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All right. Good afternoon, everyone. It is straight up 2 o'clock my time. We are going to go ahead and get started. Guys, give me 'one' if you can hear me. Give me a 'one' if you can hear me clearly. Give me a 'two' if you can hear me but it's not clear. Give me a three if you can't hear me at all. Give me a three if you literally are not listening to my voice right now. All right.

I knew I'd get somebody. Thanks Mario. Hey guys, good to see you. Yeah, it's about a minute before on my computer screen here, I'll just 'hey' for a couple of minutes. Good to see you all, appreciate you attending. I know that for some of you, this isn't the best time but I'm going to try to balance the time [drawn 00:00:47] on these guys. My goal is for everyone to attend. I don't mind doing them in the evening or things like that but this time seems to be the best over-all. I'm going to probably try to keep them around now.

But again, I know you guys know that, I know that you guys, some of you are at work at this time so it's challenging. My goal with these, again, is to be able to help you guys as much as possible. Again, thanks for being here today. I appreciate you all. Letting me have my little motivational clips before we get started. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but that's a part of my process. I've been doing that for a long, long, long time. I think that, honestly, I think maybe I started doing it in wrestling when I was in high school. Our coach would have us mentally prepare for things. Sometimes there was music and sometimes there was just thoughts and things like that. Then, in the army, for sure, we definitely trained.

When we would jump out of airplanes in combat that once we hit the ground, our heart rate wasn't so high that we would collapse and die. We would train on how to be in the aircraft, and how to make your heart rate pretty low so when you hit the ground you can actually engage the enemy and stuff. All of that to say that I think mental preparation is extremely important. I hope that you guys don't mind it. If you do, too bad. I'm not going to change that.

It's definitely after 2 o'clock now. I'm going to go ahead and get started. First thing as usual, I'm going to go ahead and... First of all, I'd like without welcome all of the new monthly members. I went ahead and decided to do a little promo this weekend and offer the annual again at a discounted rate. I believe we have about 15 new members, hopefully, some or all of you are on here. We'd like to welcome you. I highly suggest that you go through all of the training again before you act on any of the training. I know that was probably a pain in the association for you when you went through the core course and you really didn't want to listen to what I'm telling you. But over-all, I would tell you that it's better to go through everything before you act on anything because there's things that you'll learn in other videos that may change the way that you do something to make it better.

Again, welcome to all the new members. I really, really appreciate you guys being here. A couple of things that I've shared in the group but I wanted to share it just really fast here, I'm not going to take a whole lot of time. One of the things I wanted to share was something, and a lot of these are things I found in other groups and stuff, you may have seen them before, but let me show you.

This one is I'll go ahead. There it is, it's Design... oh it's, What this is, what I really like about this is when I did my PBNs, I'll make them look real. These are fantastic for that. Before, I was doing them a lot on [Fiber 00:04:04] or I had some VAs. For instance, I put food marketing here. I'm going to do this real quick. I chose advertising and media. I click Show My Designs. Then, as you see, it goes through and then you can just download these.

Again, is this a $500 logo? No. But look, give me a 'one' if you think that's pretty cool. Give me a 'one' if you think this was definitely good enough for PBN or something. Guys, sorry, hold on. It would probably help if I was showing my screen. Let me go back. Sorry guys, I apologize. I was not sharing the screen as you so politely pointed out. My bad.

I went to I put in Floyd marketing and I put in advertising and media, and I clicked Show My Designs. Now that you can actually see some of these, guys give me 'one' if you think those would be cool for your PBN or even for some of your niche sites, some of you that do legion and stuff. It's pretty cool.

Again, this isn't going to save a million dollars or anything, but personally, I think it's awesome. I can't remember what group I saw this in. To me, this fantastic. This is, honestly, this is pretty similar to what I get on [Fiber 00:05:27] most of the time. As you go through, there's a bunch. There's no limits to this or anything. As you go through, as I click through the different pages, you just have all kinds of them. When you find the one you want, you just right-click and copy. Anyway, these could be good for... you'd have to re-size it but re-size it for your headers for, again, for your blog sites or for your legion sites. Anyway, just wanted to share that guys. Not going to make you a million dollars or save you a million dollars, but I thought it'd be cool. Try to save you a couple of bucks here and there when I can.

Next thing I want to show you real quick, I'm going to skip something. I'm going to go to this, which is I'll keep the ads up later. What this does is, this is a Facebook ads gallery. I know I haven't done any official training on Facebook ads but I will be to the course. I'm actually testing stuff right now. You guys know I don't train stuff that I don't do so I'm doing a lot of testing right now. Just as an example, you go to this deal here and you see, "search ads by advertiser text, URL and more". I'm just going to put in, I want to put in 'roofing', just as an example. I'm going to click Find Ads now. No results found. That's interesting. I never had that happen before. Let's do SEO. Shocker, SEO came up.

As an example, what is then is very simply just went and it's got a bunch of ads for your keyword. This will be a really cool, you guys know that I'm a big believer in not reinventing the wheel. You that I'm a big believer in just finding out what's working and copying it. This could be a very good site for you. If you're doing Facebook ads for your business or doing Facebook ads for your other clients and stuff. This could be a great place to start. Anyway, just wanted to show you that. Again, both of these were already in the group but I wanted to highlight them.

The next thing I'm going to go over real quick, again, this was already in there but just in case you missed it, I want to go ahead an show you this real quick because this is important if you're not doing it. Hit this here. Google just showed orphan Google+ pages next week, July 28. Basically, if you have any of these unverified pages, they're going to kill them in two days or tomorrow. If you have started to make one for clients and never got them verified or whatever, you need to get on your game. They're going to start shutting these suckers down. Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely get on there. If you have any of these, make sure that you go back and take care of them. It's probably a good thing that Google+ is getting torn from everything else. Personally, I think it's awesome. I hated having to sign up, have a stupid Google+ every time I wanted to do anything at all. I have to have a Google+ to get a YouTube, it's ridiculous.

I think the move is good. Temporarily, there's probably going to be some shifts and some things so just be aware of that. Nothing major.

Then, the last thing I want to go over, a couple of little things before I introduce our guest. Mario, from the group, had a question that he asked about earlier in the group. It had to do with Indexing and it had to do with Indexing a citation page. My answer was that I don't index citations. I went ahead. I had him ask for an example URL and he gave me one. We're going to look here. A couple of people asked, how do we know if it's indexed, a simple [site 00:09:33] operator command here. It's going to tell us and we're going to search for it. Sure enough, it's not indexed.

When he advised that it was a citation and that it had not indexed, I believe he said in over a month. Again, I said if it's a citation don't worry about it. Let me show you this site real quick. Yes, this is technically a citation because it has the [neck 00:10:02]. I was thinking more of your primary citations, which is going to be more on, along the lines of the sites that we think of normally like yelp, merchant circle, Yahoo! local, Foursquare, those types of sites. This is more of, a little bit lesser tier citation.

Again, if it's Yelp or Merchant Circle or Yahoo! Local or any of those, don't worry about them indexing. They're going to index. Just don't worry about it. Just let them do whatever time Google wants to find them in. Just don't worry about that. But this is specific instance where this is really more of that. It is a citation but I consider this almost more like a tier one link than technically a citation.

When you run into an issue like this, you're going to go with your standard indexing, top things that you're going to do. I'm pretty sure that I've covered this in the course, but I'm going to go ahead and go over just a couple of things really quickly. If it's a citation you're trying to index, there's a couple of things that you can do. Number one, first thing I would try is to do a social blast for it and see if it gets indexed. I personally use Tumblr for this. Almost 100% of the time, if I were to put this URL out in a Tumblr post on a Tumblr blog, it's already indexed. Then this will get indexed fairly quickly. Actually like within a number of hours normally. That's typically the first thing that I would do.

This is for a client. If you're having a trouble with this specifically, you could go ahead and you could make a blog post on your client's site and mention this citation in it. Then, if you've done what I teach you and you already have your client's site hooked up to Jetpack or to social network autoposter or [onlywire 00:12:04] or one of those services, then that means that this URL, right here, is going to get sent out to all those main social places. That's the first thing I would do. You just go ahead blast it out with the social.

If it's a couple of weeks and it's still not there and you still really, you're just dying to have this thing indexed, there's a couple of other tricks that you can do. But I'll tell you, the main thing that I would probably do at that point is just go ahead and use an actual indexing service. Now, if you have GSA, you can simply do this yourself by just simply doing a very limited blast. I would probably do, maybe 30-40 links to it, NGSA, and then do a blast to those 30 or 40, maybe 50 or 100 each.

Guys, give me a 'one' if you understand what happens when you pay for an indexing service. A matter of fact, give me a 'two' if you don't understand. Give me a 'two' if you don't really know what happens. All right.

Now, I'm not going to claim to know how a 100% of all services work, but let me tell you what it is 90% of the time, maybe 95% of the time. What they're doing, basically, is they're just simply doing two things. #1, they're sending you to, let me show you here. Let me show you this one. I showed you this before, guys, but let me show it to you again. This is and they have a free website submitter. Now, there's all these places that will create a temporary page for you. It's almost like a new site notification type pages. These are whois sites, about us sites, statistics sites, things like that.

You go here and you type in, and I hit submit. What you'll see is, now, see it's creating all of these. What it's doing is, it's creating backlinks, basically, to your site but these aren't permanent backlinks. Ninety nine percent of these or 100% of these will not go up. But what they're doing is they're basically shouting out to Google, "Look at this site! Look at this site! Look at this site! Look at this site!" You see it? This is just going to keep going. Most of the link indexing tools, this is part of their process.

First, they have a little script. You see this one it has 1800. First, they have a little script that's going to hit all these sites exactly like what I'm doing here for free. But they're doing this for you so I'm not saying link indexing tools or don't benefited or waste a time or anything, I'm just saying, basically, what they're doing is this. This is step one. Then, step two is they're basically doing a small blast with bulk link tools like GSA or [inaudible 00:15:04] or tools like that.

Basically, what they're doing is, it's a two-step process. #1, they are sending it out so... let me just show you this site real quick. Let me see if it will pull up real quick, hold on. See recent sites. Again, just play like one of these is mine that I just did. It's on here somewhere but I don't want to take your time to look for it. But it just creates like this site, it's a temporary link. It's not really a link. I hope that's making sense. This is not an actual backlink so don't use this till I can build backlinks. Anyway, that's step one.

Then step two is they're sending a bunch of links to it. You can do this yourself as step two, go here and hit this and then do like a blast with the tool, or you can just pay for a service. There's one that's in... these services are integrated into the search that I tell all you guys could get. If you don't want to get it directly, a friend of mine, Justin, owns a site here which is called linklicious. Anyway, I won't go to that. Linklicious is a decent tool. It's fairly inexpensive and you can put all your links in there. Then, of course, there's a third thing, GSA also offers links. GSA also offers an indexing tool. It's a separate purchase, I think it's $50.

That's it. Step #1, if it's a real citation, if it's a legit citation that you typically don't want to quote, index it. Let Google find it on its own. But if it's one more like this, then, I would go ahead and hit it with those places that I showed you and throw a couple of links at tit. Pretty much 100%, it's going to get indexed.

Guys, give me a 'two' if you're squared away on indexing now. Give me a 'two' if we've covered this and we don't need to go over it again. Give me a 'one' if you still aren't sure.

This is a pretty common question. I don't mind but I don't want to keep going over stuff that we've already gone over. I don't go for this in the main course because all the links in the main course should index. You build a link in the main course following the designs that I teach. You should have no trouble with indexing. All right.

Let's go on to the next thing. Again, today, we're going to talk about penalties, a little bit, but I've changed the format for today. But a couple of things that I do want to go over just really, really fast, because I've seen a lot of questions about this, if you're considering buying a domain, then one of the things that you need to do very simply is just put the domain into Google and see what comes up. If you put the domain... let's do mine Bulletproof SEO.

If you put mine, you see how my site, it comes up #1. That's what you want if you're considering buying like domains or if you're worried, you're thinking about, first thing to do is [inaudible 00:18:21] in there, see where it's going to come up. If it's not coming up and it is indexed then that's definitely a bad sign. You probably got a penalty at that point. I could be a lot more specific and I will in the training that I'm doing. But if you're questioning a site and thinking, "I think I may have a penalty", first thing you should have already done is go in and check your Webmaster Tools to see if there's a nasty letter. But if you've done that and you're thinking, "I'm not sure", that's the first thing to do. It's how to go in and check that.

Also, if an inner page is ranking for your brand, typically, that's not going to be a good sign. Again, I'm going to do more training on this, I promise. I'm going to have the training. I meant to have it by now but I got backtracked. I'm going to have a whole separate training for penalties. It will be in August, for sure. It might even be a separate course that I launch, honestly, because it's going to be so in-depth and detailed, but if it is a separate course, it's part of your membership. I won't be asking you to buy something else for that. I think that should be part of what you guys already paid for.

Anyway, all right. What I wanted to do today, one of the most common questions that I've had since I started this course, honestly, that I've never really gone into, has to do with video ranking. One of the reasons that I never really got into it, honestly, is because I felt like the training that was already available, like publicly, was fairly good and that I really didn't think that I could add a whole lot of value to it. I do rank videos, but as i told many of you before, I don't rank videos like... a lot of people do like super high competition videos like affiliate videos and stuff like that. I don't know, I never have, I've never tried. What I do, basically, is I rank videos for my local clients and I do it more as a, "let me show you how cool I am, so they love me" kind of a deal. I'll rank them, again, my flooring people, my roofing people, all that, those good stuff, all those guys. That's the kind of videos I'm ranking.

Many of you really want, have asked about additional training. I am lucky enough to have some really good friends who were nice enough to provide some training for my course. Today, I have a very special guest, someone that a lot of you here already know. He is a coach in OMG machines. I'm also very proud to say that he is a good friend of mine. What he's going to go over today is a method for video ranking. We're going to add that to this webinar. We're going to add it to the normal training. The proof of this, what I've seen is overwhelming to the point where I don't need to, I don't have any questions about it, like sharing it with you guys.

The methods that are being taught, they work. They work, pretty much, all the time. Again, there's competitive niches, there's all kinds of weird things Google can do. But what I'm telling is that if you do this method and you're shooting for something reasonable, then if you do it, we teach you, it's going to work. If not, then we will do some additional training to, I'll call it a level two to power it up.

Today, what we're going to do is that foundation. Think of today as like the level one, maybe the level two, video ranking. This should get you 90% of the way, if not, 100% of the way. Ninety percent of 100% of the way. Then, for those really competitive things, we can go intl some more advanced tactics.

Without further ado, I would like to welcome my very good friend, Joe Marfoglio, to the group. Joe, are you there?

Joe: Yeah, I'm here.

Stephen Floyd: Hey buddy.

Joe: How's it going Stephen?

Stephen Floyd: Hey buddy, i'm doing great. I really, really, really appreciate you helping us out with this. You know we talked about this. I only have guest coaches guys if they're... I call my course Bulletproof. Joe is one of those people that, I've seen proof of what Joe knows how to do so many times I can't even count it. There's people that you just listen to and you just do what they tell you to do and Joe was one of those guys on my list. The funny thing is, Joe is known for a couple of things but it's really funny, he knows so much stuff. He's so just pulling it in so many different ways that not even maybe 30% of what he knows is working is stuff that he shared before. This is crazy. Guys, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have Joe on here. Without further ado, Joe, I'm going to go ahead. I'm going to change everything over to you. Are you ready for me?

Joe: Yeah. I appreciate that introduction. It's my privilege to be here. I know your group. I'm in the Facebook group here. It's a great group to actually be able to be live on a webinar with so I appreciate that.

Stephen Floyd: I appreciate it, Joe. Guys, I think all of you that know me for awhile, you know that I don't promote people that don't deserve it. I just don't. I don't hand out accolades lightly. I tell you what, Joe is like, really, honestly, right now if I have a question about something with SEO, really, in any aspect, honestly, in any aspect, Joe is one of the three people that I talk to because he knows his stuff, he's proven it, he's tested.

Joe in the OMG group, they call him streetsmart. That's perfect because he really is. Joe's got like a PhD in how to make money. That's what Joe has. Joe is one of these guys that, he could probably go into anything, any field and be successful and just kill it because he's a grinder, he's a hardworker, he's a smart guy, and he's just really a good guy. He's another good example of a good people winning [man 00:24:55]. I know you guys, I probably said it a million times but I love to see good people win and this is just an example. Without further ado, I'm going to turn things over to you, Joe. When you're done, just shout and I'll grab off and close.

Joe: All right, sounds good.

Stephen Floyd: There we go.

Joe: Can you guys see my screen here, the YouTube channel? Yes, all right.

I was talking to him, [inaudible 00:25:30] we're talking and he say a lot of you guys... one of the things I do is [Wirecast 00:25:36]. So many times, people have questions about how to use it or they run into issues. What I'm going to do is i['m going to go through just basic how to upload a video through Wirecast, how I do it. I told Stephen I have more in-depth training that I'm going to give him that he can put in the course. The other thing is is right now, if you go to Wirecast, if you don't know Wirecast is, don't worry, I'm going to explain it all.

Right now, if you go there, they're not giving out their free version anymore. It has a watermark and they want you to pay for it, at least $400. I have the older version that still works. I'm going to give Stephen a link to that. Basically, what Wirecast is-

Stephen Floyd: No, wait, Joe, I'm sorry. You just saved us $400, basically?

Joe: Yeah. Exactly.

Stephen Floyd: Guys, give me a 'one' if you're happy about that, because I am. I'm getting it today, actually. I'm about to get it. I'm about to get it myself. Anyway, sorry to interrupt you, but, yes, thank you, thank you.

Joe: Stephen, just interrupt me if you want me to cover something or I'm not going in the right direction.

Stephen Floyd: No it's just... Listen, Joe, I don't want to step on you anymore than probable that everywhere [inaudible 00:27:05] with you, you share stuff and it's so funny because you just throw stuff out that's just like massively valuable. Sometimes I think people don't even realize it. To me, it's just hilarious. I just wanted to point that out, guys. Joe just saved you $400. Thank you, Joe. Please continue.

Joe: All right. You got it. Thanks Stephen.

Here's the thing is, when you upload a video to YouTube, you can do it several different ways. You can go in and you can just go and upload a regular video. Just put the file name in here to upload it. That's how we've been doing it for years. Then, about two or three years ago, Google Hangouts came out where you can actually do a live video. You actually have a webcam and shoot that video live and those Google Hangouts was like video ranking on steroids. It would just boom, you'd be on page one. Google was giving these Hangouts a lot of credit.

Back then, I figured out a way to be able to upload pre-recorded videos. We did that by tricking YouTube into thinking that what we're playing on the screen was actually coming from a webcam. Since then, YouTube has put out these live events. What a live event is, is you can stream a live event live right to Google, which was at that time, Google+ or Google Hangout, or you can upload a pre-recorded video. In order to upload the pre-recorded video, you needed certain types of software. Again, what this software does is basically mimic your webcam. Whatever streams through this software, it looks like it's coming from a live webcam. That's what Wirecast had.

When they first introduced Live Events, they used to have a big banner right here in YouTube that would take you to telestream and to Wirecast where they would give you that software for free. It's called an encoder. That's what it is. They don't have it anymore but like Stephen told you, I'm going to give you that software.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to go through how to upload this Live Event. Before I do that, is anyone here confused by what I said or do you have any questions? Just put it in the question box here or just give me an 'all clear' if you guys are following along, because I don't want to move ahead unless I know everyone is getting it. Following, following... Thank you, Gregory. Thank you. I am a sexy man. Thank you very much for that.

When you do a live event, you go in your YouTube channel, go right here and what you want to do is go to create a studio. That's going to take you to your main dashboard, you go to video manager, and you hit Live Events. I have already phone verified this YouTube channel. If you have not phone verified your YouTube channel, it's going to make you verify it with a phone number. Then, if you use your phone, if you use the same number twice, they'll say you used that phone number too many times. If you have a cellphone, I think you can do two with a voice verification and two with a text. Then, if you've done that too many, you have to give away to get it. You can get your wife's phone number or friend's phone number. There's a lot of different ways to do it.

Once it's phone verified, you go to Schedule New Event. This, basically, is the same layout as if you are uploading a video. You're going to put in your title, your description, your tags. Before this webinar, I didn't have a lot of time, so basically I just downloaded a video from the Internet and I'm going to just upload it here. I already have on this [word.doc 00:31:50], my other screen, what it is. What this is, it's a video for a hot tub service. It's a hot tub service, Beaverton, Oregon. This is the company's phone number. Then, I have the description here. Usually, in the description, I like to do 300 words at least, but for this demo, I didn't have time to write 300 words so I just put a paragraph here.

Whenever I do YouTube videos, I want to have the keyword first, usually the first thing, if I can have the keyword. I don't really go for multiple keywords of videos. I'm trying to hit one keyword, maybe two keyword and the other one would have to be pretty related. For this video, I want to go hot tub service, Beaverton, Oregon. I have the phone number here of the company. I also find that, I know awhile ago, there was some article, somebody said that if you put your phone number in the title, your video is going to get banned or something. I find that if I have the phone number in the title, that Google picks up the area code. It'll actually rank, this area code actually helps your rank. That's what I found.

If I wanted to put a secondary keyword in, I'd probably put it right here. The most important lines on any video is the first two lines for a couple of reasons. One, this will usually be your meta data, meaning, in a search engine, this will be your title tag. Then the data that's under the title tag, a lot of times, it's given to be the first couple of sentences here. Also, whenever you have a video on YouTube,. What YouTube displays under the video is the title and the first couple of sentences. If you want a... first they ask this, click a button that says See More, to see the rest of the description. I want my call to action right here in the first sentence. I want the link right here in the first couple of sentences. The phone number is not in the title, I'm going to put it right here.

I want my keyword, all that stuff, right there in the first sentences. Then, I'll put in the content with some related keywords. As far as the tag goes, like for this, I'm going to be real [inaudible 00:34:25] on my tag. I'm just going to do that. That's the only tag I'll probably going to [inaudible 00:34:33] in right there. Then, I do have some hashtags. A few years ago, maybe a year or so ago, what people used to do is they used to stack keywords. They put up a video and they just list like 10-15 keywords. That's pretty spammy. I don't really think it's working that much anymore. It may work for some people. What I'm doing now is I'm putting the hashtag in here.

What this hashtag is going to do is when it uploads to YouTube or to my Google+ page, I'm going to have this hashtag on here. You can do a hashtag for, like we could put in another hashtag like if you were doing some related keywords, I would just put those hashtags in here also. I'm going to have these hashtags.

That's basically how I set it up. If you go to Advanced Settings and you have these tabs, again, when you upload a video regularly in YouTube, I'm going to just go when I'm going to find a location. I'm going to put the location in here, that says, "This video is from Beaverton". That's it. That's basic info. Now, the other thing is, when you first do a live event, it's going to automatically, it's going to have a type here, it's automatically going to be on quick.

If you just do this whole live event and you have this button on quick, as soon as you hit Go Live Now, it's just going to take you right into a Hangout. It's not going to be a Live Event and the Hangout is just going to be that video camera. What you have to do is you got to put custom, so you get right here more encoding options. That's going to give you a time when your live event is going to happen. This time doesn't really matter. The only thing that matters that it's some time in the future. I'm on Pacific time, the West Coast. It's 12:35 where I'm at so 1PM, perfect. I could do 2PM or whatever, 1PM is fine.

Next one we're going to do is we're going to hit Create Event. Now, what's happening now that the event is created. We have to setup our encoding. We go down here and we have to select a bit rate. The bit rate is the stream rate and the quality that we want to send over. The higher the bit rate or the higher the stream quality, the more CPU it's going to use and the more bandwidth and everything else. If you have an older computer, you don't have a lot of cpu on the computer you're using or you don't have very fast Internet, you're going to get and you go too high a bit rate, your video is going to come out choppy.

If you're running your live event and your video is choppy, you want to lower it. I can do 360. For what I'm doing, for uploading a video, for people to watch, 360p is fine. That quality usually is fine. If I run it through here and it's a little bit choppy, I may shrink the file. You could do that with a free software called Handbreak. I have a video that walks through how to use that to shrink your video without losing any quality. I'll give that to Stephen. You can put that in your member's area. Down here, you're going to select an encoder. You have several options. We're just going to do Wirecast for YouTube.

The next thing I have to do is I have to open up Wirecast. I just paused my screen so I could find it here. Here's Wirecast. It's popping up and down. As soon as it loads up, it will pop up. Here we go.

Now, I have the older version of Wirecast. You can see right here, it says, "a new version of Wirecast for YouTube exists". Don't upload it because as soon as you upload it, then it's going to be putting that watermark on and want you to pay for it and everything else. We're just going to hit Cancel.

Wirecast works for Mac. I have a Mac but it also has Windows. The first that we want to do when we have uploaded Wirecast, is we want to connect it to our YouTube channel. What happens is, once we connect it to the YouTube channel, we're actually going to be streaming from Wirecast to our event. We go over here to output. You want to go to output settings. Then we want to go to Authenticate. What's going to happen is, it's going to ask you what channel that you want to connect this to? If, say, many people have a lot of different Google accounts. Say, you want to do it on different Google accounts but what's popping up here isn't the Google account you want to use, you just go to the main account, and you click on it, and up here, you can sign out then sign in to the account you want to use. This is something that trips people up. It's right here.

If you don't see your channel, just log in to the gmail account that your channel is on. I'm going to go to here. This is an old channel I had. This is where, this is the channel we're working off of so I just hit Accept. Once I hit Accept, what's going to happen is, here's my event pops right up here. If you're using Windows, this is another hangup people have because this setting box pops up behind Wirecast so you can't see it. You think you hit Save and you're connected, but you're not connected. You have to move this Wirecast because this is the [inaudible 00:41:23] you see then you have to get to this point and then you have to press OK. That's another hangup people have.

Now, what's happening is, this is connected to a channel so the next thing we want to do is we want to upload our video. I have the video already set. I'm going to pause my screen and I'm going to find the video right here. Here it is, we're going to open it up. Here it is right here. All I did was I went into this plus section and I hit this file and then we want to ad a video shot. That's what the video is. It's just basically a video shot. You can do it from there or you can do here Import Media. However you do it, you want to put your file in here.

What you want to do is you want to test it out. Before we even run it, I'm going to test it out and I simply hit this. I'm going to run it. If it was going to play choppy on YouTube as I stream it, it would play choppy right now because we're connected. If it's running smooth in Wirecast during this phase, it's going to upload and it's going to be smooth as you stream it over.

The way Wirecast works is it's streaming. It doesn't matter what the file name is. If you're uploading a video to YouTube, the normal way you want to put your keyword in the file and everything else. For Wirecast, it doesn't matter because it's streaming. It's going to make its own file. Plus, the video loops. If I test my video out and see the video is two minutes long, what I'm going to have to do is, I'm going to have to run it all the way to the end and then, when I go live, then click on it again and so I get the full video or you'll have to run the video really long and go back and trim it. I'll show you how to do that.

Basically, you have, this video, if you want to stop the video for playing, you put this blank shot. If I was to stream right now everything go live, what you're going to see on my Live Event is this blank shot until I hit this, then it's going to stop playing. There' no pause button, there's no rewind button. If you want to stop playing this video, you have to hit another video, which is this blank shot right here.

Does everybody follow that? Are you guys clear with that? Just give me a "I don't understand" or something in the box if you don't understand. Crystal clear, okay. Fantastic.

Is blank shot pre-made? Yeah, it is. Blank shot is a pre-made video that is in Wirecast already. No, didn't add it, it's here. It comes pretty loaded with it. Got it. Good.

The next thing we want to do is you want to hit Stream. You have to hit Stream. This is another hangup have. They go through this whole thing, they forget to hit Stream, and they're like, "Oh man, it's not working". We hit Stream and now what we'll do is we go here and we want to hit Live Control room. Let's see what happens.

Now, we got the all clear. Sometimes, you'll do this, you're doing everything I said and if you do it too quickly, you're going to see a red banner here that says, "cannot read encoder, not connected, not streaming". Don't freak out. What it does is it takes a coupe of minutes for all this stuff to go through. When that happens, I just go back to settings. I wait, probably like a minute and then I hit Live Control Room again. Then, usually, it all works. Our stream right here is good. That's good. Like I said, if you're having problems with you Internet or you don't have a lot of cpu, this will say poor or fair or something like that.

The next thing we want to do is we want to hit Preview. Now, it's preparing your livestream so we just wait at this moment. You can Preview it through here if you want but it's not necessary. We'll just give it a couple of minutes. It went through that stage now it's starting to prepare it and start streaming. Once we hit Start Streaming, that's when we're actually going Live. If we go here on the view and watch stage, you open this link, this is our live event.

Please standby, they're waiting. It's already up. The event's up. It's just waiting for the everything to start. One [inaudible 00:47:16] in getting... one thing you can do that I think helps out somewhat, it's not like a necessity, if you already have blogs setup that you're going to embed this video on, or if you have something like IFTT or something where you can autopost this video on some blogs that you have, at this point before you run it live, you can share it and you can embed it on those properties, right beforehand. Then, when it run live, it will actually be running live on multiple sets of properties.

Back to where we're at. The next thing we're going to do is we're going tos tart streaming. Even though it's saying event starts in 13 minutes, it doesn't matter. We're going to start the streaming and then you're going to see it's going to say OK. It's going to take a couple of seconds. Now here, now we're live. What's streaming through here, there's a couple of seconds delay, but what's running live right now and which recording is just this blank stream we have. I'm going to move this over. I'm just going to hit My Video and I'm going to run it.

Stephen Floyd: He Joe, this is going to take a minute, right?

Joe: Yeah. I'm just going to do a little bit on here.

Stephen Floyd: Okay. I just wanted to... since we have a tiny little break, this has been the training, my training guys but, one of the things, I mentioned this in the beginning but we had a small break. Good.

Joe: No, it was just playing on its own. It's good.

Stephen Floyd: I wanted to tell you... What I'm using this for, guys, is I'm doing these in the first week or two with a new client. I go ahead and I rank them a video on YouTube. This is part of their confidence in me, their confidence in you that you can actually get something done. I'll tell you, a technique like this, you can pretty much do these at will. You have a new client, say they've been on board in a week or two, the check just cleared, you go rank them a couple of videos for a couple of local keywords. I'll tell what, some of them were impressed, some of them are crazy, super, over-impressed. The fact that it gives them a lot of confidence in you that you actually can do something for them and that their money is actually going toward getting something done. Anyway, back to you, Joe, but I just thought since we had a second I would reiterate what I'm using these for.

Joe: That's perfect. We uploaded this video and let me see here, where we're at. All right. The video is uploaded, or wait, let me see on my screen again. Okay.

Here's the video right here. We're at Hot Tub Service, Beaverton. Now this is uploaded like any other video. You can edit it. You can do whatever you want. Go back in. If we go and we search it, hopefully, it shows up once in here. We see Hot Tub Service, Beaverton. Here we are in #1. It's already #1 here on YouTube. If we go to Google, let's do this. If you notice here, I want to show you something, it says, "14 minutes ago". Why is it 14 minutes ago when we just did it?

We actually created the event 14 minutes ago. That's when, even before you run it live, it will even sometimes rank before you even run the video live. As soon as you create the event, put [inaudible 00:52:12] in there, it'll rank something like this. We go to Hot Tub-

Stephen Floyd: Joe. Pause for just one second. I think that maybe the audio is lagging a little bit. I see a lot of people making comments on that. Am I understanding correctly what I just saw that this one that you just literally made on this call is already ranking?

Joe: Yeah, it's already ranking, yeah.

Stephen Floyd: Guys, give me a 'one' if you understand that, that he just created this and it's live. It actually is ranking right now. Give me a 'one' if you understand that. Give me a 'two' if you don't get that. I want to make sure everybody got that. Okay, literally, it's right now. Guys, listen, you understand, I know that you know that normally I'd tell you, "Hey, I don't like to do tricks, I don't like to do that". This is not a trick. This is not a trick. This is something that's reproducible or you wouldn't be seeing it on my training. Now, again, is this ranking for a payday loans? No, it's not. There are going to be videos, some that you're going to have to do additional stuff for. But I'm telling you, a lot of these little local ones like what I train you, this is it. This is it.

I'll tell you, what Joe does, his training is better than anything that I do for video. A matter of fact, I'm going to be switching to this as we speak. I'm going to have, when Joe sends me the videos, I'm going to send to my VAs and this is going to be our new process going forward. I've tried a bunch of the other stuff. I've tried a bunch of the Hangouts and all that stuff. Again, guys, this could get less powerful as time goes by, or it may not. I don't know. All I know is that right now, today, this is incredibly awesome. I'm just telling you. No, guys, there's nothing in the background here. That's what I'm trying to explain to you. This isn't a trick. We're not doing a magic act here. I don't do that. I don't play games with you guys like that.

Joe, literally, is ranking us in front of you on this call. This did not exist and now it exists like immediately. This is real. Anyway, I just wanted to point out what you're actually looking at right now. Again, I'm going to shut up and let Joe go, continue. But I hope you're appreciating what you're seeing now. I think I've had one other guest coach, guys correct me if I'm wrong, have I had anyone else on, just one other person, right? Give me a name if I have. I had [Derrick Woziack 00:54:45] on here as a guest. I think, right? Yeah, nobody is correcting me. I'm only going to give you guys that are awesome. I'm just telling you. It's just awesome.

Anyway, sorry Joe. I don't think they're getting what they're seeing live. I had to ask you because I'm even looking at it and I've seen this before and I'm even looking at it going, "God, it's hard to believe. Can't even believe what I'm looking at here". Anyway, sorry. Go ahead Joe, please continue.

Joe: Thanks Stephen. This is not a trick. This is basically using things that are.. it's basically using tools that YouTube approves and everything else. The other thing is, I tested this out before I came in the call. What happens is I uploaded it and it was, when I uploaded it on here... let me see here. It was showing up in the organic, I think probably because I deleted it and did it again. It might be lagging a bit. But more times than not, what's going to happen is, when you do this, it's going to show up not on page one always. It might show up on page 3, 4 or 5, depending on the keyword and, again, a lot of times, I'll do more research on the keyword and everything else.

What you'll see happen is, over a week or so, it'll start moving up the pages, sometimes on its own. If you apply a little bit of linking strategy to it, it's going to eventually hit page one. I don't know if its' even on here yet or not. Sometimes it does take [inaudible 00:56:33] to show up on Google. It may happen right away. It may happen in 15 minutes, an hour or something else. I don't think it's on here right now. Let me just see. Yeah, I don't see it on air right now. If you check it out again, you may see a pop-up on there. Anyway, I don't think it's...

That's how you do it. It's pretty much that simple. Here's the other thing you want to do. Once you have the video done, you're going to go to videos... this video may not show up right away. It may take a few minutes. If you just do it and it doesn't show up, don't sweat it. But, like I said, as with Wirecast, it just loops. A lot of times, you'll have an intro. Then, if you don't shut it off right away, the video will begin again at the end. They simply go into video, and you go to Enhancements, and you go to Trim and you just trim out the beginning and then you just trim out the end. Press Done. You just press Done and then hit Save. There you go. That's going to edit it, Edit in Progress. That's it. Basically, that's all you do.

Stephen Floyd: Next.

Joe: Then, click Edit. Someone's asking about the Thumbnail. That's easy. Because once you're phone verified, you just go in and edit the video and you could change the thumbnail. Once you're phone-verified, you can put a custom thumbnail if you want.

Stephen Floyd: It's pretty crazy, Joe.

Joe: Yeah. That's basically, that's is. That's what you do.

Stephen Floyd: Guys, listen. I know that you're going to have a lot of questions about this. Like I said, Joe actually very graciously offered to give us some additional training on this. We will definitely do that. Joe, do you have maybe 5 or 10 more minutes to answer questions?

Joe: Yeah.

Stephen Floyd: Okay, guys, go ahead. If you have questions about this specific thing that you just saw, go ahead and ask in here. If there are other questions that we can maybe get some in the group or things like that. Joe, you can see the questions still, right?

Joe: Yeah.

Stephen Floyd: Once again, guys, I'm going to answer questions, if we don't get to yours, it's nothing personal in what we do. Joe is a veteran at doing webinars as well. He's done more than I have. What we do is we scan and we look for multiple people that ask the same thing. If we see one person, or 3 or 4 people asking the same thing, that's the question we're going to ask. If you don't get yours answered, please don't get upset. Joe, just go through there and whichever once you like or whatever, just go ahead and I'll just sit back for a few more minutes.

Joe: All right. Andrew says he's got a question. Andrew if you got a question just put it in the box. Let's see. Do you have to phone verify every video? No. You just have to verify your YouTube channel. You have a gmail, you have a Google account, you could create as many channels as you want. Like for this Google account, I have multiple channels. Each one of these channels, if I want to run a live event, I have to phone verify. Just the channel. I could do as many videos as I want now on this channel because it is phone verified.

Do you need to have any authority on YouTube account? No. To do this? No, you don't. Does it help? Sure, it'll help but you don't need it. You don't need to establish an account. You can just make the account and run your video.

How do you stop the event? I closed down the Wirecast here because what was happening was, it was eating up a lot of cpu because being on this [inaudible 01:01:41] webinar, eats up a cpu and [inaudible 01:01:45] too. Anyway, on the Wirecast, when the video is running, you basically just hit that blank shot, it pauses the video. Then, you can just close out Wirecast.

How does it compare to uploading the video? This would give you a boost. Say you just upload the video. You may want not show up on the Google search results right away or even in the YouTube results, it'll be much lower. A lot of times, most local businesses, when I run a Wirecast, in YouTube I'm #1. I even passed other videos with the same keyword. It gives you a boost.

Will you get on page one? Number one, no, unless you got some real longtail keyword, no you're more than likely will not. Will you end up on page one at Google? No, I'm not going to say you are. I did a live demo for the roofing video, and I ended up landing on page one. That doesn't happen all the time.

What do the hashtags do? When you're uploading the video, you have an option. If you go here, Live Event, and if we do this, to automatically upload it to Google+. Then, if a upload it to Twitter or if I uploaded this video, say, to multiple social accounts, then it'll pick up that hashtag. Also, puts the keyword again inside the description.

Someone asked, Can this work with the free version? Yes. I'm using the free version right now.

Yeah, I still... I put in the tags. The ideal length for the video. You could do any length you want. I like to keep it at two minutes, one and a half to three minutes. If it's for a local business or if it's for something that I'm trying to get somebody to do, because if the video is too long, then one, they're going to have to watch the whole video or they might not even get to your pitch or whatever. You want to keep it short and sweet and get them along the way so they do what you want them to do.

Also, one of the ranking factors inside YouTube and even ranking Google is going to be how long people stay on your video. What do they do when they get to your video? If your video is 9 minutes and they watch 2 minutes of your video and click off, that's not a great signal. If your video is a minute and half and everybody is watching it for a minute and a half, that's great. Even [throwing 01:05:00], watching it for a minute, that's great too.

One of the things I try to do is get some natural views to my videos. We did, in OMG, we actually did a test which we didn't record it, but we made a video, it's called Prescott SEO. What we did is, we made this video... let me just get here. Spell it right, it helps.

We made this video and we upload it through Wirecast. When we uploaded it, it was on page 4. We didn't throw any links at this video at all. We simply did it in a Facebook group which we asked people to click on this video, watch the video, the entire video, then either leave a comment, click through to the site, or share it somehow. There you go like this. They already clicked on it. As they clicked on it, they have to watch the video in full. We asked them to watch the video in full. Then, we had them do some triggers which are going to be positive signs for this video that it's going to make YouTube want to rank it and Google want to rank it.

One is, did we have a conversion? What's a conversion? Someone watched a video, and clicks on the link. Now they click on a link, they go to the site, then they click a couple of pages on the site. That's a positive for the video and that's a positive for the site. Also, another one is, they watch the video, they go to Facebook, then, from Facebook they click through to the video. That's more of a positive signal for our website, also for this video. Then, of course, if they share the video. Then, again, if they comment to the video, and if they comment on the video. Within, I think two weeks, this video went from number 4 to number 1 just by doing that.

Stephen Floyd: Yeah. If you see one more, just go ahead and one more Joe. I don't want to keep you here all day. I really appreciate your time. Guys, while we're waiting, do me favor. If you guys are on OMG, you're used to this. Go ahead in the group where I made the post. Go ahead and type in a "Thanks, Joe" on our thread here if you've appreciated the training today. I'm going to [inaudible 01:07:55] about 10 times itself because I personally super, super, super-appreciate it. This is one of those things that, you know guys, again, you can go out and immediately implement. A couple of you have asked if it's not on Google then, how's it proof? Trust me.

You should have known this from my training already. Showing them that you're doing something, clients don't know how hard it is to rank on YouTube or how easy it is. But showing a client, like a couple of days, literally, you can do this, and that you got them ranking #1 in YouTube. Trust me, it impresses them 100% of the time. Some of them, I've had a couple of plastic surgeons. You would have thought like I gave them a million dollars or something. He went like, was excited like a child and went all around his office like telling all of his staff like, "Go! Go to YouTube! Type in this!" Trust me, it's impressive. It's impressive and the fact that you can do it this easily, it's crazy. It's just crazy. Anyway, sorry Joe. Did you have another one?

Joe: No, that's about it. The only other thing is someone was asking about the watermark and what that is. It's just if you go to tell tell to Stream Right Now and you downloaded their free version, there's going to be a little shadow watermark that says... I don't know what it says. It's either going to say it's livestream or Wirecast or something on it. That's it. Good. Hopefully this helps everybody out.

Absolutely. Guys, again, please drop something in there, into the group. Please drop a "thanks Joe" in there. I'm going to put the links Joe mentioned. I'll put them in the group. He'll send them over to me. Again, remember, this is in the monthly section. Keep this in our group, right? We don't share in the regular group or in other groups or whatever. This is one of those things. He's going to give you a link that's really, technically, it's expired. It's not really, the company probably really doesn't want people using it anymore. If you guys go and share it in other groups, in other places, then eventually these guys are going to see it and guess what? It's going to be [inaudible 01:10:12] butts again.

Anyway, Joe, again, I can't thank you enough for coming on and sharing. I really, really appreciate it. I owe you one, obviously. Be happy to return the favor some time. Like Joe said also, he's going to be sending me a couple of other little videos and stuff. I'm going to wrap this up. I'm going to add a video section to the Advanced. This is the core though. This is going to be the core that I'm going to add some training to it on what to do if this core met that doesn't get you where you need to be. I'm going to give you some specific things to do for that.

Again, Joe, thank you so much for coming on. Appreciate you buddy.

Joe: Yeah, thanks for having me. It was a great time. I appreciate it.

All right guys, we're going to go ahead and wrap it up for this month. Again, thanks everyone for attending. Anybody that came in late, as usual, I shall have the replay up within an hour. Unless there's some technical difficulties, I'll have it up within the hour and there'll be a link in the group.

All right. Thank you everyone. Have a great day and we will see you in the groups.