make sure that you do that stuff.

Let's see here. Let me go to the next deal here. Let me see. I'm not going to do this live, but maybe we'll do another QA, but honestly, because there's some people asking questions like how do you actually do these and stuff. That probably is something that would be better to do just directly through Duda. I promise it's all easy, and most of this can be pulled. As I mentioned before, if you have the WordPress login and you have it synced, right here, this Call Us has this phone number, if they change this phone number on the site, it's going to automatically sync it to your mobile. Give me a three if you get what I'm saying. Give me a three if you get what I'm saying, and give me a four if you know how cool that is. Give me a four if you know how freaking cool that is that all they have to do is change it on their website and it automatically updates on their mobile. Yeah, everybody's giving me fours, because that's freaking awesome.

Let me ... I know, guys, I know I'm talking fast, and I'm going fast and I'm doing it intentionally, because I want to get through a lot tonight. I promise, I'll do Q&A at the end, I promise.

Another thing that I want to show you here, guys, that again, maybe some of you haven't gone through, and hopefully, this won't take too long. All right, so under the dudapro, you're going to go here and you go to, you see custom branding. I want to show you the login. Okay, so give me a five if you understand that when you're charging them for these updates that you give them the login. Give me a five if you get that, that they do it themselves. Give me a six if you had no idea. Give me a six if you're like, "What? I thought I did them." Yeah. Okay, so guys, this is private labeled. So this is real, you know, private/white-labeled. You don't have to do the updates for these people if you don't want to. You can. You can choose to.

You know, you may even choose to offer different levels. One level includes a do-it-yourself service, and one level includes a done-for-you service. Again, this is one of those things ... you hear people talking about nickel and diming people. Yeah. That's usually a bad phrase, but you know, these are valuable services that you're offering to small business owners. The money they're going to make back from these is way more than what they're going to pay you. It's going to be a wonderful return on investment for them. Think about add-ons.

This is what ... you see my little logo here, so this is what I would send, and when I go inside ... oh, I'm sorry, I did the wrong one. Let me go to the editor. So when they go inside here, again, they see your logo, right? So right now, play like I'm the client. Right now, I'm the client, and I can login and do all my little changes. Just like you're doing. All the little stuff, and all it is, is private-labeled here with your logo. Also, here on the custom domain, this is what they're going to see. So their login is going to be whatever you decide at Notice this says nothing about dudamobile. Give me a four if you understand what I'm saying now. Give me a four if you understand what I'm saying now. Give me a five if you're confused. Give me a five if you're still confused. If it is five, it's cool, just tell me. I don't mind. I don't see a single five.

All right. In other words, after you sell this sucker, if your clients use the self-service update option, which is more affordable than the done-for-you service, but it's still a monthly fee, right? Still a monthly fee. They're going to go to this URL to login. Okay, so mine says SEO Floyd, because this is the duda account I'm using for this training. The one that I use for my actual clients is a different one, obviously, because people are dicks and sometimes these webinars get out in the public. Sorry for cussing, but I don't want anybody messing with my real client sites. I usually use other accounts for pretty much everything I show you guys. Anyway, so this would be like your business name here, so your clients can go through.

Let me see here. Let me see. What else, what else did I want to show you? All right, I think ... I think that's it for this part. Oh, so a couple more things I wanted to show you. I am going to ... all right, so guys, give me a three if you learned something in the last twenty minutes. Give me a four if you haven't, you already knew all this. Give me a three if you learned something, give me a four if you haven't, if you already knew all this. I want to get kind of a feeling where everybody is. Okay good. So far, I see one four. Okay, good. So the one person that put a four, I've got some stuff coming, so don't feel bad.

All right, I think this covers this part, so now let me go over a couple of other things. One thing I'm going to do for you guys, I am going to make a couple of files available to you. I want to make this crystal clear. These files are not for your website. I'm going to say it again. These files that I'm going to give to you are not for your website. They are not to be publishes. They are to be used as I'm about to show you. Okay?

So guys, give me a four, which is your electronic signature, that you understand that you're not going to use this content on a website or in an article or anything like that. Okay, give me a five if you plan on doing that, and I'm not going to give you the download link. Okay, all right good. I think everybody's got that.

Here's the first thing I want to show you. First thing I want to show you is the mobile services proposal. What this is, is a Word document. Obviously, I've set it up so it's white-labeled. So where it says Your Logo Here, you're going to put your logo here, and you're going to go through, feel free to adjust and change anything that you want here. I know a lot of you don't have one of these and it would be helpful for you to have one of these, and so I went ahead and threw this together. I actually combined some different stuff that I had, some PLR, and I wrote some stuff, too, so it's okay for me to give it to you. It's just not okay for you to publish, because it's bits and pieces of this are probably on other people's websites, so that's why you don't want to do it.

Anyway, as you can see here, it's got kind of all the stuff here. A lot of you were asking me, and I know a lot of you freak out about this kind of stuff. As you see how it goes here, you see all this stuff, it's got the prices, it's got everything that you need on it. Give me a five if that's totally cool. Give me a five if that's totally cool. All right, because I was hoping that it was. It took me some time and energy to put together, but I thought you guys would really find it valuable. Okay, cool.

All right, so I will upload this probably to a Dropbox, and then you guys that are monthly members, I'll send you an email that has the link to the Dropbox. This is pretty cool. Again, it's not the best looking thing ever, but if you really want to get this tight, you can get somebody on Odesk or probably, honestly, guys, even on Fiverr to make this really tight for you. When I do it, I use a PDF. The PDF just looks better, it's more professional. I did this as a Word doc, because not everybody has Adobe Acrobat Pro, so I know pretty much everybody can edit a Word doc. You're just going to go through and click these down. Go through and look through. The pricing is just ... I just came up with it out of my butt, so don't think that this is good pricing or whatever. We're going to talk about pricing here in just a minute. That's number one.

The next thing that I want to show you is my mobile marketing capabilities presentation. Yay. There's my handy-dandy logo. Mobile marketing made easy. Give me five if you know what this is. Give me a six if you think this is cool. Give me a six if you've got a place you think you can use a presentation, a PowerPoint to try to sell this fricking service. Okay, good. Again, I hope you guys appreciate it. Go through, again, don't just leave it like this. Go through, make it your own. You know, if your company colors ... you know, I did these in blue because it's a nice neutral color. If you company colors are something different, then adjust it. These are simple to adjust. If you don't have PowerPoint, you can open this in whatever it's called on a Mac. I can't remember what that's called, but whatever it's called on a Mac. It'll open here or it'll open in a Prezi, and again, if you don't know how to do this and you want to change it, then just get somebody on Fiverr, and I guarantee you, this shouldn't be more than a Fiverr or two.

This could be used as a presentation at a Chamber of Commerce type deal. It could be used at a ... you know, it could be a iMeeting. I'm not going to go through the whole thing here, but I've gone through and this is kind of like the other one. I've scraped together some PLR that I have along with some stuff that I had. I've actually been using mobile websites as a foot in the door technique for a long, long, long time. Some of my students have been with me awhile. They would confirm that for you. It's actually been a technique I've been using for a long time. Just right now, you know, with the mobilegeddon thing going on, it's just too good.

Again, look through here and see what you like. Feel free to change it out. Again, do whatever you want with it, just don't publish it. Again, individual pieces of this could be used for a trifold brochure, for sure, or for slides. Guys, you could have this made into a video and use it for video marketing very easily, you know, as the background. The ways that you could use this content are pretty good. You could do all kinds of stuff in here. So these are two things, and again, I'm going to do the same thing with this. I'm going to go ahead and put this up on a Dropbox for you. Okay. So now you have a presentation that you can use to sell with, and you have a contract/proposal that you can use.

Now, as far as the contract/proposal, I don't ever use the word contract, because I don't do contracts with clients. When I have a client, I do a letter of understanding, basically, is what I do. This is kind of different. This is a one-off. So it's a little bit different, so before you have anyone sign this, and consider that it's official or legal or whatever, you probably would want to have an attorney look at it, first, as far as the proposal part. So I would not say contract in here. When I'm doing it, I would say this says proposal, let me look at the bottom part, I don't think this says the word contract anywhere in here. No, so you know what I would do? I would just take this as is, and I would somewhere on here write this is not a contract. Right, maybe like right in here somewhere, right below this, right? I would write Letter of Understanding, This is not a binding contract.

At the end of the day, you're not going to fight anybody over this. We're not charging $1500 for a standard one. So we're charging hundreds of dollars. If they pay you for it and then don't do it, then you simply take it down. You maintain total control over it. This isn't something you're going to lose. It is nice to have something, though, in writing, especially since number one, if you're working with a real company, a big company, they're going to have a PO number or an invoice number or something, and a lot of times, they need something like this to go along with it.

Let me see here. So we're right at 8:30 now, we're about halfway through, so let's go ahead and go ... I'm going to do one more quick thing, and then I'll go into the QA. All right, so pricing. So everybody's been asking me about pricing, and you know, my answer to that is, is there's not really one way to do pricing. Okay? So let me tell you how I personally do it. I have two different ways that I price these deals, all right. One of my ways is a foot in the door technique. You know, or like what Kotton Grammar would call and SEO splitting technique. In that case, my goal is not to really to make any money if necessary off of the sale of the mobile website. It is to get a foot in the door, because I believe that this business is someone that I can have as an SEO client. As a marketing client.

That's case 1. In case 1, what I have to look at is how much am I willing to pay for a client? Or how much am I willing to pay to pitch a client? For example, in that case, I know that if I do the dudapro, I know that one month of a mobile website costs me $6 out the door. One month is $6 or one year is $60, so if this is a foot in the door technique, I may find a business that I know is not mobile-friendly, and I may approach them, and I may say, you know, I would like to take you to lunch, you know, in exchange for an hour of your time, I want to discuss my marketing proposal. I'm willing to give you a free mobile website, market value $500. You know, that's going to be your foot in the door.

I think I mentioned this last time, also, guys, but you know, think about it, if you were a small ... play like ... let's do play time here. Play like you're a local roofer, a local plumber. Not a multi-billion dollar corporation, but just some local guy. If you're able to get to the actual person, and I told you the way I do it normally is by becoming a client of theirs, okay, is how I normally get these guys, because when you're a client, you can get right to the person that writes the checks. Once you get to this person ... give me a two if you think that the average small business owner would be willing to let you buy them lunch and to get a free mobile website, value $500, if you think they would go for that. Give me a three if you think you could get that appointment. Give me a two, I'm sorry, if you think you could get that appointment. Seriously. I can't imagine you not getting the appointment, unless you walk in and flies are following you around or something. I don't know.

I'm telling you that your average, small business person will be willing to do that. Hell, they're getting free lunch. A lot of these guys are cheapskates. They'll let you take them to lunch just for the price of the lunch. Okay. So I'm telling you that this is how I do it for the foot in the door. Okay? Another thing that I haven't done yet for this, but I have done in the past, and I'm positive that it would work for this, another thing that works really well, and I haven't done this in probably four or five years, but another thing that works well is to have like an event. So you know, you find a nice restaurant in town, you know, a steakhouse or something, you know, that has a side room that you can rent or lease out. \

In my area, like the Texas Land and Cattle, for example, is a steakhouse that has a side banquet room. A lot of the places do. All of the Pappas chains do, if you have those where you are. You know, Pappadeaux and Pappacito's and all those. A lot of the big chains will have these kind of rooms, and you can usually lease them for a couple of hundred dollars. Again, this method I'm talking about, there's a small investment to it, but you want to be real specific about how you're doing this. On most of these deals, if you buy a certain minimum number of dinners, then there's no room rental cost, and I actually know this, because I was in the restaurant industry for a long time, too, like when I was in college. I managed restaurants and waited tables and did the whole thing.

What you can do with a lot of these is you can say I'll buy 20 plates at $20 a plate. That's $400 bucks. Typically, that's a pretty solid number for most of these places. Then you're going to put out ads in all the local places, all the local papers or whatever. There's lots of ways to prospect for that, but you know, you're going to say I'm offering a free seminar on local business marketing. I'm offering a free seminar on how to get your business found in Google. It's a free lunch for them. They get it completely for free. These things are super easy to set up, it's super ... this is a great thing like to invite your Chamber people to, your BNI people to, pretty much anybody that you want. People at church, whatever. Again, it's a small investment, but if you get twenty people in front of you who know why they're there, and you do a decent PowerPoint presentation, you know, or whatever, and just show them some of the just basic crap that I show you in this course. Some of the most basic crap that I show you in this course, you are going to get some leads, and you're going to get some business out of that.

If you look at it as a $400 investment on one end. Obviously, if you get one client, that's going to pay for that. You do one of those once a month, you know, it's easy to see where the numbers are. You know, this is going to be for the people who are okay with talking in front of the people, you know, people who have a little bit more business sense and acumen and all that kind of stuff. I'm telling you, this stuff is super, super easy and it works. The thing is, you know, like my buddy Kotton, he teaches a method about doing trade shows, which is awesome, and man, it's really, really cool. The problem with trade shows is that they're really fricking expensive. Give me a three if you've ever leased a booth for a trade show. Give me a three if you've ever leased a booth for a trade show. Let me see how many people here have. Oh, wow, okay, so about seven people. Put in the dollar amount that it cost you just for the booth. Not for the travel or anything, but just to physically rent the space.

What I'm getting here is everything from about $1500 to about $6000, and that's a fair margin for anything that has any kind of ... I tell you, on average, to get a small space in a medium-size deal, you're looking at five or six grand, then when you throw, if it's not where you are, by the time you're out, you're ten grand out the door. Now, I'm not saying that that's not a good technique that Kotton teaches, because it is. It's a fantastic technique. But you've got to have the ten grand. You've got to have money like that to do something like that. Obviously, you're going to reach a lot more people and all that, but there reason why I'm telling you this method is because it's much more attainable for your guys who are on a beginner budget.

I'll tell you, I used to work in a call center a long, long, long time ago, and one of the biggest clients that they had at this call center was, they were, well, it was an insurance, I guess, agency, and these guys raked, I mean, they made millions with this. This is exactly what they did. This is the only thing, I think, that they did for their marketing was arrange these deals and the reason why I know working in a call center was because they paid us at the call center to do these deals. We would get a list of people who met whatever criteria they were looking for, and then we would call and offer these people this free dinner or whatever.

That's direct marketing. You don't have to do that. Your target audience for this is anyone that has a business and anyone that has a website. This could be a deal where you could go, you know, give me a three if you have seen the little places, like, they're usually in postal centers and stuff, you know, where you can drop your card or you can drop a flyer. Give me a three if you know what I'm talking about there. Matter of fact, give me four if you don't know that I'm talking about. Give me a five ... okay, so a couple people. Okay, give me a five if, like, well, let me, let me ...

I don't really have a picture to show you, but if you're in a city of any size, there's almost always local business, donut shops, coffee shops, mailing centers, and they have like a stand. They'll have like place in the business where they have like corkboard, maybe, where they let anybody that wants to put up their business card or put up fliers. Give me a five if you still don't know what I'm talking about. Give me a five if you have never seen one of those. Okay, I'm expecting zero fives. Okay, so everybody kind of knows that. Where I live, I live in a fairly affluent neighborhood. There's probably thirty of those within two or three miles. If I needed business right now, I could go print out some fliers and I could go, I could spend probably four or five hours and just walk and do them, or I could pay somebody to do them, or I could pay high school kids or college kids or something to do it. That's how you get people to these events.

Again, you're talking, when you throw that in, maybe a $500 investment. Depending on how you do it, you may even get news coverage or ... there's all kinds of ways to do this. There's all kinds of ways to parlay this into something else. I want to make one thing clear, a lot of you are asking about the bulk, blast emailing. I am not blast emailing. I'm not saying that you can't get customers doing that. There's a reason why people do that. The people who do the blast emails for the most part do it because someone is buying from them. There may be a few people that do it and they're stupid and they keep spending the time, energy, and resources, and they never get something back, but most people, they're getting a return on that investment. That's why they're doing it. I'm not a big proponent of that method. I'm more of an in your face, personal selling kind of a guy. That's my personal preference.

Back to pricing. Foot in the door. I just have to look at it and say how much do I want to pitch this client. Let's say it's a plastic surgeon. It's a potential five, ten grand a month account. I am very willing to invest $60, which is a year of dudamobile to get that meeting with that plastic surgeon. I am very, very happy to do that. I'd be happy to trade, if you said Steven, give me $60 and I'll give you an hour meeting with a local plastic surgeon who is not ranking on Google and his marketing sucks, I would gladly give you $60 for that. Give me a five if you'd be glad to give $60 for that right now. Give me a five if you'd be glad to give $60. Yeah.

Okay, so you know what, I'm sure that some of you, maybe in person selling is not as much your thing. Okay. But again, remember, you know, you don't have to do the whole year deal, right? You could say a free mobile website. So you give them the free mobile website and if they don't buy, 30 days later, it goes down if they don't want to keep paying you. Really, the cost could be $6 plus whatever lunch is. Again, we're not talking about big bucks here.

That's the majority of these, but let's say that it's a one-off. Give me a six if you don't know what I mean by one-off. Give me a six if you don't know what one-off means. We have a few here, and that's fine. Remember, guys, if I ask something, don't feel shy or embarrassed or whatever. We all have different levels of knowledge about different things. Let me know, because if you don't, I'm just going to roll on and you're not going to know what I'm talking about. When I say a one-off, all I'm talking about is what is going to be a one-time purchase. My clients, most of them, are going to pay me a fee, a monthly fee forever, until they're no longer my client. So a one-off would be someone that pays me one time for something. Maybe they pay me one time to set up their branding online. I go and I do the know them thing, and I get a Fiverr gig, I set them up on register 40 sites, and they pay me one time whatever and then we're done. We never see each other again, theoretically. That's what a one-off is.

The one-off is where you don't think that this is a potential SEO or marketing client. This one, you want to make some money off of it, otherwise, you're wasting your time. If this is a one-off, what I've been doing is I've been using $500 as a nice, round number. I use that as a base, and then I adjust my price based on really how they react when I'm talking to them. If I say it's going to be ... let me show you this, it's going to be $500 for the website and it's going to be $20 a month recurring if you'd like to do one update or two updates yourself and I can teach you how to do it, or it's going to be $30 a month or $40 a month for up to three updates a month and it's managed, we do it for you. You just tell us what you want and we make it happen.

Then of course, on top of that is all the variables. What I would suggest you do is come up with a package, and you don't have to list the exact upgrades if you don't want to. You can just say these are ... say you're going to get three updates a month would be an easy one to do it. Let's just, for example, going back to here. So we would say out of all these ... sorry, let me go back to the beginning. Out of all the options, sorry, sorry guys. File. Here we go. Back on the wrong page again. Where am I. I'm on the wrong control panel. Hold on.

Okay, so out of all these potential options here, you know, you can present it this way, or you can just simply say for X dollars a month per month, or for X number of dollars per month, excuse me, you get X number of updates. So a basic package would be one update per month, which would be the minimum, and this is probably what you're going to want to update. Right? So your basic monthly package 1, let's say is $25 a month, and that's on a PayPal subscription or a Stripe subscription or Freshbooks or whatever you choose to use. That means that every month, they are going to send you a new graphic of whatever their new coupon is, and you are going to upload it for them. Just as an example.

You know, it could be that they want to change their other stuff more frequently. You want to know. Again, there's lots of options here. I would have like a basic package and then like an advanced, or like a basic do it yourself and a basic done for you. Or you might not want to mess with the do it yourself. You might just want to say our hosting ... we host your website, and here's what it includes. It's $30 a month and that includes two updates per month, and just say that's what it costs. Again, it's really going to depend on who the client is and what you're doing. You're going to have to read them. As a basic choice, I would say $500 to build the website and to make it live, and for that cost, that's a one-time cost, and then it's going to be let's say a base of $20 a month as a recurring fee. That's for the hosting. That's the minimum package, and then you can go up or down from there, again, based on what kind of variables they want and that kind of stuff.

For instance, you can charge by how many pages you have here. You could say that your basic package includes five pages. Each one of these clicks links as a page. Or you could say your basic package includes three links, and each additional link is another $20 or $50 or whatever you want to do. The point of this is that really, you could charge whatever you really think you can get away with, as long as you're not being unscrupulous and not just trying to gouge somebody. I'll tell you, if they wanted to go on the open market and have someone build a mobile website for them by hand that included their custom logo and all these customizations and stuff, it would be in the $300, $500, $600, $700 dollar range.

I'm not talking about like on Odesk. Give me a five if you understand that 99% of the people on the planet have no fricking idea what Odesk is. Give me a five if you get that. Or Elance or freelance or any of those things. You know that. I know you guys know that. You're thinking shit, I can get one of these built for $50 on whatever. Right? You know, I'll find a Fiverr guy, but you have to understand, you guys have special knowledge. Very few people know that. Most people don't even know what fricking Fiverr is. The average guy walking around never heard of a Fiverr. He doesn't even know what that means. So don't think about it how you would see that. Think about it how they would see it, and what they see is they see this tremendous fricking ... let me do the before and after thing.

Okay, to me, I'll tell you, and again, like I told you, I've sold a ton of these. I just sold another one. Hold on. Yes, of course, send me the address so I can mail the check. I don't want to show that too much, because that was an actual client. That was like 15 minutes before this. Just sold another one. It's almost too easy to sell these stupid things, but when people look at this, and especially depending how bad this is, this is so ... they see the value in this. Give me a three if you get that. Give me a three if you get that the average business person looking at this ... now this one actually doesn't look super bad. This one isn't super bad, but they do get, hey, where's the fricking phone number? Where's the phone number? Where's the map? How the hell do I get a hold of these people?

Even this business, and I'm going to be doing one probably for this. This as a demo, but actually, it's a real company. I think I'm actually going to sell them. I use it as a demo. Again, what is something worth? Guys, put it in the text box for me. What is something worth? What is something worth? Exactly. What someone else is willing to pay for it. Exactly. That's what it's worth. What someone is willing to pay for it. Basic fricking business economics right there. So you may be thinking, oh, gosh, charging $750 is a lot for this, but you know, this is a home security system. I can tell you that nationwide, if this distributor here gets a single sale, it's not a whole bunch, it's worth $800 to $1000 for that. If they get a single sale, it's worth about $800 to $1000. I know that because I know people in the security camera industry and I actually have clients in there. It's about $800 to $1000. This is fricking not helping them. This over here is not helping them get that money.

Another thing, too, guys, remember, your site is seen as a whole, so what's going to happen to these guys on April 21 who are not mobile-friendly, what's going to happen is their click-through ratios or rates, their click-through rates and all that are going to go down. If they had been getting any mobile traffic at all, they're going to go down, and then guess what's going to happen to their desktop site. Go ahead. Someone please tell me what's going to happen to their desktop rankings once their mobile rankings tank and they go away. Exactly. Down, down, down.

Some of these people don't even have a clue that more people are finding them on mobile devices than on desktop devices. They don't even know that. They don't even know what mobile means. Again, another service that you can offer, you could offer mobile analytics. There you go. Mobile analytics, and all that entails is about five minutes of your time in Google analytics setting up their mobile tracking, and then you can just send them a report every month. It's just that simple. What is that? It's another $10 a month add-on.

Just the add-ons that you do for this, guys, it doesn't have to just be the stuff that was on those pages. It doesn't have to be just those things I showed. Just those specific options. Matter of fact, guys, do me a favor. Everyone on here is smart. Everyone that's on this webinar is smart. Everyone that's on this webinar has clients and has some rankings and has sold some people, so you tell me. Guys, give me some ideas. What are some potential upsells for this? What are some potential upsells for this? I mentioned analytics. Throw some in there. Let me see some. What I'll do, I'll just make a list for everybody. I'll just make a list for everybody, so future people that join or people who want to go back, exactly, you guys are blowing it up in here. Exactly, exactly, exactly.

Remember, just because I'm showing you that you can choose those duda options, like the coupon as upgrades, that by no means, right, means that those are your only upgrades or your only upsells. Yeah, you guys are filling up the chat box here. Exactly. There's a ton, ton, ton, ton, ton of these. Again, to summarize, one of these mobile websites costs me $60 for the year. If it's a foot in the door technique, I could go ahead and say a year if I wanted, but I don't really feel like I need to do that. If I do, then it costs me $60. If not, then it's $6 is what the cost is for a foot in the door for this.

Really, I'll tell you what, honestly, guys, when you present this the right way, this really sets you up as an expert, and I'll tell you what, you know, somebody did their website. Somebody, if they have a website that's up, somebody already did it. So give me a three if you think that you telling them what's going on and showing how you can save them from this makes the other guy look like a jerk and makes you look cool. Give me a three if you think that's what happens, or the potential. He may be a great guy. There's a lot of web designers that think that they're marketers and they're not. They're web designers. Not saying that there aren't some web designers who also do SEO. There are. There's some fantastic ones, but the vast majority of them do not. Even though they sell that as a service a lot of time.

Again, I almost forgot, I showed you guys this on the last time, but one of the things, too, as an upsell, like in here, look, SEO Optimize. You fill out these three right here with whatever it has from their desktop, if it's solid, and now this is a "SEO Optimized Mobile Site." $20. Whatever, guys, right? Okay, so I'm not telling you what to charge. I'm just saying, you know, it's that easy. It's just that easy. Make no mistake about it, the mobile SERPs, they're real just like the desktop SERPs are. So don't think that things like title and description don't make a big difference. They do make a big difference. So make sure when you're selling these, you know, make absolute certain that you come in and you fill this stuff out here. Make absolute certain if you're doing the WordPress that you have this checked, Always Sync With Desktop Site. Otherwise, it's not going to do what I told you before. It's not going to sync.

Let's go ... let's shoot ... we're going to go over tonight, because I talked more than I thought I was, but I want to go ahead and do some Q&A, so let's do at least a good 15 minutes here, so go ahead and shoot. Let's keep it on this topic, guys, just for this one. I promise that the next one we do, I'll do at least a good portion on new stuff. Yes, I am going to be adding a ton of content to the monthly member area. A ton of content. It's going to be really soon, so go ahead and ask some questions and I'll try to pick some good ones here.

Let's see. Christine, if someone has say 10 pages, how long does it take on duda, or is it just one click and not 10 clicks? So using this site as an example, see how this is pulled here? I'm going to ... when I go here, I'm going to go ahead and click on this. Okay, and so here is what has been scraped. Again, they scraped it from the site. If you're going to sell these, if you want to sell a whole bunch of pages, you might want to reorganize some of this content. I'm not saying you have to spend hours doing it, but really, what you want to think is most of these, honestly, I'm going to do a very minimalistic thing.

When I pull this up out of the scraper, if I just put this in, it's going to look like this except there's going to be, again, there's going to be about ten things in between this box and this box. All I have to do is right-click on it .. sorry, right-click, well, you can't see it because of what we're doing, but there's a right-click and delete. So what I do is it just takes me literally 30 seconds to go through and delete. Now this is what the home page looks like. These inner pages are still just scraped. So really, conversion experts will tell you that the fewer options you have on a page, the more likely someone is to choose an option.

Give me a three if you get what I'm laying down here. The less things there are to click on the screen, research has proven conclusively that people are more likely to click. All right, so everybody pretty much gets that. So you know, I told you that a five click button is pretty standard. Honestly, if I was pushing this live to the client, I might even just remove these completely. All of these. I may just have the logo and a call us, find us, and then maybe a brief paragraph about what they do pulled off the home page. I did these just to show you quickly, but I'm not going to build out a million inner pages for them. If I do, then that's going to cost a bunch more money. So Christine, that was a really good question.

The answer is that every page that it scrapes, every one that you add, you're going to have to go through and edit each individual one. Again, this one's kind of ugly. On this one, I would probably remove pretty much everything but some of the text. This one, you see here's a brochure download, and by the way, these work. If I click on this right now to download this K12 brochure, it works. So on a page like this, I would probably remove most of this except for a little bit of the content and then I would leave these links that they want to see. If I were going to do this page, I would probably do something like I would probably delete. Let me do it real quick. Delete this, and you see, depending on how ... the browser I'm in is not particularly user-friendly, but you see how easy I'm just deleting this stuff here? You see how easy this is just to get rid of this stuff? So you know, I may just do like ... I'm showing you here ... I hit the wrong button. It took me all the way back.

Point is this, you could probably do five pages, probably about a minuted each to go through and clean these up. Remember, on mobile, it's less that's more important. Less that's more important. Christine, did that answer it for you? Okay, perfect. All right. All right. So let me go on here. Let's see.

Ryan, I don't cover that. That's certainly not related to what we're talking about tonight, but I am going to have a guest come on pretty soon and we're going to talk about that exact thing, so just stay tuned. Actually, a friend of mine who is a Google partner and a Certified Adwords Expert is going to come on and he's going to go over his Adwords stuff so you guys that aren't doing it can start doing it, hopefully.

All right, so let me see. All right, let me go, again, guys, and remember, if I don't answer your question, feel free to drop it in the group, but please don't feel offended or anything, but what I try to do is I try to find questions that multiple people are answering, or asking, because that almost always is the case. Let's see. Let's see.

Bob asked, he said do you use the SERP email method of sending emails to prospects? I don't, okay. I don't, but I think that if you were doing a targeted list in a really defined geographic area, I think that it could work. Again, there's a reason why people do email marketing. People don't do email marketing because it doesn't work. Okay. So you know, but what I want you to expect with that is have realistic expectations. If you send out a hundred emails, I'm not expecting you to get a hundred responses. If you send out a hundred emails, I'm expecting you to get maybe three or four responses and maybe sell one, but honestly, if you look at your amount of time and energy that you've put into that, then that's still a great return on investment. So that's kind of my deal on that in general.

Let me look. Bob, did I answer that okay for you? Okay, good. All right, perfect. Okay, so let me go back here.

Okay, Steven, not me, asked a question. Are the ranking of the full website past ... sorry, I'm reading out loud. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, Steven, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no. No. I think I understand what you're asking. Again, this is confusing. The difference between the desktop SERPs and the mobile SERPs, it is confusing. It's even confusing to people that kind of understand what they're doing sometimes. You know, you have to think of it as like its own completely separate thing. Really, the two are not related as far as results. Really, what happens is if you're doing the duda solution, what happens is when the user agent hits the header, there is a redirect code that redirects it to duda, basically, for the mobile version. That happens instantaneously, so there's really ... and you have to think about it, anybody that is going to have a really good mobile result is going to have the same thing. They're either going to be hosted on their page or they're going to be hosted on a third-party site.

That doesn't put you at any kind of disadvantage, and like we mentioned on the other webinars, using a service like duda, from a CDN, is actually an advantage, because it's going to get ... the content's going to get served up locally. I'm not sure if that answered that, but if not, just ask in the Facebook group, and you'll be fine.

So just remember ... okay, so you're going to have ... whatever mobile pages you're going to have, that's your mobile presence. If you have twenty mobile pages, then that's your opportunity in the SERPs. It works the same as the desktop, so if you have 100 pages on your desktop and 20 mobile, the 100 desktop don't have anything to do with the mobile at that point. They're not going to help you rank. You're fighting a battle with 20 pages. You have to remember, too, very few businesses have very large mobile sites as far as number of indexed pages. Now, the exception to that, obviously, would be an ecommerce site that actually has a mobile store, but in that case, again, you're competing with ... remember, when you're competing in the mobile SERPs, whether it's mobile or desktop, you're competing against the other people in that SERP. If it's a local plumber and you're competing on the mobile SERP, you're competing against other local plumbers, you know, and they're going to have sites that are probably about the same as yours. You're not going to compete with gigantic, enormous ecommerce sites that have 50,000 pages.

Okay, so let me see. James, could you type that out a little bit more? Your question, because I'm not positive what you meant by that, and I will definitely do that. All right, thanks for the score update, Brett. Finally getting down. Christine, you said what if they have a free mobile website, any suggestions? Well, if they have a free mobile website and it looks good and it's easy for them to update and configure and all that, then I would use a different foot in the door technique if you wanted them to be a potential SEO client. I would just use a different way to get in.

Remember, a lot of these people, guys, that have the actual mobile sites, they were built old school, which means that somebody just basically did an m dot version, you know, like html, and so if they want to do an update, they have to do it in the html. So if you have an old-style mobile website and you have, say, a coupon, every time you want to update, you have to jump into ftp, download the file, swap out the images or whatever, whatever html needs to be done, and then ftp it back up to the site. That's a whole lot more of a pain in the ass, and by the way, your "web guy," if he's in the U.S. is going to charge you $50 to do that. This is much, much better. Much, much, much easier, and this really removes the ... if any of you guys have dealt with a large web design firm ... I'll tell you what, I'll ask in the group.

Anyone here who's ever dealt with a large web design firm, tell me the average number of business days for an update to be live from when the work order or change request is put in. If anybody here has worked with a big website company, let's say on a Monday morning, I put in a change request for something on the website, yeah, okay. 7 to 10. 7 to 10. 5 to 10. 5 to 10. 7 to 10. Yeah. That's kind of been my experience, and I've got a lot of experience with this. Ten days, I'm pretty sure 10 business days is kind of an industry standard.

You think about it, you could be 10 minutes. Literally. For your client. You could be that responsive. You don't have to be, but if you choose to not give them direct access, you know, how hard is it for you, they send you in an email request or a change request, however your system is, and it's something simple like changing out a coupon, they send you the graphic, all you have to do is go back in the control panel and swap out the graphic. Take you 15 seconds and then send it back. How much of a value-add is that for your client? It's a huge value-add for your client.

Let me go, let me look a few more here. Brett, that's a good question. Brett asked, Brett said, just to clarify, doesn't a responsive website compete with a mobile site like duda in the mobile SERP? So if I have a responsive website with 100 pages versus a duda 10 page site, won't the responsive site have an upperhand in the mobile SERPS? They will have a upperhand in the number of pages competing, for sure, but that's the only way that they would have an advantage. If you are the 10-page site and you're ... well, I would ask this. If they have 100 pages, how many of those are ranking pages is what I would want to know. If you need to rank 100 ... if you need 100 pages to rank however many terms, then go ahead and build out your mobile site to 100 pages, if that's what you need to do.

Or you can simply go to the responsive. A lot of ways, it's six of one, a half dozen the other with this. The thing I wanted you guys to know why I ranted so much in the first webinar about the responsive is because I don't want you to think that responsive equals mobile-friendly. It can, but it doesn't always. That's what a lot of the "experts" are saying. I've seen it all over the internet where people are saying, "Oh, I don't have to worry about the update because my website is responsive." It's like, no, not necessarily, dude. You're responsive website may absolutely be gone on April 21st, and it's your fault for acting like a know-it-all.

All right, let me look. Judy asking about the .mobi domains. Let's see, nah, it doesn't matter at all. That's simply another TLD, like everyone else. Could it be the future? Judy, I'm sorry, let me read the whole question. Judy asked, Judy said, "The wireless carriers push using .mobi domains. Should we try to push those, too, for the custom domain, or does it really not matter?" The answer is it really doesn't matter today. It's just another TLD, however, is it logical that that may be something in the future, since mobile is more important? That it may be ... if someone can't remember the name of your website, but they can remember your business name, what are they going to do?

So guys, you tell me, if you remember the name of a business, but you don't remember it's website, what are you likely to put into Google to find them? Just off the top of your head. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, if you just happen to do it, what a lot of people are going to do, if it's Joe's Plumbing, a lot of people are just going to type in, right, and just hit search. Right into the thing and hit search or whatever. From that aspect of it, it may be the future that .mobi is what everyone uses for their mobile. It could be. The answer right now is no, it doesn't matter at all. I would always stick with a top level domain for a site. You could use a subdomain, also, if you wanted to, Judy, for that. You could use a mobi dot whatever, or m dot or whatever.

Let's do a couple more questions, and no, I won't forget. I will send out the Dropbox. I will definitely send out the Dropbox for you guys, just don't, don't share it with anybody, please. Pretty please. Oh, okay. Thank you, James, for reminding me. I know now what James was talking about here earlier. So guys, for right now, do me a favor, one thing that comes up ... it's not like it comes up everyday or anything, so it's not a huge deal, but the content that's in the monthly area, please don't ask about it or discuss it in the Facebook group in a way that is going to give away the content. That part of what you're paying me the extra monthly for is for access to that information. If you have questions about that, try to word them in such a way where it's not going to be super obvious. I'm probably going to create a new group just for the monthly members to segment that.

The other thing is if you guys are in another group, and mainly, I'm talking to my friends in OMG, I love you, but please don't ask about stuff that's in OMG in my group if I haven't taught it. Because all it does is cause confusion with the people who are in my group. They don't know what you're talking about. If you ask about the last keyword tool or some other thing, network empire is doing as part of OMG, just confuses everybody. Then the last little thing, too, and again, these are just requests. These aren't like ... you know, I'm not mad at anybody or anything, but just if you could, please.

Last thing, too, please don't point the group to outside resources that are paid unless you've asked me, first. I'm trying to put in all the content that I think is good and stuff that's going to help your business on. If you have a third-party resource, like you're like, hey, here's this plugin and it's really good and I think everybody would benefit from it, just send me a PM and let me know what it does. If I think it's a great idea, then I'll tell you fine, go ahead and promote, go ahead and let everybody know about it. You know, or other SEO's blogs and things like that, just in general, please don't drop that stuff in there. Because what happens is I'm going to have to go through and look through it, and frankly, there's not a whole lot of information outside of my group that I would prefer for you guys to be looking at, to be honest with you. Not that there's not other places that have good information, but a lot of times, that just ends up being a distraction.

Give me a three if you all understand what I'm saying about that. Give me a three if you get that. Guys, I'm not, and again, I'm not saying that there's not other SEOs that are good are other blogs that are good or other training courses that are good or anything like that. I just prefer you to focus on, at least in my Facebook group, focus on the content that I teach and that we're talking about.

OMG has a really good Facebook group if you need to talk about an OMG concept or training or theory. Please drop it in there. All of you that are in there, as you know, you're going to get a really good response. Now, if you're in my group and it's something I talk about and OMG talks about it, feel free to ask me about it. I'm totally cool with that. There's a lot of stuff I teach in both groups, so if it's in both groups, I'm totally okay with that. Okay?

All right, guys, I'm going to go ahead and wrap it up. I think I'm going to go back to the poll solution starting next week, like I did before, where I'll throw up a poll and ask you guys what you want to talk about. I do have some really good content coming soon. I have some really, really good stuff that I think, as far as automation, I think that's really going to help. A lot of you guys have really, you know... guys, you know, again, I pushed the SERP thing pretty hard, and I know that, but the reason why I push it so hard is because I believe that ... I don't even know what it costs. Someone tell me what the entry program costs. One of you guys that just signed up. What's the cheaper package? Holy crap. Yeah, it's like ... it's less than 100 buck. Honestly, for that, I don't know how you ... this can't be a good investment for you. I just don't understand how it can't be.

The only thing about this versus like having the individual tools is it takes a little bit longer. If you're just dying to see a backlink profile and you can't wait five minutes, you probably should buy a subscription to Ahrefs, right. Or a subscription to Moz or Majestic or whatever. If you're seriously just jonesing and you have to see it right now, then this may not work for you. For most of us, like me, if I'm doing a site profile or something, I'll just throw it in and then I'll go do something else and I'll come back in five, ten minutes and it's good.

By the way, guys, give me a four if you have seen ... if you have not done the citation scanner, yet. Give me a four if you haven't seen it or don't know what it is. Give me a four. Okay, oh good. Actually, a good number of fours. Okay. Definitely something you want to look at, guys. Definitely something you want to look at. I think I showed this on one of the other deals, but you know, this is just going to come up with a whole bunch of, so I'm not saying that this replaces Whitespark account, necessarily, but I tell you what, it's a damned good start. You've got a good idea of the authority of the domain when you start, and he's constantly updating it. I think he's got 600 sources in here. This would be a very good way to start your citation audit, especially if you don't have any extra money and you just want to pop something out. Again, the reporting and blah, blah, blah.

If you haven't played with this thing, do it, and if you're not using the Site Auditor Pro, I don't know what you're doing. I've got to ask that last question. Give me a five if you have not ... if you're not using Site Auditor Pro or you don't know what I'm talking about. Give me a five if you don't. Okay. There's a couple of you. I have to actually ... I can't stay on this webinar too much longer, but guys, you have got ... those of you that said five, you've got to go through and do this. You've just got to go through and just go through the training and see what you do, see what you can do.

Christine, you mentioned about the look of it and all that. You can customize a lot of that, and he's actually working on that now, too. He's working on it to make it a whole lot better. That's going to be something that's going to be changed soon, but if you're one of the people that said you've never opened this up and don't know what this is, please go in and look at it. Please go in and look at it, because this is something that really can help you sell.

This is a really good ... you guys, probably more than any other question, ask me about prospecting. It's probably the number one question that people ask. The reason why it's not the number one question that I answer is because most people who are asking me over and over again about the prospecting have not actually implemented the prospecting that I teach already in the course. I'm sorry if that's harsh, but it's a reality. If you've done methods 1, 2, and 3, and you don't have at least a couple of clients by now, then it's not the prospecting method that's the problem. There's something about your pitch or something about who you're pitching or how you're pitching. You know what I mean? Or something like that. We are going to go into more of that stuff, too.

Anyway. All right, guys. Well, I really, really appreciate you jumping on, and I will make sure that I put both of those things that I told you about up on the Dropbox, and I'll send it to your email. I should have the email situation cleared up by tomorrow. I'm not sure what happened, but every one of you guys that bought into this monthly membership should have been opted into a list, so you should be getting my emails. You might want to go ahead and whitelist in your email just to make sure. I promise you, there's only handful who are not getting it. So I'll go ahead and shoot that out there, so please whitelist that just in case to make sure, and I'll upload, I'll send that email out tomorrow with all that stuff in it, guys.

So anyway, I appreciate you guys a ton, a ton, a ton, and I will see you in the Facebook group. Have a great night. Talk to you all soon.