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All right guys I just hit the record button on this edition webinar. Today what we're going to be talking about is some link building strategies. For those of you that have been on for a minute or two I apologize, but since I've just hit the record button, I just want to go ahead and reintroduce everything. What are we looking at here? Again let me apologize for the super low quality of my graphics here, they're not right but I will explain everything. Let me explain what I have going on here, and what I really want you to take away from what we're doing whenever I go over this linking strategies is I want you to try to understand the concept of what we are doing and not the exact properties that we're using. A lot of times people get kind of messed up and they focus way too much on "Am I using this, am I using a Tumblr or am I using this particular kind of blog or that kind of blog, things like that." It's not as important the properties that you're using as the way that we're linking. Okay?

Let me go over what we're looking at here. In this diagram, this is going to be the home page of our money site, so that's why we've got a nice dollar sign here. This is going to be ... In this example for today I'm going to be doing one of my standard kind of diagrams for a local business. I've got my areas served page here or locations, or whatever you call it, I've got a city page here, in this case we'll call this Dallas, and then have a category or services is page, in this case it's roofing. That's the example I'm going to use today. All of this four pages are on my website that I'm trying to rank but this is the money, excuse me, the homepage, this is the area surf page, the city page and the category page. If you're new and you're not sure what you're looking at, then you're not going to know until you get through the training. This is a standard kind of a silo that I do on my local sites.

We are going to back up a little bit here and we are going to go to this column. I'm going to explain the columns first then I'll go into how they are connected. These E's here stand for expired domains. E equals expired domains. And this category W stands for Web 2.0's. Web 2.0's would be things like Tumblr accounts, blogger accounts. In this column ... In this model that we're going to use today, this are HQ or high quality Web 2.0's. This will be the Web 2.0's that you would build out by hand, not with automation tools. For instance, you would go to Tumblr and you would register a new account with a key word rich sub-domain and you would put up a unique article on it maybe with a nice video and a couple of nice images and somewhere on there you would link out from that Tumblr to this expired domain, in this example. Now over here what we have is ... These would be Tier 1 links because tier one's point directly to our pages we want to rank.

This would be Tier 2 links because they point to our Tier 1 links. This would be Tier 3 and up. Again, this specific diagram I'm giving you, I'm going to show you there is a couple of different things here I want you to look at and then I am going to go over this too, I promise. In this example, the first thing I have up here is a cluster, and I know that's hard to read probably, that stands for cluster, C-L-U-S-T-E-R. What this would be is, this would be a cluster of web 2.0s. This would like a web 2.0 accounts that are generated with tools like, in my course I teach FCS networker. This would be let's say ten. Ten web 2.0 accounts, or twenty or thirty or forty or fifty. They would be pointing to one of these high quality web 2.0's. This is GSA, GSA search engine ranker, software there's training on that the members area. This is SE slingshot which is a public blog network, but it still works really well. The guy that runs it has two networks that I know of, and I'm going to show you in a minute.

No, I'm not affiliate of these, I think they have a program but I'm showing to you because right now they are still working, but as you see here I'm putting this on Tier 3. I am not putting these on Tier 1 for sure, I'm putting them on Tier 3. This last one, this is another public blog purchase in place called LinkAzure. This is again, I am not affiliated with any of these companies, but I'm going to show you each of these in a minute. In this particular configuration, so now I've kind of showed you what all the pieces are, let me show you how they are connected. Let me start with the Tier 1s and go up. Let's see here, I think one person is telling me they don't have sound, so guys give me a two if you can hear me. Give me a 3 if you can't. Give me a 3 if you literally can't hear me right now, you're not hearing the word I'm saying. Okay good. I didn't get anybody again, so everybody can hear me.

If you're the one having issues with it then you going to have to reboot or something but you can't hear me so, this is pointless for me to try to help you. I'm sorry I'm not trying to make light of it but in this configuration this expired domain here is going to be 301 redirected in this example to the homepage or to one of these pages, it doesn't matter which one. In this example, this is an expired domain, and it is going to be 301'd to one of our pages. The reason why we are going to 301 it is because one of the things that we can do with a 301 is transfer any kind of link juice or authority that this expired domain has directly over to our money sight. The advantage to that is that it's basically like a pasture as far as the link juice is concerned. Any power that this domain has when it's 301'd is going to automatically transfer over to this site. That's why we would 301 it and the way you would do that is, you could do that at the registrar level or at the hosting level.

The way that I do it is at the registrar level and I showed that on the last webinar, but if you're not sure how to do a 301 from the registrar level then go ahead and ask in the Facebook group. We can cover it there because it actually is a little bit different for each different registrar. On the last webinar I shared GoDaddy and NameCheap but each one is a little bit different. Even if I took the time here to go over, I could do 30 or 40 and not hit everyone's exact properties. In this instance again we have an expired domain and we are 301ing it here and that's to give power. Now, where do we get these, boy that's going to bug the crap out of me, where do we get these expired domains and what are we looking for? Because I know how your brains work, you're already wanting to know what PA, PR, DA, TF, CF whatever all the numbers are.

Let me show you a couple of different ways that you can do this. At this point what I want to tell you is the most important thing that I want for this domain, this, what teaching you today, and there's different ways you can use them is, I want H. That's the main thing that I want from this, and the reason I'm teaching you this is because my recent testing, and by recent I mean the last 6 weeks, have shown me that an aged domain can handle a whole lot more as far as buffering. Guys hold up on the questions till the end. Let me show you couple of different things. Guys I'm in SERPtier and all of you that have been in the course for more than five minutes know that I talked this up. Yes, I'm in affiliate for this so if you sign up for this, I will absolutely get a commission for it. So there's my whatever that's called, earnings disclaimer, affiliate disclaimer, whatever. This is in the Facebook group in the files section also. If you don't have this service I can't tell you how powerful this service is.

Seems like every day something new gets added to it and for the price it's ... I hate to use word no brainer but seriously, as much as it does and if you don't know what it does ... Go to the front page, one you go to this page, this link, it will tell you everything it does. For today, let me show you a couple of different things. One of the things that you can do here, you can go to the domain market place here. The domain market place is going to ... Basically what this does is it scrapes from a bunch of different places. Think of this as like RegisterCompass, is what this is like. You will see here that one of the factors that it has here, is H. In this case right here, you see fourteen year old, thirteen year old, fifteen. Fifteen, sixteen that's about as old as you can get. Most websites started coming on the internet about that time. You've got a lot of good aged ones in here that you can go for.

The magic number that I look for, I want older than ten years if I can get it. I'm really looking for older than ten years if I can get away with it. Any other domains in here would be fine for this purpose. Now, as far as your PBN domains and thinks like that, you can also look for those and you sort by various factors here. Auction, actually let me do this, let me do a different one. Another thing that, the age is what we want on this, that's what's most important. If we had kind of like a wish list, if we can make the domain that we want, I'd want one that's ten years older, and if I had one that was relevant somehow that's even better. A relevant ten year old domain would be more favorable to me than a domain with much higher metrics that didn't have the age and didn't have the relevancy. Again, I'm talking about for this particular configuration. There's different ones where you're going to have different ones. Of course I'm on live webinar so my browser is going to die on me. My entire thing is now crashed.

That's pretty awesome. I'm going to hide my screen for one second and I will be right back. You can't hardly even plan these things, my browser doesn't crash for a week, and all of a sudden you do a live webinar and the actual browser I'm using to do it crashes on me. What are the odds of that, right? Give me a second guys, I apologize. See if I can find it real quick. Sorry guys give me one second, I think I can ... I know that I saved this so let me if see I can pull it back up. Give me a 2 if you can see it. Give me a 2 if you can see my screen. Thanks guys, sorry about that, I apologize. Here we are with my handy dandy screen again. Anyway, we have these expired domains here, and as I was saying, for these particular thing I'm showing you today I would prefer that they be aged ten years plus and that they have some relevancy if you can get away with that.

Let me go back in here, one of the things that this program search has is it has expired scraper. What this allows you to do is, it allows you to put in a website and then allows you to scrape it to see if you can find links going certain pages. For instance, if you wanted link from Wikipedia, you can put Wikipedia in here and search it and it would look for domains that Wikipedia links to and so you would have a link then from Wikipedia. Again, here's this, if you guys don't have it and this is in our files section of Facebook group guys. Someone just asked, that's why I threw it back up. Going with our roofing example, I thought about it and I thought "You know, what would be like the bomb dot com, right, kind of link to have for a local roofing company?" I found one. The National Roofing Contractor's Association. I thought, "That'd be kind of dope, right, to have a link from here." I went in and I put it in here, all right. That's their URL and I click to search it.

This is not a super great example, of course, because I just pulled this out of my hindquarters but there are ... These do. These are not particularly powerful domains here, and I would have to check the age on them, but if you do bigger sites. Let's just say that when I pulled this up, though, that it had a site in here with, say, ten years on it which is what I'm looking for. Then that site would have links back to this powerful site. That would be a good, you know, potential. Guys, give me a two if you get what I'm saying here. Give me a two if you understand what I'm doing with this tool right here. Give me a three if you don't. Give me a three if you don't understand what this particular feature just did because I want to make sure that you understand. Definitely give me a three. Any threes at all? Last call for a three. Last call. Last call going once, going twice. Okay.

All right, so, again if I can find one ... Another way to do it ... I'm going to go here to the aged domain finder, and on this one it's roofing so I'm just going to type in roof. I'm doing to do expired because I want to buy it right now. I'm going to put in some attributes here, so for this I'm going to put in let's say, I don't know, twenty-five bucks. I'm cheap. Let's say PR, I don't know, zero to five. Let's do trust flow ten to a hundred. You know what? For this, I'm just going to choose dot com, dot net. I'm going to choose all the US ones, dot org. All right, I think that's ... Okay, mobi is fine, too. US obviously is fine. Okay. So I'm going to choose these and again I'm doing this live so this may backfire and might not have any good results here, but I wanted to show you anyway because if you spend some time with this you're going to. It looks like we found thirty-seven domains. All right. Right here we have It's eleven years old. It's PR one. It's Moz Domain Authority of fifteen which is not great but it's not horrible. Trust flow of twelve which again is not great but not horrible. Not a whole lot of backlinks.

This is so-so. If we were to judge this domain here based on all the metrics, they would be just so-so. If I was looking for this for maybe a PBN, I'd probably pass on it. For this specific technique, I have my relevancy. LakewoodRoofing, it's obviously a roofing site. It's 11 years old. For these purposes, this domain would be just fine. I could probably get this one ... Let me see, hold on. Where's the ... Which is ... As you're looking here, this kind of shows you all the stuff that you'd want to know for this. Let me look here. Is my browser going to mess up on me? Let me see real quick if it's going to pull it up. While I'm waiting on that, so again I look down. Here's one that's 9 ... Okay. All right, so LakewoodRoofing is available. I could register it. I just click right here and I click register. That means that unless this tool is reporting inaccurate information, it's available to register. Whatever. It's $10 plus ... It's not like an expired domain. It's not going to cost me that much. If I go through where, I'm sure I'm going to find more.

Here's a 9-year-old one, it's $8, it's PR3, again it's got roof in the URL. 7-year-old ... Gay roofs. Hehe. You might want to check that before you buy it to make sure that that's not ... That anchor text isn't messed up on that. Oh, Firefox you're killing me. The point is ... Here's one, this is great man. Look at this. 15 years. That's really cool. This is an easy way to go through and find some of these. Using this tool just makes it quicker. All this is doing is scraping other sites. If you didn't have this, you could still go do this by hand, it just takes 10x longer. For that piece of the puzzle, that's one way you could do it. If you can't invest in SERP right now, then go to GoDaddy auctions and you can sort by age. That's simple enough. Go to GoDaddy auctions, it's $5 for a year I think, and you can sort by age, and then you can manually go through and kind of check all this stuff.

As you see here, just in this quick little thing here, I could find 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... There's about 6 just off this one search, and I just did roof, so I could do a lot of other terms for that also. I could fill this out fairly easily. I could probably find a $10-$15 domain to make me a nice 4 different tiers here to fill this up with. Guys, do me a favor. Give me a 3 if you kind of get that part. If you think, you understand ... Give me a 3 if you understand the E here, and kind of how to go get it. Again, I want to reiterate, the most important part is ... This is. It's not the metrics. It's the age plus the relevancy. I just did roof. I could do roofing. I could do roofers. I could do all kinds of stuff, and it would pull up a ton more. Roofing is a huge industry worldwide, so remember for this one, all I picked was the top-level domains in the US. You don't have to use US domains. It's preferable if you're targeting US sites, but you don't have to. Now I have these, and I want to move on to this. These are my high quality Web 2.0s.

Again, I'm going to go back over to ... I think it's my aged domain ... Wait, hold on a second. I think it's this one. I'm going to sort by Moz, just bare with me. All right, yeah. There's so many freaking tools in here I get lost sometimes. It's awesome. I use it every day, and I still get lost. I went back into Auction Master under domain research and I sorted by domain authority here. That's what I'm looking at. You see here I am finding Web 2.0s. Why? Because Web 2.0s have high domain authority. Weebly has a 95. If you're from OMG, you have seen about 8 billion different trainings that involve Weebly. If you're not in OMG, then Weebly is a very high domain authority Web 2.0. It's not the only one, it's maybe not even the best one, but it's used a lot in examples. Here ... These high quality Web 2.0s. You can do one of two things. You can go out and build your own. Start from scratch. Register your own. Start from scratch. They will have power as soon as you make them have power. As soon as all these links from here start powering these up, then these are going to start powering these up.

If you want to skip a step, and this is a time-saving. Is this necessary to rank? No. Will this significantly cut down your time to rank? Yes. Remember, we can rank anything we want. There's only 2 variables. Time and budget. That's it. We can rank any keyword we want, anywhere we want, anytime we want, but the 2 variables are always time and budget. How long is it going to take us to rank, and how much is it going to cost us. Again, using this feature here, these would make some pretty nice ... I'll bet you that a lot of these metrics are not accurate, because they probably ... When they got dropped, they stopped getting crawled probably. They probably have ... When you get some content back on them, and when you get them re-indexed, they probably do have some content. For here example here's some nice. Weebly's in here. You could get. There's some BlogSpots here you could get. That's not the only place that you can get these. I also showed you guys in the course ... I also showed you ... Now I'm not seeing it. Okay. This is a great place to get Web 2.0s also.

This is a place ... Please don't buy her out of them. Please, if you guys got a huge budget, don't go in and empty this please. This is one, and guys I've mentioned this multiple times, that this is one of the sellers that I buy from very actively. Right here, a PR4 Tumblr blog, well they're out of stock right now. Let's go to the 5. Oh, they're out of stock of those too. Darnit people. For right now, we'd be using the 3s. The PAs usually going to be in the 30s for most of these. It's going to be in the 30s usually. These are $10 a piece. You have 2 options. You can come and buy some from a vendor like this, in which case you're using your money, or you can go build your own and build up authority to them. You'll get to the same place eventually. 3 months from now, you could take a Tumblr blog and you could build it up to what this is here, in about 2-3 months. Or you could just go ahead and buy it.

This completely has to do with your budget. Here, you see she sells Tumblrs, she sells Twitter accounts, she sells BlogSpots. I've used this vendor for awhile, and she's very good. If you buy something and you can't register it, or whatever, she'll send it back to you or whatever. You can feel safe buying from this person. Remember too, shes still advertises these on PA and PR, but remember, if it's got any PA or PR, it's got a little bit of age at least. If it's got any PA or PR, it's got to have at least a little bit of age. If you start off with one of these, in this portion right here, you're going to be faster out of the gate than people who have to build these. Again, time and budget. Time and budget. This is not the only place to buy these. You can buy these on Fiverr. You can buy these on You can buy these on DigitalPoint. You can buy these all over the place. There's a ton of places online to buy high ... PA is what everybody's using right now, which is page authority ... Expired 2.0 blogs. You can also scrape for them, but I would suggest you are wasting your time if you do that.

There's people that have mega, 50,000 gigabytes of RAM computers that all they do is scrape for these stupid things. You may spend 2 or 3 hours to find 1 that's as good as this $10 one. I hope that your time is worth more than that. You can if you want, and it's really popular in some places, but in my humble opinion, scraping for these is a complete waste of your time. Unless you're poor. If you're poor, and you don't have any money at all, then by all means fire up Scrapebox or whatever tool you want to use and go for it. If you got any money at all, go ahead and buy these. If you understand what this is, and where to get them. You feel pretty comfortable that you could go out and get them if you need to. Give me a 4 if you don't. I'm waiting for 4s. Remember it's just me who sees these guys. Nobody sees the answers but me, so don't feel shy. Everybody on here is cool. All right, so far we've talked about these are expired domains. We've talked about these are high quality Web 2.0s. Now we're going to move on to this tier.

Then we're going to tie it all together. Up here, I said this is a cluster. This would be a group of Web 2.0s. They are going to be themed to a niche or a location, and it's extremely important that they are. If you're not going to theme them to a niche or to a location, do not bother building these. You're wasting your time. Let me show you ... I had this open somewhere I thought but now I ... Don't see it. Okay. FCS Networker is the site that I'm using now. Again, I have an affiliate link in the files area. If you'd like to ... If you're going to buy it anyway, use my link and I'll make a few extra bucks. If not, that's good too. Let me show you here. What this software as a service allows you to do is it allows you to post to all of these sites. I'm going to go slowly here. I don't know the exact count, but everything that you see here is a site that you can post to from within this service. This site here, these are all the accounts that you can create using the account creator for free.

There's a software that you download, and this is in your member's area training, what I'm talking about right now. In the member's area, we show you how to load up the account creator and create these accounts. You'll see that there's not as many over here as there are over here. It posts to a lot more accounts than it creates, but it creates a ton, and so you can create all these or you can buy them. You go to the store here, and there you go. You can buy 30 accounts for $3. There's really kind of no excuse to not do this. Everybody here's got $3. Or I'm sorry, there's 10 accounts for $1.25. Okay. There's also other software that will make these accounts, and you can import them into here. There's a dozen programs ... Well, there's more than that. There's a dozen well-known programs that will allow you to create Web 2.0 accounts in bulk. There's a dozen of them. The reason I use FCS Networker is because it is the most flexible, and the most powerful, and really it's even I think the cheapest, when you look at per-account. I don't use it because of the money part. I use it because it's easy to use and it's powerful and it works.

Again, we're not going to go into training on FCS Networker today because I've already given you that training. I haven't given you all of it yet, but this really is part of the FCS training as well. What you're going to do is this. You are going to go into, per the training, you are going to go into FCS Networker, and in this example, you would make a cluster of ... Let's say, you want it to go with niche relevancy. Roofing. Let's say we could make 20 or 30 blogs, all about roofing. We would have content on them about roofing, and we maybe able to get roofing into the URL, the name of the Web 2.0 account, and we're going to have images about roofing and videos about roofing. For these, relevancy is king. You can create hundreds or thousands of these fairly easily. In this example, what we're doing here is we are going to link it to one of our high quality ones, and there's a couple of different ways we're going to do that.

One of the ways we can do that is by simply linking it. We can simply have an outbound link from each one of these, that simply goes to this. Just a simple link just like we know. Another way to do it, to give a little bit more diversity to this, would be to use some of our URL shorteners. We covered that on the last webinar. Guys, give me a 3 if you were here on the last webinar where we talked about 301s. Give me a 3 if you were not here. Oh boy, okay. It looks like most people were not here. All right, good, that's fine. What I want to show you here. I want to show you a piece of software, and it's called GSA URL Redirect Pro. This is a one-off cost, and it's 30 something dollars I think. I don't remember the last time I checked, but it's less than $50. It's a one-off cost, you buy it once and you own it forever. Guys if you've ever bought GSA software, they sell multiple softwares, and their softwares are high quality and they get the job done. You would purchase this program, and what this does for you is ...

I'm going to put in ... Let's see. Let's say that the URL was DallasRoofing ... Let's say it was a Tumblr blog. Let's say that that was the Web 2.0 that we were wanting to promote. What I'm going to do here is I'm going to hit this little button, and for this, I'm not going to change any of these things because we don't need it. Just as a real quick thing, just to show you, I'm going to hit that little go button, and what it's going to do is it's going to go over here and start creating URL shortener links. I'm sure I'm going to lose Firefox here again in a second. Guys, give me a 3 if you don't understand what these shortener links are over here. Give me a 3 if you don't know what you're looking at there. All right, let's see here. Okay. All right. A couple, not a lot. Basically what's going to happen is this. I'm going to go ahead and stop this. I'm going to go ahead and stop this. What this is doing is, all of these links here redirect to this. Okay. If I were ... is not a real site.

I can't show you this live because I just made that up. I don't know if it is or not. If you were to click this link here, it would go to this. It just went to Opera because there is no link. Oh, there is! There you go. All right, there actually is one. I just created some cool links, looks like somebody's got some Dallas roofing here. What do we got here,, If this was the Tumblr blog I was wanting to promote, then what I would do is I would export these links here. Sorry. I would export these, and I can choose the types. Sorry guys, it's my ... What do you call it is covering my GoToMeeting. Anyways, I can export these and save them. Again, the software has good training with it. I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on this. Short. Okay. Now, what I can do ... Now I have a list of all of these URLs. They all go to this. Back again, back in this example here, any time I do that, that means that this link here ... Let's say that this is that Dallas Roofing Tumblr, that means that instead of sending a single link from here to here, I can send hundreds or thousands of links to here.

Guys, give me a 4 if you're getting what I'm saying. Give me a 5 if you're not getting what I'm saying. It's okay if you're not, man. If you don't get it, let me know. I'm totally cool with that. Yeah. Okay. Let me know guys. Seriously, don't ... Nobody knows who is saying yes and who is saying no, so don't try to be too cool for school here. Let me ... Let me explain ... Let me show you really basically what's happening here. Let's see. All right, there's that. What's happening is this. Let's say that the shortened URL is this. Okay. It points to that Then what it looks like is that there's 1 link going to, and this one link has an IP address. It looks like 1 site linked to that Tumblr. But when I do another one, maybe it's ... I'm going to do a different one, okay, and I point it to that. Now I have a different IP address. With the shortener program, I can have hundreds or thousands of these. Instead of sending one link to this, I can send thousands of links to that. Guys give me a 6 now if you still don't get it, and if you don't, it's cool. All right. All right. What we're doing is this, and this is the last little part, okay, for this one thing. When you look at ...

When Google sees that Tumblr blog, when it's looking at that Tumblr blog that we're promoting here, instead of seeing one link, so say there's 10 here. If I were to do that for each one of these 10, and I did 100 for each, then it would look like thousands of different links were coming to this. If I sent one link from each, then it would be 10 links would be coming from 10 different websites, or 10 different properties, to this 1. If I instead put one of these links in that shortener, and put hundreds or thousands of shorteners, then it looks like this is getting hundreds or thousands of links. It looks like it's a lot of link diversity. It's a lot more ... It makes it look a lot more powerful. Again, what we're doing here is we're hiding here a little bit, and we're juice laundering a little bit. I will go over that more. I'm going to do actual training on these. I promise. For now we're going to close that part out. The other thing you can do is GSA directly too. Let me show you the one more thing that's kind of cool on this.

If I do GSA, and I do a new campaign up here, what I can do is I can import that list that I just made with 1000 links in it, and I can set GSA to go and start blasting. Instead of GSA blasting 10, it's going to blast 100, and that means I can build tens of thousands of links to it. Step 1 would kind of be I build those links, and step 2 would be I import them into here, and I could use whatever I want on this. Even if I built 100,000 links with GSA to thousands of links, that means each one would only get hundreds. Again, we will go over some more of this. I promise. Here's one of the things I want you to take. Please take this part in. This is one of those things where if you understand the theory behind it, there's multiple applications for this. This, this little $40 program here, you can use these shortener links in all kinds of different ways. I just mentioned them going through GSA, but there's lots of different ways you can use these to do ...

Remember, this link right here, and this one, and this one, these are all different referring domains. These are all different referring domains with different IP addresses. Over here, if you look, there's different page ranks, there's different powers. There's certainly ones that have more power going to them, and we're going to go over that in future training too I promise. There's certain ones that are very powerful that you're going to want to use in specific instances. Like Google's shortener, and and like is another one. Those are very high power ones. Anyway, I'm hoping again that you get the theory behind that, because there's multiple applications for using those shorteners. Freaking Firefox. We have our links, or we have direct links, we have GSA, which again the training is in the course, we have SE Slingshot. There are several public blog networks that are frankly just still working. Yes I've tested them to death. I'm only using them on this tier. I'm only using them here. I'm not ever using them here, and definitely ever ever ever here, but I'm using them here and they're working like gangbusters right now. SE Slingshot is one. It's not cheap, but these are pretty powerful links actually.

The person that runs this network has been around a long time, so 50 posts for $150. $3 a post. These you can shoot in. You can shoot these direct links, when you go in, these are like ... Think about it like your own WordPress blog. You're going to rent a link. You could use money anchors or exact anchors to here, or you could still use that shortener. If you wanted. You could still put a shortener link as the outbound link from here to here. Multiple ways you can do this. This is still okay to use safely on this tier from my testing. Here's one that you can use. Another one that's working pretty well right now is LinkAzure. It's ... The guy that used to run Authority Link network. I would never point anything of his at Tier 1, for sure, or a money site, but these again are ... Let me show you again these here. You get 15 posts as a Tier 1. For $85, you get 15 links, but then they're backed up with multiple tiers in here. If you pay a little bit more, what do you get. Yeah. This price here, for the 35 it's $200.

You actually get some PR5 links in that 35. Again, these are for tiers, these are not Tier 1. These links are fairly powerful. These are the same kind of links that a lot of you are renting on other people's sites and paying a monthly fee for. Same quality links. When you look at what these cost, this one is an example, these are $5 a post. There are people in this group that are renting links about this powerful for $5-10 a month. That's why I'm showing you this. What was my other? I had a couple more. Okay. Excuse me guys for coughing in the microphone. Another one that is working really well right now is this one. This one is actually SECatapult ... SECatapult is the same guys that own SESlingshot. This network is ... They go by different metrics. These are actually better metrics. Let me look here real quick. I think he tells you. It's on here somewhere, but anyway these are actually working really good too. Let me find the price. 50 posts for $197. What was this? Yeah, so they're a little bit more expensive, but these are higher quality. These are definitely higher quality than the other ones.

Again, this is a single payment. I had one last one here, which is RankEvolve. RankEvolve is ... What do we got here? 15 links for $85. This is basically just a different network. I think is also the same guys as the other one. I think I've shown you 2. These 2, this one, LinkAzure, and RankEvolve, are both mowana's product, the guy that used to own Authority Link network, and these 2 are both the same company as SESlingshot. I am using all 4 of these right now personally, and they're working great for what I'm telling you to use them for. Even on their own sites, they are going to tell you not to use these as Tier 1s. For what I'm showing you in the graphic way up here, these can really power these up. These can make these ... If you do a couple of these, and you do a blast of this, one of these to a single one of these, you're going to see the PA go up really fast. This can become ... Let's just say that this was one that you bought. Let's say that you bought this from her, okay, and you came in here and you bought one of these ... Let's just say that they weren't out of stock, and you bought it ... One of these PR5s, it's probably 2-3 years old and probably has a PA in the 40s.

You bought one of these, right here, and then you blasted it with one of those I just showed you. One of these 4. That's going to be a pretty damn powerful Web 2.0. It's going to have some nice juice going through it. Let me go back here. We've talked about everything pretty much except for one thing, and I think I'm doing great on time so this is awesome. The thing that's important, really, in all these, is to remember that a lot of these can be interchanged a little bit. You could ... Could the expired domain be here and the 2.0 be here? Sure, it could be. This exact thing is what is working best for me for now. The thing with this is too, when you're using this with links, so like right here I had this as a 301. This could also be a link. Most people put their Web 2.0s on Tier 1. Give me a 1 if you've seen a link diagram with a Web 2.0 in Tier 1. Give me a 1 if you've seen that. Okay. All right. Pretty much everybody. If you look at the services, most of the people that sell these, that's what they're going to tell you if they're using tiered links. They're going to put the Web 2.0s on Tier 1. The reasoning behind that is because these sites have a lot of domain authority because of the domain.

The page doesn't have much authority, but it has a lot of domain authority. They make nice buffers for tiered links. The problem with that, and the reason why ... I'm not telling you that you can't link a high quality Web 2.0 to your money site. I teach that in the training and you absolutely can. Let me tell you why I don't do it when I'm doing a configuration like this. These links here I can SpyderSpanker out. Or SEO ... Whatever you're using. HTAccess. To block. I can't do that with these. I can't. If you show me an SEO who has bought high quality, quote, links from pretty much most of the main suppliers of them, I can show you his network whenever I feel like it, and not even with a lot of effort. He can't hide it. If he's got a Weebly right here on Tier 1, and he's got ton's of sh ... Stuff back here, he can't hide that Weebly. I can go see exactly what's going on behind that Weebly because he can't control it. If I have these expired domains here, then I can. That's why I do this way. This way, in my opinion, is superior for that one reason only.

What I want you to understand, and this too, this is the last little thing. Here I showed you this one as a 301. That's fine. This can also, and this can't ... This could also, and I can't draw anymore because I crashed that Firefox screen. This could also be a link that comes from here. It doesn't have to be a 301. It could be a link. It could link to the homepage. It could link to inner pages. Let me show you what a very ... Let me show you what a standard-like configuration would look like, and I can't draw on this anymore so I apologize, but I think you'll be able to get this. Let's say I am powering up my roofing category page. This link right here is going to be either a 301'd domain that's about roofing, or could just be like a homepage, a really good homepage link with exact-match anchor text, a follow link, going right here to this inner page, and then this high quality Web 2.0. Guess what it's about. It's about roofing. As I power it up here, if I were powering it up with LinkAzure or SE Slingshot, these links would be roofing related. They would point to this. When I finally get to this link on this page, this roofing page, it's roofing roofing roofing roofing roofing roofing roofing roofing.

Roofing all the way through. Everything back this way is all relevant for niche. Let me answer a couple of questions real quick here, and then we'll kind of move on. A couple of you have asked why we would use a 301 and not a link? It really depends on the domain, but let me explain why. When you 301 a domain to another domain, you are sending all of the power and all of the authority from this site to this site. All of it goes in one fatal swoop. If this were simply a link, then the home ... Let's say this link is on the homepage, then it would get the juice of the homepage going here, and that's it. If this was just the link from here to here, then it would get the link ... The juice of the homepage, and only the homepage. When you 301 it, it completely ... It's basically transfers all of its power. Let me see here. Let me look through a couple more questions. Let's see. All right. Let me go ... Go ahead and start ... Go ahead and put in some questions. We're a little bit over 8, and I'm going to do about another 10 minutes probably on this, so top in any questions that you have at all. Doesn't have to be about this. Anything at all.

Type it in there, and I'll pick some. One of the things I want you to look at while I'm waiting for people to type in, these clusters of these can be extremely powerful, and there's people who are ranking, not like payday loans, okay, but they're ranking fairly competitive things with these clusters of Web 2.0s. That's the main strategy that they're using, is these clusters of 2.0s. I'm talking about huge clusters. There's people out there that have hundreds of thousands of Web 2.0s. It may seem excessive, but when you look at everything's about ROI. There's advantages and disadvantages of Web 2.0s just like everything else, but the nice thing about it is when you're not buying them but when you're building them, they're free basically. You still have to pay for proxies, right, you know, when you use our tools. When you go through the training on FCS Networker, of course I mention using proxies. Pretty much any tool that we use that allows proxies, we use proxies. Again, I've gone over that on the training. I use ByProxies, pretty much exclusively, except when I'm doing scraping. I have ... I use the proxies of ...

Gscraper proxies when I use Gscraper. With that one exception, I use ByProxies for all of my proxies, and they work for everything. Think about ... One thing I want you to think about, and I've mentioned this before, but while the questions are coming. One thing that I do that works really really really well that you can do very easily is you can make these clusters like ... I have clusters. For example, I have Dallas Sports clusters. As many of you know, most of my clients are here locally in the Dallas Texas area. Not all of them but most of them. I have a Dallas Sports cluster. I have probably, I don't know, probably a couple of hundred Web 2.0s that have to do with sports in Dallas. Some of them are the Cowboys. Some of them are the Stars. Some of them are the Mavericks. That's just one. I have other clusters that are like ... I have a restaurant cluster that's Dallas restaurants. I have a history ... Well, it's kind of like history / government. The keywords in there are going to be things ...

It's like city of Dallas stuff. Some of it's historical, but most of it is like things about the mayor, and the city, and that kind of stuff. Then you can have ... Those clusters are super powerful relevancy because the content I'm using on them, most of it is going to be curated content. I can use RSS feeds from the Dallas Cowboys for content. For those networks. If you were to look at one of those networks, let's say my Dallas Cowboys network. I've got a couple that are players. They're all about Dallas Cowboys players. I've got some that are like ... I've got defense blogs. I've got offense blogs. I've got ... I don't even remember now, I haven't looked at them in awhile now. I've got like era blogs even, because you still want to theme these. They're all about the Cowboys, but even being about the Dallas Cowboys, they're niched down even more than that. If you were actually to look at some of these blogs, like Roger Staughbach, for instance, if you're a Cowboys fan, you love Roger Staughbach. I've probably ... 30 or 40 Web 2.0s about Roger Staughbach. This content is all from the web.

I didn't have to pay for any of that. It's all curated content. All of the clusters and things are all kept track of in FCS Networker. Once you have this and you understand how to use this program, and this ... I don't think ... This is not the account I use. This is the one I use on my ... Doesn't show me. That's funny. This is not like ... It's a real account, but it's not the one that has all my accounts in it. It's the one I use when I show stuff. Wow, it's just not going to work at all right now. That's awesome. I apologize, I don't know why, I guess it just hates me. Let me go back and see if I can log in again. When you're in FCS Networker, it's very very easy to keep track of your networks. It's extremely easy. Let me see, because I thought for sure that there's some in here. There's at least one that I thought I showed as like an example. Shoot. No, I didn't. Okay, I'm sorry. These were all by dates, but I know that in the training that Jason did, he's shown some.

When I create a network, I can name it. I can name a network ... A network will be a ... A parent network will be Dallas. Sub-networks will be sports, entertainment, history. Entertainment, I think slash nightlife. I think I go over this in some other parts of the training also. Some of you are asking about keeping track of it. It's actually really simple to keep track of. How the content gets in there, and how we link and all that is in the training, so please watch it. Let me go up and answer just a couple of questions, and then we'll go ... All right. Let me go back up. Steve asked about this. Let me put her up there. Guys, please don't go and like buy her out. I know that some of you guys have good account ... Good budget. Don't go buy like all of her blogs please. Leave the rest for some of us too. There's other providers, but this one always does a good job, so I'm going to put this in there. I'm going to make her bigger. She does a great job. She just does a great job. Go in there, get you some blogs ...

As you guys know, Twitter was recently ... Has an agreement with Google. Tweets are going to start appearing in SERPs, which is not super exciting, but what is exciting is because it's going to be fully crawl-able, your Twitter accounts which were already powerful are just going to get more and more powerful. Everybody likes to talk about certain Web 2.0s. Honestly, some of my most powerful that I've seen results with are my Twitter accounts. I have probably 100 Twitter accounts, 80, 90, something like that. There's software that can manage those, and we can go over that in future training if you guys want me to. It's cheaper for me to just build them and keep them myself. Let me go through just a couple more questions. Yes, Charlie, Charlie asked "When you do the 301, you would use ... When you'd use SpyderSpanker, you would use the link?" Yeah, that's true. Although, you could do it the other way too, but yeah if you're going to do the 301 method ... If you're going to do the link, you want to hide it with SpyderSpanker.

Let's see "Do those expired domains have a website or is it just register?" David, those are just domains. Yeah, that could be completely blank. I've actually done some testing, and a friend of mine that you would know if I said his name but I'm not going to, did some testing about adding content to them, and we didn't see any difference. I don't think that matters. Let's see. "Where does the shortened URL export go?" Yeah, I kind of went over that fast Sean. I apologize for that. What you're going to do when you export for the URL shortener, you're going to import ... You're going to export. It exports as a text file, and then you're going to import that into Excel, or whatever you use, and then you're going to just ... And then there's going to be a column with Excel, and when you put them in ... If you're using them as GSA, you would right click when you setup a new campaign and one of the options is import from clipboard, or you could browse to the folder and import. And it would import all of those shortened URLs as your target links, and you could just go to town building links to those.

Because you've got multiple tiers in right to there, and especially since I showed you, to do those on a 2.0, you're talking 3 or 4 tiers, so you could build ... You could build links forever and it wouldn't mess up anything. Chris asked "Could you use this to rank YouTube videos?" Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, for sure. For sure YouTube videos. YouTube videos are really easy to rank right now, and there's lots of good techniques and a lot of different people do a lot of different things, and I don't claim to be the God of video ranking, but I'll tell you if it's important to me personally to rank a video, then what I'm going to do is probably what most other people do which is I'm going to do a bunch of embeds, and then I'm going to do probably 3 PBN links, and then power those up, and that's pretty much it. You can pretty much rank any YouTube video you want that way. How competition ... How competitive it is really just determines how many links and how much more you have to do it. Yeah, and again I'll put an * there. I've never competed in the world championship in YouTube ranking.

I rank all my clients videos when I first get them out of the gate, and so far I haven't had any trouble. I'd say it's fairly easy. One of the things that I do a lot for videos is I like to do video link wheels. I've been doing that with a lot of success for a long long long long long long long long long time, and a video link wheel is simply ... If you have 1 video that you want to rank, you make 3-5 other videos that are very similar in ... They'll be named long-tail keywords, and in the description of the supporting videos, the first thing you're going to put is a link to the video you want to rank. Then you can power those up. You're basically making ... Your video link wheel is basically making your other YouTube videos a Tier 1 to rank the single one. I've seen that be even more powerful than embeds. I will show that in some training in the future. For sure. Because even for me personally, I've never had that fail. I'm sure that it's possible, but I showed you all in a past one how I get those videos made on Fiverr for $5.

If I get 3 of them, that's $15. Those, man, I can totally do a Fiverr package for links or whatever. Profile links or something. It's real easy. You're not going to crash YouTube. Let's see. Angel asked about the GSA and LinkAzure being niched. Yeah, absolutely. It absolutely can. In this configuration here, let me pull this back up. This, what's most important really, and you guys, especially you guys from OMG already know this. Your Tier 1, and it's in my strategy too, the strategy training 2 video. The way that your Tier 1 links to your money site is super important, as far as is it follow no-follow, is it money anchor or not money anchor. That's very important. As you get up these tiers, you'll hear a lot of, and I'll steal from your buddy Alex Becker, a lot of mental masturbation about these other tiers frankly. Anybody that's telling you for sure that "Oh, you have to do this on this or that." is ... They're full of it. There's no one that I know alive that will tell you that how you do this is really going to make a significant impact. What really matters is this.

If you don't remember what my strategy video #2 goes over this. This is very important. Your Tier 1, the way that it ranks to the page, whether it's follow or no-follow and whether it's an anchor or not an anchor is very important. Once you get on these higher tiers, you can absolutely go with like ... I would go with relevant or LSI on these. Remember, you could do an exact match here, so let's say this was was this expired domain. I could do a branded link from here. Branded links are powerful. Branded links are going to give this more authority. Since the actual keyword is in the title, it would actually help to power this up. Back here, again, I'm not going to put a link from here to here with that exact URL, because that wouldn't make sense. This would be roof, roofing, roofers. But it could be nails. It could be shingles. It could be all kinds of stuff. All right. Let's go ... Nick. Good question.

"How many 301s can you safely use to 1 money site?" Nobody really knows the answer to that question. What is going to matter a lot ... It's going to be the velocity of the links coming here, and the links ... The 301s in relation to the rest of the linking. If this website is brand new, and there's no links coming to it and I start building 301s, yeah it looks unnatural and you absolutely can kind of crash this site. This is not an entry-level ... This is the advanced monthly training. This is not the core training. The core training, do all the other stuff I teach in the core course. This is really what you're going to do when you do all that and it's not working. When you need more power. This site right here, this is a site that already has all of the foundation links built to it. It's already got the citations. It's already got the authority links. Maybe I should have said that in the beginning, but I'm sorry. This is the advanced training, this is not the entry level. This is an established site.

This is not a brand new site. If you do it on a brand new site, you're likely to cause damage to it. Definitely, there's no number on maximum 301s, but Google definitely has a filter for that. I'm sure that the filter is in proportion to the overall links going to this. If there's 8,000,000 links going to this, you could probably get away with 30, 40, 50 301s. But if there's 20 links going to this, you'd mainly be able to get away with 1. Keep that in mind. We talked about in the last webinar, and we don't have time to talk about it tonight, but I will go into it on the next one, remember that sub-domains are like different websites. We'll continue with that in the next training, but that will help you overcome some of this. When you build links to sub-domains, you build the power of the domain, which is going to help you rank overall and it's also going to help with relevancy. That can help you where ... In other words, what I'm saying is ... I probably shouldn't start this at the end of the webinar.

If you built out, let's say, You built out a sub-domain and you called it contractors. Then you could 301 and you could do some of these other things directly to that sub-domain. You're not trying to rank it in this case. What you're doing is you're trying to build domain authority. If these are relevant links, you're building relevancy and power to the domain as a whole. Not specifically to where you're trying to rank those pages, but to the domain as a whole. That is frankly a strategy that a lot of people are doing right now, and we are going to go over that, I promise. We are going to go over sub-domains and how to best utilize those. I want to make sure that there's kind of the fundamental stuff that we go to first, because like so many things, if you start doing all this stuff before you've done the other stuff, you've got a good chance of crashing them. If you do this stuff after, it's very safe. It's extremely safe to do this. If you've done everything I've told you to do in the course, and you start applying these things, it will make these sites more powerful and it will help them to rank.

If you were to jump in and skip the basic and go straight to the advanced and start applying those things, not only will it not help but it might actually kill your site. The most powerful thing that I can tell you is the basics I teach in the course are that foundation, which allows you to get away with this kind of stuff, and the sub-domains, and the stuff we'll be doing later. These links, even on a Tier 3 or 4, I wouldn't send these to a new site even through tiers. There's just ... There's ... When you have a new site and there's just a little bit to look at, it's so much easier to see things that stand out. A brand new site is under so much more of a microscope than an established site. When you go out and build these sites like I tell you to, and you have your citations, and you have some nice authority links going to them, you've got the nice social things going and all that kind of stuff, you're basically telling Google "Hey, I'm a good guy. I'm a good guy. I'm a guy that plays by the rules. I'm a good website."

Google's going to look at you, and start seeing all those trust signals that we're building, and it's going to be like "Yeah, this is a cool site." It doesn't mean that it doesn't look at you still, but it doesn't look at you the same as if you start the other way. If you start out right out the gate, and it starts seeing a bunch of 301s and a bunch of sub-domains and stuff, it's going to freaking kill you. That's just that. As everybody here knows, you can start with an expired domain that has some power and bypass a little bit of that. If your money site is a website that you buy at auction and it has a lot of power going to it, then you can start doing these things on it. A little bit more. Again, you either build that trust and authority and kind of power, or you can buy it. You can go buy a domain, spend $1000 or $2000, $5000 or whatever, and buy a domain that's already got a lot of power and credibility. Then those domains can take this stuff right off the bat. Let me look here.

As usual, we've gone almost an hour and a half, so ... I'm going to wrap it up here for now. The next one that we go through, I will go back through sub-domains. Then I've got some other stuff planned that you guys are really going to like. I've got another ... I've got another service that I'm going to show you how to use to get clients and also it's something you use for your clients too, so it's really cool. It's fairly new, and it's something that I don't think anybody else is talking about right now. It's pretty cool, I think you're really going to like it. We'll shoot for that in probably 2 weeks. We'll probably do another one in like 2 weeks. As usual, I appreciate you all being here. Anything that I didn't get answered, please ask in the group. The people that have been asking for the FCS Networker advanced training, you kind of just got it. I'm going to make some videos, but in the videos that are already in the course, we pretty much show you what to do.

The only thing which we didn't show you is what to do after your links have already matured, or after your properties have matured, and the answer is you're going to put links on them and you're going to build them out in this manner. Again, I've kind of done it. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I'm going to say it again in case somebody wasn't listening. The 2.0s have to be niche relevant or location relevant. Do not go build a bunch of 2.0s that are about random crap and expect them to have power. They're just not. They used to, they don't anymore. That is it. Oh, hey David, that's a good question. Last question. David asked if there's going to be an advanced Facebook group. Yes. I can't ... There's no way I can keep you in the group with the guys that aren't in this, because I understand that out of respect for what we're doing, you can't ask really detailed questions.

I'll try to get that done this week. I'll try to get it done this week. I'll get a new Facebook group for everyone that's in the monthly so that you guys can ask more detailed questions. I appreciate your patience on all this, and I know that there's a whole lot of stuff ... Especially if you're a new member, that there's probably some confusion about a lot of things. I'll try to redo some of the intro videos to kind of explain it. As usual, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for being here and attending, and being awesome, and I promise you the next training where we go over sub-domains, when you combine it with this, it should change the way that you're doing link building right now, regardless of what other groups you're in or what other training you've had.

When I show it to you together, how to utilize those, I think it's going to change what you're doing and it's really working great for me right now. Really really working great. I'm having ... I'm able to rank now better and more ... I'm more positive about my ranking now than I've ever been in my entire career. I know now when I get a new client that I am 1,000,000% positive I can rank them. Honestly, it's even cheaper and easier than it was a couple of years ago. I promise we're getting there, and will we doing case studies and that kind of stuff too. Anyway, I appreciate you guys, and I will have the replay up as soon as humanely possible, so it should be up later tonight or tomorrow. All right, so I appreciate you all and I'll see you all again on the group.