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Again, I’d like to welcome you to our webinar this week. This is May 19th, 2015 and this video training is exclusively for our monthly/advanced members. As I was stating a little bit off the air before I started recording, please pay attention to this, please turn off phones, Facebook, etc. etc. because I can promise you that you’re going to want to have this information. Please turn off all distractions. We may be able to wrap this up in one webinar or make two. We’ll see how we do.

One of the things that people have trouble with when they get started is with that initial confidence in client getting. That’s one of the problems that people have quite often, is they just lack the confidence because they haven’t ranked anything and they really don’t have anything. Guys, give me a one in there if that’s you. Give me a one if you’re at that point and give me a two if you feel like you’re past it now, you feel confident to go out there and sit down and pitch clients and that kind of stuff. We’ve got a little bit of a mix of both.

Again, there’s going to be two parts to this webinar tonight, but they’re going to tie together and I’ll explain it in a minute. The first thing that I want to show you is something that you can do that will absolutely skyrocket your confidence and your credibility and it’s absolutely free. Guys, I want you to go ahead and give me a one if you can see my screen now. Give me a two if you can’t see my screen now. Part one of what I want to go over with you guys today is I want to go over the Google partner program. Again, I’m going to answer questions at the end, but let me just get through some of this.

For those of you who are unaware of it Google has a partner program that you can enroll in and there are many different benefits to being in this program and there are two levels of it. There is a free level and there is a level that is going to be a little bit harder to meet some requirements on. What I want to do first is I want to talk about the free level. I’m at and the only thing that’s required to join Google partners at the initial level is that you have an email address and that you agree to their terms and conditions. Everyone here can become a Google partner before this webinar is over, although I would ask you to please wait and not do anything. You can take the five minutes when we’re done.

Let me give you the rationale first. As you can read here from the Google partners page there are several benefits. One of the benefits is that you are going to have access to training and information that people who are not partners are not going to have access to. Guys, give me a one if I have given you information at some point in one of these groups that you then got later from somewhere else or if I was the first one to mention something to you and you’re like, “How did he know about that? How does he know about that?” Give me a two if that’s happened more than once. If you’ve been around me a while … yeah, right, lots of twos.

Here’s one of my little secrets. It’s this program. One of my little secrets is that I am a Google partner and because I’m a Google partner I have access to resources and information that are not common knowledge. This is one of the benefits of being a Google partner, is that you’re going to have access to resources and things that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Again, I’m doing this in a structured way that I put together in my head, but if you’re lost so far just bear with me and I’m going to go over all of this. First of all guys give me a one if you think mentioning, not anything else, but just mentioning to a potential client that you’re a Google partner could help you sell to them. Give me a one if you think just being able to mention that would help you sell. Yeah, lots and lots and lots and lots of ones.

As you guys know, especially over the last two years, Google has blown up a bunch of SEO practices that were always questionable to begin with, but because of that there is a very large market sector of businesses that are scared of SEO. They’re scared of search engine marketing professionals and frankly a lot of them think that we’re shysters. They judge the entire profession by the bad apples. This is a step in the right direction for this. I think everyone gave me a one there pretty much, that they think that being able to mention it would be something that would be beneficial.

Question number two would be give me a two if you think that being able to put this on your website and on your business cards and any promotional materials you want would also help you to get a client. Google adwords certified partner. Give me a two. Let’s go to number three. Guys, give me a four if you think that having this on your business card and on your website and on all your promotional materials would help you to get a client. In my normal fashion here guys I’d like you to put in the chat box please how much you think it costs to get this and this? How much does it cost to get these certifications? Exactly, yes. Zero dollars and zero cents. It’s absolutely free to get these.

There are some of you that I see on here that were on my other training where I did a similar training. Guys, if you’re in here give me a one if you have already passed one or both of these tests. Give me a one if you’ve either passed one or both of these tests. Good. Now, those of you who have taken and passed these tests give me a two if you learned something. Give me a two if you learned something, give me a three if you didn’t. I want to see a three if anybody has one. Guys, you can’t see my screen here, but let me tell you what’s happening here. What I want you to understand is that when you do the training to get these certifications here you’re going to learn something.

In fact I don’t think anyone has ever told me that they didn't learn something when they took these tests. It’s not simply to be able to have a nifty little badge here that gives you massive credibility by the way, crazy massive credibility, but it’s also about learning something. Let me tell you, having one of these little things right here, if you are competing against another company and they don’t have this, give me a one if you think that’s a massive advantage. Give me a one of there’s three people bidding for this business and you’re the only one that has a certification. Yeah, it’s a massive advantage. You guys have to realize that there’s a bunch of people that still think that the way that you get on Google is by paying Google. When you associate yourself with Google we could talk for probably a couple of hours about what that means psychologically as far as to your prospect, but let’s make it simple. Associating your marketing company with Google is good. We’ll keep it caveman level. Your marketing company equal Google equal good. This is something that you want.

The next thing I want to show you … So far at the free level you can come in, you can take these certifications and you can have these and you’re able to say, “I am a Google partner,” at that point and that’s completely fine, but there’s another level. There's another level of Google partner and that is what we call a badged partner. What a badged partner means is that you get to use this nifty little logo here. You get to put this pretty much anywhere you want. There are some conditions, but basically you can use the heck out of this. Again, if you think that that would be beneficial guys give me a two, to have this here on your website.

Guys, I mentioned this on the last training, but I didn’t on this. For future webinars if you don’t use a real name when you’re on them I’m going to eject you. I see someone I don’t recognize who’s actually being a pain in the butt. This will be the last warning on that. Please log in with a name that I would recognize because if not, moving forward, I’m just going to eject you if I don’t recognize your name. The email invites should only go out to members of this group, but we all know that sometimes people end up places they’re not supposed to be.

Google partner badge here. What does it take to get this? Just to get the adwords, the analytics and to be able to say you’re a partner, all you have to do is sign up for this program. But what do you have to do to become a badged partner? Let’s talk about that a little bit more. The main thing that you have to do to become a badged partner, you do have to pass the tests. You are required to pass the adwords test and the analytics … actually there’s two adwords tests and the one analytics test. Then the hardest thing to being a badged partner is you have a minimum ad spend in adwords. You’re going to have to spend 10,000 dollars every 90 days to be a Google badged partner. We’re going to talk about that a little bit more in a minute.

Let’s go over the badged partner benefits. Of course the credibility is huge. Google actually sends you leads. As you see here, obviously, this is just for demonstration purpose, but Google actually does have a partner database and people can actually find you and hire you directly through it. You actually can get leads from being a Google badged partner. Let me show you … I mentioned before that I have access to information sometimes before you guys. This is one example of this. This is a Google partner community. You can only be in this community if you’re a Google partner. I’m not going to go over this in depth, but let me show you some of the basics. Guys, give me a one if you can read these categories over here. Give me a one if you can read those fairly clearly. Good.

I’m not going to go through all this, but there’s a couple here that I think you guys would find as interesting. One of them for instance is pitch/marketing material. Can you see, guys, you see here where it says insert your logo here, insert your client’s logo here? In case there’s confusion about this, this is branded marketing material that Microsoft has spent god knows how much money developing that you are allowed to use once you’re a partner. In effect Google is giving you brandable marketing material absolutely for free.

Guys, there’s a ton of this by the way and it’s not all about adwords. Don’t even think that. I’m just going through a few here, but as you see there’s a bunch of stuff in here. Google is going to help you sell your search marketing services. In addition to that there is a ton of training available in here. There's case studies here by various companies. You’re allowed to use this stuff. Most of the time you can use it just straight up as is. These would be good things that you could put on your website. These are things that you can print out with clients. Again, helping sell your services.

Events. Once you are a badged partner then you can host a Google event. Meaning that if you have an office you can actually have a public event that Google will announce and Google will send you a goodie box with a whole bunch of crap for and even provide a speaker to help promote your business. If you don’t have a place then you can co-lease or rent or whatever. This is Google now providing you with a free speaker, and it’d be via a hangout. They wouldn’t come to you live probably, but Google’s going to announce, “Hey, we’re having a Google event at your location.” You can promote that yourself of course through whatever channels you want. They’ll have a hangout with an expert on there for you. They’ll even send you a goodie box full of swag like coffee mugs and pins and t-shirts and all kinds of crap to help you promote.

Again, all of this, that stuff is included when you are a badged partner. There’s more to it. There’s also discounts and things on adwords and there’s discounts and special programs. There’s just too much to go over. All the stuff that I’ve shown so far, including this community, you actually can be in the community without being a badged partner. You can get the collateral, the brandable marketing collateral. Once you pass the analytics test you can post that. Once you pass the adwords test you can post that. There’s also a YouTube … There’s a bunch of different exams that you can take and it’s all completely free. There’s just a ton of benefits for this. I think that’s all I wanted to talk about on the Google partner program.

Guys, give me a one now if you think that this would be beneficial for you. Give me a one now if you think that you either are going to go ahead and sign up for this or you already are. Actually yeah, give me that guys. Give me a two if you’re not signed up. Give me a two … Again, it’s very, very, very easy to get the basic level, but the big level is what you really want. The big level is, that’s what everybody’s shooting for. Everybody’s shooting for the big level. You’ve got to come up with that 10K every 90 days.

I am going to go on to the next part here and I’m flying through this. Let me just say, I said this before I started recording, but if you’re watching this on the recording I’m not going to talk you through every step of signing up for this because we’re all grownups here, there’s no children in this group. Please don’t private message me and say, “Hey Stephen, I signed up and I can’t find my link or I can’t do this or I can’t do that.” If you have a problem with the program contact the partner program. By the way, that’s another benefit. Once you’re in the partner program you can contact partner representatives. Once your ad spend goes up believe me, they answer the phone for you and they’re very, very, very helpful. Step one, again, would be you need to sign up. You need to pass your three tests and then the next thing is you’re going to have to get that ad spend.

Segue time. A couple of you on here have known me a little bit longer. A couple of you have known me more than a year plus. This won’t be new information for you, but a bunch of people here just met me recently, whatever. One of the things that I want to tell you about is that back several years ago my wife and I started a charity, a non-profit organization. I’m not going to go into that and I don’t want you guys to pat me on the back or anything, that’s not why I’m telling you. When we started that organization among other things there are some things that I figured out. One of them is part two.

Part two is called Google ad grants or adwords for non-profits. Let me explain to you real basically what this program does. What this program does is it will give you up to 10,000 per month in adwords advertising credits to qualifying non-profits. In the United States that means that you are a 501(c)(3) charity. That is an IRS tax designation. If you’re not in the United States then the Google grant program is probably still available to you, but it’s going to follow whatever rules there are in the country that you reside in. Let me go through this with you very quickly.

You can just Google what I just said, Google ad grants, and there’ll be this handy dandy little product chart, but I want to show you a few things. What it’s going to do, it’s going to give you up to 10,000 dollars per month which, as it says, it’s 329 dollars per day. There are some rules. There’s a maximum two dollar cost per click. You can only rent keyword targeted campaigns. Again, I’m not going to go over every little detail. You guys are big kids. You can go get it yourself. What I want to reiterate to you is the fact that any legitimate non-profit in the United States can within 30 days from today, if you get them in the program today, can start getting 10,000 dollars a month in absolutely free advertising from Google.

This advertising adwords can be used multiple ways. Way number one and the way that’s going to get them very interested is they can use the adwords to target people that want to donate. They can use the adwords that way. Method number two would be that you can target people who may want to volunteer for your organization. Method number two and method number three is you could actually target your actual target population that you serve. The charity that my wife and I have, the cause is human trafficking.

Our program, we're in this program. One of the things that we do is we run ads in a bunch of different languages that say things like, “Do you want out? Do you want help? Are you being held against your will?” All these kinds of different things. There’ll be a phone number there and those phone numbers are routed by area. A lot of people don’t know, but when you think of human trafficking most people think of sex trafficking which is huge. Where I live in Texas in the United States actually work trafficking is actually more common than sex trafficking. Meaning that they will bring people mostly from South and Central America to the United States illegally and the people who come here are thinking that they’re coming here to work. They think that they’re coming here and that they’re going to work for a period of time to quote, pay off their debt to the person that brought them to this country and then they’re going to quote, be free.

What happens is they basically become what we would call an indentured servant like in medieval times. What happens is, let’s say they charge them 5,000 dollars to come to America, but then every day they’re there they charge them 100 dollars for food and 50 dollars for a bed. All of these charges make it where they never get out of debt. The amount of money that they quote, earn by working for these people is less than the money that they have to pay. In effect they’re basically slaves or what we call an indentured servant. The third method is to talk to your target population directly that you want to serve.

Again, I’m not going to do a whole bunch of give me ones and all that from here forward, but give me a one if you think that you could sell a free 10,000 dollars a month to a charity. As far as a getting the foot in the door technique. Pretty much everybody gave me a one. Yes, it’s extremely easy to do this. At this point, since this is going to be recorded and all that stuff, I want you to hear where I’m coming from. I’m teaching you this because I want you to go out there and I want you to help charities because I want the charities then to help other people. That’s really my intention behind this. I want you to go out there and I want you to make a difference. If you watched some of the videos in the beginning then you’ll understand why I put those up before we started. That’s why I’m showing you this.

Let me go ahead and move a little bit toward tying this together. I mentioned here that you really want to be a badged partner, but the problem is that you have to spend 10K every 90 days. That’s the problem. But then I also mentioned that the Google grants program will give you up to 10,000 dollars per month for free. Give me a two if you are starting to understand why I’m sharing this in the same webinar. What we’ve basically done here is I’ve showed you how to become a Google badged partner absolutely for free. By the way, at the same time you’re going to help some people on your way.

The mechanics of how this works, again, I’m not going to go into it in the great detail, but what you’re going to do, you’re going to approach these charities, you’re going to talk to them about the program and then you are going to offer to set it up for them for no charge because you believe in the charity. When you set up the program for the charity you are going to add their adwords account to your MMC which is basically your MMC, when you manage multiple adwords accounts Google prefers you to have this one account called an MMC which is like a dashboard for all of your other accounts. Think about it like if you guys have a Google my business dashboard and you have two or three or four or five or ten clients inside of it, the MMC is like that for adwords and it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free. You basically are going to sign up for an MMC. It’s free, you’re going to associate it with your partner profile and then when you set up their adwords you’re going to associate their adwords accounts with your MMC.

When you do that then this spend, whatever they spend, absolutely counts toward your partner goal. As I’ve shown you here, a single charity can get up to 10,000 dollars a month. Meaning that if you helped one charity you would more than cover your ad spend to become a Google partner. But, guys, in the chat box do me a favor, put the number of these that you can do the maximum. Put in the chat box what you think the maximum number of charities you can help is, underneath this program or underneath the MCC. Yep, you guys figured it out, there is no limit. Pi is probably close though, but there is no limit. You can help as many charities as you would like.

We talked about the foot in the door method. That’s all great Stephen, now I get my ad spend, which is awesome, but what else is there? I mentioned that I wanted you to actually help these charities. We could probably have 50 webinars about how to structure this relationship to your advantage, but I’ll tell you just a few of them. Then guys, you can get your creative juices flowing. The way that I approach charities is like this. I will go to an actual event most of the time. I will actually go to an event that they sponsor. I will then figure out who’s the person to talk to. I will approach that person and say, “I just want to tell you thank you for putting on this event. I really believe in your cause.”

By the way I do. I don’t do this like some kind of a marketing tactic. I only go and support charities that I believe in and I believe in the leadership. It’s not even a pitch. I say, “I wanted to know if you were aware of this program, or I wanted you to know that I, because of what I do professionally, I can get you a ton of free advertising. When would you have some time to talk about that?” Unless you’re a complete good the answer is always going to be they’re going to meet with you. Unless you’re just a scary person or, I don't know what, when you tell someone that you’d like to give them 10,000 dollars a month in free advertising you pretty much are going to get a meeting for that.

I’ll tell you, at first they’re going to be skeptical. They’re going to think, “I don't know about this, this guy or this girl,” but when you sit down, you have a short meeting with them, you can pull up this brochure and what are you going to tell them? I’m a Google partner, because even if this is the first one you’re doing you can say I’m a Google partner as long as you’re signed up for the program. You can already show them the little business cards with the adwords and analytics. Those are going to get past any hurdle you have with them believing you.

The mechanics of this are that the 501(c)(3) will have to set up an adwords account with your assistance. Once they do that then to keep this money every month they have to meet some metrics. If they don’t meet some performance standards then they will lose the money. The performance standards are extremely easy to meet, but this is where you come in. The first thing you’re going to do is help them set this up, which is going to make them see you as a valuable person in their campaign. You’re going to start off with them on a very good foot. When they think about you they’re going to think, “Hey, that’s that guy that’s helping us win. That’s that guy that’s helping us get new donations. That’s that guy that’s helping us do this or that.”

It starts you off on a great footing, but once the program is active then an average program will require about an hour to two hours a month of maintenance. Again, you guys can all download this brochure. I’m not going to go through every little aspect of it, but you are more than capable, I promise, of doing that hour, hour and a half, two hours’ worth of work. But that is something if you wanted to donate your time, then that can be a tax write off. If you want to say that you’re managing their adwords campaign and the monthly charge is 1,000 dollars a month, but it’s a donation then you can write off 1,000 dollars a month as a donation to a charity, help your tax liability. Or if you want to get paid you can offer to manage this account for them for a very low, something they’re not going to freak out about, monthly fee. If you’re bringing them in 10K a month in free advertising they’re not going to freak out about paying you 500 dollars a month or something to keep it.

Let me show you a couple of things. As you see here this guide goes through stuff. I want to show you … hold on. Here’s what I want to show you. Let me get to this page live. I want to show you just a couple of things here because earlier I told you that my real agenda for this is for you to go out there and help. It’s not the other stuff. Let me show you a couple of things here. This is a local charity. It’s called Elder Wisdom Circle. I don’t know anything about it other than what I’m about to read here. Just as an example, let’s see, 50% … Here was their goals. Located by seekers, reach potential volunteers, promote the advise columns.

Adwords became 65% of their advice seekers market, 71% of overall traffic, 15% of online donations and volunteer registrations. Let me go back to … Hold on a second. Let me do this one. I’ve done a couple of these before. There’s another one called Kiwi for Kiwis. Look here. 105% increase in web traffic in one month. 25% increase in Google referral traffic in seven months. Look at that. 105% increase in web traffic in one month, that’s amazing. It’s awesome and it’s completely free for them. If you think about some of these smaller charities especially, this is a game changer.

Let me tell you something about people who start charities. People who start charities don’t do it because they want to get rich. They don’t do it because they want to get famous. 99.9% of the people like this, they’re doing it because they care. They’re doing it because they’re extremely passionate about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. These people, when you start to get to develop a relationship with them, this is something that has the potential to go way beyond just this one little thing that I’m showing you right now. Guys, give me a one if you are familiar … let me just tell you this. Forget the ones, I’m sorry.

I’ve worked around charities and non-profits for a long time. Let me tell you a couple of basic things that most people here probably don’t know. Number one, charities are going to have a board of directors. The board of directors of a charity, much like a for-profit business, basically run the business. But a charity board of directors is very specific and very intentional. The first board members of a charity are going to be usually professionals who have a skillset that a charity needs. For instance they’re going to find an attorney and they’re going to offer him a board position in exchange for doing the charity’s legal work as an example because every business needs legal advice. They are going to find an accountant or a CPA because every charity, just like every business, is going to need accounting advice, tax advice.

What you’re going to find, if this charity, unless it’s extremely small like there's five people in it, once they get some traction, what you’re going to find is that the board of directors of your medium sized charities are the power people in a normal size people. Give me a two if you’re understanding what I’m saying right now. Give me a two if you’re getting what I’m laying down here. If you are in Dallas, Texas, where I am, and you are on the board of directors of a medium sized charity, when you look at the board what you’re seeing is the most common title is CEO. The most common title of a board member of a medium sized or a large sized city is CEO.

Which means that when you become a partner of this organization you will have access to these good folks. Meaning that you will immediately not only have direct access to some of, if not the most powerful people in your area, but they think you are an absolute rock star. Because trust me, when you start bringing in that 10K it’s going to come up at the board meeting. Guaranteed, it’s coming up. They’re going to say, “Holy crap, what is this?” They’re going to say, “Well this is … mister Floyd, he came in to one of our events last month and started talking about getting us free advertising online and we sat down with him and he started this program. Look at what we’ve got. Look at all these donors we’ve been able to bring in, look at all this.”

Immediately, not only do you become extremely valuable to the organization, but your reputation with this group of people, it’s solid gold, because they don’t see you as the guy who came in and tried to sell something. They see you as the guy that came in and made a real difference. Hopefully you’re getting this because and hopefully … let me go ahead and do this. Give me a two if I need to explain to you why you want to be friends with powerful people. I’m expecting to have no twos. Good, not a two yet. Not even a joke two.

Here’s how this works, at least in this country. I don't know in other countries, but in this country powerful people tend to flock together and they tend to … they love to refer people that they know. They love to do that. They don’t have any problem with that at all. You’re going to become a person that if you play your cards right, your marketing service is going to have some pretty crazy nutty opportunities with some super powerful people. Again, like I said, we could go over this, I could spend hours on webinars, but once you have one charity, that’s another thing guys. I’ll tell you, charities, especially the ones that are in the same … I hate to call it a market, but charities that are working in the same cause, they all know each other. If you work in a charity that has to do with feeding hungry people in a city all the charities that feed hungry people in that city know each other. You can bet your buck that when one of them finds out about it they’re going to let the others know because it’s not that kind of competition.

This is just going to be one referral after another hand over fist. Again, you need to come at this correctly with the correct intention. The intention is to come in and to change some lives and to help some people, but if you do this properly then you can set yourself up in a way that you would never have to advertise again. Again, I’ve gone over this quickly. Guys, give me a one if you’re with me so far. Give me a one if you’re with me so far. Give me a two if you’re confused. That’s cool, but you’re not really sure. Mostly ones.

Again, let me recap this. Let me recap this to make sure everyone understands. What we’ve gone over in the last 43 minutes is I have given a pitch to you about why you want to be a Google partner, specifically why you want to be a Google badged partner and what a tremendous unfair advantage it is when you’re competing for people’s business. It’s absolutely unfair. I’ve just got to tell. Guys, I’ve talked a lot about going to marketing groups like Chamber of Commerce and BNI and meet up groups and things like that. When you are at these freaking groups and you hand out your business card and it says Google all over it, I feel sorry for the people who don’t. if you want into any kind of networking group and there’s already companies there and they don’t have that they look like jerks. I was going to use stronger language, but seriously.

They look like jerkoffs next to you. I’ve walked up and handed out my card before with this on it and I think it just had Google partner on it and it’s like … it’s like the other person gets this despondent look like, “Oh crap.” The funny thing is that even these quote, professionals, most of the time have no freaking clue. You’d be surprised how many agencies don’t even know about the partner program or don’t understand how to utilize it properly. again, huge advantage for you, huge advantage for your credibility. That was part one. Then part two was talking about the Google grants program. There’s more to this guys, but I think that we are going to have to swap over to maybe a second webinar because there’s just so much more to cover, but let me go over a couple of things real quick with you.

First one is Charity Navigator. First let me tell you that as of last week there are really, really close to one million 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States. You can do a … I can give it to you, there it is. I will put the download link. If you go to this link here then you can download a list of every charity in the United States that’s a 501(c)(3). Let me put it in the chat and drop it in here. Again, there’s just south of a million. This is just a huge thing and there’s no contact information. You’d still have to do a little bit more work.

The site I like to use is called Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator has an added benefit because there’s lots of 501(c)(3)s that are not very active. There’s lots of people that get an idea in their head, they want to go start a charity, they care about something. They go, they register, they get approved and then they do nothing with it. This, the Charity Navigator here, these are all charities that are rated, meaning that I think they have to be at least two years old. You can search here, I’ll tell you, but I’m almost positive that you have to be at least two years old and meet some certain criteria before you can get in here.

The charity navigator … it’s what came out, I’m going to type in AIDS. When I type in AIDS you’ll see here, there’s 94 results with that keyword. There’s a lot of ways to search here. You can also search by areas. You can also just do simple Google searches. This is one quick way for those of you that are like, “Wow, this is great, I want to do it.” Go in here, find something that you care about, find something that you’re passionate about. You can tell pretty quickly that they’re going to associate their adwords account with their website. If you take a charity, let’s say that you’re considering this one.

You’re considering Aaron Diamon AIDS Research Center and you want to know if they’re already doing this. Then all I have to do 99% of the time is get their website. Here’s their website and I can do lots of different places, but for this I’ll just use SEMRush and I’ll put this in here. This is not 100%, but it’s fairly accurate. I’m going to hit search and then once it comes up I’m going to look right here at the paid search. You see paid searches, zero. Display advertising, zero. Chances are that this company is not in this program. If it is then either it’s really new or they did not associate properly because the website that you’re promoting is supposed to be the one that’s associated with the adwords account.

You can come here to Charity Navigator and also too, as you’re looking through here, you see who you’re dealing with. Hold on, where’s the board. Here’s the board members. Shoot. Wait, where does it give it to me. Wait a second. I know that it has it in here. Sorry guys, hold on one second. You might have to get this off of the IRS website. It’s on theirs, I’m sorry. Board members are listed. I’m sorry, let me go back. On here, about us. Board of directors. Here we go, MD, PhD, MD, MD, MD, PhD, PhD, MD … I’d be willing to bet you that if you started to look through here, again, and it varies by charity, but I bet you if you started to look through here and did a little research you would find that these are some pretty powerful people that you want to know.

Those are two quick ways. Of course, you can simply go to Google and … let’s see. Donate. Donate to AIDS charity, let’s just do that one. Here you’re going to see … The sad thing on this is that a lot of these companies here are paying for this. I can guarantee you some or even more, half or more of these companies are actually writing Google a check every month and most of them probably don’t even have to. Sad. There’s a couple of different ways to find some charities.

The donate program, simply go to the home page for that. It’ll talk you through setting it up which is super easy by the way. There’s a step by step guide. You do need to have some information handy, but you can look at the guide first. The main thing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need their tax ID and you’re going to need … you’re going to need all their IRS information. You’ll need to have someone there with you when you do it. We’ve got about ten minutes left. Let me go through one more thing on this really quickly.

Let’s say that you have a cause that you’re passionate about and you’d like to do something. Again, I’m not going to go over all of this on the webinar, but it will cost you a little bit south of about 1,000 dollars to set up your own. If you wanted to become, in the United States, your own 501(c)(3) it’s going to cost you a little less than 1,000 dollars to do that. Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to get? I’d want to do that because I want to help people first of all, but second of all, as long as you set up a qualifying organization then you can get the 10,000 dollars a month.

I want you to start a charity because I want you to help people, but if you’ve thought at all ever about doing something like this here’s 10K a month to jumpstart you. Your initial investment’s about a grand and then 10,000 dollars a month as long as you meet the criteria, which is very, very simple. Now let me go to the last thing. Some of you are asking, just Google Google grants, guys, if you want to get to the page. You’re going to get to this page. Actually it’s Some of you are asking what the thing is. Let me go on now to the last little thing for this for today.

If you want to start your own charity your cost is about 1,000 dollars, but then you can have the access to the 10,000 dollars, but there's actually more. There is a program called the grants pro program. Can you see my screen? Guys, can you all read that number? Give me a one if you can read that number that I’ve highlighted. Give me a two if you understand what you’re looking at. Give me a two if you understand what I’m showing you now. Give me a three if you don’t. if your charity qualifies, and here’s the things, listen, every single person on this call can hit this numbers. If you can’t hit these numbers you have no business in adwords. An absolute newbie can hit those numbers. Then you will be eligible for up to 40,000 dollars per month. 10K was a nice appetizer and now we’re at 40K per month.

Think about this as two things. Think about a charity that’s struggling and barely making it and you walking in with 10K a month and then about 90 days down the road walking in with 40K a month because you have to have some seasoning before you’re eligible for this 40K. You can’t get that immediately. Also the Google grants team has a team goal of 30 days to approve your initial account for the initial program, the 10K.

Then this though, as you’ll read here like I said, you have to have hit it for at least two months. There’s some thing here and they change this … this requirement gets changed fairly frequently. Here’s the thing I want you to take away from this if nothing else. If you choose to help another charity 10,000 or 40,000 a month is something that, I know it’s overused guys, but it’s a game changer. There’s nothing to compare to it. You absolutely could walk into a charity that’s dying or not growing and absolutely revive it. Again, if your charity is feeding hungry people then you are going to enable it to feed more hungry people, a lot more hungry people. If you decide to start your own charity because you feel so moved to do it then you could get the 10,000 up to 40,000 dollars a month.

With that money you could then, if you chose to, along with other money, not just this money … this is a real job for you, managing this charity. Guys, I want to be crystal clear here, I’m not talking about playing any kind of games. I’m talking about being 100% legal, moral, ethical, when you start your own 501(c)(3) the reporting guidelines are very specific and if you play games you’ll go to prison. I’m not talking about trying to cheat or do anything like that, but if you start a charity and you’re moved and you decide that that’s what you want to be doing then you absolutely can pay yourself a salary to manage that. It’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

There are some guidelines for what people consider generally ethical as far as how much money the charity makes versus how much you pay yourself, but suffice it to say, if your charity was bringing in a million dollars a year in donations and you are going to pay yourself 60, 70, 80,000 a year to run it you’re probably not going to get too many people upset with you about that. If you’re going to go over that you may. What I’m saying here is I’m not telling you guys to quit SEO, but what I’m telling you is if you get into this and you decide that you want to start your own charity, not only can you donate to your own charity from your for-profit business and use it as a tax write off, but you can actually use Google’s money to help build this for you.

Again, to be crystal clear, I’m talking about doing everything legitimately. If your for-profit business donates 10,000 dollars as a tax write-off to your non-profit business you’d better make sure that everything is squared away. You better make sure that that 10K is something that you got a receipt for for where it went and what it did because I would not want to be standing in front of a judge as some guy who was ripping off a charity. I would not want to be in that position. You want to talk about a hostile crowd, please, don’t be that guy or gal. But if you are moved and there’s something in your heart that says, “I’ve always wanted to do something about blank,” then this may be the opportunity for you. This may be something that, again, my email headline, could change the way that you do things.

If you’re happy where you are and you want to continue being an awesome search engine marketer, online marketer, then hopefully what you’ve learned in the last hour is something that you’ll be able to implement which will make you a virtual superhero as far as trust and credibility with potential clients, but it will make you an actual superhero if you choose to get involved with this grants program and help some charities. We’re right at about an hour now. I know there’s going to be lots of questions. I’ll take just a few questions right now, but I can tell you, none of this is hard. None of what I’ve gone over is hard to do. There may be some irritating steps when you’re setting up your Google partner account. A couple of you have already gone through that and you’ve seen what happens, but there’s nothing special about that. It’s just that Google is a pain in the ass sometimes, no matter what regard you’re working with them.

Let me shoot on here and answer some questions. Sean asked, is the 10K pretty real in terms of charities being able to get it. Yes. What that is is that is what’s called an end kind donation. Let me explain how that works. Wherever you give to a charity you can do two things generally. You can actually give funds or something of real value, like you could write them a check or you could give them a car that has a certain market value in which case that amount is what you could write off on your taxes.

The other thing you can do is what’s called an in kind donation. What an in kind donation means is that you are trading something of value for the appropriate tax credit. For instance, if you were someone who did IT for living, networking, you could come in and you could do monthly maintenance at a charity and you could say that that monthly maintenance is worth, your time is worth 100 dollars an hour. You’re there three hours, so the value of that is 300 dollars. You are quote donating 300 dollars to the charity. When it’s not actual money, when it’s a value that you are putting the value on that’s why we call it an in kind donation because it’s not actually funds like money that’s leaving your account.

What happens is this. Google is actually making the donation in kind here. Google is donating quote unquote, 10,000 dollars a month in adwords value. That means Google gets to write 10,000 dollars off of its taxes for every one of these charities it does it for. Hopefully that makes sense. You’re not going to get a tax write-off because Google gives adwords money to the charity. You could get a tax write-off if you donated your time to manage that or to provide other services.

Let me look through. Let me get through, let’s see. Yes, yes. The way that the money … What you need to make sure the money gets credited toward you is they have to be in your MCC account. They have to be associated with your adwords master account basically for you to get credit for it. Let’s see here. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. No, I’m not going to go over stuff from the last webinar. I am going to redo that training for everybody that was here.

The reason why I did not want that last webinar posted was actually for a couple of reasons. The main reason was because there was one specific tactic that I taught on there that I want to teach a different way than the way I taught it because I think the way that I taught it on that webinar was confusing because I didn’t intend on teaching it. It was just like me live. When I looked back on it I realized that I was probably creating a lot more confusion than I was helping. That’s why I didn’t do the replay on the last one, but all the content from the last one, I absolutely am going to redo in video style along with the resources. Hold tight, I promise it’s coming. I’ve got some more really good stuff too. There’s some stuff I’ve been testing about 90 days now. I’m going to tell you guys when it’s something I know that works forever or if it’s something that I’m testing, but there’s some stuff that’s working really good right now that I can show you on the next training too. It’s coming.

Let’s see. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. I’m going to synthesize a couple of the questions that several different people are asking here. Basically what’s going to happen is when you go to set this up for the charity you’re going to get to a portion where it’s going to ask for their billing information and you’re not going to input it. You’re going to bypass that part. The charity is never going to be charged for this. What’s going to happen basically is you’re going to set them up an adwords account. Once they’re proofed for the grant then they are going to have a budget and you’ll see it in the account. By the way, for those of you who are asking just generic adwords questions, go take the test. There’s training for it. Once you go to that part of the partner program there’s a bunch of resources for training and it’s going to answer those.

Let’s see. You don’t get any money until you're fully approved. Once you’re fully approved, which again, takes about 30 days, that’s when the metrics are going to start as far as what you need to keep up with. Sue, that’s a great question. Sue asked if a charity is already paying for adwords can we switch them to the grant. Absolutely. What that’s going to do, they’re going to go into, and you may need to get support. I think all that you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to get them approved for the grants program through their existing adwords account and then when it goes to the billing you’re going to be choosing the grant money as opposed to your money. When you’re in adwords, there’s different sources for where the funding comes from. You could choose a gift card or adwords credit, there’s a bunch of different ones. I’m pretty sure that’s how that works, but if not I’m sure that support can get you squared away on that.

Let’s see. Different people are asking about who can get in and who can’t and stuff. That’s a very good question. Let me go over that real quick. The main people who are not going to qualify for the grant program in general is going to be, let me look here if it says. Hold on, I think it’s in here. It’s on the page, but basically let me tell you who’s not going to qualify. You’re not going to qualify if your charity is political. They’re not going to do political. You’re not going to qualify if it’s a church. You’re not going to qualify if it’s a school basically. It’s mainly those and of course it can't be a hate group or anything like that. If you’re not a church, you’re not a school, you’re not political and you’re not some kind of crazy hate group you’re probably going to get approved.

For schools and for churches, what you need to do for them is you need to set up a separate 501(c)(3) like a benevolence fund, as an example. Like my church that I go to. My church is a 501(c)(3), but they are not eligible for this. But they have a separate 501(c)(3) that’s their benevolence fund that they use like when someone loses their job and they can’t pay for their electricity or whatever. Then that company … That company would be eligible. Basically pretty much anybody that’s not eligible can typically start a different company and that one can be eligible. You just want to make sure. You just want to make sure that you’re doing everything above the board.

A lot of times with stuff that we do in SEO we like to try to get around Google and that kind of stuff, but this isn’t one of those times. If you’re not sure if what you’re doing is ethical or moral or legal you probably should get legal advice. That would be my suggestion. When I mentioned that it costs a little bit less than 1,000 dollars to start your own charity, there is a filing fee in the United States that’s a little less than 400 dollars. Then if you go to a site like Legal Zoom, just as an example. I’m not promoting Legal Zoom and obviously I’m not an affiliate or anything. They have a deal that’s like 500 bucks to do specifically for a charity. I don’t see it on here, but I know that they do it. Hold on. Hold on one second. Let me just go back here. Actually sorry.

Of course, you can obviously hire an actual attorney too. Again, you can do like I just did or you can search their site. Here, it looks like for a regular package they’re charging 595 to set this up for you. It’s going to be 595 plus the IRS fee which is it’s usually 400 bucks. 595 plus 400 bucks. This is a real good thing here too because this page is a good information page. It’s going to tell you a bunch of stuff about that. Let me look, let me look, let me look. Let’s see.

David, no, I don’t think micro gangs are going to get approved for that. Very timely though with what happened in my neck of the woods recently. I’m sure that’s what you’re referring to. Let’s see. Let’s see, sorry. I am going to do some stuff on this on the back end of the course, but this is one of those things that as much as humanly possible I don’t want to get out into the general public because as soon as it does, this is not a secret program or anything like that. The Google grants program has been around a long time.

As soon as this gets into the black hat crap groups and all that then what you’re going to have is you’re going to have someone load up the IRS database with some stupid spam tool and they’re going to start sending out bulk emails. All that’s going to do is first of all they’re not going to get any leads from it, because they never do. Then it’s going to just start this whole thing on a negative basis for all of us. Please keep this information in this group. Please don’t post about it on your wall or whatever. Please try to keep this here if you can. If we keep it to ourselves then it’s going to be really powerful.

Again, I don't know what money or dollar value I would put on being a Google badged partner, but I would put a lot on it. I would say that it’s extremely valuable and I’ll tell you for sure that very few of your peers know about the program or if they do they are like, “Well I don’t have ten grand” and then they just forget about it. Even companies have looked into it in the past look at it and just let that go. Then of course there’s other people that look at the grants program and they don’t understand and they’re like, “Well I’m not a charity, so who cares about this?”

I think we’re about an hour over … The steps on this guys, the steps on this, the first thing I would do, I would go ahead and sign up for your basic partner account. Then go ahead and knock those tests out. The tests are easy. I trained this same thing in another group that I teach in. I probably had 50ish people that went and knocked out all three tests in a week in their spare time. I’m not telling you like it’s so easy that everyone would pass it just automatically, but what I’m telling you is if you actually go and invest some time and studying not only are you going to pass the tests, but you’re actually going to learn something too. I really don’t see a downside to even being just a non-badged partner.

Let me look here real quick and see … Jeremy, my friend. Last thing. I’m going to talk about a site structure thing. Jeremy, I’ll look at it again, but I think if you just do what I teach in the course, I think it’s going to work. Let me pull it up again and look at the thing, but I’m almost positive when I looked at your site structure question my answer was do what I teach in the course. I don’t want to be a jerk or anything, but I think that that’s the answer. That’s it, guys, that’s it for today. I’m going to answer Jeremy’s question real quick. If you want to stay on feel free to, but after that I’m going to log off. Let me go back over to the Facebook group. Actually Jeremy, do you have a picture of that that you could send me?

Again, I want to thank everybody for being here today. Yes, there will be a webinar replay for sure. Guys, listen. Do me a favor, as usual, because this is in the monthly advanced, please don’t talk about it in the main group. If you want to talk about, I don't know, talk about it in code or something please do, but please don’t log in and say, “Hey, I got my Google grants program approved today or whatever.” I am going to start a separate group for you guys and I’ll probably do that this weekend so we can talk about it and get you guys in. If you don’t have clients now or you don’t have whatever, this should do it for you, I hope.

Actually, Jeremy I’m going to have to ping you. I’m sorry. I just got a call. I’m going to have to go. Do me a favor, Jeremy, send me that picture. Send me again with your specific question through Facebook chat and I’ll get back with you either today or first thing in the morning. Sorry, I got a call in that I have to take, but I will get to you, I promise. Thanks guys, thanks again for everything. I’ll see you soon, bye.